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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm CET

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restructuring. but it's still turning out films today. germany's biggest and oldest film company. a cinematic history from the german empire to the present. starting february eighteenth. is a mystery. where the feelings for a club come from when it's thousands of kilometers away sick of life takes a look. and crazy colombians mexicans head over heels for mention glovebox.
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of americans losing it. the big trick of life reports on a special set of. outspokenness folding for. the brazilians in the form of his life will put him in the spotlight. the big. shot he was already in love with dortmund as a kid. i believe that once he's hung up his boots on the sidelines. i'll bet you being a coach. wow. how is this possible. if you can have a think you are beautiful. and i needed the feeling back that's why i picked. the best best player sitting next to. chris carey to from kick off like here i think now you. dorman you see the suits are beautiful behind
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you hear more about their motto. be. it means real antelope without you me can be issued. for saddam as one of the top ten clubs in the world right now but those are my words. means. one thing i did read all i wanted was to wear black in yellow you're just looking at this picture have a look. talk to me about that talk to me about what that quote means to you you know it was in my youth time when i start. i was eleven i think
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and every week a few players get tickets to get to be a ball boy you know. i was the one who asked like almost every weekend if it's possible i want to go there because i want to get the feeling you know i want to see the big players and i was standing there with the ball in my hand and a lot of times i kissed the ball and said with his ball dalton going to score and when the ball go. through my ball inside and i hope like please let them score with my ball because the magic in. there it starts you know i want to be a professional football player and my dream was always where does jersey in those amazing stadium. i'm from it was all done in
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germany and when you're from zoolander it's like. you are blue you know black and yellow and i had those for the chance to play for the other ones but for me it was never. got. sixteen and my dream came true. now you see the development of the club you know what is that been like you know from those early memories to now because it's the only publicly traded club in the world is that you're right you have you have stock yes yeah yeah yeah. it is growing up. like crazy you know on the last ten years when what the club build what the club want you know everything the fans are growing and they hope with. gold the next ten fifteen twenty years and yeah they use players when they come up to the professional team and they have to know this is not
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a normal club. during testing he's telling the wilbanks well. i was at the biggest club in the world by the way run with it is for me the top there will be no never a bigger and like it was it's like hollywood you know that when you're out there you're in hollywood. i was always in my heart i was like no i want to be a part of. and when something was worth a don't want and see this club growing up and i want to be a part of. i need. to be happy and. don't get me wrong i have a very nice. family i have a very healthy family we are happy but when i play football.
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that brings me to the motto you know the slogan that's on every bus everywhere you know people around the world understand. to have this slogan is it's very nice but it's also very dangerous you know because. time of football they know when you see the prices the market is. another level you know the prices for the players and players getting transferred to changing clubs so i was one of them maybe i'm one of the players who grew up with this slogan but i also had my dreams and left for real madrid and it's a very tough slogan by the people if you can. have it in your heart. you will feel it and i needed the feeling that came. different like the atmosphere of the government. you get this special feeling you
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know i was stadium is not like very modern your own but also not very old it's a mix of historical stadium and this wall and big and. you . the smell was you can smell. my wife also and she's everything made when she's in the stadium it's crazy yesterday after the game we were in the car and she said she said like i can't understand why i always have this feeling because i was in the stadium maybe thousand times. next dropping . definitely looks like that you are. a role model in more ways to. speak about hollywood like you know when i saw the pictures looks like you know nerdy come straight off the hollywood set this is really this is. you know football
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is perfect but wrong the wrong wrong the body you need also things like that and i started to. to get interested in cars in in full in fashion in healthy food how i have to sleep have to sleep take care of myself enjoy my life these things are also very important for the for the head to know and this is also a saying what i say to the guys when they come in threats through now to the training i say come on get up get dressed up and be fresh every day you know look in the mirror and feel feel like yeah i feel good and i'm happy just do it for yourself. in the spring of two thousand and seventeen had a life changing experience in exactly there but. i wasn't i wasn't sure. if i will feel ever secure.
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i didn't knew when this happened you know it happened in happened in perris it happened in new york and boston marathon it happened everywhere but you know you watch t.v. and you seeing all that but you never think it will happen to you one day you know you do you feel with the people but in a few days you get to the normal flow and normal life but this time it happened it happened to us and on the way on our way to the to. to a sing to to do it something what we love football. and i was shocked really i was shocked that. i didn't knew how to handle didn't you
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know what i should do now and then when i came back home and see my wife in front of the door with my children that was. and it changed my life luckily following that tragic episode everyone walked away where do you see yourself in ten years maybe fifteen years ago you were. on the sideline on the sideline i was wearing the coach of the. had to come back for that interview yeah. that will be in the series dorkin dream has had a happy ending so far so you just might see he. only do no part in the future. facts of this man all of outspokenness dreaming of europe how you beat twenty nine
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years old and he's the late bloomer of the season. francisco to silva. f.c. . he certainly seems like a typically laid back brazilian. around him as an inoffensive brazilian players always want to be as cool as possible on the job but unfortunately that's not an option for me here. because german football is quite different from football in brazil my eyes. anyway i've got used to hearing that i'm not a typical brazilian and i guess by now most of it germany in the west that's for me . he's not afraid of mixing it up he's one of the best tactless in the league no one wins more challenges than him he's also one of the leading shock takers the pressure coming to. call. was something. strikes out. been playing in germany for ten years but he's just now blossoming in
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house. arrest consumer power and physicality are a huge part of my game for those in my mind. he's on physically strong fast. and always looking to score i think my. alongside good technique i'd say my strengths would be my pace dynamism passion and ability in the areas for the army in two thousand and eight coach felix magath brought me from brazil to the fore in this league his debut for was impressive against shell could be scored with just his second touch. it was a special season the miracle of both sport they won the bundesliga in two thousand and nine and all this in the then twenty year old's first season in germany. but as you know the training in brazil wasn't as hard as it was at false bug on the feelings my got to march madness but they're going to miss him
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a lot to thank you for all he was my first coach here and there's everyone knows he sets a very tough training agenda. complementing force that my helped me develop as a player. and laid a really good foundation for me to become the ask me time today. from both school he went to do spoke and then for verio where he played for f.c. ingle stubbs and the second division clearly made him tough but since twenty fourteen has stormed down the wing for housefull this season he's in the form of his life using personal best in assists and goals. he's helped alex but turn heads in seven with a force which people know our strengths were a real collective. there was a general expectation we'd struggle and avoiding relegations still the priority they achieve that with a few games despairing we can maybe think about making the roper league again like two years ago. that would be the crowning achievement of an already
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exceptional season for outspoken and their very young brazilian. people think they're crazy but we're happy to have them put to sleep in south america. i mean. beyond all of this almost if we forget. i thought maybe they only knew the big twelve. things and gave the music people in the room if you call it what you saw make them .
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yell nothing but yes but if you see. i was like why couldn't i think of i thought that if. i. could not make. my gun even up out here know someone which was what influenced the movement the most so fuck you you see i went there for folk wasn't this you know this but was it i wouldn't buy it was it wasn't for me for the sake of this so it was. fun appeasement. i.
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broke but then i see a lot of the true america. thank. you no my son mendel's yeah. you'll find i. am coming on. board you must pour off what i love on the lawn there could be found no he. most of. this on leave said. i expected that most of the people are fans when they watch porn as they go off the big clubs like byron munich or most of the people i've seen are fans from small it's ups and that's really impressive because that makes it more more interesting.
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and. went up with. the family. alchemy as well. there would be funded violence. but it was held up as a. new i mentioned. how the buildings were tremendous. to. let you go how little you just. knew it was me i'm glad you. didn't just love this instead of young. people but i was almost fucked up when you have little. said on point i think
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the more. was a simple. also to keep. their jaw one of the you up at the gongs but it's one of the whole the fall out of my little blue listening he. was like it was here by your music mistake it was here in the bonus i want to see some of us pull out of them up there in front of the avoidable do something like empty manly thing. it won't know it's not about me and michael started awful. soccer is a really big deal here in america it's more important than i ever expected because
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i think the focus more on the big americans or it's like. baseball or american football but it's really big. i asked myself a lot if the soccer movement here or maybe is influenced by the world cup success of the german national team i think this is a it's a big thing because i think in the american culture people are they like success and when people are successful and the german soccer and the national team did a good job and i think that influenced the popularity of soccer. in c. plus you know it's funny that it's. this he was the coolest couple for young real whole world to see you. meet him will see this course at the u.s. imposes this he will so if you play i don't think. it will for you all of us move him to meet those it just woodchipper the lace you and clears get on it you bloody
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money. demo mentioned if you're looking at the champions league in support. well water i know mussulmen no tsunami your. me working. on the money. but feel. that i shall be. made with you i don't believe. i'm from a small village called ben boyd and it's very close to work they have to alex because a very small club in the bonus think they have the lowest budget off the whole leak
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and it's a very familiar atmosphere and what they are never beaten really in the high result they never last met just like old two seven year old weight because they have a very good team spirit. if they are going to be done to be in my right things they also stated was called the little anfield growth. you're very close to the pitch it's a lot stadium it's a great atmosphere. if but on the u.s. break up you get you where. you proceed through. the early part of the real details on this first year here. i mean this was a lot. you
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see most of it looks i mean it was until suddenly dems want to say because a week long that i didn't think been doing this. music might feel. that i'm a going to see no one not. a i can make or. not pass on want to know spot deals things that i will miss me but almost going to want to. go out on the you. and one of my men. well done no i mean. nice to.
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see on. work and make you go. i'm not alone here in kansas city because so many people fall overboard through god they watch bonus niigata in a brewery and they brew munich style your. get all this german beer and food and this makes a very special so it's not just the place where we want supper it's just a place where you can write your own experience for a few hours. just because it could go on cool but. if. you're going to go so close those goals are very. close with me this is the dongles on the
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way it was was when it was. well normal sort of what you would have. been almost getting you know. gets a bit of. the another time more and more that a real rose garden might have been left wing as don't bunkum only only follow their own laws but i want them to be some want to. be all i meant to conduct a war they're part of the people posing as i see on this very place and order me.
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oh first i thought it's a little bit crazy because you know i never used to go there that early. first comes the coffee and maybe for the second cup little things start to drink beer and have just a good time there other people go maybe fishing and they go watching soccer in the early morning that's cool. anyway. it's really we if we want to it's when i start yet. it's in speed out i really don't fight with the dogs but because they are low and budget in the next enemy it's always a really hard and i mean. champions boy but doing a temp of anything we have it worse than a lot on a food that us the most. the
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be. the be. the be. the book. the book. the book. the book. the book. the book the be. the book.
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the books the be. the best. the be. the big three. show journalists discuss the topic of the week the fishermen's longest political deadlock in post-war history a new governing coalition is finally taking shape can it deliver on its promises and how weak is chancellor that's our topic this week on quadriga joining us.
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makes us laugh. try. tremble and smile. to cook images of the emotions that. she'll. go see every weekend on d w. earth home to millions of species the home worth saving. googling to tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation . using interactive content to inspire people to take action on global ideas the multimedia environment series on w.
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you can do it so i just must. say it would leave me hung up and so comfortable that deal on an inch thick to hide those good ladies feed it for months on end they keep all those annoying body. shop song it didn't. was good to me. don't judge me them enough to get in the queue but just give a bit of a little so the joke explored the whole. the next part because he is mocking sidin political decision of. us i'd call my new coco york it.
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i am. busy w. news live from berlin south korea officially kicks off the two thousand and eighteen winter olympics you're seeing pictures here of the olympic stadium and kyung chang with the opening ceremony lights up tonight but not everyone is in the mood to celebrate a final ruling bars dozens of russian athletes from the competition. meanwhile this olympics brings the first ever visit to south.


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