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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2018 1:02am-1:31am CET

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begin athletes competing for the gold in two presidents in a race to stop the nukes of north korea tonight the tough tactics of u.s. president trump versus the olympic overtures of south korean president move neither is favored to win neither can afford to let the other loose i'm brick off in berlin this is the day. that north korea. said you. can have this to. put a feature of the two nations to bring north korea back to the dialogue table so.
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that the united states of america will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder and give reverse of glee of bandon their nuclear and ballistic missile ambitions to. korea i think you deserve. the south and north korea. also coming up there once was a u.s. president who warned of the military industrial complex now the u.s. president is warning of an american loser complex and his remit is the road the military parade. i think president trump sentiment is right on the sentiment is the celebrate the troops over at the soldiers and i think that's right on honestly it has reflections of the things that we the very things that we make fun of north korea for going to make you make fun of rocket man. oh we begin the
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day but the fear of a nuclear cloud hanging over the olympic flame the growing crisis over how to stop north korea's nuclear program is about to take center stage at the winter olympics across the border in south korea the players in these olympics at least for now are the politicians not the athletes u.s. vice president mike pence arrived in seoul today promising new more aggressive sanctions against north korea he met with the south korean president who is betting on the olympic spirit to bring both koreas closer to the negotiating table but pence made it clear so should not allow pyongyang to quote hide behind the olympic banner. and winning olympic gold may be easier then winning over north korea's leader kim jong un today he presided over a military parade a show of brutal force in the face of those fragile efforts across the border to perhaps a stablish a path to peace now the move is big seen not as
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a bid to thaw relations with the south but rather to provoke the u.s. . north korea and the united states are still sending mixed messages a day before the twenty eighteen winter games. despite signaling it was willing to talk north korea hasn't traded the savior for the olive branch quite yet pyongyang staged a massive military parade marking the founding of its armed forces. addressing his troops north korean leader kim jong un called on his military to be on the ready to repel quote invasive forces. much further south is trying to put its best foot forward sending kim jong sr of the north korean leader as part of their olympic delegation she'll be the first member of the north's ruling family to cross the demilitarized zone. the u.s. is response is also a mixed bag american vice president pence is meeting regional leaders ahead of the
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games he's already warned the u.s. is preparing more aggressive sanctions on the north and he promised korea's president that the u.s. wouldn't rest until pyongyang abandons its nuclear ambitions. then allow me to do assure you. the people of south korea that the united states of america will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder in our effort to bring maximum pressure to bear on north korea until that time comes when they finally and permanently. reverse of late abandon their nuclear and ballistic missile ambitions. the world may be coming together for the winter olympics but the gulf between washington and north korea is as wide as ever. oh i'm joined now by one is muslim with the graduate school of east asian studies at the for university here in berlin a familiar face to our viewers it's good to have you back here at the big table how
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do you read the military parade that we saw in north korea today i mean on the eve of the winter olympics so i think it's not a provocation it's also not contradicting the reproach and attends the recent ones i think it's rather we have to read it as a gentle reminder of north korea's negotiation position i gentle reminders goes it's simply a diplomatic code saying we are now ready for getting into dialogue with south korea but we do have our weapons intercontinental missiles and if necessary we would use them that's the clear message off and also korea very rational. did that did that message need to be sent. if needed. it was important that they sent a message so if on this this is an anniversary of the foundation of the army and they have been celebrating this day for the last three he is and if they wouldn't
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have done they would have been. weak that's the point today the south korean president and the u.s. vice president met they reaffirmed their alliance but at the same time they were speaking different languages when it comes north korea. you know we heard the olympics as a chance for better relations but we also heard from mr pence the olympics are just a distraction. yes and they also saying component is trying to hijack the olympic games and i don't think so i mean the world looks on now on on on south korea and nobody suddenly believes in is suddenly became a benign leader of a democratic state everyone knows so just by participating in the games that doesn't mean we all fall for the magic of north korea and and now are distracted from what's really happening is no i don't see that point when you make of him
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sending his sister across the border well then we have to see what this brings but i hope that this will be a direct back channel between the two leaders giving him the chance to have a person he trusts since it's a sister she trusts him with his life oh yes she trusts her. what i've read is that she's probably one of what two people that he would trust his wife with yes exactly and she's very close to him so this would be a very efficient and also effective way of engaging in a dialogue between south and north korea there are reports that the u.s. secretary of state mr tillerson and the south korean president they are in alignment and they are positioning themselves for the possibility of a meeting to take place with north korea the u.s. vice president reportedly say no meeting is play or do we have a disconnect here do we have the white house on one track in the state department
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on another track and the state department on the same side as south korean president is interesting usually you would put this question about north korea right now it's the united states we're in a video you see into these i don't know my speculation would be yes there are different views in the in the in the leadership of the united states and now it's important that the more rational side can convince the motivational side of the. as addition there is also some speculation that the united states will turn to japan and ask. you to to to help join in the pressure on south korea to stay tough with north korea do you think that's going to work i think is going to work because south korea even without that additional pressure they would stay stuff on north korea they have to soft voice the soft channel but even the south korean president is very tough on north korea and i mean japan and the u.s.
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have different agendas for themselves japan the u.s. wants to sell more weapons and remain dominant in the region and japan wants to buy and use more weapons and become dominant in the huge yeah will be interesting to see what happens during the olympics and also what happens after the olympics will make sure to invite you to talk about that as well i missed most that with the graduate school of east asian studies at the for university here in berlin as always thank you. well of the braggadocios display of missiles in tanks and legions of soldiers as far as the eye can see just like this but that is exactly how north korea's leader sees his hermit kingdom or at least that's how north korea presented itself to the world today but these celebrations of military might are par for the course in countries where authoritarian leaders rank how much to think of russia or china and there are some exceptions consider france the last year u.s.
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president donald trump was invited by newly elected french president mccrone to attend a steel day festivities including the military parade adorned in the french. of that experience reportedly left at trump inspired and also with a serious case of parade envy. and to live instead because it well it is we may do something like that on july fourth in washington. and it. is i know. many that we had a lot of. i mean there were laughing they're going to trump apparently meant what he said about that military parade made in the usa this week the white house and the pentagon confirmed that they have begun plans for a grand military parade for later this year truck reportedly would like to be held in washington d.c. on pennsylvania avenue but that is still up in the air at the moment what is clear
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this is something not all americans would like to see especially when you know some u.s. history. has authoritarian tendencies it's not surprise that he wants to do what other authoritarians have done such as have great big military parades to help stroke his own ego i think president trump sentiment is right on the sentiment is the celebrate the troops over it the soldiers and i think that's right on which order the military men and women to put on a parade for your ego and we're not men and women who are in harm's way right now that's hundreds of millions of dollars hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars and there are many people online who are also conflicted over this idea consider republican senator lindsey graham he tweeted to support the idea i fully support the president's decision to have an annual military parade honoring the best among us it is long past time that we have a national event saying thank you to our men and women in uniform they have been fighting so hard for so long to protect us former presidential candidate bernie
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sanders writes hey mr president instead of copying france's military parade why not copy france's health care system health care for everybody low cost for scription drugs much less expensive. all right i'm joined tonight by peter vivre professor of political science at duke university in north carolina professor fever also served on the national security council staff during the george w. bush administration professor it's good to have you on the day i was reading and you were quoted as saying that the military is something that easily unites americans but you also said that a military parade could easily be over. should it be done at all. well the americans love the military and they use the military at as a symbolic unifier at major sporting events that major celebration so it's
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understandable that the president would want to do this and of course it is his call except yes to get congress to pay for it and there's a lot of skepticism on congress and i'm not sure that he'll be able to get congress to authorize the funds if what he's talking about is a very expensive parade and we know that presidents have shied away from big displays of american military might in the past one reason is that that kind of parade can easily be misinterpreted by the outside i mean does a superpower like the united states does it need to flex its military muscles on main street. well it can be an appropriate thing if done if marking the passing of something so when there was a george h.w. bush tries to prate at the end of desert storm also at the end of the cold war there was something of a moment to say here we have accomplished
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a great victories the cold war and desert storm there's also exercising the demon of me and nom famously there were not parades for the troops returning home from vietnam so it's understandable that context but that's the real question why now what are the what is the thing we'd be celebrating none of the wars we're fighting now every chick climactic conclusion and so it feels a little bit oddly time i think this is an interesting point you bring up there are numerous military campaigns still in progress by the united states so if we're not trying to mark or celebrate the end of a a war or conflict what would this print what would this parade be for would it be for just the president i mean can you imagine you've been in the white house you've worked in the white house can you imagine someone advising him to to do this parade just because it would make him look presidential. well there's no question of the
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present the idea for this came from the president directly he wanted this even before he saw the french braid at best deal day he wanted a large military parade for is inauguration and and his military advisors said oh you don't want to do that it's expensive it'll chew up the the roads it'll it'll be a distraction i want to do that sir so he's wanted it from the get go and there's two reasons i think it would be popular with his base i think the military is very popular in the united states and so americans tend to like seeing the military the second possible reason i think is what you were hinting at in your question is probably flexing its muscles at the other country not known does these kinds of military parades to show off namely north korea but that's raised the critics mind do we really need to be engaging in that kind of tit for tat with north korea yeah i mean that's a valid question and if you consider there was a recent gallup poll that showed germany is now considered the top global power
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followed by china and the us is in third place now almost equal to russia i mean the u.s. under president trump is seen by more people now as a bellicose and not a benevolent power can you in any circumstance see that a military parade would do the image of the us any good. i don't think the military parade would help us in with our international reputation i also don't think anyone who gave that response thought that germany was the country you would call if you got in trouble germany is a great country with a tremendous economy but in terms of projecting military power in terms of wielding military power to achieve outcomes around the world that's not germany's role that has been america's role and so you can understand why the american military plays that distinct role in terms of american symbolism as you say though the
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international community know we have in the military it's not the most popular thing i don't think a parade would help us with our international audience it might help president trump with his base you know we are getting reports just coming across that mr matzos says that he thinks that the u.s. president wants this parade to take place in washington d.c. if you were advising the president tonight what would you tell of and should it be in washington or is there a nother place i mean look asian does matter is there a place where it would maybe be just as effective but at the same time more benign . by revising the president i would say not july fourth there's already too many other things apne in d.c. on july fourth it's a logistical nightmare not memorial day that's about the costs of war and we should that should be more somber i would tell him november eleventh the hundredth
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anniversary of the end of world war one it would be more historical be celebrating a century of american as a global leader and you could large make it more symbolic that way and if the president is bound and determined to do it november eleventh two thousand and eighteen is probably the best state to do it ok november eleventh and final question professor before we run out of time if the parade does go ahead what role what function do you think the u.s. president then what should he have as a role or function well the president is the commander in chief and that means that he commands the military not in uniform but the military salute the president and he would be at the viewing stand of the parade and people would march past and salute him as they passed they would be saluting the president see and not
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the person though and i think that's important to remember the military is not loyal to the person of the president that the military swears an oath to the constitution and through the constitution to the office of the president which is the commander in chief function and i think there's some lessons of value there for american citizens you know there are a lot of people it's a members of congress who say that the president was a draft dodger and they say that it would be more than an embarrassment if he were to actually be the master of ceremonies for a military parade i mean do you think that it could be a p.r. disaster. well it's easy to overdo a parade i do think that it's possible that it would be too it would be this stunt and he would have to be careful to avoid those p.r. minefields ok professor peter professor of political science at duke university and my home state of north carolina for fessor thank you very much we
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appreciate you taking the time to be on the date tonight but. well tonight reports from britain say the american billionaire george soros is funding a pro e.u. campaign aimed at reversing the break now more than four hundred fifty thousand euros is to go to a best for britain group which wants to force a second referendum on keeping the country in the e.u. the news of sparked outrage in the probe raikes it right wing press in britain the telegraph newspaper calls this a secret plot now in response a spokesman for british prime minister to resign may says that the government will not hold a second referendum we've heard that before also may's plan for a two year transition period leaving the e.u. as being questioned by european union officials senior e.u. figures say that they don't expect britain will be ready to make a full break from the european union by the end of twenty twenty. may met with
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a group of top japanese investors in downing street today they include representatives from nissan and other car makers who together build more than half of british cars the industry warns that any loss of free trade could hit its operations may of course set out to reassure the she's been doing a lot of reassuring lately. the esteemed gentleman here at the big table with me are we going to see him. there we go john worth is is for this now john it's good to see you john is a journalist and blogger based here in berlin a lot of fuss about this involvement of george soros i want to ask you about that and what's behind that but essentially any campaign to try to reverse the course of bricks it is going to be controversial. george soros has been
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a controversial figure in british politics in some time his role in black wednesday back in may of the only nine hundred ninety s. but this isn't any kind of appalled the easiest. four hundred fifty thousand euros four hundred thousand pounds to essentially say we're going to build an organization to try to hold a second referendum which is a relatively legitimate effort as i see it bear in mind there were more than seven million pounds or eight million euros worth of funds went into the the initial referendum campaign and we don't know who those donors were this isn't support this is very open to saying actually i think it would be good for the sake of liberal democracy for to be considered i mean do you think you and i we've talked many times about this every time you know i ask you are we going to have another referendum is going to happen and you know you always cautiously say i think there should be another referendum but what are the chances of that happening there's not going to be a clear and easy decision taken in the u.k. it's not that big some point between now and the possible break that date in march of two thousand one thousand that britain is going to say right we're going to try to hold of the referendum everything will be neatly done and done and dusted what
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essentially is going to happen is that as a brit begins to get more and more difficult things are going to slow down we can have some parts of the negotiations could have some delays and then eventually after that delay then maybe in a few years down the line you may have a situation where another referendum could happen but it's not going to be that this can be a sudden change of mind and a quick decision on a on a on a second referendum that's exactly why what soros is doing this organization best in britain but trying to lay the groundwork now for a grassroots campaign for a referendum that's probably not going to be in two thousand one thousand but we some point in the future so get out and then possibly go back you know who or what even today exiting because that's exactly what are the issues which is high at the agenda at the moment is this circle transition period which is essentially britain wants to get out of the european union legally in march two thousand one hundred but it realizes that trying to get all of the legislation in place by then is very difficult and wants to push that deadline a bit further into the future with a circle transition period since britain is going to be trying closely to the
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european union whether it likes it or not it's a bit longer than this initial exit and is going to have to deal with the new german government and it looks like. we're going to have a social democrat martin schultz may be the foreign minister. is that going to be good for britain as it tries to get these concessions from the e.u.'s at least some of the i don't think so all of the main job political parties christian democrats social democrats and even the liberals the greens have had a very consistent position. the unity of the european union is of utmost importance and anything that damages that shall not be countenanced and so very much there's a common ground also only between the social democrats and the christian democrats but between germany and other european union countries so it will help britain in the sense that there will be a german government that can take decisions i.e. the kind of the vacuum that there's been for the last couple of months will end but ultimately i don't think it's going to change them as positional breaks and it's not going to help the british very much so you're saying vote like twenty seconds
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of the year two thousand and twenty things still will not be resolved they will be result in twenty twenty odd that we're going to be talking about this a lot longer but i think i think you're right about that that's a good way to ensure income for the next couple. there is always thank you for coming on the show it's good to have you are the day is nearly done but as always the conversation continues online you'll find this on twitter either at u.w. news or you can write to me if you don't get to use the hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody.
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