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tv   Doc Film - Lost Childhood in Kenya  Deutsche Welle  February 8, 2018 6:15am-7:00am CET

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projects around the world to. protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action over global ideas the multimedia environment series on w yeah. i think one day this war will be considered cruel and unjust war. and certainly all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child will be friend their homeland if the enemy invades. no one wants russia here which is the. global news that matters. made for mines.
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the big necklaces are intricate and colorful they're a traditional part of the culture of kenya some blue roof people. but to be spring pain and suffering so many girls. know madonna is serious if mean for himself in the market. and if you have. a good idea of that. place you do need to be good and i was to the children and i didn't even have pressing them and they had been so many if i were sad i'm saying paid a little. bit. to get. in this remote region in northern kenya josephine kool-aid our fights for the rights of big girls. was today she's
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come to a village where many girls wear the big necklaces and the activist wants to help them get the beads a gift for morons young some blue worriers who are then permitted to have sex with the girls whenever they want meeting is just one traditional practice here that's home full to women and girls there are less used at this point only one day that moves by she's a disco. and they already have in bits and. joseph in three layers has set up a foundation to protect girls against the practices of beating female genital mutilation and s f. g.m. and child marriage but how easy is it to combat tradition. together with a government official josephine tries to convince fathers to send their daughters to school instead of marrying them off. according to some group custom women have
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little say in their lives illiteracy among some people is around eighty percent. of the girls josephine is hoping to take away today would like to learn to read and write. only that every. three. minutes or. so good you want to. be friends with economic and want. that. joseph in trying to convince them and they see no reason to change their centuries old practices school they say is unnecessary. the girls are not allowed to leave the village. the sombrero people are herders in the expenses of northern kenya.
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has learned is to take care of her family's animals. she's fourteen years old. when she was a small child she was beaded and reserved by a moron. for years he has had sex with her in this special heart. at the beginning it was terrible when i was so young and i had to be intimate with someone i didn't want to but that's when there's a long one to me you'll be losing morgan. youngest sister goes to school. now during school vacation she's helping out at home today it's her turn to take the goats out to graze for the day. ricci is having breakfast with her mother. the moron who greeted her it's currently off with his
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cattle everybody hasn't seen him for a while. and. soon she's due to be married to a different man the morons never marry their big girls. together with her mother the fourteen year old is crafting her wedding jewelry. shop. on the big necklaces can weigh up to several kilos. for no member. who used to bring more beads every time never not any more but the number. going up that you know i have enough i don't mind that the pizza heavy of the man would i do everything with them only take them off to sleep on their. own to go to
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the wedding adornments are almost ready now to some poor awaiting for rain because that's when they hold their festivities all the time to. one of the first girls joseph in cool a i was able to rescue was rosina it was just nine at the time. three weeks. on me for they gave me to our little man he said to see that if you're not here there's no need of paying guests here because this minute that's going to school if you need your now you are now yeah you are maniacs you're supposed to get married i did not even know they meaning the money i do. i don't believe in nothing . but maybe a window money i bet i will said comes a. lot. in a way i was lucky one day her husband's family sent her to the market there by
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chance she met josephine cool a. rabbit. now rosie. is fourteen years old she attends a boarding school and spends the vacations in a shelter run by joseph eames organization some girls foundation. rosie lowe's father was sentenced to a year in prison the husband disappeared and the other young women can't leave the shelter because they're in danger of being married off marriage is profitable for the woman's family who receive seven cows as dowry for brides. when you have. the students are getting extra tuition jaring vacation they have catching up to do because they started school so late nine rozier didn't even know how to hold a pen now she's the best in the class.
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that didn't have never been. an end of the class as every day yes they'd like these and that of course i did need evidence not outright i didn't speak. any mother than that they. said come on but me she showed me how to see it and he started. this e-mail right through. all the young women here have had experiences similar to rosina's sexual abuse genital mutilation many a traumatized. men know you'll learn sometimes you know you feel you sometimes you can. and you may. yes and i think from when you feel in who's come to that i dance well for my last friend and shelley half and me left and then into and then i feel happy so that's why i
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am a thief am i man. despite their limited resources staff members at the sun barrow girls foundation do their best to help boost the girls' self-confidence using role play for example. here rosina is safe and can sometimes remember what it's like to be carefree. the hood of my reach he hasn't heard about the shelter for girls like herself she and her friends only know their traditional life. and the problem with. muslimeen all the stories about school are deadly boring.
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my life is much more interesting. i know my believes i like to go to festivals and i like taking care of animals. my grandmother. in any case she says it's too late for her to start school every t's mother sees the advantages of both ways of life but as. the world is changing. personally i prefer ricci's way of life but i think young women who've gone to school can get further in life. that's my girlfriend's daughters have even built her a modern house and i think my mum on the other than mother grandmother yes we have under the house. and what did she say about female circumcision and the pain it causes the girls. it's terrible it's like torture you should tell that to the world you can say that in your television report. but it's part of our
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life to them i'm going to give them and i will know that it is a disgrace for a girl not to be circumcised who. was i'm looking forward to. working on. josephine kool-aid says that helping individual girls isn't enough the traditions themselves must change that's why she's called this meeting both men and women are here many people are not aware that kenyan law forbids their traditional practices a lawyer informs them that female genital mutilation sex with minors and marriage under eighteen a forbidden in kenya that's new to many in the audience. actually most of them don't even understand there's a constitution that stuff that they voted for it but they didn't know what it was there now it's in place they don't know what is in the constitution so i know one
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of the lessons today was like do you understand. that the constitution should be changed this older man complains he says only a circumcised woman is a real woman the man around his side the women oppose him. yet if you really believe that we've suffered long enough one woman says circumcision is bad for our girls it has to stop. was. going on right now only because of that other. if though they could. go that i was yes but. for me trying to create. a few. i guess party is still going to stand so it's a respects coach at the same time if you do stopping by home for a closer. battle that's not as easy as it sounds.
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these two sambhu morons geoffrey lace it and my own letter already have recently reached marriageable age guru men may only marry after they've taken part in a ceremony that makes them young elders and most of them are over thirteen at that point. the two friends have come to the market to buy snuff. it will when it's a stimulant we always have it with us to seduce goals we meet along the way. or for our own girls. there are also picking out to go to for a ceremony in the evening. if you need to do that we did it was a little longer they were else most of the animal together with their male friends
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. a lot of i guess you. know. when the rains come to somebody to prepare for their big celebrations including weddings. soon there'll be plenty of food for both animals and people. that. he doesn't want. josefina and her coworkers travel tirelessly to reach and educate women always with the goal of protecting young girls from genital mutilation and sexual abuse at the
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community lives with two or more friends some good at the reason that we won't buy today there again accompanied by the lawyer who informs the women that the kenyan constitution bans sex with minors and female genital mutilation including aiding the practice. we do is get more than all the women here have experienced f.d.m. and they know who practices it and where. are they worried the lawyer jokes we're not going to arrest you will now. i was patients and human josephine stops with the fundamentals she shows diagrams of the female and male genitals and again and again she tells the women that they have rights. to. procreation links. in the menu and it's never in the. if they can just have sex but mostly women he. might not.
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and then she explains what genital mutilation does to the female sex organs how it can cause complications during childbirth and what happens when the vagina is so not. some of these women may be understanding for the first time what has been done to them. was we have to. leave the some guru area and head west to the city of eldoret. in the garden of a hospital we meet women who have suffered terrible problems related to f g m. one of them is chatelaine gaze also a somber a woman. but i knew i was just full of problem when my first child was born
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my husband threw me out after that and i went back to my parents' house and got by my mother washed me supported me fed me she did everything for me to marry you see them all i could do was lie there back up and people didn't know if i was dead or alive a man with them and how much a man could do an unplanned miracle like you to be commanded to back up and sometimes i couldn't even recognize my parents. i was half dead but god decided that i should live on the same mean for. the other women here have similar stories fistulas often occur during childbirth the woman's birth canal tazz and she can no longer control her urine or stole. her. seen it was you can't hide a fistula people say or what smells here you know if you're travelling on
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a pass your urine flows constantly. by the people around you ask who peed here what smells like a toilet. you know one of them. why you and your withdraw into yourself and you know that you're all alone with the problem you know when you see from a good she then yeah. ten surgeries later chatter has been healed she was just twelve years old when she lost her first child during birth and became sick. now she's in her early twenties. gynecologist hilary helps the women free of charge most of them don't have the means to pay for the surgery to treat their fist uterus. often the women have psychological scars because they've been stigmatized by their community or abused. actually that shows problems to pollution.
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political and even. community does that help us g.d.p. even to move these so that our young girls and women have actually safe. to be attending and end up the. trauma to them. want to know a better life and i am going to i think a worker at the hospital holds regular therapy sessions with the women many of them have suffered the affects of genital mutilation for nearly all their lives. the women come from many different ethnic groups some guru people are not the only ones who practice f g m. m i was held in. the hospital has a shelter for patients who have come from far away and can't go home between operations here they get training as seamstresses. cheshire hopes
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to build up a livelihood without her husband. who can abandon him because now i would like to continue with this work and if i can earn enough money i can send my son to school submission of the misnomer the new kid and i hope my child will get a good education he didn't seem content. after church had healed somewhat her husband got her pregnant again her son was born by says area and section in eldoret today she's going home for her first visit in a long time she wants to take her son to live with her. before long i can hardly wait to see him again. you. do.
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as fast as the rain has come it's soon trickled away everything and her friends are out looking for water like nearly every day. everything will hopefully not suffer the same problem as chad. but in all likelihood she will be subjected to f g m and give birth when still a child. just stands. on the way. it's irish she says her only wish is to have a husband who's not too old. for half day's journey away in the sun brood grazing lands jeffrey and meyer
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a glad it's. evening as around thirty they're still young men by sembler standards but old compared to a fourteen year old married women take care of the home and the children but the girls are not supposed to get pregnant. and we do wonder if it happens we have to pay our cow as a punishment and then the movie and i always tell the girls they have to keep track of their menstrual cycle and we're going to go out and i've got to get into another new d.v.d. of the night i went to. an unmarried beat girl does become pregnant she has to get an abortion that's also the custom. later the moron's meet up with the girls of the village at the fire they saying about the life of the some guru people and the season not about love.
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it grows sure i've never had a political i wanted to marry my clan there wasn't a suitable girl. and i'm basically in favor of his custom now i want to get married as soon as i can. get. his male relatives will seek out a suitable woman for him that she will have undergone f.p.m. goes without saying. the small town of old or near zero is a day's travel away josephine clare is visiting the police station to publicize the work of the somebody who girls foundation. board.
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if you. will. be. a very important time a city police officers come from other regions in kenya it's difficult for outsiders to gain access to the somebody community usually they find out too late that a girl has been subjected to f g m and married off josephine doesn't spare them the details the men a shocked to hear that so many women undergo these rituals. credible says one man that they mutilate their women so they don't have a fair as well they themselves go to the market to be with a prostitute. and i'm no feminist he says but that's not right. going to despite the laws in kenya the police have so far been powerless to stop the practices. and that is way.
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they stay away from various the drug they stay inside their. police vehicle right you know. so they don't. know what to do. but. it may be a difficult task but for joseph include every small step counts. at the end of the day josephine has a special visit ahead of her two orphaned girls who sought refuge in a shelter a seeing their grandmother for the first time in two years the. the older woman is
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moved to tears. or your. granddaughters will be staying with her for two weeks. go on with the one that was nice about you oh. yes. i was like. oh wow wow i must. say the girls left her life has changed the grandmother says she's poor often she doesn't have enough food for herself and the other grandchildren in her care so the sack of food the girls foundation has brought along is very welcome. now we knew what was out at the time of my. mum i know what on my how she's leaking. life is hard for me. my big granddaughter used to help me make and sell charcoal and i can't manage it on my own. i'm too old and so i have to beg for
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food while i believe it. still she says she's grateful for the opportunities her granddaughters have received josephine asks the girls how it feels to be back in their old home. their grandmother threatens to marry them off on she used to. but i want to continue going to school and getting good grades. later i'd like to be an air hostess where was this was. and then off the grandmother is happy but these kinds of family meetings are always a balancing act for josephine. and then you take them away and they're well they're gone for schooling well. it's been doing. now have to go back to where they came from but you do this to remind them why they came from and so they don't forget their background so that. they have to make things better than
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. one of their number one. and then suddenly a beaded girl approaches in the dark josephine and her got a nasty surprise when she arrived at her home her husband had taken their son far away to the mountains the grandparents parents who had been caring for the boy were powerless to stop him. as long as he's trying to force me to return to him but i don't want to when i had to in jail was enough. the young mother just wants to have her child and sent him to school chapters father tries to arrange a meeting with the husband and his parents they agreed to come. if tranches father could repay the dowry he received from the husband's family the problem would be solved. at me and the bigger when i
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was with my daughter in the hospital or my cattle were stolen. i didn't care my child was more important to me but if i still had the couse i would have been able to free transfer from this marriage a long time ago. i mean. you know according to some guru custom a young woman becomes the property of her husband when she marries his family must pay a dowry of seven cows. and her father have brought a few more men along to discuss what will happen to her son. the husband has at least appeared at the meeting and then.
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ignore each other even under normal circumstances they wouldn't speak to each other in front of the elders there were also knows she's not permitted to go to her son. after the customary greetings they turn to the issue at hand can the boy move to the city with his mother and go to school that. is the. problem. of the elders pressure the husband to give his permission the agreement they've arrived at is that chacha can take his son in a few weeks. until then hill stay with his father and his two other wives. he did it with the world. by just him and the church is relieved and her son is happy that he'll be going to school in just a few weeks you're going to go.
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through national reserve is a tourist attraction in the region. the rangers who guard the park are some blue men and women. you know. is one of them. would only due to having to be a soldier it's unusual because supposed to be home so if you have to get married and be in your home no two in any other place so it's unusual they don't like but for my case it's different because i'm now
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a ranger i'm not at home i'm not married so. her daily duties include checking that all is in order in the park and that the animals are doing well. the rangers also have to ensure that the parkland is not misused for grazing during the dry season some guru herders increasingly come with their animals looking for food and water. for us that's the life she fled from the traditional life of some guru women. only. when but they are already there so they can't. so he doesn't have them to live like that but it's going to kill the they are getting in addition here that for them we have nothing to be.
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as a ranger eunice also takes tourists around some blue national reserve today she's showing off some of its loveliest corners. on off off off off off she knew early on that she never wanted to be a beach girl that's what. they didn't like because they believe that if it did they'd be leaving doing maybe it was desolate but it does look like a safe no to making believe be doing. it. to bed so early in the school. yeah. it isn't but they bring the lump to go and be. on time other supported eunice believes her male coworkers accept her and the other women. ten years to come and things will never change.
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the men will be going to school and no more will be doing no more circumcision is. i know my duty to. them but i want to let the big necklaces are an inseparable part of some blue tradition. also wore them for many years but now she doesn't want them anymore. in many villages women make the necklaces and sell the colorful jewelry. in churches home village many young girls wear the typical red necklaces that bind them into a moron and that usually mean that they don't go to school. i mean why do you
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wear beans. so i can sing and dance for the man's god and why do you sing for them. because the cats don't have one at a local. school. well now i am going to camp would you like to go to school or would you rather be at home. i'd like to be married. to my family can get for the council of gary. was on the wedding day the ritual of female genital mutilation will take place the i am one of the i like that the. middle circle you are not with the other girl support you and reason with you they say don't scream just try to bear the pain it hurts but it'll soon be over and you
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can do. as an equal and i felt a great britain this so. i thought this man is the reason why i've been mutilated at such a young age and if he hadn't been there and if i had been older. i might have been able to defend myself and now i know more about the wounds and how many girls are not mutilated. like. that wells is what josephine to lay out once to give to the some brougham. during the school vacation new girls come to the shelter every day. it's becoming known that they can get protection here and parents have found out. if somebody needs to see the different so it's exact oh it's good to go to school
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and different time burns even asking can you bring some home you know. take care of you tend. to today relatives have been invited to the shelter for the first time rosie the girl who was rescued at the age of nine hopes that her family will be here to. look without necklaces but wearing nice new clothes that's how the young women want to greet their parents. some of the girls haven't seen their relatives for months or even years. reconciliation within the family is also one of the goals of the foundation. if. you go in mine and also physically they'll be deciding for themselves yes this well i do would be moving even to
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america nobody knows the would be mother. tongue that if. they don't go back to design. your slice. it was. like i said. that the young women welcome their families and tell them about their new lives. but they also describe the pain they suffered everywhere but there ya go. thank god brazil hopes to become a doctor. she wants josephine her rescuer to be proud of. rosellas family has not come today. from feeling called back some are not friends and. growing up. you know by them and they say i know mightily him i leave
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feeling it makes it seem like. i. it's often difficult to convince the parents that the beautiful be spring suffering and that child marriage and genital mutilation are harmful and traumatic experiences. and they know they're going to go so i. came to one of the girls from the first story distressed. and some of them are genuinely requesting to groom with them sometimes you're going to see about that was able to live through google who doesn't do things you don't trust some of the. edge through the years chatter has managed to retain her faith in the future she's
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spending the weeks until she can move to the city with her son at her parents' house. for a while she's living like a traditional some buru woman again a life she thought she'd left behind. know. that. in the city i can work and get paid every month. but here all you can do is milk if you have any that's not for me but the person. this is the only way of life that churches father has ever known but his daughters problems have changed his mind my younger daughters will only marry when they are adults. from the point where your side will not be circumcised and they will all go to school how they mean to show you the finish. it will be a long time before everyone in the somebody community comes around to this way of
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thinking. this. coming on and i mean and i advise all girls i think if you are someone's wife and your husband be seen leave him if possible when i go and find a job. i wouldn't do that i never lose hope even if you are hurt i will then when you die and don't wait for someone to come and help you you must help yourselves you said to me was this.
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really feels. the scars on some up the pain still tangible. the surface for gone.
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for c.b.s. edge but. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something of. a new beginning in peace time for the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance to exist but if you if it goes once a really difficult complicated forgiveness for reconciliation forgetting they get stuck in your struggle to get. out of darkness cities after a war. starting march tenth on t w.
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play. this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin painful compromise leads to a cold mission break through germany's new government in the making and has taken its first shaky steps with the deals sealed yet but still subject to
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a membership of the social democrats they don't give the green light what's the alternative. also coming up can washington from bench another government shutdown that could come down to immigration policy which makes you a congressman who himself was once an undocumented mind.


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