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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2018 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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this is g.w. news live from berlin allegations of a conspiracy to kill in kenya dozens of bodies arrive at nairobi's morgues and every day many of them young men killed by police in a culture of impunity years from one officer willing to speak out. also coming up zimbabwe's opposition says brace for the worst of the reports that the leader of morgan tsvangirai is critically ill we'll ask our correspondent what this means for the country's political future. and are we there yet talks drag on for a new german government the country's two bit biggest parties ensures
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a coalition deal the missed deadline after deadline and negotiators clash of the key issues. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us we'll get to those top stories in a moment but first our global markets are tumbling after the u.s. stock market takes a record nosedive the dow jones industrial average has seen its biggest loss in a single day since two thousand and eleven asian markets followed suit taking a plunge and european indices are also down in the wake of what's being called the flash crash and it will have a full analysis of the dow and business news with ben sizzling that's coming up a little bit later on the program but first to kenya and allegations of a conspiracy to kill in the slums of nairobi dead bodies of young poor men are turning up on the streets almost. every day they're suspected of being criminals
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and are executed by the police without charges without trial you don't use folk to whistle blower who revealed an underground war on crime that's believed to have claimed more than three thousand lives last year. october two thousand and seventeen it's been two days since my mom pry own lost her son brian one thousand years old executed by the police. state and you are totally what worked for you. brian lived in one of nairobi slum the police suspected him of being a thug and thieves but his mother disagrees. before i make fun. joyce was brian's friend a neighbor here in her community is where he was killed along with his three friends. i had taken to. the policeman on the one who gunned
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down. there is more evidence images of brian and his dead friends published on facebook joyce says the police themselves posed the pictus to instill fear and brand the victims as criminals. filming at the city more trees for britain but it seems that the killing of brian and his friends was not an isolated incident we're told that twenty to fifty corpses arrive here every day almost all killed by the police. dr brian beach anger is an independent forensic expert he confirms that cases like brian's are part of a larger pattern. into was to be to the back into one's head and to one's to the chest when objective or when one who's trying to get back in the head in the chest is not to immobilize you it's difficult. for police
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repeatedly denied to w.'s request for an official interview. one officer inside the system however says he's against the extrajudicial killings and wants to uncover the actions of nairobi's police he agrees to talk to as anonymously as he fears for his life. so the procedure is as a cop you're given an order you don't know where the order comes from you're told hey this is what's happening and now it's time to shoot to kill and then you go you land within that process if you don't get the right guy you'll end up killing the wrong guy and if you get the right guy you also kill the right guy without prosecution and nobody cares. crime and thrive the prisons are full and for many police the lives of those who live in the slums are worthless until now thousands of extrajudicial killings in kenya have been covered up and gone
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unreported. friend's family at his funeral they feel that he like so many other young men was stripped off to dish or process and his human rights. and it's a sad certainty that bryant won't be the last young man will fall victim to nairobi's fight against crime. now in zimbabwe the main opposition leader morgan tsvangirai is reported to be critically ill in a south african hospital his supporters have been told to quote brace for the worst the sixty five year old has been in and out of a hospital since disclosing they had colon cancer two years ago he returned to a johannesburg hospital for his latest round of treatment in early january. i did use christina recently returned from zimbabwe where she spoke with morgan chang that i think christine thanks for joining us what did you learn about his condition when you saw him sumi when i walked into morgan trying to guys office in november
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last year it was an interview about the politics at the time and this was actually on the day robert mugabe was also from office he is not the man that i had to watch to give speeches adrenaline as he was a diminished morgan trying to get i both in posture and he's voice is say i struggle to hear him have to meet him very closely he whispered he's voice would sort of wither away he was so frail i got up close and personal him i was trying to put the mike onto his should to feel he's saying i could feel you know it was just the weakness that he had in these arms and i remember making a remark seeing him and saying to mr president i wish you well when we left but fast forward to two last week and we got reports that his family had wanted to bring him over to europe to see specialists yet but that south african doctors who've been treating him had advised against it simply telling him that he's body wasn't strong enough to take the toll of the long haul flights to europe this comes at a time where zimbabwe has seen
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a lot of political upheaval former president robert mugabe has stepped down and were facing elections what role would this illness play and impact in all of this sumi what role has it already paid since he sort of took a backseat a back seat when he announced his illness we've seen senior members in the the m.d.c. party just seem to take over from him and that's essentially split the party be in d.c. is that you know no stranger splitting they've sensor twice in the past and and then this looking now and saying this is potentially a situation for another split once he steps away from the home of the party but yet it's in a very bad shape right now that party and he himself going into this election he's idea was that the m.d.c. should merge with the smaller parties opposition parties in zimbabwe so that there is a strong opposition but because of the specific party right now the. senior officials can't get along and they have for sure that if it's not it makes the opposition weak and the weak opposition only gives a win essentially to innocent and so on p.
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if and so that you've got it in d.c. in disarray you also have. opposition in general in disarray but one thing analysts and anybody can tell you in zimbabwe is that morgan trying to write is the face of what because opposition in zimbabwe you don't have any of the person as credible as he is as an opposition figure many people have had for the end of gone on to form parties it's just not been bought by the people of zimbabwe so this guy if they call this man the godfather of opposition policies in zimbabwe said that is how crucial he is going into the selection the fact that he won't be needing his posse potentially for one and the reason is a massive blow to the opposition it is putting the wind back in the sails of illness among the who by the way is cruising along at this point in time since that prop and look up the ouster and there are no other figures in the opposition who could also unite them unfortunately not created but as he has been the issue with a lot of these people they were crystal got the allies and then walked out in st we are no longer on because his side by all story and the simply said we don't trust
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you morgan trying to is the one person who gave robert mugabe sleepless nights people saw all of the struggle theorists people saw all of this you know when he came out and had been told two thousand and seven because the world never forget bruised and battered and he came out there and he said i'm defiant as if right for the opposition saying brace for the worst or he is in critical condition as we're hearing christine well thank you very much. not to some other stories making news around the world poland's president says he will sign a controversial holocaust bill into law but due to says he will let the country's constitutional court decide on a flood gallatin now this bill makes it illegal to suggest that poland was involved in nazi germany's crimes and bans the term polish death camps israel and the u.s. have criticized the bill. lawmakers in the maldives say. the soldiers have forced their way into the country supreme court building it comes just after the government declared a state of emergency in response to a spiraling political crisis the country's president is defying
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a supreme court order to release a group of jailed opposition leaders southeast asia's foreign ministers are meeting in singapore taking center stage at those discussions will be the creation of a smart city system in order to build regional cooperation and help fight terrorism and transnational crime malaysia and singapore said they would link their stock markets. here in germany until america is conservatives and the center left social democrats are still working on forming a government and they're still far apart on several key issues leaders on both sides are pushing hard for an agreement here's more. it's decision day in berlin again conservatives and social democrats arriving for a day eleven of coalition talks and the day is not going to be easy health employment and foreign policy are still three major hurdles to overcome nonetheless today they are hoping to finally seal the deal. after all this is about the quality of life for the people and about being
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a successful business location every single one of us will have to make painful compromises i am willing to do that if we can assure that in the end then it just will outweigh the disadvantages for. the nothing. it's miracles last push to clinch an agreement on a new grand coalition the deal is supposed to end months of political limbo and europe's top economy. is about is nothing less than forming a stable lasting government in one of the largest industrialized countries in the world that meets the challenge us both internationally and nationally. and not only the world is waiting for germany to get its act together closer to home in germany's bundestag the parliament is also eager to discuss the upcoming legislative agenda. the winter olympics begin in south korea on friday and preparations are well underway in pyongyang the athletes' village is finished and
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competitors are arriving with a joint korean women's hockey team and the russian contingent hitting the headlines but there is one problem with the winter games by definition it is extremely cold young china is just around the corner lympics flame currently on the final stretch of its tour of the country is only an hour's drive away despite a limp excitement heating up it's really cold in south korea everyone including the i.o.c. big wigs on their inspection of the olympic village is wrapping up warm. china is in the. province one of the coldest places in the country and it's particularly cold at the moment with temperatures dropping as low as minus twenty degrees celsius not a problem for the athletes who are used to cold weather but it could prove troublesome for the spectators during the opening ceremony. cut back for your hands
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on your feet in case they get bored well besides thank you question if you can say i'm going to keep you warm during. this blanket. because of the one of the games and i.o.c. president thomas bach and particular have political hurdles to overcome as well one such hurdle has been cleared with north and south korea taking part at the opening ceremony under a united flag and of course there will be pressure from moscow they want their athletes who had that reduced by the court of arbitration for sport last week to take part in the upcoming games just. at the moment the athletes along with their legal representatives are examining the decision and they will decide what their next steps will be the one with raul board. welcomes the athletes as they arrive in china very much how many of them will actually be allowed to compete in south korea will again be decided by the courts. you're watching d.w.
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news still to come asian shares have tumbled following a chaotic day on the u.s. markets that saw the dow jones industrial averages biggest loss in a single day since two thousand and eleven. and we'll have all the details on that story coming right up. and don't forget you can always get t. w. news on the go download from google play or from the store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for you breaking news and you can also use the day that you have to send us your photos and your videos. of his own we'll have those business and business headlines for you coming up in just about one minute stay with us.
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for. our normal route and they will not succeed in dividing us not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of these dictatorships. taking the stand global leaders that matters. many minds.


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