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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2018 7:00am-8:00am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin chaos on the u.s. stock exchange the dow jones industrial average takes its biggest nosedive since two thousand and eleven rattling investors across the globe markets in asia are tumbling echoing the dow's plunge. all day nearly there germany's two biggest parties inch towards a deal for a new government but the talks drag on for another day clash of a key issue. and kenya's secret shame dozens of bodies arrive at
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nairobi's morgues every day many of them young men killed by police in a culture of impunity from one officer willing to speak out. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us we'll have those stories and more coming up for you in just a moment but first we'll head over to my colleague. for more of what's happening on the markets cannot help but it is well it's pretty bad at least if you invested in the last year or so because after a rally that has been going on for months and months it was a bit a day of reckoning on world markets many already talking about the black monday a time reserved in financial circles only for the most severe of. shock's the dow
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jones industrial average in the u.s. tumbled one thousand one hundred seventy five points or four point six percent to close down at twenty four thousand three hundred forty five on monday it's eight percent down last week compared to last week to put this into perspective it's the biggest loss for six years and it marks the largest intraday point of decline intraday point decline of all time one thousand five hundred ninety seven points the technology index nasdaq is also sharply down by three point seven percent so what happened a combination of factors is at play here wages in the u.s. have risen here we have the market figures once again but wages figures in the u.s. have risen stronger than expected which stokes fears of rising inflation that will drive interest rates upwards makes it more expensive for companies to borrow money and cheap money has been the fuel behind the rally of recent months also rising
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interest rates make safe assets that governments don't bones more attractive for investors so they pull out money from shares and much of the slump is also generated by computers trading orders are triggered when certain shares or other indicators fall to a preprogramed level and these selves trigger other sell orders it's a domino effect and it works within seconds around the globe let's have a look at asian markets which follow wall street's lead today japan's nikkei index was down almost seven point one percent during trading that's the biggest point drop since one thousand nine hundred stocks across all sectors us getting in the way of the new york crash carmakers like to go to financial stocks and technology companies are being hit hard all other asian markets are also taking a beating in hong kong the hunt saying index is around five percent lower right now headed toward its biggest fall since twenty fifty. so what goes up
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must eventually go down maybe donald trump would do well to remember that the next time he attributes stock market success to himself he could be cheered by some analysts saying that this sell off actually is healthy at this stage it's better the market is letting off some steam right now instead of later when it could be much more damaging but that's chica disappear if sustained fear from investors has a chilling effect on investment. good news for the economy turned out to be very bad news for stocks at the start of the trading week the latest data on u.s. wages show average hourly earnings up two point nine percent year on year the highest rate of growth recorded since the middle of twenty nine that's following years of stagnation but faster wage growth means employers have to spend more to recruit the workers they want higher pay could equal less profit for shareholders and traders fear possible interest rate hikes. that the market is reacting not so
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negatively because the economy is doing poorly but quite the contrary because the economy is doing so nicely and we might see some inflation pressure meaning the federal reserve and other central banks around the globe might also become more aggressive and that certainly could become a sea change that could we do not know yet a sea change in central banks meaning sharply higher key lending rates and it growing understanding that loose monetary policy is supposed to be temporary but that's further along the road for now investors are looking more anxious to get the short term u.s. stock futures have slid further since wall street closed they're now down three percent. so while markets in the u.s. were heading down with asian markets we're following europe european investors are still fos the sleep and let still cross over to our financial correspondent who's standing by at the frankfurt stock exchange where trading will only start in about two hours down what can we expect in european markets today.
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here you can really feel the atmosphere already here at the stock market the first investors are already showing up here and i can tell you they are prepared for a really bad scenario i had the opportunity to talk to one of them or a little bit earlier he was telling me that they are very sure that also here the market in frankfurt will go down and we have to remember here in frankfurt we were still lucky yesterday shares here were dropping by zero point seven percent of pictures and other stock markets around europe was already quite different when you look at the market for example in london zurich or paris they were down between one point three and even one point five per cent today many investors have already said in the past days that they are really expecting the market to have a sort of correction we might see shares here dropping to
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a level of only twelve thousand points. is this market correction not healthy after that rally of recent months. well many investors are actually saying that this is a healthy correction of the market because we have to remember in the last three years here's here where actually rising with a sixteen percent in the last year by ten percent many experts have said in the past that we already have seen quite an overheating here as the market and the figures are not even realistic so yes this is most likely going to be a very painful day many investors also private ones will lose money but after that trading will be more realistic again it's going to will come back to you in the next hours of course when trading has started thank you very much so far. that's all your business for the moment germany's main political parties closer to
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a coalition deal and areas more on that story that's right. here in germany negotiators from the chancellor merkel's conservatives and the social democrats are inching closer to a new government the chancellor merkel's conservatives and social democrats were meant to strike a deal by sunday but they are still far apart on several key issues leaders on both sides are pushing hard for an agreement and an and to months of political uncertainty. the end of the road might just be inside the headquarters of the santa left p.d.s. where germany's political heavyweights of toughing it out in this last phase of coalition talks negotiated have been fine tuning the deal day. in a german government four months after the country's elections. we agreed to choose day will be the decisive day we're in the final round and want to finish the negotiations tuesday will be decisive on whether the negotiations will be concluded
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successfully or not. up season. health care reform is being a sticking point the social democrats want to end gemini's to th health insurance system a second obstacle is fixed term employment contracts which the s.p.d. wants to replace with payment positions that provide greater job security the green party now in the opposition is vehemently opposed to the coalition agreement as it now stands starts the mood for instead of the display of courage to address tasks of the future we're seeing a grand coalition that's concerning itself with minor issues even while the really critical challenge we're facing in europe aren't getting the attention they deserve . talks are set to continue one choose day even if an agreement is finally reached the social democrats rank and file still need to sign off on the deal. or for more on the ongoing negotiations i'm joined here in the studio by maria turk
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she's a research and teaching fellow in political science at humboldt university here in berlin good morning good morning now the s.p.d. entered these negotiations maria very reluctantly they are terrified that this could cause them to really come apart politically how is the s.p.d. approaching these negotiations in terms of strategy. yes a very good question being a junior partner in america coalition hasn't treated anyone well so far so we see why they are afraid of losing even more in the next poll. they try to do what the members if the lost them as the congress told them right so they try to introduce the so-called berger physician wrong and too weak to use it would be kind of a blanket urines for everything actually they have what means abolishment between the difference for differentiation between public and private health insurance exactly and they stepped already
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a little bit back from that and said now that they tried to reduce their privileges of private insurance people so that it's going to be a little bit more similar here so you see some movement but they added high as well health care reform a big big issue very difficult huge implications we've seen this in germany and other countries too when it comes to reforming the health care system very difficult the s.p.d. is also asking the conservatives to make concessions with respect to fixed term employment contracts also another big topic do you think this p.d. is in a strong bargaining position to ask for those things well good question and and i would say they have cracked some leverage because they are the only real option for majority cap government right now so they can offer to some certainty for ten extend or what they want to get however they're not going to get everything. what
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about the the the social what about the chancellor merkel's conservatives we know what's at stake for the s.p.d. in these talks what about the conservatives is it all sweetness and light for the c.d.u. and the berrien c.s.u. it is not a bad area have fake elections this year so the c.s.u. has to see that they get some of their policies also in federal government for and also for america and tunnel a pony. them starts there raising their voice so she is criticized this well it's tough for both parties are you still seeing within these negotiations an internal fight in chancellor merkel c.d.u. for leadership. well i think in not really loudly maybe on the ground there's something happening that prominence that really weighs in their voices however in public everyone is still behind her back ok german voters been waiting for months for a for
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a government to be formed the elections were back in september german voters losing patience now they start to do however if we compare that with without a counterweight like belgium they say it's not a very long coalition negotiations also i mean the social democrats and the christian union just started to negotiate negotiate so actually the last coalition talks in two thousand and thirteen between the two parties half an even longer than what happened right now it's maybe important to remind german voters about that last negotiations took even longer what does this political uncertainty that germany is experiencing right now mean for the other political parties that are going to be represented in the bonus talk well they kind of least are supposition work yet either because well if there's no government you can't really start to work against the government however they are in a good position right i mean criticizing something is always easier than actually
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doing at so they are a little bit if they'd waiting for is a real thing do you care to make any prediction on how these how these talks will end and the prospect of the s.p.d. rank and file actually accepting any coalition agreement i think you'll be going to have a coalition agreement proposal tonight probably the big question is if the members of the social democrats. gonna actually accept that and not really any poll or anything we can predict about that so it's very uncertain for everyone and that could take a little time to a couple of weeks i understand if i'm only a turk a research and teaching fellow at berlin's humboldt university thank you so much. at. hong kong is one of the most expensive places in the world to live in according to a study conducted by a bank only seventeen percent of households can actually afford the rent on their
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apartments that will go down to twelve percent in twenty nineteen local residents are forced to live in the stampeders of accommodations in order just to stay off the streets. elderly people like sion in london and have it easy in hong kong he shares a room with eight other men and pays one hundred fifty euros a month for the cage where he has his bed. was these i'll tell you both my parents died when i was forty years old i gradually lost touch with my brothers. we hardly see each other anymore now it is. to do. with this exhibition in aid organization wants to raise awareness about such living conditions around two hundred thousand people in hong kong are affected by it it hit on you. that you hear they're all buildings so people with anything in this ready. and even space is still
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a small one and that is shared with so many households and the incoming. hong kong has limited land for new housing now the finance hub is facing a squeeze as more seniors and young single seek to live alone a three room apartment in the city center can cost the equivalent of eight thousand euros a month rents in hong kong are the highest in asia. when hong kong attract international hot money to come in and they write their speculation investment is right check out housing fries and grains and because of that then people can afford right to own or to rand. a typical. housing unit. that's resulted in an upsurge in minimal living spaces entrepreneur eric one sells these earthquake proof sleeping cabins equipped with
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wife by air conditioning in t.v. . so far most of his buyers have been hotels throughout asia. about a hug and i think apartments in hong kong will get smaller and smaller property prices are already so high that the younger generation can't afford them maybe in the future they won't just sleep in space capsules like these for a day or two but actually live in them with a lot of. the hong kong government has promised to take action senior citizens are now supposed to get priority in subsidized housing but the waiting lists are long probably too long for seventy year old sean learn the only way for him to escape his cramped living space is to go outside. a court hearing has begun in san francisco in the battle between right handing service and way moe the self driving car technology company owned by alpha that claims that one of its former engineers
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took more than fourteen thousand confidential files before he went to lead driving car unit in twenty sixteen case hinges on whether who will use these trade secrets to advance its autonomous vehicle program testimony is expected to last two weeks and the ruling could have a major impact on strategy. now purple boots purple pants diamonds and pearls all eyes dims that once belonged to american pop legend prince now and nearly two years after his untimely deaths are about to being auctioned off and fans are ready to go crazy. sorry no respite parade here no little red corvette but there are diamonds and pearls well a pen with those words at least more than two hundred twenty five of the rockers former belongings are being auctioned online between february eighth and fifteenth most come from prince's former employees or personal assistants at his private
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state paisley park one of the things that you have to be aware of as most of prince's archive belongs to paisley park never gave a lot of things away so these are rare that people have these things but the most notable items include a pair of purple boots worn on stage by prince size for opening bid is five thousand dollars or handwritten script from his widely panned one thousand nine hundred six movie under the cherry moon bidding starts there at twenty five hundred dollars for some a small price to pay for a piece of rock n roll royalty. now if you like to do your grocery shopping on the fly in india you can quite literally do just that and now he's hoping to cash in on passengers eager to get an extra trip to the supermarket offer a long flight it sells and even grows its own vegetables. okra beans ash all freshly picked the vegetables are grown and harvested by hand that
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coach an international airport in kerala right next to the airport's photovoltaic panels staff get the first chance to buy the fresh produce whatever's left is sold to passengers but i believe i have travelled to several different countries and i can see that it's quite convenient and useful to get vegetables from the organic farm that's inside the airport premises itself. cochin is the first airport in india to meet all its energy needs with solar power and a variety of fruits and vegetables are grown on forty five acres of land in between the panels thanks to crop management and drip irrigation. since the water used to clean the solar panels does not contain detergent it can be used to irrigate the crops below the moisture retained in the soil by the plant roots also helps to keep the panels dust free and save the cost of the weeding the land the airports
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vegetable out put through to nearly eighty tons in twenty seventeen authorities now plan to extend the commercial cultivation to more vacant land at the airport. that's always a business and all of an update for you in the next hour or so we will open that world markets performance right now but now it's back to terry thanks to. the political crisis in the mall deaves has deepened after two supreme court judges and a former president were arrested its latest move in a crackdown by president of bolivia mean he's refusing to obey a supreme court order to release imprisoned opposition leaders monday i mean declared a state of emergency. this is what usually comes to mind when you think of the mole's east beautiful beaches isolated islands and calm blue ocean but politics is rarely paradise especially for the people living here. in the motifs capital mali
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these protesters are angry and risking arrest they're furious at the president for ignoring a court ruling last week to free nine jailed opposition leaders their trials the court said had been politically motivated with the unrest growing the government's move to give itself extra police power as. the president has declared a state of emergency for the next fifteen days in mali and wherever suspects of illegal activities are situated. president jiang means ruled the eaves largely unopposed since twenty thirteen percent of corruption he fears the court's decision will strengthen dissenting voices in the country and lead to his impeachment and so you know means trying to protect his grip on power on monday he had his inhofe brother arrested. president for thirty years before the maldives became a democracy in two thousand and eight now he sides with the opposition before he was taken away he recorded this message. i've done nothing
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wrong or unlawful i urge the people of the multi-phase to be strong and stand with us because we will win. waiting in the wings is another former president mohamed nasheed currently living in exile is one of the leaders of the court order to be for each if the ruling does get implemented he could challenge i mean for the leadership later this year. the animal rights group staged a p.r. stunt. on tuesday to call for olympians and visitors to the winter games to stop wearing fur where. just a white bikini and bunny ears and brandishing a sign saying champions don't wear fur female activists ashley for no braves subzero temperatures for some fifteen minutes to convey her message to reporters at this says china is the biggest producer in claims that animals are forced to live
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in miserable conditions before being slaughtered for their free. well the winter olympics begin in south korea on friday and preparations are well underway in pyongyang chong the athletes of his village is finished and competitors are arriving with a joint korean women's hockey team and the russian contingent heading the headlines but there is one problem with the winter games by definition it's extremely cold. yung chang is just around the corner the olympic flame currently on the final stretch of its tour of the country is only an hour's drive away and despite a limp excitement heating up it's really cold in south korea everyone including the i.o.c. big weeks on their inspection of the olympic village is wrapping up warm. china is in the. province one of the coldest places in the country and it's particularly
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cold at the moment with temperatures dropping as low as minus twenty degrees celsius not a problem for the athletes who are used to cold weather but it could prove troublesome for the spectators during the opening ceremony that's the time for your hands on your feet in case they get. healthy the side that you question if you can say i'm going to keep you warm during that. base blanket. because of the one this isn't the only proof that pyongyang is ready and raring to go the olympic village is finished as all the highly praised venues but don't expect the atmosphere to mirror that of previous olympics as the events are spread far and wide across the region. the games and i.o.c. president thomas buff in particular have political hurdles to overcome as well one such hurdle has been cleared with north and south korea taking part at the opening ceremony under a united flag but the so-called unification flag has upset neighbors japan the blue
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dot to the south of the korean peninsula depicts a small group of violence that japan and south korea claim and of course there will be pressure from moscow they want their athletes who had that reduced by the court of arbitration for sport last week to take part in the upcoming games shows. at the moment the athletes along with their legal representatives are examining the decision and they will decide what the next steps will be which. welcomes the athletes as they arrive in pyongyang how many of them will actually be allowed to compete in south korea will again be decided by the courts. and david meets goliath in this week's german cup quarter finals win third division power ball and host money by munich tonight for the home side it's a chance to pull off a momentous giant killing by him it's a key step in their bid for a troubling trophy. part of the arms warriors
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a poised to do battle of the bavarian man. hosting by munich in the german cup quarterfinals is a rare highlight for the former born as they get close who suffered back to back relegations in two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and sixteen they only avoided jumping into the fourth last term on a technicality. stephan god has mixed feelings about meeting by him but he's staying philosophical. if you're going to take it how it is i maybe would have preferred a different draw but there's nothing more wonderful than playing by a i mean two minds it will be difficult for us because by and there on another level in. the us it's easy to see why god is wary buying are in tremendous form as they power to a six straight bundesliga title a potential trouble of blunders league champions league and german cup is very much on coach your part because once no slacking. i.
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within the squad we have good competition for places everyone wants to play so i'm going to rotate a bit. moving the goalposts isn't an option against. just have to try it the hard way. so that we take a look at extrajudicial killings in the slums of nairobi stay with. his legal highlights. shocks former teammates cole going down three points first new club dog. show good football. using to believe in the final.
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fake hair and we'll start. where i come from a lot of women. have fake. sometimes that hairstyle takes up to two a day. it's a lot of time that needs to be filled so people at the salon talk about what's happening in their lives. i became a journalist and historian tell and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with all the time i spent at the salon. when i see ads and the good stories when i hear that. my name is elizabeth and i work at. learn german with d w. any time any place. whether with jo jo and her friends. i leave the stuff to.
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mr spitzer sensors or join the cause of war with friends all over the world. online and interactive. german to go. learn german for three brits d.w. . pick up. in a single day since two thousand and eleven in japan the nikkei index was down almost seven point one percent during trading. well turning now to kenya and allegations of a conspiracy to kill in the slums of nairobi dead bodies of young poor men are turning up on the streets almost every day suspects suspect of being criminals they are executed by the police without charges without trial t w speaks to a whistleblower who reveals an underground war on crime that's believed to have
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claimed more than three thousand lives last year. october two thousand and seventeen it's been two days since my mom pry own lost her son brian nineteen years old executed by the police. state. for you. brian lived in one of nairobi slum the police suspected him of being a thug and thieves but his mother disagrees. before i make fun. joyce was brian's friend a neighbor here in her community in k.l. is where he was killed along with his three friends. had to take him to. the policeman on the one who got down. there is more evidence images of brian and his dead friends published on facebook.
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troy says the police themselves post the pictures to instill fear and brand the victims as armed criminals. killing at the city more trees for britain but it seems that the killing of brian and his friends was not an isolated incident we're told that twenty to fifty corpses arrive here every day almost all killed by the police . dr brian beach anger is an independent forensic expert he confirms that cases like brian's are part of a larger pattern. into to be to buy into and to unscrew the chest. or. the bark. and the chest is not to do. its job security. the police repeatedly denied g.w.s. request for an official interview. one officer inside the system however says he's
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against the extrajudicial killings and wants to uncover the actions of nairobi's police he agrees to talk to us anonymously as he fears for his life. so the procedure is as a cop you're given an order you don't know where the order comes from you're told hey this is what's happening. and now it's time to shoot to kill and then you go you land within that process if you don't get the right guy you'll end up killing the wrong guy and if you get the right guy you also kill the right guy without prosecution and nobody cares. crime is rife the prisons are full and for many police the lives of those who live in the slums in this until now thousands of extrajudicial killings in kenya have been covered up and gone unreported. friend's family at his funeral they feel that he like so many other young men was
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stripped off judicial process and his human rights. and it's a sad certainty that bryant won't be the last young man will fall victim to nairobi's fight against crime. with me in the studio. is melanie cora the ball who brought to that exclusive report time melanie the killing of nineteen year old brian who was portrayed in your report there that happened in october has there been any investigation now there hasn't been and brian is just one of many cases where there hasn't been and missed a case and so your question really highlights the difficulties of holding the police to account you know. if you want to go ahead and help the police to count you have to file a complaint very often with the very same police who is responsible for the mud in the first place and then this year in a legal case is highly highly costly so for families like that of bryan living in
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the slum it's just something that they cannot afford to do and finally there are institutions in place who are supposed to look into internal problems with the police but they are incredibly slow to respond and. that hasn't been an investigation now it sounds like then if there's no investigation at these these crimes if that's what they are going to it would seem so that they are being carried out with impunity has any evidence emerged to proof that the police are actually behind these killings. that's actually one of the problems right so we reached out to the independent oversight authority inside the police and we also reached out to the police and our o.b. and they repeatedly denied us any information any requests so you are facing these issues of finding evidence and that's because witnesses get to speak out because the police actually restricting access to the crime scene because they're sometimes
7:36 am
tempering with them so when it comes to the autopsies as well he would just give just you can't go in that you don't have access to the police themselves carry out those autopsies so what we had to do what i had to do is go back to what journalists have always done ask questions go around find neighbors chase down victims and corroborate independently the claims that they're and one of the most interesting things i found that you have seen in the report is what's happening on fish media what's happening on facebook where the police themselves said to upload pictures is to brag about the executions so yeah that was one one of the things that i found that very very disturbing report the forensics expert that you spoke to in your report he said that being poor in kenya is almost a death sentence what's the link between being poor which you can't really blame
7:37 am
yourself for and being killed by the police. when ordered to understand that connection you have to know that crime is rife in nairobi especially in the slums of nairobi some people even cold nairobi ny robbery so that is an issue and the police is supposed to tackle crime and this becomes an issue for the young men living in the slum who are wrapped up in the stereotypes of being criminals of being gang members who are often over whose voice is that over there. so they become easy targets for the police which is under pressure to to fight crime and on top of that the prisons are full it's one of the easiest thing what seems to be easier for the police to get rid of someone in the slum than to arrest them so there is this culture of impunity and in this culture of impunity that the death of these young poor man somehow becomes inevitable now there's an ongoing court case
7:38 am
in connection with the killings of three men back in june of two thousand and sixteen one of them is the renowned lawyer willie c'mon the four police officers were involved implicated in this indicted even what can you tell us about this. it is a very interesting case because it what it is is one that has come into to the public eye because he was a human rights lawyer he was a famous human rights die he was killed alongside his driver and the client that he was representing and the client he was representing was building a case against police so this case shows you how difficult and dangerous it really is to go up against the police he ended up dead as one of the most famous human rights wise that we really can money was killed there were street protests the police of sense announced that they're planning to modernize or at least the government says going to modernize the police force is there any hope of things
7:39 am
changing for the better only if there is a political outcry and that's something that we haven't seen yet apart from in this very prominent case but not in regards to the people living in the slum the local media is too scared to really speak about this and if they do they they name hundreds of people not thousands but we have seen and now investigation and as long as this doesn't happen i don't think that the police for really the fullest to change something about their behavior and any corridor thank you so much for your report and for talking with us this morning to turkey now where hundreds of thousands of people are trying to dig their way out of professional and financial ruin after being sacked in the prose coup crackdown many judges teachers and professors accused of having ties to the coup attempt have seen their reputations destroyed and incomes disappear overnight dozens of academics who publicly criticize the government could face prison here's a look at some of those who've lost nearly everything but remain defiant.
7:40 am
taz been working behind the counter for only a few months last spring the political science lecture was fired and like so many other civil servants he was banned from his profession as well as forbidden to leave the country after that he had to ask himself what should i do now. we just wanted to do something here to fade then we don't leave here we will find new ways to do what we have been doing in the university and that means what they had been doing with science because it puts it in general in two thousand and sixteen by a tar signed a petition called academics for peace they criticized how the turkish government handled human rights issues in a kurdish part of the country he was fired for that and barred from government service by a state emergency decree will also receive another unemployment compensation or
7:41 am
pension by october open the café together with other colleagues who were fired been in the coffee shop. or house of culture they offer workshops and readings they want to provide a space to share knowledge where people can learn and discuss things and ask critical questions. this was his dream. seats and greens of maybe that would be a forest maybe that will be these these these are the people immediately see a lot of messages over the internet or very soon it's easy and that's you give us support and you gave us hope that former students sometimes stop by to get advice from by a doctor by chance or she works as a waitress here in the weekends tara was her professor for four years after he was fired she was so depressed that she stopped attending university for a while. went by a lot or told her of his new venture. she wanted to be
7:42 am
a part of it wholeheartedly. so i learned something new here every day i don't see it as work we discuss things read books exchange opinions about politics and other topics being harry death meanwhile the good is that. it's ok if he gets. because the cafe and island of hope working here gives him strength and distract him from private concerns his wife works at a university in germany he hasn't seen her in eight months he is not allowed to leave the country and if she were to return to turkey she would face the same situation. our son her emails be like and i want her when she comes back i want her to know everything we say with our. life after her departure you saw her birds even from germany she contributes i think that's
7:43 am
the most. mention of all these persons in the capital ankara husband and wife jail and. also saw their professional world collapse before their eyes they were elementary school teachers before being fired about a year ago now they are trying to make ends meet by running a small food stand the number sixty six on the front counter this is the number of the law that was quoted as they lost their jobs they're trying to keep a sense of humor oh. we had to sell our car to open up the shock we have two children and somehow we have to make ends meet. today they have a visitor. you know used to teach communications he's writing a book about those who were fired and yes he too was dismissed for the same reasons . he wants to tell the stories of some of the forty thousand teachers and professors who lost their jobs.
7:44 am
many people who were victims of us to korea now networking we have the same worries and we're beginning to feel some solidarity a kind of resistance movement it's not just about coming to the shop to eat it's more important than that it's about the exchange of political and personal ideas. but kamal has almost no contact with former colleagues at the university where he taught the school was right wing conservative and he was one of the few liberal leftist teachers there now he spends his days in his home office working on his book he also has financial worries he has loans to repay but no no income. he gets small monthly payments from his labor union but it's not enough to make ends meet he and his wife have begun selling homemade leather bags. started eating soup instead of proper meals and i rarely go out so i can save money
7:45 am
. i've sent out a lot of job applications but no one is interested in employing someone who was let go to a government to curry of course anyone can become unemployed but for us it's important to come up with a survival strategy. but it's not just about survival these people want their lives back that's what most of the fire professors and journalists are demanding at this demonstration in istanbul . by hard times determined to remain positive he came all the way from this scene to be here in istanbul today. it's not easy it's not easy to insist on to sometimes you need to be you you need to see that you're not the only man here you're not the on the foot of the foot of the tongue there are other movies that this is this is stupid and it's so you just start to really believe in yourself and you just repeat your. year is just days and years to go to tar's going
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to need his strength and positivity all of the academics who signed the peace petition have been legally charged the first court proceedings began in december but the professor says he's not afraid after all he's an eternal optimist. and now for a look at potential danger in the pocket of your children what's the risk of social media for kids for millions of young children their social lives now extend outside the school halls into cyberspace on this safer internet day we talk to a un cyber security expert about the pros and cons in just a moment but first some berlin students for their take on this is on the future she says she's one of these kids say facebook is for old people so what are they up to under their smartphones these. snap chat boards.
7:47 am
you tube the moves instagram. the u.k. study found that most kids are now learning about online safety but not about the emotional effects of social media. and it's preteens using social media who have experts especially concerned the mass. social media is is much harder to control much harder to predict and i don't think kids are emotionally ready for that kind of social media interaction. from sending selfies in videos over what to posting on instagram it's all about likes followers and feedback we ask the kids to talk about how it makes them feel. and what is good about social media people can look at like cloud that people are doing maybe they
7:48 am
can be inspired there is a good place to show your talent. be one have you write letters letters sometimes go off what is bad about social media he could get mean responses and you'd feel really bad sometimes i don't feel like coming to school teacher cyber mobbing if you're on your phone all the time you can feel pretty bad by itself how does social media make filo art moji happy. i don't feel. it just depends on the situation. social media use among young people has been increasingly linked to depression and even suicide. this has prompted calls for schools parents and the technology companies themselves to take action. it's our duty to guide them through this
7:49 am
process to make. them self-esteem to know. i can i'm not really sensitive for having all these. here pupils are being encouraged to discuss how social media affects them emotionally in england there are even proposals to add the topic today current. a growing number of experts agree children should no longer be left to deal with this alone. talk about this now with neil walsh who's head of cyber crime the site of cyber crime unit at the united nations office on drugs and crime he joins us from vienna thank you for being with us this morning it's now i want to begin by talking about about children who are using their mobile phones not just to chat with friends but to talk to strangers online it's estimated that a third of children do this talk to strangers online how can we reduce the risk of
7:50 am
coming into contact with predators. i think listening to the report that you've already had and listening to what kids are saying we have to integrate being sipho like how to manage your online presence for radio if we start talking about it he's going to or we start talking about it at home when kids are teenagers are older it's already too late so we need to start from a really early age and make it part of the national curriculum now a recent international survey showed that over thirty young people have also been bullied online in a report there we heard some saying that they feel bad after being online sometimes says is online bullying more prevalent then offline bullying i think it would only get some of the risks that we see from the cyber calling and cyber and it's so because of the anonymity of school it makes it easier and any time that
7:51 am
we with any us big cases we get that feedback as well so for example today on safer internet day we're hoping to grow the awareness of our life risk we're helping to publicize the resources of lots of different n.g.o.s and also organizations that provide resources for kids around the world in different languages to help them stay alive so it's. it's you know as it makes it easier for children to do what we have to make this a culture of behavior treating each other with respect the same way we treat each other and i think that i know what life and that starts and start is home at a very early age. is there a typical profile neal of victims and bullies in this online situation. a really good question and no there isn't anybody has the risk of becoming a victim but also the risk ten show for a child or an adult also to become
7:52 am
a belief as well and come back to looking at how do we treat each other how do we treat each other with respect we're going to notice when we were at the minute with children and schools across the world under our education for justice initiative where we're going to school and helping kids along the risky things but also helping parents and teachers as well as down with that as well because we regularly see that teacher parents don't understand the case are doing a lot and if you don't have any help hensher that it's really difficult to try to manage that risk both of your kids becoming a victim but also becoming a well so it's integrating this as a normal part of every day and i hate your we know we can't separate it i'm just making sure that we treat each other respect the whole way through now this year's safer internet day is about showing respect for others online as you mentioned in a time of internet twitter storms and flame wars how can schools go about dealing with this and parents too you mention that education is
7:53 am
the key how is that best implemented. absolutely so i think we need to focus on critical thinking i was speaking in a school also in norway earth and trying to help kids are getting the youngest age right way through their teens twelve the standard what they see on social media or what they read my own necessarily be true just because it has already been millions of likes to reach weeks doesn't mean it is true so we have to give our kids and our parents other adults as well the ability to critically think about what they're seeing online and judge one of these for what it is so that we're not sitting there thinking because of the number of likes that many necessary to produce so we understand that we critically think our way through and make judgments and not focus our entire social and personality goals on the number of likes we can get into a better space and use the internet for what it's there for for peace for helping
7:54 am
societies to grow for prosperity and not a way of homes as well you know whether we like social media or not it's become a fact of life and is a big part of our communication the ngo child that international says today that while we should minimize the dangers in children particularly using social media most children are ok online are we a danger of exaggerating the problem. i'm not sure use the word exaggerating both think we do have to look at it within the caltex that exists the likelihood of a child becoming a victim of best experiencing a good experience all i'm. going to be very aware of which is why everything we have to do is allotted to growing use of social media use only devices into a lower will everyday pattern of behavior it can be something separate when we think to kids and we talk about all line off line and they don't have that distinction the way we may have so it's recognising that how
7:55 am
a child go on their device they say you don't understand why being a normal part might integrated from the start if you make decisions i don't we go from that right neil waltz there cybercrime expert with the united nations office against drugs and crime thank you so much for talking with us on b w names like you very much. and just for we go a reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on the news asian shares have tumbled following a big day on the u.s. markets that saw the dow jones industrial averages biggest loss in a single day since two thousand and eleven japan's nikkei index was down almost seven point one percent during training. you're watching news coming to you live from berlin we have more for you at the top of the hour that's on its course and you can always get the latest news and information from around the clock on our web site that's it d
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