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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2018 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from bergland belgium on high alert as a trial gets underway for a top terror suspect the charges relate to a shoot out before his capture he is believed to be the sole surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen paris attacks but so far he has refused to answer any questions . also coming up israel begins issuing deportation notices to thousands of african migrants the government says they could face jail time if they refuse to leave. and what you won't see today in row protests they've been found to as turkey's
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president meets with pope francis we will see what's behind the vatican's moves to tone down dissent at his visit. plus a stunning super bowl win for the underdogs fans go wild after the philadelphia eagles defeat the new england patriots to play in america the american football's biggest prize the fairy first time. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. belgium is on high alert today as the trial begins for the man who is believed to be the sole surviving suspect of the twenty fifteen paris attacks. arrived at the palace of justice in brussels earlier this morning so far he has refused to answer any questions today's session will focus on the shootout with belgian police that led
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to his capture we will get more on the court case in just a moment but first let's take a closer look at some of the slum. the end of an international manhunt on the eighteenth of march twenty sixth seen belgian special police capture one of the most wanted terrorist suspects in europe the man believed to be the only surviving suspect of the paris terror attacks that just four months before this police raid had left one hundred and thirty people dead. a french citizen born in brussels in september one thousand nine hundred eighty nine his current trial is focused on the shootout that led to his capture but the real focus of investigators is whether he played a major role in planning and executing the attacks or was he merely a low level follower. to learn more we spoke with a former member of the french secret service klugman a-k.
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had spent decades researching terror networks between europe and the middle east and he says the evidence is clear. of dissent some time so that islam is a central figure and the only survivor not counting supporters in syria or iraq without up to slam they would have been no pirates attacks on the thirteenth of november or the brussels attacks of march twenty second. it was up to slant he brought the terrorists into the country in small groups he rented the hideouts and the vehicles that they used to be going to kill him. investigators worked intensely to locate up to salaam and he started making mistakes in the end he had almost nowhere left to hide. due to my day the house searches interrogation research large scale surveillance operations all of that steadily reduce the circle of people that could trust him with. after his arrest of the slum
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was taken to a maximum security prison near paris and since then he has said nothing his lawyer spend money. described as a small time criminal who's too stupid to plan a conspiracy and one interview by re says has quote the intelligence of an empty ashtray. and obvious lumps family has also tried to reinforce this line of defense one of his brothers has up does along lost his nerve and intentionally failed to set off the suicide vest he was wearing the terror experts say it's all part of a deliberate defense strategy since some cuban can deaconess a better bomb that suicide vest which they say he didn't use today we know two important things that had too technical faults and that's why it didn't go off. plus we're going to have to slums computer this in email in which he complained about the equipment and demanded better stuff for the next time. before pushing for
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him of all material he was involved from start to finish not someone who was frightened to the core of. the kid got the civil. observers expect. lawyers to do everything possible to cultivate the idea that he was just a small fish the start of his trial marks the accused first public appearance and it could set the tone for how the trial against him for the paris attacks will unfold. and other news activists in syria say that there has been a new chlorine gas attack in rebel held it live province medics in the town of sara cabs say that they treated civilians for breathing disorders linked to the poisonous gas following government airstrikes the syrian regime denies using any chemical weapons. meanwhile pictures have emerged of the aftermath of russian air raids and live province that reportedly killed several people towns are said to have been bombarded after rebels shot down
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a russian jet and killed its pilot over the weekend. for more on this i am joined now by syrian activist. from istanbul he is the host of the syrian opposition radio station which is highly critical of the assad regime welcome to you and thank you so much for joining us i want to turn first to these reports of this alleged gas attack we're more are you hearing from your sources there in the country. didn't to your question the voice was and does good can you just repeat that please we heard reports of an alleged chlorine gas attack in a live province allegedly conducted by the assad regime and we're wondering if you have heard any further information from your sources in the country. this is definitely not the first and it doesn't seem like it's going to be the last
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attack on civilians using chemical weapons this happened inside october which is at the countryside so dark i was one of those styles that have you know desist to all kind of extremism starting with the assad regime. to isis has always been a stronghold for the moderates to be an opposition and all the other attacks previous to this you know video document that enough investigators. you know part of the international efforts to you know the weapon i syria from weapons of mass destruction have also confirmed that such attacks can only be carried out by the scene and regime or one of its allies we're talking about military capabilities here now fortunately for it that is a. who it and suck up yes that they there were no casualties because we know with
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the clothing. results and casualties it is munt to you know force fear and force that the thirty that they see it is dream has been diet to force for the past seven years so again it comes in you know as one episode in a very long and painful series of photogs. it doesn't seem like these attacks were evident and if this attack is confirmed indeed to have happened if we do get that confirmation what do you think that that says about the strategy of the assad government at the current moment. i don't think it will change anything we have enough documented attacks if we ignore the money and do peter the claudian attacks on civilians we can never ignore the fifteen hundred casualties and and all those two thousand and thirteen we cannot ignore
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conscious on the video the sunset in gaza both of these were very documented most of the governments especially the western governments gathered evidences from the site of photogs that proved the use of sighting gods and they have also documented such gods can only be produced and you know military facilities belongs only to the seed and it seem so your question i don't think you know that is a significance and documenting more and more to tuck since we already know who the the point here is not the lack of evidence is the point here is the lack of the international world specially of the united nations security council to and punish such crimes to punish such shoes off opens the funds to search and we will see if that is indeed the case we know that the un security council will discuss this
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issue a little later today one thank you very much for joining us to share your view on the matter on who died in the turkish city of istanbul as we mentioned you're the host of the syrian opposition radio station that is highly critical of the assad regime. in other news israel has begun serving deportation notices to thousands of africans who have been seeking asylum there there are around forty thousand african asylum seekers affected in israel and until recently they were mostly on short term visas but now they are being offered cash to leave or face deportation activists say that two hundred to three hundred people per month are being deported most africanus a. island seekers are from sudan or eritrea they say that they fear going home both countries are dictatorships but prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said that israel has the right to decide who lives there quote every country must maintain
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its borders and protecting the borders from illegal infiltration is both a right and a basic duty of a sovereign state is what he said now tanya kramer has been talking to some of the eritrean migrants affected by the israeli policy and she sent us this report from tel aviv. to keep because if lettice home country every twenty or more than twelve years ago and sought asylum in israel now his future is once again uncertain because he's facing possible deputation the stores are always very sensitive especially for me personally in the for my community the people i love because. of. deportation and. imprisonment so very tough here at the eritrean community center the new government policy is on everyone's mind their choice go to prison or take a free plane ticket a payment of almost three thousand euros and lee force the country. that over the
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past years israel has recognized only ten people as refugees to keep never received a response to his aside a request. in the name of sometimes we want to acquire some infant or two or sometimes concert and everything with them. really and i left my country because of danger so i know i'm a refuge that's why you came here in israel to ask for a protection between two thousand and six and two thousand and twelve about thirty eight thousand asylum seekers from every trailer and sudan arrived in israel by the egyptian sinai peninsula and then that route was closed by a border fence ever since there has been a fierce public debate in israel about the asylum seekers speight human rights activist warned their safety cannot be guaranteed if they are deported we're
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talking about less than forty thousand people immigrants asylum seekers in israel who seek asylum in a land of eight million people this is less than half a percent of the israeli population so our first question to the government is why can't israel absorb those people give them shelter or allow them to build their lives here this is so much less than other countries have to deal with many asylum seekers ahead here in a detention center in the desert in the south of israel. this have settled in the southern neighborhoods of tel of being a poor area of the city why some residents support the migrants many plame them for advice in crime and want them to leave. call these are foreigners infiltrators it is impossible to live like this all our infrastructure collapsed the sewage system education welfare everything of all the budget is going to work stand if you
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will feel like those israelis who want to help them writers rabbis from the diplomats holocaust survivors and pilots are calling on the government to stop the potations plants the state we are obliged to deal with the refugees and with asylum seekers as we would have liked the european countries. at the time. to have truth the jewish refugees who tried to save their to save those souls running away from persecution them from extermination to keep this morning to both his safety or to to his third country he says a should pray at the door of a small chapel he wants to stay positive but given the choice to keith says he would rather go to prison than be said to know the country. turkish president recha tie affair to one is at the vatican for a meeting with pope francis protests have been banned in several in central rome
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for twenty four hours as tension runs high over turkey's offensive against kurdish militia groups in northern syria early one is the first turkish president to visit the vatican in nearly six decades their talks are expected to focus on the controversial u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel both men oppose the move. for more let's bring in phil a villain freelance correspondent who is joining us from rome welcome to fill up now we know that this pope that he hasn't been afraid to speak out on political issues but do we know that what he's been saying today. so far very little has emerged. as to what went on in the private meeting in the vatican in the pope's library which was about fifteen minutes we know what the themes were that the turkish president wanted to discuss before he went in but
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exactly what the two men said to one another and hasn't yet. and clearly as you mentioned the question of jerusalem as the capital of israel is top of the agenda forward president and he's likely to find a sympathetic hearing from the pope who is keen to preserve the status quo to preserve christian interests in the holy places in jerusalem. well that's true why they might indeed have common ground when it comes to jerusalem. well and clearly for mr. protecting the palestinian interest and islamic interest in. islamic holy places in jerusalem is book is a move that. works well with his own electorate but it also where it's likely to be popular throughout the muslim world equally pope francis has criticised the
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american decision to move their embassy to jerusalem because he's keen to preserve the status quo and the protections that concerned christian holy places in jerusalem so there's a natural alliance between the two men when they may disagree on many out there. aspects of global politics and i want to talk about one of those aspects because presumably one of the concerns of francis might be over the rights of christians in turkey and walk us through on that hot button issue and what else they might have disagreed on. yes the status of christians in net techie is of great concern to five front says. the. texas state has been taking on an increasingly islamic.
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under president. and for years it has been difficult for christians to practice their faith in turkey and for new priests for example to be trained. pope francis is very sympathetic to the problems of the orthodox church in turkey and very concerned also about the position of christian minorities throughout the islamic world so clearly if he can net. arouse the sympathy of mr dylan and an appreciation for the problems that christian minorities face that would be an important step forward for him and of course the pope is very much committed to it to peace in general and will it be neck concerned about turkish attacks on and on kurdish forces in syria and that certainly will be now on the agenda and between the two men philip will end with more on this meeting
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between the turkish president and the pope thank you so much for your reporting from rome. well some news now on the corruption scandal that has been rocking south korea's samsung guert offers has the latest as are a south korean appeals court on monday freed the heir of the samsung group lead j. young off the nearly a year of detention the cold suspended the five year jail term he received for bribing the country's former president the forty nine year old added to the one of the world's biggest corporate empires was detained in february twenty seventh seen a lower court a lower court had to be jailed lien for corruption and a political scandal that rocked the country of lead to the ousting of president park geun. ryanair chief michael o'leary said it himself last quarter was a difficult one more than twenty thousand canceled flights late last year growing tensions with personnel and a series of p.r.
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blunders only illyria could make like telling run a pilot's their jobs were very easy but none of that baggage appears to have weighed on the carrier i was carriers results profit is up passages just keep coming through. ryanair is flying higher its earnings climbed twelve percent to one hundred six million euros in the last quarter and passenger traffic is expected to increase for the full fiscal year ending in march twenty eight hundred that's a spike the cancellation crisis last fall when thousands of flights fell through to a pilot rostering issues the scheduling snafu cost the irish budget carrier its position as europe's biggest airline passenger numbers in favor of a look times are enlarged by its takeover of air berlin. this along with an intensifying clamor for better treatment of personnel eventually forced ryanair to compromise the pilots it agreed to recognize trade unions for the first time in its more than three decade history. the irish carrier announced in january that its
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u.k. based pilots had accepted paying creases of up to twenty percent. but it might not be happily ever after just yet right air chief michael o'leary warned investors that talks with the unions about working conditions could be turbulent that strikes around easter could be possible and that's not just the studio that has right here feeling anxious last week they announced a break that applying to tickets sold for the summer of twenty nineteen a warning to passengers that their tickets will be invalidated if evasion regulations remain unclear after the game in the. world the doomsayers were predicting the eurozone economy expanded its fast as right in a decade in twenty seventeen completing three years of consistent growth accordingly despite a slight dip from a seventeen year peak business sentiment also remains high looks like it's going to be a good year but there are still wrists for. the economy of the nineteen member single
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currency union posted its highest growth since two thousand and seven before the global financial crisis the european commission statistics body euro stat says annual g.d.p. growth for the bloc went up two and a half percent that growth was largely driven by france which has a new economic impetus with emmanuel mccaw at the reins and spain which expanded by just over three percent. in the value of goods and services produced in the euro zone has been rising steadily in twenty fifteen euro zone growth rose by one and a half percent. in twenty sixteen the eurozone economy grew by one point seven percent. and last year the economy charged ahead by two and a half percent. this momentum was partly because the european central bank in frankfurt has pursued a huge stimulus program slashing its main interest rate to zero and buying billions
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of euros a month with the financial assets known as quantitative easing the e.c.b. has gradually been tapering off these stimulus measures which were introduced in the wake of the financial crisis last week e.c.b. president mario draghi hinted that the strong euro wouldn't affect the block's economic prospects but he said global factors were a wild card that could have a negative effect the european commissioner for economic affairs pierre moscovici said the eurozone would maintain its momentum at least into twenty nineteen but he hinted at worrying issues including a lack of investment persistently high youth unemployment and stubborn public debt . the philadelphia eagles have finally shed their underdog status to win their first ever super bowl against long time favorites the new england patriots a forty one thirty three victory in american football's greatest match and the
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trophy drought stretching back fifty eight years the win sparked intense celebrations in downtown philadelphia as thousands thronged to cheer their title winning team have a look. the wait is over. i philadelphia finally has a super bowl after years in the shadows eagles fans are rightly making the most of the historic victory over the new england patriots. they may have been the underdogs but the eagles went on the offensive right from the start. their bold an adventurous game plan led by quarterback nick foles paid off tom brady and the patriots were overwhelmed the eagles sealing a forty one thirty three victory you know being a part of this being drafted to philadelphia and be unfortunate enough to come back and be a part of this team to be a piece of this puzzle easy. jubilant fans went wild celebrating into the early
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hours of the morning the but. of this just amazing just amazing and the fact that the game was the best super bowl maybe ever. but. there was an ugly side to the elation too however. lucy and vandalism somewhat marring joyous celebrations. cots for the most part fans were well behaved this know it will stay third in their memories for a long time. and the crowd goes wild let's get more now on the super bowl and the celebration there after we're joined by yanick speight from dede obvious for its task in a while but scenes of celebration there chaos at times as as we've also noted. was all of the jubilation more about how they whine or the fact that they won i think
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was a bit of both to be honest i mean when any team wins the fans will go crazy that's that's natural but i think this was something extra special for the philadelphia eagles as we heard this was their first ever super bowl win which is any reason to go a great reason to go crazy but they way they want it was very special as well they had a one hundred played in the playoffs sorry for three seasons previous to this campaign their regular quarterback cost invents went down injured in december just before the playoffs they had to bring in a backup and nick foles the backup he played out of his skin during the playoffs and in the super bowl. played tom brady and the new england patriots which is an amazing achievement these patriots had won five super bowls previously and so this was a real underdog victory and i think the way they wanted it was an aggressive attacking game plan as well it's to guts to to do that and so they really deserve this victory for sure what does this mean for for eagles. i mean you can say from the
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footage that we just saw in philadelphia what this means they're absolutely ecstatic and they have every right to be pap's not going as far to burn cousin and smash windows but you know will pass on not one but the philly fans you know they adopted this status of the underdog and their faith never wavered they had a certain arrogance a certain confidence that their team would win maybe a bit cocky but anyway that arrogance was rewarded and a fantastic victory for them everyone loves to find an underdog. joining us with the latest on the super ball a big win for eagles fans congratulations to them. up to date now in the news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thanks so much for watching you know busy weekend same. place.
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the to. move. two cultures one cooperation. german any iranian architects are building bridges across political and religious borders play music submission center in tehran is an example of a successful synergy playing. for even. the most militant. the came to the jesus zuid spaces the following. evening the days of
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designing even more dry braces mixes kids is enslaved to take the play bridge crew to study. the true floss sixty minute clock to find. stories of people who've heard the information provided touch the they want to express g w on facebook and twitter the data in touch the follow us. it's food for ten thousand three hundred fifteen days and it's been gone for ten thousand three hundred fifteen days. it once divided east and west germany the berlin wall. an entire generation is growing up without it but it still counts a long shadow. the berlin wall is long gone but is it really
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all focused today in d.w.p. . hello and welcome to arts twenty one coming up on the show. painter georg basel that's turns everything on its head with great success. it was going to folks who thought it was just too sleepy for the vehicle and we wish him a happy eightieth birthday. this young woman is making a splash on the german rap scene.


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