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tv   Doc Film - New Home Germany - The Dream of a Job  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2018 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something. in peace time what needs to happen there for tolerance and reconciliation or to stand a chance. this city's after war starting march tenth on t w . good. job because he is from afghanistan he's on his way to his first job interview he's one of around one point three million asylum seekers who've come to germany over the past couple of years. we work from seven in the morning to quarter to four is eight hours for voting off. those that i wanted to more before i began working back at home and i learned that the number one rule is to be punctual if
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you get which is that the regime would have on us. and i just want to work i don't care if i work with men or with women. or not there's a number limit is that i just want a job or only. for one year we accompanied job ed kasi on his path to finding a job in germany. this refugee accommodation in the town of alkan broke in the ring is job it causes new home here right in germany fourteen months ago but has had little contact with germans debit card and i said. who's also from afghanistan i hoping to get an internship there rehearsing for their interview later today anwar has been in germany longer than the other team and he's helping
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them prepare for today. kasi. most of gonna start on issues are right on here. our bikes will comment. on. thank. you. for the two men it's their first job interview in germany. i've learned i shouldn't keep my hands in my pockets and i have to be friendly and polite to the boss. because don't. i want to work in germany and have a quiet life in the year. above all your father was shot by the taliban. after that i just wanted to leave afghanistan.
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and assef now of those a both come from a small town. they fled the war and the taliban right now their biggest hope is to get a steady job here in germany that help could become a reality for them in the town of schmoo in fifteen kilometers away. the two men have applied for work in the hackle is shoe factory a social worker helped set up the interview the family owned company specializes in work shoes supplying customers across europe and even southeast asia. the head of the company conrad who cash has a staff of twenty he'd like to hire more but there's a shortage of applicants too many young people have left this rural region to find
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work elsewhere. for often waiting for a long time and i've tried many times to hire new employees. here in schneiderman it's not just hard to find women applicants but men too. we did hire some people but they weren't up to the job. so now we're hoping for some good luck with these two new employees. because. conrad who cash is especially keen to find workers with experience with heavy duty selling machines. and he's like have you seen machines like this before you know it's about the beautiful fortunately don't you know and these are the two afghan applicants say they're familiar with sewing machines. in a corner they want to connect he says he can work faster machines like this with.
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his working fast is good but it has to be dead straight to quality and accuracy have to come first that is cut of meat can come later. back at tellme in the town of god's name in afghanistan javid cause he worked in a small tain his shop he used to sell and alter men's suits and traditional clothing. territory. i'm up to now one of them. when i saw the factory for the first time i was very surprised. i thought it would be a tailor shop like at home but it's much bigger question more people work here because i'd really like to start working here. just think about it i really hope the boss takes me. but it was. a week later
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because the end asef now for those of us starting a four week internship on the factory floor if they prove themselves they could end up with a steady job. for the two men it's an important opportunity supervisor kathryn gul chart is showing them the ropes. going for pound. person she gives job because the feedback about his work. now is how this big she's my boss. the former i respect her. haha i was present in. the skies just allister's highest level as a man may ask the question ignoramus you can tell he's worked with sewing machines
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before we use different materials here interstate herder's he was in the clothing industry here we used levels which is tough as a. language difficulties are another hurdle javert kasi and us f. never know this residency status remains uncertain they haven't been permitted to attend an integration or a german language course yet she is this hard. it's hard work so much so why. is she i worked as a tailor but here we're making shoes like they're used to us shoes. gets just under two hundred euros a month in financial support from a state with a job he'd finally be independent again. gender darvish also wants to be independent find
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a job and stand on her own two feet. she fled the war in syria in twenty fourteen today she lives with her family in light says she has no job training yet but she. getting the chance to catch up on that. slogan was the. carrot this lights hassle on gender darvish is doing an introductory internship she's already been granted official refugee status in germany and the job center is helping her receive training a colleague from iran gives us some tips. to come first a vocabulary lesson. a few years even the scissors have different names everything is written down so it can be started later. told
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yes. she ended darvish his dream is to become a fully qualified had dresser some a manager kevin faulk believes the new arrivals have a lot of potential he says they're the future of a trade that chronically short of labor. because of their history and background they're especially motivated to stay here and give it their all or using tide with your toe on that motivation is already instilled in them and we don't have to push them in that respect of them much but i was so that makes some things easier because that was i have. this internship is szandor darvish is first work experience for the past three months she's been learning what goes into being a hairdresser reluctance of interacting with her colleagues has also been very
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helpful for learning more german. this sounds manager has said that she ended darvish might be able to start an official traineeship here. smathers i like the job. and i enjoy the contact with so many different people and meeting so many people. it's fun. we return to schmoe. two weeks ago and japhet kasi and us a half an hour for those they started at the shoe factory but now javert cuz he is here alone. closely with morgan. and the boss is checking in oh it's publishable. asif now for those he has
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left there was trouble with the boss. ok we're. going to build a real system. it's a shame let's call it just stood up and left because his work was paul. that. he's just left what happened. i looked at the shoes and was horrified when i asked him what he'd done and said he hadn't done the work properly he didn't answer he just dropped everything and left i passed on the message that he should come and talk to me but he hasn't done that yet. no. assets navajos he hasn't been in touch with jahvid either even though they live in the same building they haven't seen each other for days or so i don't know you don't know. i have called him
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a couple of times. here. he doesn't answer yet right. meanwhile shandor darvish is halfway through her one year internship she's learned a lot and has taken on more responsibility today she's allowed to cut hair for the first time. i don't believe it so that's cool. she'll be working with a volunteer not a regular customer. so. it's nerve wracking but there's a song on instructed to help with all the different steps and with the terminology gender darvish wants to get everything right it's her chance to show what she's learned over the past six months. sitting at the foot into confines of the most ruthless. instructor and early starts
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by asking some questions gender darvish knows the answers but she's nervous and is having a hard time putting them into words this. is one thousand one hundred and you know today's volunteer is one of chanda darvish is syrian acquaintances it's unusual for him to have a woman cut his hair. in syria women only cut women's hair. but here it's no big deal. at first it was hard for me to touch men i was mortified. shanda darvish has to get used to cutting the hair of men she doesn't know that's an everyday part of the job for head dresses in general because of another quite
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beautiful thing apply the gel all the way to the roots and spread it first. as the things fall on in now that i'm finished and see what i've done i think i've done a nice job for a beginner and. she did really well. very nice and you're happy with it. yes thank you. then turned champ is making a big difference for shanda darvish she gets to meet people practice her german and has a goal that she's working towards but job requirements are high in germany just need to complete a traineeship and have much better language skills before she'll be able to get a job as a hairdresser and is in the class and gender left school after seventh grade to take care of her family which makes things harder for her in germany. even basic
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arithmetic is an issue. and it was not the question of the question. it's a struggle here in germany young people complete tenth grade before beginning an apprenticeship. gender darvish and her family have moved into their own apartment. her five year old daughter goes to preschool her husband hasn't found work yet. he attends daily integration and language courses. they want to be role models for their daughter and her chief something in germany. as well but if i want to have a job not just sit at home it's also. i want to work my way up to getting the highest headdress in qualifications. so. that's
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why she ended darvish has been taking classes for months today's test is on reading comprehension the subject cross-breeding pets it's not straightforward. so. one question is explain what's meant by cross-breeding don't look with hunted and fished it. to explain what the word means. she'll have to pass all her exams in german it's a challenge even after a language class and three years in germany starting over as an adult is difficult . and practicing how to write an email. as well as text emails are often a part of tests and i have to prepare for that which was from behind. a lot rests on her determination as it stands her chances of an apprenticeship and
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a regular job are better than her husband's. back in sh'ma job it cause he is on his way to the shoe factory he got his work permit here i go and now has a steady job at the factory he earns minimum wage eight heroes and eighty four cents an hour his friend assets now for those he never came back to the factory but job it cuz he has proven himself he's hardworking and he's been given details. that i was told you must i did a three month internship and then my boss gave me a contract first with a three month trial period. on them then he said i could always work there. i've been working for a year now i go home and come back to work in the morning of course morgan.
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javert kasi is finding his feet in germany his steady job has given him hope that he'll be allowed to stay but his residency status is still up in the air he's been waiting for a decision on his asylum application for more than three years now. javac kasi has become a valuable part of the team here in the finishing department it's a step up his manager is pleased with the quality of his work and his ability to learn new tasks in the move and caught a. fish or gives him feedback his selling is nice and straight makes you need to keep that up in order to take on new finishing tasks. out of that first you have to get used to us and we all have to get used to each other in terms of speed he caught up with the other stuff quite quickly he can do
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much more than just so as you can see he's in the finishing department nods and just learning a bit of everything and since the guy holds the title doesn't seem. javid cause he doesn't need additional qualifications he can work here without a high school diploma oh much german money by doing the best that learning by doing is best for me if i were to demand this or that diploma that wouldn't help i don't care if someone has a particular set of difficult job piece of paper and poppy and company. but job it cuz he works alone in his department he has very little contact with his german colleagues that's why his german is making little progress with him or. he doesn't meet up with germans off to work. he mainly spends time with friends from afghanistan. other than the french and. going over there his support
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network to have an apprenticeship and to others a job things are going well they have dreams of a better future. one of with. soon a nice apartment. i want to live there i like it was different. they live in safety and can plan for the future but they have not been able to assimilate much into the larger german society not them of course. often they find themselves puzzled by the customs and culture of their new home. by saying that to do with the theater yada. yada you are seeing that before it doesn't surprise me. either as a result is
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a list of never seen that. there is debate now in germany whether afghanistan should be considered a safe country of origin some afghans have been deported under their current residency status javert kasi and his friends have no right to attend or professional language course the little german they speak they learned from volunteers. the age of they are. the right color. of my coffee like. the shelves. in the billiard hall they keep to themselves again javert cause he has been in germany for more than three years some of his friends have been here for much longer. ultimately i know two or three afghan men and out of work but i don't know any
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german man. this monster and contact with the younger version via i'd like to meet germans because i have to learn german for work. and to stay in germany. back in life. shandor darvish is on her way to the sun on this school years almost over today she wants to find out whether she stands a chance for an apprenticeship even without a tenth grade education. is full to have fought for by cause i wanted to meet with the u.n. to own skewer belgium apprenticeship. and fourth approximates everywhere paying closer attention to educational qualifications we
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want to offer our customers high standards we would prefer all our apprentices to have a tenth grade leaving certificate or even be qualified to study that's one level above what you'll get with. this someone once new apprentice is to have a year ten leaving certificate with results that the average or higher standard darvish is working on a year nine even sit if it had even with good grades it's not enough. the manager is also disappointed by some other interns he'd hoped his efforts to help new arrivals to germany would bring better results. thus some people haven't been able to keep up with the jew chains or pull their weight. version of the we already invest a lot of time and energy into training. when we want the best stylists.
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and want to train the best. with them help if someone has low marks and only a year nine leaving certificate we're unlikely to get the chance. you're getting. is szandor darvish his dream of an apprenticeship over is this the end of her hope of becoming a professional hairstylist. javid cause he has big dreams for the future he ended friend i hoping to open a small tailor shop here in altoona borg just like back in afghanistan that here he'd be his own boss. as well i mean i don't feel. i need a shop so i can work as a tailor and make suits and other articles of clothing under there and
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as well i mean other. peers this is a good location and. the theme in central and maybe it will draw many customers out people who need a suit on so. it's been a long road for javert cars say but he finally feels that germany is home. this morning and him of life i hope i can stay in germany forever. it's really thought i must and i want to get my driving license. and i want my own apartment. and a family and a family and. a few days ago the german author or it is rejected javert causes asylum application which means he could be deported for now though his being spared the ring with its left leaning state government is not carrying out deportations to
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afghanistan javert karzai plans to file an appeal. the be. the be. good.
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to. move. to. be in good shape. germs. and guards for disinfectant. good times can prevent serious disease. but excessive hygiene can cause problems. margins important in everyday life but don't overdo it move. down the main stream. be a good. thirty minutes w. . my first boss was the sewing machine moved to where i
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come from women are almost by this ocean for something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i want to talk albums by say last night and it took me as the by. filing the name bob in mental buying and i say this but returns with the sewing machine. sewing i suppose was more appropriate for those than writing advice as no i was only a child to those woman back home who are both by them and social norms and inform them about the basics like. my name is them out of the go home and i work at them. to learn german with w. . any time any place.
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whether with jo jo and her friends. colleagues discuss it in the next village. spritzes in search of joy. or with friends all over the world. go online and interact in. german to go. learn german for free with w. . created movie milestone. it was an instrument of propaganda and persecution. it underwent a bankruptcy and restructuring. but it still turning out films today. germany's biggest and oldest film company. a cinematic history from the german empire to the present one hundred years soaking for starting february he keeps on.
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going to play a play. does it seem to be a new. people and rally against racism marchers turned around the country a week after a neo nazi sympathizer opened fire on african migrants at the time in zero four elections in which migration is becoming an issue also coming up israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said his military dealt severe blows to iran and syria following airstrikes on saturday this after syrian forces shot down an israeli fighter jets targeting.


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