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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 10, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is due to the news life from berlin and an invitation from pyongyang can join sister south korea's president he's invited to eat so much in the military capital region and says he'd be willing to go we have more from our correspondents he intends korea. and syria says it shot down an israeli fighter jet this as israel carries as air strikes in syria in the future a reason for the exits to. pose an old and own employees germany's social democrat these are marching shows abandons plans to take on
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a top ministerial post just days after a new goldstein's as his party has returned to government after the party's base acknowledged they could refuse to ratify it his coalition deal. i'm on a. north korean leader kim jong un has advice his south korean president in to pyongyang it would be first time of korean leaders meeting in more than a decade south korea saves kim jong un's sister kim old joe to live at the invitation of the presidential palace and sold she's visiting the site as part of a delegation attending the winter olympics president spokesman said the south korean leader had responded to the advice calling for both sides to build the conditions needed as for the business. oh more on this now we're going to cross
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over to our correspondent jason strawberry who is near the site thanks thing don noon and south korea how significant is this invitation by the north korean leader kim jong un are we going to have peace by the end of the olympic games. that would be very optimistic but it certainly would be significant if president moon makes that trip up the plan young like you said it's been more than a decade the first center korean summit was in two thousand the second in late two thousand and seven and for almost a decade there was virtually no dialogue between seoul and. so this this invitation that was carried by kim jong un sr is certainly really significant if not surprising so it's very big staff in any case and what about kim jong un's the plans behind this i mean yesterday he shows his nuclear potential and today we hear about his invitation how is it all facing together. well it's hard to say what
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kim jong un's motives are but certainly what is happening now is driving a wedge between south korea and the united states i mean we saw just last night at the opening ceremony vice president mike pence pretty much gave the cold shoulder to the north korean delegation. now with the pitot with the potential that president moon might be meeting with president trump's archenemy in pyongyang that certainly would make relations between seoul and washington would make them rocky. i mean how likely is it that south korean president new j.n. when accept the an invitation. well according to his press secretary president moon did say that north's and south korea need to work out some conditions in the future to make that all happen so it was kind of vague but what came out during this briefing following president's three hour meeting with the
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north korean delegation is that the president urged north korea to reopen dialogue with the united states so perhaps that might be one of those conditions ok and the teams of course of north and south korea and turks together as yesterday's opening ceremony today the joint korean women women's ice hockey team is playing want to the mood like well we hear that president moon himself as well as kim yong naam who is north korea's head of state here in south korea right now will be attending the match this is one of the big stories coming out of the olympics that only a few weeks ago these north korean athletes joined the south korean players but i think what we can expect leading up to the game is a show by south koreans who are in favor of the unified team as well as a very vocal group of protesters who will demonstrate at any effort by seoul
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to engage north korea tell us jason stearns time in south korea thank you for talking to us thank you. and the winter games and john are underway with five medal decisions on saturday the first gold of the games went to cross-country skier charlotte scala this week powered her way to the finish line in the fifteen kilometer scattered on to see off the rest of the competition meanwhile norway's marred barragan how to settle for a silver but made history in the process american won her eleventh matter overall and becomes the most decorated has seen the winter olympics. and a rapidly escalating situation in the middle east and israeli fighter jet has crashed in the country's north syria says it shot it down in response to what it calls israeli aggression israel said the pilots abandoned the plane after it came
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under heavy fire israel's minute military ses its jets were carrying out air strikes on targets within syria in response to an iranian drone entering israeli airspace one pilot from the downed f. sixteen is said to be in serious condition if serious claims are confirmed it would be the first time the syrian military has shot down an israeli jets in syria's civil war began seven years ago. and for more on this we're going to cross over to our middle east correspondent tanya kramer joining us now from jerusalem tanya what more can you tell us about this incident. well according to the israeli army statement in the early morning hours and unmanned drone ukrainian june as israeli army says entered israeli aspace it was intercepted and response to that the israeli army carried out an air raid deep inside syria and you know. where the.
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drone was launched now in response to that the syrian air defense. hit a printing f. sixteen jet which came down an israeli territory the pilots managed to eject themselves here they're now currently treated in a hospital in the north of israel so what's significant in this is that the response by the syrian to tens was much larger than it used to be because it has carried out as strikes in syria over the past years doing the war there and also that it hit the f. sixteen fighter jets so this is a very serious escalation and the north. and israel century is saying it's going to react what are you hearing. well we also got another statement because the sirens went off in the north in the past hour and they targeted according to that
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statement twelve targets and according to that statement they detail it in syrian targets and ukrainian targets we don't know if that incident now is still ongoing but also the syrian state t.v. has confirmed that everett's were carried out over there tell you can you tell us what exactly is israel's involvement in syria. there has been a lot of talk a lot of talk in the past couple weeks about a possible escalation on the northern border that has to do with the changes in the developments in the syrian war now what the israelis have said on and on doing all the time is that they want to avoid that the ukrainians can entrenched themselves through has through their own bases in the south west mainly in the area near the occupied israeli golan heights so this is why we've seen in the past they said that is that it has carried out an strikes against hezbollah weapon transfers and other
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. places in syria but this is the more serious incident right now at least what military experts also saying now of course everybody says nobody is interested in escalation but any miscalculation could lead to more escalation and we understand as well that now on the high security level you know the security cabinet and military will be meeting to decide on the next steps. riverstone to all of that time you were in jerusalem thank you now to some of the of the stories making news around the world at least two people have been killed and more than one hundred wounded in a mosque and maybe the device went off during friday prayers in the eastern city of benghazi so far there's been no claim of responsibility and ghazi is controlled by a military strongman his opposed to islamist forces. heavy snowfall has brought
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paris to a standstill any villains in and around the french capital are closed haven't pulses and train services are destructors and the eiffel tower is just up to fifteen centimeters of snow has fallen and more is forecast for the coming days. but in germany day countries social democrats has been forced into a humiliating climbdown marson to step down and renounce a role in the coalition government that he helped to force after party members made it clear they could reject the espy's agreements to enter government officials and sisters on becoming foreign minister and he led the party to a record vote share in september's elections before reluctantly brokering a coalition deal with are going to merkel's conservatives. in just three days martin schultz has managed to hit both a political high point into low point on wednesday after a long and exhausting wrangling his pride announcement we have
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a coalition agreement in a marathon session of talks lasting more than twenty four hours the two parties had fought argued yelled at each other and finally agreed. because of our can see that we had a strong influence on this agreement and we are grateful that in the end we achieved some compromises that were hard for the conservative side to accept. shultz negotiated well for the s.p.d. and rested key portfolios from the conservatives he came away with the ministry of finance labor and for himself the foreign ministry all this despite the fact that he said he never wanted to become a minister and mack was government and was against another grand coalition. afterwards many people in the s.p.d. said he had broken his word twice many party members were angry. that time got did not abate despite his decision on wednesday to resign as party leader making way for andrea nonis to take over. then on friday schultz the night
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said he would no longer seek the post of foreign minister saying it could jeopardize the upcoming vote on joining the grand coalition. i hereby declare my decision not to join the federal government and sincerely hope that this will bring the personnel debates within the s.p.d. to an end the s.p.d. youth wing also said the focus should be on the grassroots vote not on person then issues i can only warn you now that modern shills has announced his resignation not to rush ahead and place the next candidate on a pedestal. in just three short stays martin schultz now finds himself without the leadership of the s.p.d. without a position of authority and without a ministerial post and with the s.p.d. reeling in chaos. friday nights wonders they get
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a lot of runners up or been leipsic back up to second in the table after a straightforward two. hole outbreak. grabbed the second goal on seventeen minutes it's the first time leipsic have scored from the direct free kick and they're pleased they get history although it did take a big defection before crossing the line. but in saturday's action the lake sees two of germany's cup semifinalists faceoff child to travel to buy in and while the hosts have the league title as good as one of their visitors have pledged to play for their part of a group of teens beneath the champions all pushing to qualify for the champions league. shellcode might be riding on the right path to success in the cup but in the bundesliga the royal blue still face an almighty battle to finish in the top four and the next obstacle is the toughest in the division a trip to buy in munich is always difficult and star midfielder laon gorecki will
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have extra pressure to deal with he's already agreed to join by him at the end of the season but shall be coached to medicated esco says he'll take it all in his stride forty below when he's looking forward to the game up not because he's moving there this summer but because he's playing fresh out in munich what happened he's up for the challenge of course there will be a lot of focus on him and he knows that but we were just motivates him even more with us. mia i buy and look as menacing as ever the eighteen points clear at the top of the table and how ms ridgeway gets has hit a sensational run of form to disco knows his team will have to be at their best to take any points back home. in opinion sure if you do get it doesn't matter how you play or which system you use against buy and they find solutions because they stream lee intelligent child who will have to find a way to outsmart the in-form opponents in such a tight race for europe a result in munich could prove crucial. thanks for watching today news you can join
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us again at the top of the hour or check out our web site to that. is the germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something hinders us we must overcome it in the. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters t.w. made for mines.


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