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tv   Reporter - Police Violence in the Slums of Nairobi  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2018 5:02am-5:16am CET

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it's forty one thirty three. there is no double the double is the police. that's why we call them beasts. the slums of nairobi dead bodies of young poor men are turning up
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on the streets almost every day it's an underground war against crime. the community experts and insiders say they are executed by the police without charges without trial because they are allegedly criminals one of them was brian this is his story. before i make fun. of. my mom brio has lost her son brian nineteen years old executed while having lunch. it's been two days and still feels like a terrible nightmare. for
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my. this is where brian was sleeping just a few days ago the police suspected him of being a criminal a thief but my mom says he was innocent. organic. you know saint and you are totally what worked for you. brian had aspired to become a reggae artist. it's day four after brian's death brio has to go to the city mortuary for his autopsy. filming is officially forbidden the smell is pungent twenty to fifty corpses arrive here every day almost all killed by police.
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it's still all surreal. joyce was brian's friend a neighbor. here in her community as well he was killed joy says he was executed in broad daylight along with his three friends. and. here. you are inside. the policeman on the one who. can enter. the community is still shocked about what they say was
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a brutal execution by a police killer squat and. three of the men died in here. they're going to have the money. so that their homes can be empty. back home joyce shows us another chilling piece of evidence the images of brian and his dead friends broadcast on done door a crime free one of the many facebook pages that support extrajudicial killings. joyce says the police themselves posed the pictures to instill fear and labelled the victims as mine and criminals.
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my. friends like brother. and what about. here in the community says the police are slaughtering and then retire generation. that's why we always keep quiet there are so many guys who have been killed but to come to. the independent medical legal unit in nairobi dr brian beach as a forensic expert for him cases like brian's are part of a larger pattern. being formed to new addicts and. you're more likely today from the police than from the criminals. scenario where there's a lot of crime the police are trying to fight graeme but gives you a recipe for for some abuse if they do some killings. be executed are
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overwhelmingly young men and they are poor like brian the police call them criminals it's. the police claim the victims were caught stealing or attacking the offices but for dr beach anger the corpses tell a different story. and she wants to be the n.t. ones to the head and to once to the chest people or when one who's trying to get back in the head and the chest is not to immobilize you it's difficult. we reached out to the office of the inspector general for an interview several times we also contacted i post the police's independent oversight authority for an official statement both repeatedly deny to double your requests for interviews in
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person. one officer inside the system however is a willing to uncover the doings of nairobi's police but only anonymously he fears he would otherwise be killed as well he wants to be called modern cop and says he's against extrajudicial killings like that of brian. extrajudicial killings happen almost every other day everybody knows that there are extra judicial killings. it's impossible to give the exact figures but modern cop guesses about ten people are executed in nairobi slums every day that would make it more than three thousand five hundred police murders pay year so the procedure is as a cop you're given an order you don't know where the order comes from you're told hey
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this is what's happening and now it's time to shoot to kill and then you go you land within that process if you don't get the right guy you'll end up killing the wrong guy and if you get the right guy you also kill the right guy without prosecution and nobody cares. for many the otherwise biber and life in the slum is deemed worthless. outside the affected neighborhoods in the rest of the country most killings are not reported downplayed. crime is rife the prisons are full and no one remembers how the extrajudicial killings started in the first place. martin kopp explains the truth behind the posted photos of dead corpses he says that firearms are placed next to the victims by the police to show that they were aren't.
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you will have to at least find a way to place a fake pistol and retaliate and say that the guy was also armed you go do your thing. but at the end of the day the concept is you must make the police look good however bad it is so having fake guns on criminals that's true. the police and says their victims including brian are all criminals. and a friend of brian says yes they went again but those times are long over they gave up crime and even surrendered to the police last year to conceal his identity well call him us. they shouldn't have killed brian. we had changed for real for real. if
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there's an investigation they should do their investigation isn't that right there are jails who are they built for dead bodies are dead bodies taken to jail. imus's but one example of a former criminal who now lives with a target on his back despite this year in a life of reform. fear and censorship it mewed all of his shell counts of extrajudicial killings local media reports as of august two thousand and seventeen that the latest number of police executions is a little over one hundred in one year. in one year one hundred people only there's nothing like that one hundred people are dying within three days one hundred people are dead within three days. imus has lost his friend brian and says he knows the police will come for him next
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. i'm the one on their hit list now i'm not fearful because it's gotten to the point where they even kill innocent people. the day i die is the day i will be happy. because i will no longer have to suffer these struggles but my prayer to god is that i do not die before the truth is told . it's day fifteen since brian statham his mother his family and friends play him to rest and has roller area. can. they lament that brian makes so many other young man was stripped off to dish or process and his human rights as a life and death devalue.
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thousands of extrajudicial killings in kenya have been covered up and unreported tragedies hidden beneath the guise of police excess. it's a sad sad that brian wasn't the last down man bearing in nairobi kenya. as a.
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