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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2018 9:00am-9:16am CET

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out of tartness cities. starting march tenth. this is t w he's live from berlin at three way confrontation brewing between israel syria on do rock the syrian forces shoot down an israeli fighter jet they say it was one of the days targeting iran talks positions inside syria israel's prime minister say his country was defending itself also coming on. thousands of people
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and probably against racism a week after a neo nazi sympathizer opened fire on african migrants thoughts as the country gears up for elections and which migration is becoming a key issue. but also bring you the full roundup of sports from the junk shot and winter olympics closer i bet your sweet homecoming for an egyptian football cloak and it's six years on tradition on their stadium calling the country's worst ever soccer violent. it's good to have you with us israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country will not allow iran to establish a military presence in syria this after an israeli jets was shot down by syrian forces on its way home from a bombing mission it was one of the group of planes targeting iran box positions
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inside syria israel says it was provoked a charge denied by syria and iran. the burning israeli f. sixteen shot down by syrian air defenses both pilots ejected one was seriously wounded israel said the judge had attacked iranian targets in syria after an iranian drone entered israeli airspace following the incident on saturday prime minister binyamin netanyahu vowed that israel would defend itself against any attack or attempt by iran to establish itself in syria. iran seeks to use syrian territory to attack israel for its professed goal of destroying the us this morning iran brazenly violated israel's sovereignty israel holds iran and its syrian post responsible for today's aggression we will continue to do whatever is necessary to protect our sovereignty and our security. laws of syria and enemies of
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israel celebrated the downing of the warplane fighters from the pro raney and hezbollah group gathered on the border between lebanon and israel as israeli soldiers looked on the iranian president hassan rouhani condemned the israeli action in syria. yet if one country thinks it can get desirable results by posting terrorism or bombarding neighboring countries then it is making a mistake we are ready to defend the security of the region and we call on all other countries to cooperate in this loss the loss of the jet came as israel acknowledged for the first time an attack on iranian targets in syria. israel corresponded tanya kramer whether the tensions between israel syria and iran could be contained following the downing of the chest. what i mean is it has always
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said that it doesn't want to see a presence of iran in the area now what is so they have said really clear red lines and they act accordingly so it's what is quite new hand the situation i mean israel has carried out in the policy many s. two acts against his positions or against a weapon transfers or other locations in syria over the past his during the war in syria but usually there was not much of a response from the assad regime now the response now has been quite strong and that's the new thing over here which creates all the tensions now iran syria the won't they say we won't no longer tolerate. entering the syrian as space so this is where of course all the coalition lies and the tensions allying here and then a sign of warming relations between the divided koreas north korean leader kim jong
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un has and vice have south korea's president to meet in pyongyang kim jong un's sister it's in their first invitation in seoul against the backdrop of the winter olympics but the diplomatic relations between the two koreas doesn't please everyone right wing protesters again rallied in seoul against the north korean regime so far their protests have remained small however said the as powerful ally the united states shares protesters skepticism. u.s. vice president mike pence has again insisted that seoul and washington both agree that the pressure must be kept on pyongyang that's despite a very public show of unity between the two koreas as a joint women's ice hockey team to beautify at the winter olympics in. excited fans wait to greet the combined korean women's hockey team a first in and think history and a coming together on the ice symbolizing hopes of woman relations between the south
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and its belligerent know the neighbor ah he dances to win or lose the result doesn't matter i hope they play their best and try their hardest in a show of unity it wasn't. so much this is a god given chance that we seventy million korean people can be of one mind to support the team and q. . those has festered by another historic moment off the ice meeting in seoul kim jong un's younger sister kim yo jong delivered an invitation from the north korean leader for south korean president moon j in to visit pyongyang it raises the prospect of the first meeting between both korean leaders for more than ten years. that prospect may not be welcomed by the united states u.s. vice president mike pence urged moon and the japanese prime minister shinzo ave to keep up the pressure on north korea to abandon its nuclear program heading home
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pence insisted there is no daylight between the three allies. the german president saw the face to face contact between the two koreas as a good omen. but how is that men do and what do the olympic games mean it's a sports competition but it's also about olympic peace and there's been a glimmer of that here so we hope that the dialogue that will begin will continue after they limp them into the business be that by to today the big question can the olympic flame help to fuel a long term thaw in relations at the stories making news around the world. india's prime minister narendra modi said sally supports the palestinians goal of an independent state peaceful negotiation modi's meeting with the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas is the first ever visit by an indian major to the palestinian administration
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a town of ramallah in the west bank modi also pledged forty million dollars in aid for infrastructure projects. the british based charity oxfam has denied haiti's claims of a cover up over alleged misconduct an investigation by the times newspaper found senior staff had illegally hired prostitutes in haiti after the twenty ten earthquake the british government says it is warning old charities that is the u.k. aid to tackle sexual misconduct among staff or face having their funding cost. thousands of demonstrators have rallied and says he's across as a way to protest against racism the show of force comes after a gunman with a neo nazi sympathies opened fire on african migrants last week has taken in more than half a million migrants in recent years and surveys show many italians blame immigrants for violent crime is becoming a major issue. skirting the city's made evil walls to send
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a message against violence and hate many are warning of a revival of far right sentiments ahead of next month's national elections but still meant to be at the moment political parties are using populism to create hate terror and divisions and it is necessary to refer to those pots on values and to stand on the right side the right side is that of all the people who today a saying no to fascism as no to racism he's going to seize. protestors criticize local authorities and representatives from political parties for refusing to attend every bottle to go to the institutions should have called to stemmons. ration that you need to the politicians fear losing votes if they tell citizens that racism must be rejected are never justified. it's a response i wish the mayor was here i would have hugged him. the protests come
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after a twenty eight year old italian man injured five migrants in a racially motivated drive by shooting a week ago police arrested the suspected gunman look attract any who was once an unsuccessful local candidate for italy's anti immigration northern league party for the thousands of anti fascist demonstrators their solidarity with the victims is clear and says their commitment to conveying their message of love over hate. monday marks exactly three years since the minsk peace agreement was signs but the conflict in eastern ukraine shows no sign of abating in twenty fifteen moscow and kiev agreed to a ceasefire the withdrawal of heavy weapons and the release of all prisoners but so far there has been little sign of those measures being implemented alexander says progress the separatists have taken part of his homeland away from him that's why
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he joined a ukrainian volunteer battalion he was later taken prisoner by separatist forces and jailed in donetsk for almost two years the separatists accused him of treason. the prison management were ok. but when the masked men came in got bad. you really need to stop and look at everything we had. in december ukrainian and separatist forces exchanged more than three hundred prisoners alexander was one of the it was a rare tangible success of the twenty fifteen minutes hooghly event which is otherwise stalled the agreed cease fire has broken almost daily in some areas just a few hundred meters lie between ukrainian military posts and separatist positions not the words. or enemies have tanks and artillery weapons. but tank has a range of up to seven kilometers with artillery it's twenty kilometers. i don't
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think more distance between oppositions would help much. heavy weapons and inadequate buffer zone and freshly laid mind instead of clearance work b o s c e monitoring mission says both sides bear responsibility. the fact i'm honest the facts show it clear trend and that is the own willingness to abide by the agreements reached from holton. and xander sees it the same way he's angry at russia for fueling the conflict and the government in kiev which he believes is doing nothing to bring the war to an end. gold medals are up for grabs on day two of the winter games in china and one high flying teenager claims the first early this morning snowboarder brad gerard clinched the united states first gold medal at the winter olympics winning the
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men's slopestyle final the seventeen year old started with two poor opening runs but his final run elevates his him to the front of the pack canadian snacks paris and mark mcmorris followed in silver and bronze. and the games got off to a buying for team germany who had quite the olympic gold rush on day one claiming two gold medals and that meant a huge party was in store at the german had china ski jumping champion andre as the bellinger and biathlon winner now a red dot on my at where the stars of the show to their performances on the snow the two more weeks of events ago the has is sure to be the scene of plenty more celebrations. of football has returned to the egyptians there's yet ports laid six years after the country's worst ever stating disaster that was when more than seventy people died after fans invaded the pitch and a riot in suits supporters of the local side insist that they weren't to blame bush
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it was a bittersweet homecoming nonetheless they've been waiting so long for this moments they were even happy to queue during the six year ban these are mass free france had to watch their team play home games away from port side the stadium was banned from hosting matches off the riots in two thousand and twelve left seventy two supporters date. fans charged on to the pitch after toensing from rival al-ali found some cairo many who died were crushed in panic. an official inquiry blamed fans and poor security but al masri supporters continue to believe they weren't at fault. oh yeah we've been wronged all this time the stadium has been shut down for the past six years all the supporters are good people who love football and love the club have been. returning to the stadium three while they beat sammy inside green buffaloes four nil proving this no place
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like home. up next is the bundesliga do stay with us for the last you are watching due to the news thanks for joining us. again back at the top of the hour or you can check out our website that's where you can also follow us on twitter. is no. manager. no. change you know the banks. and so watch the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g w played for mines. created movie milestone. it was an instrument of propaganda and persecution. it underwent a bankruptcy.


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