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what they're doing fronted. sas and. this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin painful compromise leads to a coalition breakthrough germany's new government in the making has taken its first steps to the deal's not sealed yet it's still subject to a membership vote but the social democrats if they don't give the green light what's the alternative. also coming up north korea announces that kim jong il and
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sister will attend the winter olympics the u.s. vice president says the following relations between seoul and more distraction and promises tougher sanctions. and can washington prevent another government shutdown that could come down to immigration policy we speak to a congressman who consult was once an undocumented immigrant. hello and welcome i'm terry martin good to have you with us germany's two biggest political parties have finally agreed on a deal to form a coalition government they made the announcement yesterday in berlin after another grueling game of give and take more than four months after the country's election but both chancellor angela merkel and her social democrat counterpart say the agreement is the only way to guarantee german stability. after
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a marathon thirty four hours of negotiations it was old strained smiles for the would be coalition partners with the working compromise achieved relief from the chancellor. it been about sort i am convinced that the coalition agreement we have worked on together can be just that the basis for a solid and stable government that's what our country needs and it's what the world is expecting from us of. expectations were high especially among martin childes his social democrats the s.p.d. party base will have the last word over the next few weeks the party's four hundred fifty thousand members will decide whether the agreement will stand is the foundation for a new grand coalition schultz's message success. of a park a start for we had a big influence on this agreement and we're grateful to the conservatives for making compromises that were difficult for them part of chief
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a ball in the end. one example in the kurdish an agreement fixed term employment will likely be the exception to the rule in the future repeated contract extensions a thing of the past another key demand from the s.p.d. made less headway little progress on a major overhaul of the german health care system. the conservatives knew they needed to compromise in order to secure a coalition deal even the leader of the cd years but very insistent party the c.s.u. had nothing but praise for the s.p.d. and the agreement. anyone who reads these one hundred seventy seven pages and i hope they will be widely read it will see what we are proposing is good for our country for all. and that's also what the s.p.d. is proclaiming the social democrats are getting two of the most important
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ministries finance and foreign affairs martin schulze wants to become foreign minister he's handing over the leadership of the s.p.d. to andrea analysis after another ten stay in berlin the next decisive phase is now beginning the s.p.d. membership will begin voting in a few days the results should be known on march the fourth only then will it be clear whether there really will be a new grand coalition. a breakthrough in those polish negotiations. or the years of the president of the european commission john caught. up in cause i wasn't able to study the finer points of the coalition deal but i've been told that europe is mentioned three hundred twelve times what other country has made such a commitment to european topics right from the beginning of i welcome this and i especially like the chapter on europe. well so bring
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in our brussels correspondent max huff and he's standing by for us there next germany finally has a blueprint for a new government are we hearing signs size of collective relief from germany's european partners good morning terry you know the belgian newspaper the lists says just that on its front page it says germany restarts and europe breathes a sigh of relief so yes that is definitely something and it's hard to find anyone in the european institutions who doesn't like this coalition treaty because as we just heard john king was younger it's all about europe not all but there's a large part about europe something they haven't seen in the past like that but there's also the acknowledgement that this was a difficult bitter pill to swallow for going to mexico for example here the french of the mon says if this really stands it will be a victory from out insurance from the social democrats and even a little harsher here the financial times right here you know if you can see that
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it has to pay a heavy price. back so what are europe's partners now expecting from this new government i mean to the new government is of sensually the old are they expecting anything different. well the most important thing for most partners at least in europe is not the details of what they really want to do especially not in germany it's that there is a functioning new german government because the situation that they had to deal with in last month's was difficult this is a time when the european union wants to reform it wants to take advantage of the good economic surroundings that want to take advantage of specially of him i knew in my call the president of france who is pro european to get things done to put it this way you have to repair the roof of the house not while there is a storm but before the storm comes and that means right now so the relief is there probably will be the new german government but of course it depends who you ask the
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different political parties and what they focus on and you mentioned the french president the men will mclain he has proposed bold reforms for the european union is he expecting to get support from the new government the new general german government it seems like it's the new finance minister and by the way that's a position that's probably the one position that a lot of newspapers i read this morning focus on will get along well with him i knew him a crawl because he even if he's a social democrat he's very pragmatic and it seems he's you probably would be more or less in line with what a minute of my call wants but if you look at the coalition contract and the different documents then it seems that there is more of a zone code euchre in there than of a man who in my call i don't want to get into the details here but there are two more or less competing visions for the eurozone and and it seems like the germans are trying to go a little more in the direction of john crow do you agree or not as visionary as
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a man who in my craw as we've known them in the past the germans more pragmatic. thanks so much for now of course what it max in brussels. so you look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today aftershocks are rattling taiwan is emergency workers search for survivors of tuesday's strong earthquake nine people are now confirmed dead from the quake while dozens are still missing the major focus is an apartment block and hotel in the city if where more most of the deaths occur deadly flooding and mudslides swept libya following days of heavy rains their homes cars have been damaged by mud and rubble a state of emergency has been declared in several regions and officials in the us will have set april twenty second is the date for the presidential election despite criticism that the early ballots won't be fairing president nicolas maduro has already launched his campaign for a second term in stands as the only candidate. yes vice president mike
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pence has said the world should not become distracted by warming ties between south and north korea it comes as the two nations join up under a unified flag at the upcoming winter olympics in pune china a short time ago pence age with high ranking north koreans at the olympics can we expect a showdown. i don't think we can expect a showdown nor do i think we can expect a handshake of course leading the north korean precession is the sister of ruler kim jong moon kim go junk but i. sure as much as south korean president moon j.n. would have liked to have had an environment where perhaps the u.s. and north korean officials could have informal talks there is no indication from either side that either is really eager to speak to each other well pence came out
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swinging before even landed there for even gets theirs to south korea promising the but u.s. vice president new sanctions on the north what could that entails. well he was quite vague on that and i haven't seen anything out of washington yet indicating what those might be i think it's just another part of the trumpet administration's plan to put maximum stress on the kim jong regime they say it's already work and helped and helped lead to the current. decrease in tensions that paved the way for north korea to attend the olympics of course all these goodwill gestures that are happening right now on behalf of the kim jong un regime walking in with south korean athletes to the opening ceremony on friday fueling the joint women's ice hockey team all these goodwill gestures could all mean nothing in just several weeks after the olympics are over and the u.s. and south korea get on with their joint military exercises that they had to
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postpone because they would have coincided with the games and once these drills start they always antagonize the north and the war of words between washington and pyongyang always start up again. south and north korea walking like they're making an effort at least to repair. pincer. further sanctions throw that into doubt. well you know south korea is already bending the rules quite a bit in terms of sanctions it's allowing. officials including the young the sister of kim jong un to come to south korea she has treasury u.s. treasury department sanctions placed against her they have allowed a north korean ship to arrive here in south korea carrying a an orchestra from the north that's a violation of bilateral sanctions between south and north korea any more pressure
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from washington especially considering what seoul has accomplished will not be good news here to the president jason thank you very much jason strother there in seoul thank you the u.s. government could shut her all non-essential operations at midnight on thursday if congress fails to pass its latest budget the senate republican and democratic leadership agreed on a deal to keep the government running yesterday but they're facing office ition in the house of representatives house democratic leader nancy pelosi delivered a record breaking eight hour speech on wednesday the democratic lawmaker opposes the senate deal because. that it does not because it doesn't protect the so-called dreamers their young immigrants brought us illegally as children. are washington correspondent carolina should more went to capitol hill to find out if a shutdown is likely from the man who in two thousand and sixteen became the first
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formally undocumented immigrant to be elected to the u.s. congress. we are in the house of representatives with congressman ariana's thank you so much for this and they have years of us wealth and it seems to be pretty close with the about avoiding the issue of immigration what do you think of that well i think is a missed opportunity i think that definitely as we proceed to perhaps addressed military defense spending and even domestic spending and other relevant issues like community based health centers how cooling dreamers are behind when eighty percent of the nation feels that they should stay in our nation that they should continue continue to contribute so i think is really a missed opportunity that may not be present to solve in any future why is immigration linked to the whole debate about about the government shutdown about the budget in this country the white house has in some way shape or form connected
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the dreamer's to the budget shutdown which was unfair because they were not really part or nor were they responsible for the budget shutdown and now they continue to maybe score cheap political points by connecting them to these continuing resolutions and saying that they will not agree to a continuing resolution if the dreamers are resolutions involved in it is there a part of a compromise well the right thing the dream act should be taken up separately i big i we would rise by president biden who said yesterday that the dream act is such an important issue that it should not be remission not be held hostage at the expense or the exchange of another issue that we should resolve the matter independently on his own merits do you think we're going to see a shutdown this week no i don't think there's going to be a government shutdown i think there's going to be some level of agreement in the next couple of days i will keep the government running i would hope to see the
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dream act address in this political season and mr speaker i thank you so much for this interview with the time we thank you for this opportunity. and there was the w.'s care a lot of more there in washington you're watching the news still to come we check out wednesday's german cup action last year's finals frankfurt took on mines and posada handed some good scoring chances. well germany has a new coalition agreement for the next government and it course that all has business implications as well guess what has more that's true in the us that new grand coalition as the old run coalition is only a few short weeks away if old goes to plan this man here could well be no not this man this is the old german finance minister but we have a picture of the next german finance minister as well and his name is all out shows the areas shows he's a social down with centrist views and a pro-business approach but business leaders will startle to convince salt's to
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adopt new corporate tax cuts modeled on those possible in the u.s. which is triggered a flood of investment the last hope for tax overhaul in germany was a decade ago the business lobby groups have said that nothing much is going to change under another grand coalitions unions though our cafeteria mystic. german industry had pinned high hopes on the coalition pact and they've been largely disappointed. from the standpoint of german industry we can't be happy with this it's much more about redistribution than about creating the conditions for more prosperity. the industry representatives complain that there's no clear commitment in the coalition deal to invest in commercial research and development and while the parties have agreed to guarantee fast broadband network throughout the country but twenty twenty five businesses are saying that's not soon enough unions meanwhile have a more positive take on the agreement. than
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a scaling. if the coalition agreement succeeds in improving the millions of people's lives. whether it's a nursing education or pensions it's a very positive signal of change in our society from a positive. it will be some time before it's clear whether the coalition agreement can keep the german economy on track. as more damage control on the cards for as it sees a steady slide in its set prize last week's release of fourth quarter results showing the worst revenue in a seven year. of a spate of analysts downgrades from a lower price targets to sell recommendations yesterday the stock out the dubious honor of being the worst performer. among european banks this year to. bring in. our financial correspondent in frankfurt. john cryer
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a couple of years ago as the new broom but he's still struggling to set a new course for germany's heaviest financial battleship what could be so difficult . well i attended the annual press conference of the bank yesterday when their program and they were presenting their numbers reporting again a loss for the lender and you could really feel this is the man really under pressure he needs the nose he needs to deliver you need to deliver to employ yes but also to shareholders and he was promising that two thousand and eighteen is going to be a year again in the winning zone in the if that's not going to be the case you can be is certainly looking for another job and yes the share price development off daughter bank is rather scary just during the last year cheers were dropping by eleven per cent in the last three years actually forty five percent that's why
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many financial institutions at the moment are actually recommend doing a recommendation to shareholders to sell their shares because they think it's going to be even dropping more. dodges rival command spunked has come out with fresh numbers today are investors happy. i well when you look at the share price of course west bank they are they are one of the strongest performers right now with a class of four and a half percent yes and they were able to actually make money they were reporting a net profit of one hundred fifty six million euros for the last year also saying that they will be paying a dividend to investors but when you look at the numbers this is actually only they have what they made in two thousand and sixteen very high costs for restructuring the bank is giving a. headache the only reason why they were able actually to make some money is also for example they are selling now their headquarters here in frankfurt. selling the
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family silver thank you very much donna frank. of the off of the successful launch of space x. is falcon heavy rocket into space on tuesday the image of a red tesla roadster floating in orbit is set to become an unforgettable part of in the musts future legacy but down here on us tesla's revenue is anything but taking off tesla posted its worst ever quarterly loss off six hundred fifty seven million dollars amid warnings of increased spending the nice kompany has yet to see real revenue from its mass market mobile three off the production delays hampered delivery only about fifteen hundred vehicles made to buy as last quarter and that's fabio expectational. meanwhile china's trade picked up in january after stumbling the previous months what's new as a surgeon imports putting the chinese economy on to
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a new fourteen imports almost forty to send your own exports jump to by eleven percent china's trade so does narrow that's being closely watched by the u.s. as the two countries tussle over trade the trumpet and its version increase duties on chinese washing machines and solar modules recently beijing retaliated by starting an anti dumping investigation of u.s. sorcha based. on that's all your business now a look on a power struggle playing out in the maltese that's right at the mall days i'm told the beaches are still beautiful but the united nations is called the political crisis in the maldives an all out assault on democracy that's after authorities arrested two of the country's top judges on charges of attempting to overthrow the government president abdoulaye a means of doing has defied a court ruling ordering the release of jailed opposition leaders and crackdown on
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dissent across the nation. this is what a state of emergency looks like police blocking the opposition party headquarters no one goes in or out without their say president i mean abdulla guy you blame the opposition for forcing his hand. this is not a state of war epidemic or natural disaster this is something more dangerous this is an obstruction of the variability of this state to function. with the people that get. the i mean has faced international criticism for rolling back democratic reforms he's used the state to crack down on opponents most recently ordering police to storm the supreme court and arrest two justices the opposition is defiant as the former defense minister was being taken to jail he said the whole procedure was illegal if you have been taken into custody unlawfully. this is good for you.
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it's not clear what charges the detainees will face international pressure is mounting with calls for the president to respect the constitution and the rule of law. now as world class athletes by four top prizes at the winter olympics in south korea there's another fierce competition going on across the nation the official olympics coat as become such a status symbol that stores to keep them on the shelves. it's become a fashion must have just in time for the games the official winter olympics jacket has caused a frenzy especially among students and soles trendy gangnam district. you can't really comfy no matter what you wear underneath. it keeps your whole body warm from head to toe. the koreans generally wait patiently but many
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here are at their wit's end. the thirty thousand limited edition coats sold out within hours making national headlines. they were desperate to get one people camped out in department stores for some though it's gone too far. but i hear i go a coat like this was special and now everyone has one it's almost embarrassing. business student gear has no less than three of the prized pieces in her tiny wardrobe she thinks she can explain the sudden hysteria among her compatriots. who rians are very aware of current fashion trends. europeans and much more individual but here if someone sets a trend everyone follow remember i'm not. the trendsetters in this case are young
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pop stars. cute singers who send many girls heart a flutter. that's one on one kind of very popular boy band in south korea are they all wearing the coats. will definitely one of them in the us. it's possible that the olympic games kicking off will boost the hype even further athletes are wearing the jackets too and since athletes are stars many koreans will likely fashion themselves and their image to. us in german cup football for you know last year's finalist frankfurt book their semifinal berth thanks to a three nil home win over mines they can however thank their opponents for some gift wrapped scoring chances. after defeat kalb's back in the league frankfurt's what king to put things right on say red beach had their first chance the resulting
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corner was delayed though as mind spans through carnival sweet sounds of the page gobbled up gratefully by the referee and the mind's defense was handing out gifts to keeper ready abba's catastrophic era allowed the unsigned read age to make it one male. after half time it got even worse for minds on exam to hax missed control dribble beyond out of his reach and into the net to nail. that tack was at fault again soon after his lax touch allowed all scum ask around to chip out and confirm frank's place in the seventies their opponent's misery was and over the downie that so received a straight red conference they styled at least minds have the count of all to cheer them up but frank puts cup run continues. and in thursday's other cup clash shouts were made to work very hard. guests but managed to book their spot in
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the semifinals shaka got off to a perfect start where you know book starts scored after ten minutes all spoiled applied pressure on the hosts and we're lucky the level when you know smile is the cross bar later play on gorecki save the game for shock and when he clears off the line one will the final score there. it watching do w. news coming to you from more for you the top the next out. the conflicts are confronting the powerful this week on conflict zone i mean is somebody to talk to rob to go back to my self to his ruling party b a j p she
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speaks for apology on shouldn't. the government pursues military operations in syria and continues to crack down on civil list and months more in front of the house. to these attacks father's grave one small. field of window missteps in the. last twenty five years in germany. on the same return to town and country kazakhstan. we needed money back into existence. in forty five minutes on the field. is known as. you know the banks. and so was the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters j w made for mines. to
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learn german with. any time any place. whether with jo jo and her friends. extended in. with friends all over the world. online and interactive. german to go. learn german for free with d w. this week on conflict zone i miss them both to talk to rob to come back she comes by stealth took his ruling party the a.k.p. she speaks for a party on human rights since parliament and is also a close confidante of president out as the government pursues military operations in syria and continues to crack down on civil liberties well his principles.
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