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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CET

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darkness' cities during the war. starting march tenth on t w. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin kim jong il and sister arrives for south korea's winter olympics it's the first ever visit to the south by a member of the ruling kim dynasty is her trip across the border a sign of football or just some political ploy we go live to john sharp also coming up the u.n. calls for an urgent cease fire in syria as government airstrikes calmed rebel held
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areas reports of the civilian death toll and two hundred. wall street drops again and world markets follow with the dow jones no more than ten percent promised in january high it's officially a market correction we'll tell you what that means in business. also in the program a race against time after the earthquake in taiwan rescue crews worked to pull seven survivors still trapped under the rubble of this hotel after shocks make it dangerous. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us. a high level north korean delegation has arrived in south korea ahead of the opening ceremony for the winter olympics later today the delegation includes kim jung the sister of north korean
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leader kim jong il and she's the first member of the north's ruling dynasty to visit the self officially the two countries are still at war but these games being held in south korea appear to have started a fall in relations at the opening ceremony athletes from the two countries will walk side by side under a unity flag while correspondent jason strother is in china and covering the olympics for us jason hello to you what is on the agenda for kim and sister during her momentous visit. a ride well there's speculation here that kim jong il is bringing some sort of message with her to deliver to south korean president. or big brother now of course everyone was surprised in the beginning of this year when kim jong il said that he wanted the north to
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participate in the pyong china lympics and since then seoul has done all it can to accommodate the north we're expecting. north and south korean athletes marching in at the opening ceremony they're also fielding a unified korean women's ice hockey team so so far there's been a lot of good wesh and good will gesture generated during the get up leading up to the start of these games what does commute appearance mean jason for relations between the two koreas politically. it's certainly significant there has never been a member of the ruling kim family visiting south korea however what everyone is more concerned about is what's going to happen when kim jong un the other north korean delegation is in the same room with vice president mike pence. there north korea has said it has no intention of talking to its american counterparts
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vice president pence has left the door open to possible chats with the north koreans while he's here in south korea although he's also said that the trumpet ministration is considering new sanctions against the regime jason thank you very much correspondent jason strother there talking to us from kill in china south korea. thank you. well the opening ceremony for the twenty eight thousand winter olympics is just hours away and that means a final rush of preparations for host south korea in china politics and doping scandals have dominated much of the coverage but for most people in south korea that's just background noise to the main event. the olympic torch is on to the hundreds stretch. the final few stages of the flames journey brought it ever near its appealing chang and the games opening ceremony as the torch made its way along the coastline athletes and fans were gearing up for two and
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a half weeks of winter sports action with expectations high. the german house in pyongyang is up and running and here companies in a good metal hole is so high that the champagne is already on ice everything here is set up to give competitors and supporters alike a taste of germany a long way from home. for organizers it's about making sure everyone has a good time. that's not going we want to welcome many happy guests and see many sports stories written and watch many happy athletes who are truly enjoying their time here. meanwhile in the capital seoul too controversial figures made their entrance impersonators of donald trump and kim jong un have arrived in south korea with a message of peace and friendship. it seems like the olympics event like this has started a dialogue between north korea and south korea which i have to think their dialogue
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even if it differed produces a little bit of shouting between people is better than people shooting each other up or lethal chopping can. they will do you say talk to probably go because in my opinion they're pretty much the same people. an unlikely friendship made reality by the p.r. games and with official opening of events just hours away people here will be hoping diplomatic relations can piggyback on the feeling of goodwill to make the winter olympics more than just a sporting success. but. the court of arbitration for sport the c.i.s. has turned down an appeal by forty seven russian athletes and coaches to compete at the winter olympic. the russians have been banned from taking part by the international olympic committee over state sponsored doping in sochi four years ago they argued they had been wrongly excluded from the games but the i.o.c. his decision was not unfair or discriminatory. well joining me now for more on this
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story is jonathan crane from d.w. sports jonathan this story it's been going back and forth since the court of arbitration reduced the sentences last week was this expected outcome i think it's been very hard to predict right from the get go but i'm sure the i.o.c. now are breathing a big sigh of relief because this story really has overshadowed the build up to these in the mix like it did before the games two years ago that i think they i see will be very happy go celebrate this is a win because they've got what they want the athletes from russia who they want to compete will compete and the ones they suspect of doping won't be competing now with the russian lawyers argue to cast that the i.c.c. criteria and that's ability for these games were unfairly discriminated against individual athletes but the i.o.c. has always maintained even if someone wasn't banned for doping that doesn't guarantee an invite to the games and as were hits harry the court of arbitration
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the sport agreed with what the i.o.c. said the concentrators of constitutes the process. to establish an invitation list of russian at least beats olympic athletes from russia would not be described as a sanction but rather as an eligibility decision. so where does this leave us jason with the opening ceremony about to get underway what can we expect to see it leaves us with a hundred sixty nine rough and russian athletes to compete is independent some of this banner limpid athlete from russia so what that means is at the end ceremony in a few hours time they'll be under the lympics flag and if any of them win the gold medal at these games instead of the russian at them will be hearing this olympic catherine neutral. let's not forget to see that participation alone to start some controversy because some people were arguing that actually russia should have been completely banned from these games that we know russian athletes taking part in the
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i do see fights the decision to political pressure to allow some russian athletes to take part but they are you see says look we need to find a balance we can punish all these russian athletes some of whom are clean while trying to punish the whole country so i think from their points of view they will be happy that the ones that they do suspect of being. i'm not going to be in film town jonathan crane from v.w. sports thank you so much. let's check now on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the u.s. senate has passed legislation to end a government shutdown that started at midnight the bill is now before the house of representatives if the holes adopts the legislation government offices will be able to reopen as normal in the morning but passage is not certain. european parliament has expressed deep concerns about the human rights situation in turkey in a resolution maker's urged president russia type out of want to lift the state of emergency
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he opposed to the failed military coup in two thousand and sixteen they say it's being used to stifle legitimate opposition in the country. the news agency reuters says an investigation into the massacre of ten or a hinge of men by myanmar soldiers led to the attention of two of its reporters wade loan and who are waiting trial on charges of illegal possession of state secrets while reporting on the ongoing revenge a crisis in russia kine state. and seven of the ten tourists arrested for pornographic dancing in cambodia have been released on bail they were arrested in january after photographs emerged of people imitating sex acts at a party they cannot leave cambodia as their passports have been confiscated. reports of even more carnage in syria with government forces there laying waste to
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the country's the last few rebel strongholds activists say air strikes in eastern guta near the capital damascus have killed over two hundred people in the past four days the bloodshed has led the united nations to call for an urgent ceasefire to evacuate civilians and deliver humanitarian aid. even by the bloody standards of the syrian conflict the bombardment of the rebel held unclear but eastern ghouta has exacted a fearful tone. for days of government air raids have left more than two hundred civilians dead among them at least fifteen children that's according to the british based syrian observatory for human rights. eastern goot is one of the last pockets of anti-government resistance near damascus in a separate incident in the east of the country u.s. led coalition forces killed around one hundred government backed fighters in dario's or province the syrian government condemned the strikes as a war crime the u.s.
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described the action as self-defense the coalition observed slow build up of prohibition forces over the past week. our forces have the inherent right to self defense. we are not looking for a conflict with the regime any action that takes away from our ongoing operations to defeat isis is a distraction. or one long ceasefire and syria what is your position about that you want to stop this talk to at least a coup we would like to see a ceasefire the in the woods with with the terrorist group there in the government would be used oh yes. as rescuers rushed to just release to help the wounded in eastern guta the prospects for a ceasefire in syria look as bleak as ever. the violence in eastern good has escalated in the past few weeks there are reports of more than two hundred people killed in just the last few days i'm joined now by ellen mcdonald in
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amman jordan he's a middle east spokes person force the save the children charity that charities working with local partners in eastern good to try to help civilians in the area thank you so much for talking with us alan what is the situation like for people living there in east and go to right now. we are seeing the situation anything steadily getting worse or the last few months and these last few days of just a massive escalation in the bombing there's been huge levels of destruction of people's homes buildings like schools. hundreds of people reports of killed and we have reports of several thousand families who are basically just trapped in underground shelters because they the bombing is so intense that they can't leave and the area is under siege which means the unlike some other parts of syria people their contact trying to escape to safer areas that they're just trapped basically
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in. in this area which is under the bombing as a lot of and a lot of child casualties from the schools that save the children supports at least eleven of the pupils at these schools have been killed and in the past just last month. and schools schools often attack themselves we've seen. according to our office on the ground there in about forty five schools attack some of them completely destroyed. ellen i'm told that no u.n. aid has been allowed into the area around eastern go to there since november what can organizations like yours do to help the people there. that's right and part of what makes this situation so horrific is that the area is under siege so very little international aid comes in people can't leave including children who
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are critically ill and need lifesaving treatment they're not allowed to be evacuated for medical care and so we have this terrible situation where families are running out of food and other supplies just a few miles away from where there is warehouses full of food but no permission to distribute it's there are a lot of local organizations syrian organizations working in doing amazing work to try and keep schools running to try and distribute what food there is trying to keep health clinics going to spite the fact that they have very little electricity or few or other equipment but it is incredibly difficult for them and just yesterday for example one organization. that was doing distribution and. staff were bought and caught up in a bombing as they were distributing the aid and this is happening constantly and so those organizations really need to move support more funding but felt mostly
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international aid also has to be there has to be food and medicine. by the government from outside the area allan thank you so much for talking with us ellen mcdonald there middle east spokesperson for save the children he was talking to us from amman jordan. you're watching the news still to come an activist in guinea risks arrest to expose problems in the that the country's traditional media won't address and the internet is his best tool for an even playing field with authorities. well there's been more trouble on wall street shares have dropped dramatically again go up as one to terry the dow jones index plunged more than four percent last night and combined with monday's losses the slide of more than ten percent officially puts the drop into market correction territory and asian markets
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followed shanghai is down four percent the sharpest drop in that region. after the global market rout earlier this week investors were warned of increased and more frequent volatility in the next weeks and that's what they're getting as seen by the dallas plunge on thursday some analysts say that algorithm based trading in preprogramed sell orders are to blame others point to market based indicators first u.s. investors fretted over a potential rise in borrowing costs as inflation picks up on increasing wages than they were anxious over the government shutdown some investors are taking a longer more sanguine view bracing themselves for short term discomfort or in one of these environments right now what do people have to realize the stock market and the economy are two different things. the technicals of the stock market are going to fight the fundamentals of an improving economy maybe for the rest of this month asian markets have followed u.s.
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stocks deep into negative territory chinese stocks are on track for their worst day in almost two years and analysts have a similar outlook as to how long it will last also given the seasonal factor. so it would take some time of course the middle of february is in the new year holiday and everybody will go to their homes to celebrate the new year and. to him come back until you may be a fair brewer so there you see. the march sort of. for a good number of the stock market in february just go home and relax and improving global economy and little sign of an impending recession mean that a bear market or a sustained sell off isn't expected and corrections can be considered healthy but that health can falter if investors stay spooked by market swings. so let's check how european markets are reacting to all and cross over to down the aisle
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copeland's standing by at the francis stock has turned down the european markets following the u.s. and asia all they're keeping all. well certainly the major indices here in europe are also a down this morning this was most likely to happen also after we have seen indices down in asia as well the reason why they're actually applauding right now is not because we are down there is actually an i.p.o. happening here at the franc for some. company they are my harmful case investors get some headache pills pretty much hour right now here. people saying is the u.s. government shutdown contributing to the volatility. volatility you mention it is really a big topic here right now at the trading floor and investors and investor i was
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telling little bit earlier in the normal market situation most likely that they have seen any big wins because of this shutdown happening about the market right now is so nervous so when something like this is happening at the u.s. government level of course this also has a direct impact on the market as well. trying to thank you. the us magazine forbes has just published the first list of crypto million as that is a ranking of the richest people in digital currency at the top is chris lawson founder of the block janet world report he's worth an estimated eight billion dollars also on the list cameron and tyler a wink ovals the twin brothers who famously feuded with facebook founder mark zuckerberg and later founded the digital cards currency exchange forbes calculations though were made january nineteenth that's important because you must remember that reason volatility and the plunge of did the digital currencies like
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bitcoin. it's back to terry and efforts to find survivors after the taiwan earthquake. thank you search operations have entered the third day following the quake in taiwan the death toll has risen to twelve and more than two hundred fifty people have been injured crews are working to locate a family believed to be buried under a collapsed hotel in the east coast city of. fighting against gravity and racing against time. rescue workers and while en city desperately search for anyone holding on to life in the collapsed buildings and the aftershocks just keep coming more than two hundred since the powerful quake hit just before midnight on tuesday rescuers have pushed through each night to find and free people. excitement among firefighters as residents of this building reach out the windows for help but signs of life are becoming less clear as each
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day dawns. we can say a rescue dog seemed to recognize possible signs of someone moving but the dog didn't bark so we can't absolutely be sure whether or not there are people in there but that was promising. the ongoing tremors threaten the safety of rescuers inside the damaged buildings and authorities fear at any moment they could fall completely. we must demolish these dangerous buildings right now what we don't want if there were to be another earthquake they would cause irreversible damage all around. machinery tears apart buildings believed to be empty and the death toll rises as firefighters elsewhere dig deeper into the rubble the island is prone to earthquakes and the only chance the taiwanese may have of avoiding more devastation is investing in better buildings
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the government says their focus now is just that. guinea is among the poorest nations in west africa still suffering from the legacy of a series of dictatorships that ended only in twenty ten one blogger there is pushing state authorities for more transparency on how they're spending public money he's found the internet to be a powerful tool to expose problems that the country's traditional media shy away from. from navigating cyberspace to protecting one's privacy these guinea and students are learning all about the benefits and the risks of the internet and social media. and yet there are downsides if you post a photo on the internet and then try to delete it it's still possible to find it. and one day when we have good jobs these photos could damage us i'm. truly.
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the free internet crash course is run by sally bialy so the trained computer scientist regularly comes to schools to pass on his knowledge to students and even . the internet has changed my life and because i've learned how to use it properly what is it that means that it can help you get ahead so you can continue to educate yourself it's for me i was still a student when i got my first job over the internet. that's how i understood how it can be used to get ahead i don't see it going to be a good look it should all be over soon. a second job soon followed his first sally now makes a living as a programmer. he's also a passionate blogger. he tackles issues that the mainstream media won't or can't address the press in guinea is under constant surveillance and the head of guinea's media supervisory body is none other than president afrikan day's former campaign manager. on his blog village to our two point zero zero sally tracks the use of
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public funds he also wants to provide a platform for guinea's youth to share their views his friends from the blogging group ablow gaining support him whenever they can. she first i was a bit skeptical i thought it was a crazy idea but i liked the concept he had his vision village watch two point zero i had mine and the others had their ideas it was a bit difficult for us at first until we understood each other but we all want to bring about change we all want to help and support our young people that's why i got involved. calling for a change and a free press bloggers and reporters took to the streets and connect me late last year it's not uncommon for the state to block a broadcast this time an entire radio station was shut down. documented the protest is not intimidated by the authorities despite his previous arrest in his home town
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for shooting pictures of another demonstration at the time he was accused of portraying his country in a negative light. lagers have a poor reputation and guinea some people think that we want to hurt our country that we want to spread a bad image of guinea first but that's not true i grew up here i studied here i want to stay here and set up community projects to help my country. sally wants to encourage his compatriots to to stay. he firmly believes that positive change in the country can only come from canadians themselves. and just for your reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on g.w. news north korean leader kim jong un's sister has arrived in south korea ahead of the winter olympics opening ceremony kim jewel is the first member of the north's
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ruling kim dynasty to ever visit the south it's a diplomatic overture from the nuclear armed regime that's been met with mixed international reaction. and don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the go just download from google player from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news can also use the d w send us photos and video stream. so all you news for now if you're watching t w earlier we have more for you coming up top the next hour and all the latest news and information online dot com thanks watch.
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one dreamed up the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week after germany's longest political deadlock in post-war history and a new governing coalition is finally taking shape can its deliver on its promises and how weak is chancellor merkel that's our topic this week on quadriga joining us
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access to education and knowledge and the same opportunities for everyone. a central goal of the global community to look at what's the reality on the ground into cation for all d. w.'s multimedia special remakes personal stories and highlights extraordinary projects the world over find out more on the internet g.w. dot com education for all. hello and welcome to quadriga germany's inconclusive election in september a shirt in crow longed wrangling between chancellor angela merkel and a pound of plea of potential coalition partners but now following the longest period of political deadlock in post-war german history an end may be in sight
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after merkel's christian democrats embark on a difficult courtship with an initially reluctant bride it looks like the new coalition will be a reset of the.


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