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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is d w news live from berlin allegations of a conspiracy to kill in kenya dozens of bodies arrive at nairobi's morgues every day many of them young men killed by police in a culture of impunity debbie hersman one officer willing to speak out and also coming up zimbabwe's opposition says grace for the worst amid reports that leader morgan tsvangirai is critically ill we'll ask our correspondent what that means for the country's political future. chaos on world markets after the dow jones biggest nosedive since two thousand and eleven and there are fears of more selling when new
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york reopens in thirty minutes time we'll go live to wall street. plus we'll also be speaking to a u.n. a cyber safety expert with a question plaguing many parents how do we keep kids safe on social media that's on this safer internet. and inviting the balkans into the e.u. fold after years of neglect to be europe looks account of growing russian and chinese influence in the region. i'm sumi so misconduct good to have you with us we start out in kenya with allegations of conspiracy to kill in the slums of nairobi dead bodies of young poor men are turning up on the streets almost every day they're suspected of being criminals and are executed by the police without charges and without trial you spoke to a whistleblower who revealed an underground war on crime that's believed to have
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claimed more than three thousand lives last year. october two thousand and seventeen it's been two days since my mom brian lost her son brian one thousand years old executed by the police. state. you. find lived in one of nairobi slum the police suspected him of being a thug and thieves but his mother disagrees. before i make facts. joyce was brian's friend a neighbor here in her community is where he was killed along with his three friends. had the. policeman on the one who got down. there is more evidence images of brian and his dead friends published on facebook. troy
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says the police themselves posed the pictures to instill fear and brand the victims as criminals. filming at the city more trees for britain but it seems that the killing of brian and his friends was not an isolated incident we're told that twenty to fifty corpses arrive here every day almost all killed by the police. dr brian beach anger is an independent forensic expert he confirms that cases like brian's are part of a larger pattern. in two wars to buy into. and tunes to the chest. the bark. and the chest is not to do. its job security. the police repeatedly denied g.w.s. request for an official interview. one officer inside the system however says he's
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against the extrajudicial killings and wants to uncover the actions of nairobi's police he agrees to talk to us and honestly as he fears for his life. so the procedure is as a cop you're given an order you don't know where the order comes from you're told hey this is what's happening. and now it's time to shoot to kill and then you go you land within that process if you don't get the right guy you'll end up killing the wrong guy and if you get the right guy you also kill the right guy without prosecution and nobody cares. crime is rife the prisons are full and for many police the lives of those who live in the slums are worthless until now thousands of extrajudicial killings in kenya have been covered up and gone unreported. friend's family at his funeral they feel that he like so many other young men was stripped off to dish
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or process and his human rights. and it's a sad certainty that bryant won't be the last young man will fall victim to nairobi's fight against crime. that report from did abuse melanie could have the ball and she's here with us in studio to tell us more about it hi melanie what is the connection between poverty and the risk of being killed by police well there is a big connection actually the forensic expert i talked to in the piece told me being poor in kenya almost certainly is a death sentence and to understand that connection you have to know that crime is a big problem in nairobi especially in the slums of nairobi some people even call the city nairobi and the police is under pressure to fight crime so this becomes an issue for these young men living in the slum who sometimes are criminals sometimes they aren't but most certainly they are wrapped up in these stereotypes of being
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criminals of being gang members and so they become these easy targets for police and on top of that as you've had the prisons are full so it seems easier to just have this unnoticed death in the slum rather than to go ahead with an arrest so there is this culture of impunity and this is why these young men just i and police are under pressure as you said but what proof is there that they're really carrying out extrajudicial killings. that is of course a problem the proving it one hundred percent because if you reach out that's what we did reach out to i poet the independent police side for a take and the police themselves they. just deny this information requests and interview requests so there is no way of saying this is an official proof you have the problems of victims being too scared to speak out because of fear of retribution you have the problem that the police restrict the crime scenes or even temple with them by putting a guns at the crime scene and you also have the problem that there are these
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autopsies which are carried out by the police and you need them to prove that it was an extrajudicial killing so we had to do is go when chase down the neighbors chase down witnesses who are actually open to speak out about this and to independently corroborate these claims so one of the main things that we found is happening on social media on facebook where they are load pictures of dead bodies the police is said to brag and post them themselves. so if you were able to uncover those pictures some of it is why is that them that this is not being investigated that police officers are not being held accountable. one of the problems is that it's so hard to actually build a case against them and it's very costly so families living in the slum like brian's family they simply don't have the means to do that and another big problem is the local media that there is no public outcry because local media has failed in
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censorship that they face themselves so they speak up a few hundreds if they talk about it and not the thousands but alice it was this have told us about so there is a large population in kenya i'd say who genuinely do not know that these killings are going on but then there is also a small i pod who who do know who have heard the rumors but who think it's the only way to really fight crime but you would not have this happening and rich a neighborhood if this happened in richer neighborhoods there would be a public outcry and there would certainly be other repercussions that we're just not seeing here just very briefly do you think anything will change only if the public the larger public in kenya really becomes aware of this and is challenging the police on it as well already did these melanie quite a devolve thank you very much for sharing your reporting with us today. moving on us to some other stories making news around the world poland's president says he
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will sign a controversial holocaust bill in tiger but unjaded us says he'll let the country's constitutional court decide on the flick ality of this bill makes it illegal to suggest poland was involved in nazi germany's crimes and bans the term polish death camps israel and the u.s. have criticized the bill it's your sort of log makers in the maldives say soldiers have forced their way into the country supreme court building it comes just after the government declared a state of emergency in response to a spiraling political crisis the country's president is defying a supreme court order to release a group of jailed opposition leaders. southeast asia's foreign ministers are meeting in singapore they're discussing the creation of a smart cities system to build regional cooperation and to help fight terrorism and transnational crime malaysia and singapore said they would set up a link to connect to their stock market. zimbabwe's main opposition leader morgan tsvangirai is reported to be critically ill in a south african hospital his supporters have been told to quote brace for the worst
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the sixty five year old has been in and out of the hospital since disclosing that he had colon cancer two years ago he returned to a whisper of hospital for his latest round of treatment in early january. and christine moon recently returned from zimbabwe where she spoke with morgan chimed in i think christine thanks for joining us what did you learn about his condition when you saw him sumi when i walked into morgan trying you guys office in november last year it was an interview about the politics at the time and this was actually on the day robert mugabe was also front office he is not the man that i had to watch to give speeches adrenaline is he was a diminished morgan trying to get i both in posture and he's voice is so i struggle to hear him have to need him very closely he whispered he's voice would sort of wither away he was so frail i got up close and personal him i was trying to put the mike on to use should. and i could feel his arms and i could feel you know it was just the weakness that he had in these arms and i remember making remarks and say
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to mr president i wish you well when we left but fast forward to two last week and we got reports that his family had wanted to bring him over to europe to see specialists yes but that's of african doctors who've been treating him had advised against it simply telling him that he's body wasn't strong enough to take the toll of the long haul flights to europe this comes at a time where zimbabwe has seen a lot of political upheaval former president robert mugabe has stepped down and we're facing elections what role would this illness play in impacting all of this sumi what role has it already paid since he sort of took a backseat a back seat when he announced his illness we've seen senior members in the the m.d.c. party just seem to take over from him and that's essentially split the party been in d.c. as you know no stranger spitting at they've done so twice in the past and and then this looking now and saying this is potentially a situation for another split once he steps away from the home of the party but yet
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it's in a very bad shape right now that party and he himself going into this election he's the idea was that the m.d.c. should merge with other smaller parties opposition parties in zimbabwe so that there is a strong opposition but because of the specific party right now the senior officials can't get along and they have for sure that if it's not it makes the opposition weak and the weak opposition only gives a win essentially to innocent and sunapee if and so that you've got an m.d.c. in disarray you also have. opposition in general in disarray but one thing analysts and anybody can tell you in zimbabwe is that morgan trying to fight is the face of what we call opposition in zimbabwe you don't have any of the person as credible as he is as an opposition figure many people have had for and of gone on to form parties it's just not been bought by the people of zimbabwe so this guy they call this man the godfather of opposition policies in zimbabwe so that is how crucial he . he is going into the selection the fact that he won't be needing he's partially potentially the reason is
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a massive blow to the opposition it is putting the wind back in the sails of him a cement uncle who by the way is cruising along at this point in time since that problem look up the ouster and there are no other figures in the opposition who could also unites them unfortunately not credibility has been the issue with a lot of these people they were crystal got their allies and then walked out and said we are no longer on because his side by all story and somebody simply said we don't trust you morgan trying to is the one person who gave robert mugabe sleepless nights people saw the struggle be a wrist states people saw this you know when he came out and you've been told two thousand is in because the world never for get bruised and battered and he came out there and he said i'm defiant as if right for the opposition saying brace for the worst or he is in critical condition as we're hearing christian men will thank you very much. now here in germany and america's conservatives in the center left social democrats are still working on forming a government and they're still far apart on several key issues leaders on both sides are pushing hard for an agreement as the deadline after deadline passes. it's
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decision day in berlin again conservatives and social democrats arriving for a day eleven of coalition talks and the day is not going to be easy health employment and foreign policy are still three major hurdles to overcome nonetheless today they are hoping to finally seal the deal. all this is about the quality of life for the people and about being a successful business location every single one of us will have to make painful compromises i am willing to do that if we can assure that in the end then it just won't outweigh the disadvantages for. the. last push to clinch an agreement on a new grand coalition the deal is supposed to end months of political limbo and europe's top economy. leaving those letters about was nothing less than forming a stable lasting government in one of the largest industrialized countries in the
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world that meets a challenge both internationally and nationally. and not only the world is waiting for germany to get its act together closer to home in germany. the parliament is also eager to discuss the upcoming legislative agenda. let's bring in our chief political correspondent braving the cold outside the city you headquarters here in berlin for us where the coalition talks are ongoing i melinda is today the day is going to get done. that's what we're hearing and in fact this is the last day of overtime that the two parties had allotted themselves they are saying this is make and break make or break day it has to happen today or it's not going to happen at all and there are some voices saying it might not happen the fact is there are still some pretty significant hurdles both on health care and also on labor market policy as well as certain items of foreign. a policy
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like weapon sales abroad we're told that at the moment the advance team is still doing the negotiating that's a smaller fifteen person team of the party leaders if they look like they're really making substantial progress then they will call in the larger negotiating team of ninety people and we're told that that team has been told to stand by as of four pm that's about an hour from now but no telling whether in fact they will then be called in or not some people are saying it could be a very long cold night melinda we're talking about four months or more than four months now of political limbo that germany has been and what happens if they don't reach a deal. well we have an acting government in germany and certainly it is capable of doing the daily work of governing but what it's not capable of and this is what martin schultz was driving out in the sound bite that we heard from
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him in that report what they're not capable of is taking broad initiatives on some of the challenges that face this country and one of the areas where it's absolutely essential to get an active government up and running is europe we have significant proposals for reform of european union processes and institutions that have been put out on the table by the french president mccall and he's waiting for an answer from berlin and then acting government isn't in a position to to give it so essentially there's a lot of pressure on for the two sides to reach agreement some of the negotiations have said they've got ninety to ninety five percent of their work done but that last five percent that is in fact key to whether they succeed today or not. just very briefly if you can our german voters losing patience in all this. in a sense they are i think if you look at the recent polls. a majority say that they're
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not enthused about the prospect of another grand coalition between the social democrats and i'm going to marcos conservatism i think it's partly because all of these politicians are very familiar it looks like business as usual and i think that frustrates a number of people our chief political correspondent linda crane thank you very much. time for business now and after a dramatic day on the dow investors around the world ben have been rattled rattled is the word and it's extremely dramatic analysts say this isn't the financial markets armageddon though it's just a much needed a much overdue correction but are they right or is this the beginning of a crash some say there are four stages of a fall hope greed panic and fear and we're already a panic that's clear all the measures of market momentum and risk appetite are already pointing to the overshoot phase of an incredibly long bull market the traders have been reveling in and the fundamentals remain solid but so strong the
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risk of increased interest rate rights rises around the world as now spooked investors the dow jones industrial average tumbling another four and a half percent on monday the biggest loss in six years it actually mocks the biggest intraday decline of all time in asia markets followed suit in tokyo the nikkei closing down by about the same amount hong kong even lower as you can see there five percent the shanghai composite index down by almost three and a half now what sparked the sell off in the u.s. was a combination of factors wages have risen stronger than expected stoking fears of rising inflation that will drive interest rates up and that makes a facets like government bonds more attractive so investors move out of stocks plus automated trading orders are triggered when certain indicators fall to a preprogramed level and these sell offs trigger other sell orders it's a computer driven domino effect and happens within milli seconds to find out what
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sort of storm is brewing at germany's main stock market in frankfurt new corp just how panicky traders zob. well then this has pretty much changed throughout the day when i came through the stock exchange this morning at six am i already saw some of the traders being very warry that we might see a crash happening here today at the trading floor the oily and occasion was actually showing that the blue chip index tax could be at a level of minus eight percent even under the mark of twelve thousand points it seems now that investors are thinking a little bit again with their brain and not anymore with their stomach they are very certain that we're not going to see any kind of recession of course they are afraid of more interest rate hikes in the united states because of this we are still seeing losses level of about two point three percent similar picture also around europe but not those massive losses that we have seen in asia and also on
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wall street but then you'll explain the panic around the world where experiencing because as i mentioned the fundamentals a so good right now and everyone you're a correction of some sort would have to come at some stage. yeah exactly i mean when you talk about yesterday for example i mean investors are also telling me there was not really an event that was happening we had a new fed chief sworn in yesterday into office donald trump was speaking but not really big events happening and yes you mentioned this a correction i was talking to an analyst a little bit earlier he was telling me that the market was just too overheated and we have seen yesterday kind of like a massive panic happening on wall street and that's why we saw those big losses there happening yesterday it's sort of like a herd mentality all happening at the at the same time if we look over to wall
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street things looking there how do you think the new york stock exchange will open today. yeah it seems that on wall street we're going to see a third day of losses our futures are indicating as well that this would be the case dowie minas as well as the s. and p. six hundred e-mails and the nasdaq they are all down at the moment is going to be really interesting to see how this is going to affect the trading day here in europe until the end of the day interesting to see if the chain reaction continues down your call for us in frankfurt thank you. i will take you to wall street where our correspondents quarter is standing by for the opening bell at half past the hour germany's biggest industrial union has reached an agreement with employers ending a dispute that led to a series of walkouts last week the union and employers in southwestern germany have agreed on a four point three percent wage hike the deal also allows more flexible working
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hours it covers no one million employees and could be extended across the country. german prosecutors have raided offices belonging to high end comic in the southern german states of varia and bought and the bag prosecutors say the raids on a private home and offices focused on three lead a diesel motors sold on the european market yeah the gauge of fraud unfolds appetising relates to more than two hundred thousand diesel vehicles sold since two thousand and nine over a dozen people and now under suspicion prosecutors say most of the people targeted were engineers in engine development. fourth now david meets goliath in this week's german cup quarter finals when third division potter born host mighty fire in munich tonight met her minister with us from debut sports that are you looking for an upset here maybe not looking for an upset but i am definitely looking for an entertaining match tonight and that's down
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in part to a degree of you know sort of positive play or promise of positive play from the underdogs all right well let's waste no more time and let's take a look at what exactly is at stake. warriors are poised to do battle with the bavarian man. hosting by in munich in the german cup quarter finals is a rare highlight for the club who suffered back to back relegations in two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and sixteen they only avoided jumping into the fourth last term on a technicality. god has mixed feelings about meeting by a. philosophical. take it out is maybe would have preferred a different draw but there's nothing more wonderful than playing. it will be difficult for us because by a level. it's easy to see why it is wary buying are in tremendous form as they power to a six straight bonus league
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a title potential trouble of bundesliga champions league and german cup is very much on coach you know slacking. i. within the squad we have good competition for places everyone wants to play so i'm going to rotate a bit. moving the goalposts isn't an option against. just have to try it the hard way. that is this can be a straight for. me it is going to be a straightforward win for byron and that's really mostly because biron are just a class. right now as they are so often they rested a couple key players on the weekend. there you see guys like frank river e. and later in this bit of highlights are going to see how messed rodriguez also score a beautiful but i just have way too many weapons for pretty much any team to deal with might mean mites will really have a good game against they out by are they out tackled by you know their their their
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you know duel percentage was better than buying but when you have as many talented attacking players as has it's makes you really really tough to be part of a. seems confident i mean why are we even thinking about that here well i mean in part it's because their coach. guard has played the media fiddle quite well he has said things like you know we're not afraid of guard because if they score three we're just going to school for unfortunately the last time and squared off as we're seeing some footage of right now by our went to powder born and beat them six nil and then the return leg later that same season this was about three years ago by a one four nil so i don't think the cards are stacked and favor but they have promised to play a positive game they said we're not going to put on a show of parking the bus in front of our home fans so i think we could see a pretty interesting game if not necessarily a close part while the other match tonight leverkusen going up against bremen what
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do you expect to see there. be a much closer again this is a game between two top flight clubs and two top flight clubs are in pretty ok for me labor couzin had sort of a different outing against fribourg this past weekend but all in all they've been a very good form mostly due to leon bailey who we saw just there in the pictures he's been scoring a ton of goals in his place basically the player of the season the best of us but they have actually gotten i think a win to draw as out of their last four matches despite the fact they're down to fifteenth place so they really should be able to put up a fight and i think this could be a really nice match all right now herman from the sports with us talking about the german cup quarter finals getting underway thank you very much. you're watching news still to come teaching kids how to stay safe on social media we'll get some perspective on cyber bullying on a safer internet day. also viennese artist gustav clinton died one hundred years
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ago today his enduring works remain among the most recognizable and popular in the world. will have those stories and much more coming up the next thirty minutes. ago in. south korea one of the most powerful economies in the. everyone has the same goal to be successful. many make big sacrifices to keep up with the rest of society. a visit to the country that's hosting this year's winter olympics south korea since a. good.
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the multimedia environment series on d.w. . book i'm back you're watching t.v. you knew our top story. you're looking at the new york stock exchange live pictures just opening here all eyes on new york right now after wall street's disastrous opening to the week the dow jones industrial average saw its biggest loss in a single day since two thousand and eleven and analysts are expecting more selling today. and ben is back now ben there is a chain reaction essentially around the world how bad of the numbers the numbers have been pretty bad i mean we've been enjoying fantastic numbers for quite some time now and stockbrokers say this takes us all the way back to the two thousand and seven two thousand and eight financial crisis and the long rally that we've had since then. so much enjoyment now so much disappointment as you can see the dow jones industrials down by over troopers said another big drop this is pretty
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much adding up to what traders call a correction a correction being ten percent and that correction we've seen in stages since friday precipitating in basically a global correction in asia and in europe we've seen similar falls today big falls in asia particularly the nikkei and germany's dax as well about two and a half percent down in trading at the moment and as we see wall street opening with even more falls. i believe there's. it's somebody waiting in new york to speak to you on this we're trying to get to new york but first of all we'll go to another story that may interest fans of print steinman's and polls pants and purple boots as you can see they're all items that once belonged to american pop legend prince now nearly two
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years after his death they're about to begin auctioning off these items online for fans ready to go crazy sorry no raspberry parade here no little red corvette but there are diamonds and pearls well a pin with those words at least more than two hundred twenty five of the rockers former belongings are being auctioned online between february eighth and fifteen most come from princes former employees or personal assistants at his private estate paisley park one of the things that you have to be aware of as most of prince's archive belongs to paisley park never gave a lot of things away so these are rare that people have these things but the most notable items include a pair of purple boots worn on stage by prince size for opening bid is five thousand dollars or handwritten script from his widely panned one thousand nine hundred six movie under the cherry moon bidding starts there at twenty five hundred dollars for some a small price to pay for
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a piece of rock n roll royalty. that's a potential pocket size danger what other social media risks for kids to make well for millions of young people and their social lives now extend beyond school halls and into cyberspace now on this safer internet day well here from a un cyber safety expert about the pros and cons but first we asked some berlin students for their take. you're always on the computer she says she's one of these kids say facebook is for old people so what are they up to on their smartphones species. snap chat boards. you tube removed instagram twitter. the u.k. study found that most kids are now learning about online safety but not about the emotional effects of social media. and it's preteens using social media who have
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experts especially concerned the mass. social media is is much harder to control and much harder to predict and i don't think that kids are emotionally ready for that kind of social media in iraq. from sending selfies in videos over what to posting on instagram it's all about likes followers and feedback we asked the kids to talk about how it makes them feel. what is good about social media people can look like claude that people are doing maybe they can be inspired also mean there is a good place to show your talent. for the one have it write letters letters sometimes get lost or this badly about social media he can get mean responses and can feel really bad sometimes i don't feel like coming to school.
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cyber mobbing if you are here all the time you can feel pretty bad by the self how does social media make feel like picking a mode you poppy. kind of feel sad about the responses it just depends on the situation. social media use among young people has been increasingly linked to depression and even suicide. this is prompted calls for schools parents and the technology companies themselves to take action and. it's our duty to guide them through this process to make. it so after graham self-esteem to know. i'm not really sensitive for having all these likes etc. here pupils are being encouraged to discuss how social media affects them emotionally in england there are even proposals to avatar pic to the current. a
3:36 pm
growing number of experts agree children should no longer be left to deal with this alone. while two of the students you saw in that report there molly lynch should be a puddle checker here with us in our studio hi guys thank you for being with us millette start with you and you talked a little bit about cyber bullying as we saw in that report what do you think it looks like and why do you think it's such a big problem i find it's a big problem because people are doing suicide because of it and get depression or something i got sober bullied and it's hard i find you feel down but you need to have support like your parents or something to help you and your friends were able to talk to other people about it i told my friends about it and they were like at my side the whole time they would say it's ok i will be with you the whole time and if you say. you know so well how's that for you i mean have you seen cyber bullying happening and how do you experience
3:37 pm
a while i have never been cyber bullied and while you know i haven't seen anyone. but like i myself think it's like. incredibly terrible because it makes me feel bad and sad. so something some people might think is if you have your smartphones and you're worried about being cyber boy why would you just delete your social media accounts so molly why would you do that while the because. like there are only seven people who get cyber buddy and and bike in my scared it's ok if you're scared and you can delete it but you don't have to because it's not your fault if you are saying like you can just tell someone if you are cyber but. because you're you enjoy it as well i mean me i imagine you said you had an experience once did you think about deleting your accounts well it was actually not
3:38 pm
. like instagram or something. i have ok it was a group chat and everybody could actually see it so i didn't text or and they didn't text me because i told them it was really nice and they stopped that's really important to you do you feel like this is something that's being talked about with your teachers in your parents for example we did in class actually we did posters and we were written down what we should not do and what we should do and what should we not post and what should we not tell about ourselves you know do you feel like you've been getting kind of the idea of how you should go around using social media definitely yes. like i've learned they have to ask your parents if you are making in their cow or if you want to buy something. because it's important and you mike ends in trouble so what kind of things do you do
3:39 pm
besides that to make sure you're safe for example in social media while on instagram i have a private account which means only people who follow me can see me and they have to ask for my to permission to follow so. you're shaking your head you also have a private account i have a private one bio have a public one but the public why i don't show my face i don't know anything about me i just show pictures that i made like landscape pictures and stuff what i like ok so that's one good way to protect yourselves now it is safer internet day in the theme is respect what does being respectful online mean to both of you what you think. means like it's like saying. that picture is terrible you know being respectful on line is basically like being respectful anywhere else you half think of other people's feelings and like. because like more people actually hearing than when you're just talking to your
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friend so you have to think of like would that make someone feel bad or when to make someone feel better about themselves or what do you think i find if that that's international day of respectfulness on social media i find like you should do you know there is enough bad in the world so why should you add more bad like hate comments about like oh you look ugly or something to say that you are. you could give the like or something or something that makes them happy you know because i feel happy when somebody likes my post of a. ok so more respect on line or thank you both very much me a public check and molly lynch both of you from of the berlin bilingual state schools sixth grade students there thank you for sharing your experiences with us today. all right let's talk more about this story now with neil walsh she is the head of the cyber crime unit at the united nations office on drugs and crime neal
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thank you for joining us from vienna i know we've just heard from two students here about the pressures that they face on social media their individual experiences as well are these typical of young users well good afternoon i think it's exactly typical of younger users but it was really inspiring was listening to how me only have talked about it in clubs how it's clearly a discussion going on with their teachers with their peer groups and they thought about how to respond to it if something goes wrong and that's the key thing to dealing with any sort of risk or do you do when it happens a recent survey internationally showed that over a third of young people have been bullied online why is this such a widespread problem. i'm not the problem that statistic and one wonders if it's even under reported statistic if you think that some of the mechanisms for bullying online it's really easy for anyone a child or an adult to set up
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a profile that's effectively fake so you don't know who you're speaking to you don't know who is liking you who's connecting with you and that's part of the advice that we need to make sure that our kids right from the youngest of ages all the way through to adult who'd proactively choose who they connect with online and who they choose to engage with yeah but that's precisely the problem you know parents are concerned about predators for example kids talking to strangers online what can parents and schools do to make sure they are safe from these types of insulin says yeah it's a really big concern i've got four kids and i have the same worries as everybody else so this comes back to a culture of awareness and a culture of how you operate safely online i think per someone of my age that computers came in in the in the late ninety's kids now from almost shortly after they're better able to walk around are familiar with phones and devices so we need to integrate how to stay safe online as part of the curriculum of each screw in
3:43 pm
each community around the world and the un office and drugs and crime we're doing just that in fact we have an initiative called education for justice which is sponsored by the guitar a government and they're helping us to bring to life books like training from the internet providers association in australia to help kids to understand how to stay safe online and how to manage that risk as a parent as an educator it's a little bit harder you have to be able to have a conversation so i don't commit lee it's about helping kids to critically think through what they're doing online and make the best choices and also knowing who to reach out to for help if it does the role it's all right now watch the head of the cyber crime unit at the united nations office on drugs and crime we'll thank you so much for joining us. now you might think that european union has enough on its plate at the moment britain is leaving poland as a breitling at e.u. governance rules and the migration crisis has caused bitter resentment among members that brussels sees things differently it is trying to woo balkan nations
3:44 pm
ranging from serbia told binya to join in as a way to improve the region's stability this store remains open that is the e.u. commission's message for the six western balkans nations the first could enter the e.u. potentially as early as two thousand and twenty five we have a huge interest in bringing stability to vist region we need political economic stability in this region because if the balkans grow in stable this instability will come to the rest of the european union the six nations have long been considered future members for the front runners montenegro and serbia accession talks have already been launched while macedonia and albania are waiting recommendations to start talks to join. european commission chief sean claude younger however made very clear in strassburg that the finishing line by two thousand and twenty five could only be crossed if the candidates resolve all
3:45 pm
outstanding bilateral disputes and there are a lot more conditions the three main points are strengthening the rule of law including media freedom and minority rights and strengthen the rule of parliament second economic reforms the. economies in the west of book regions have to become more competitive and the first point is also equally important we need a policy of regional stability and that's where west vulcan leaders can deliver it's a silver lining on the horizon for the western balkans in brussels after years of neglecting the region the e.u. institutions are ready to brief new life into the enlargement of the bloc. that's friggin toby focal a senior associate at the democratic station policy council in brussels toby thank you for joining us and of the countries that are being discussed for accession into the e.u. which are the most likely to join. well the european commission keeps talking about
3:46 pm
serbia montenegro as being the regional frontrunners. will probably open membership talks quite soon. your highness handy enlargement commissioner is going to travel to belgrade in the coming days so only serbia montenegro which i think sense the wrong signal to the region which is that unless you're one of the frontrunners you you will be bait to wait and that's very discouraging for costs of war and for abbas and herzegovina in particular which are both have their own problems to deal with toby we already mentioned that the e.u. also has its own problems to deal with you're talking about resentment over the migration crisis brags that and not least a rise of populism an anti european movement why is the e.u. thinking about getting bigger at a time when it's struggling to stay together. well to some extent enlargement really is the only policy that the european union has towards the western balkans
3:47 pm
it feels it needs a policy because this is a region that's surrounded by e.u. member states it's a region that poses its very particular challenges to the e.u. as well as internally security challenges political challenges challenges of democracy rule of law organized crime and so on and so forth you mention a few of them. so i think to some extent this whole process is is all autopilot on bureaucratic call to pilot and unfortunately the strategy that was presented here or is transport rather today does actually quite little to address these issues or to also grapple with the issue of skepticism in the current member states about the large mint so is it really about stabilizing this region or is it about warding off the influence of other countries namely china and russia in this region. i believe the influence of russia and china is a little bit over
3:48 pm
a sometimes overhyped in the sense that yes russia in a sense has all the has all the soft power if you will it's very attractive to some of these countries especially serbia and montenegro and the bosnian serbs. but then at the end of the day russia has very little to offer while china is primarily interested in sort of large scale infrastructure projects so there's a there's a sense of heightens geo political competition in the region as a sense of that in brussels and that's one of the reasons why the balkans are now top of the agenda and all of a sudden after you know ten fifteen years of relative neglect but diable cautioned against against hyping these they see influence from from outside europe all right toby vogel a senior associate at the democrat is the ancient policy council in brussels thank you for sharing your analysis with us today thank you very much.
3:49 pm
now today marks the one hundredth anniversary since the death of the austrian artist clint he has remained hugely popular over the last one hundred years and there are a number of exhibitions currently in vienna celebrating this heyday of art nouveau in austria and we have our culture editor robin merrill with us here in studio robin why has he been and stayed to so popular well i mean first of all i think he's quite unique is extraordinary to see this one thousand two hundred thirty if only people watching could be in the studio with us this fantastic thing i have it looks so good but you can recognize a clip to be an alice he was quite unique another thing is he used a lot of gold leaf in his paintings which is again is quite unique in this was the influence of his father who was a golden grove of our profession in fact when clint got commissions from very rich people used to use real gold and real jewels sometimes in the paintings the really
3:50 pm
important thing i think about though is that was his love women i mean he said to fall the least fourteen children and his last thought were the majority of course but jars of his paintings featured his graces of the fairer sex. his lavish oh nice and uplifting paintings have come to symbolize the art nouveau stone of his time. work has also garnered a mass appeal like no other. his paintings are among the most expensive but they can be everywhere and even adorn the cheapest of objects this incredible popularisation his world wide acceptance in the popular culture has made claim to appear very one dimensional is the gold an artist he's the man with these unbelievable orgies of color but he's much more than that but i used to feed mia.
3:51 pm
gustaf clint the second of seven children was born in eight hundred sixty two into the lower classes. at the age of fourteen came to go to small scholarship and entered the vienna school of arts and crafts. an eight hundred eighty six a series of fateful events led twenty four year old clinton his new formed artist's company to receive a commission to paint the famous vienna theater. gustaf clinton was a shy man with many love as his primary subject the female form. of the lenient and the language of the strokes is a very direct language of very personal language and you can feel his personality best through his drawings and the more of his drawings that you get to know the
3:52 pm
more differentiated a picture of him you get. by. his work is filled with passion desire and. now one hundred years after his death. remains a timeless cultural symbol. he led a very bohemian lifestyle it's been portrayed on the silver screen yes it has ourselves quite surprised to find that the really only two major movies of be made about this man would have such visual grand jury in his paintings. there's one made back in two thousand and six john malkovich star odd as good stuff clinches very bar graphical film. based around flashbacks of his lawyer from his deathbed his so-called life companion amelia features
3:53 pm
a lot in the movie as well and it's actually played. this is that she's not there she is just behind him and is played by a famous german actress or as they're slamming the doors he's got all the gold leaf . and many way. immediately is evidently the it's thought to be the subject of one of his most famous paintings the case actually some of his work was confiscated by the nazis and there's a battle over the ownership of some of the paintings right yeah strange enough clips were considered an. couldn't so they call it degenerates. by the nazis they found some of the ideological suppositions i suppose met with their ideals as well i'm sure he wasn't very pleased would you know when to be pleased that he's been around they they did as you say they confiscate some of his paintings many from prominent jewish families perhaps the most famous is this
3:54 pm
iconic painting called the woman in gold this is incidentally films we made of that one this is a true story about how an elderly relative of the painting subject got it back it was turned into a movie just three years ago starring head and marilyn and ryan reynolds mirren plays maria alterman whose aunt was the woman in gold at the block bars she was the subject of a number of paintings this painting had been confiscated from a woman's relatives along with some of those before the war anyway and the nine hundred nineteen these are fort the austrian government had taken it off of the wall and that shit was a ten year battle but yet she won the case and she got the painting back later so it's a gallery in new york should mention that one of the other page back was bought by somebody called oprah winfrey who sold it for a boss profit fifty years later what if you are then there are a lot of exhibitions celebrating him this year in vienna yes there are
3:55 pm
a lot lots because also there's also the one hundred years since the death of a going she also called him on moses so there's lots going on also there's a documentary of d.w. which you will find d.w. dot com slash don't film lots more on the website right robin merrill our culture editor thank you very much. and you're watching news that labor herat will have your latest news update in just a few minutes please stay with us. the book the book the. blah blah blah blah blah but.
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zone this week on conflict zone i miss them both to talk to russia cuts to calm myself to his ruling party the a k p she speaks for apology on human rights and is a fool so close confidant the president out of the government pursues military operations in syria and continues to crack down on civil liberties. of his friends a conflict zone on t.w. . beat the germans new and surprising aspects of lives and culture in germany. us american keep losing takes a look at germany distinct receives the two traditions every day lives and language there's a lot of. good. place . to train carriage d.w. dot com the germans. created movie
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finally in sight on the america's conservative core show for a coalition deal that could return them to power that's alongside germany's social democrats led by martin schultz the expectations are rising here in berlin that eleven days of talks could be oh most over also coming up power struggle in paradise tourist hot spot them all these faces a political craziness after the country's president imposes a state of emergency on out the the all.


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