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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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this is do every news coming to live from berlin and tells of people in italy where only against war he says a large around the country old week after a neo nazi opened fire on how the migrants italians are gearing up for a watch and migration is becoming a key issue also coming up israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu says there's no experience so dear old world this program and syria only airstrikes on saturday this after syrian forces shot down an israeli fighter jet targeting along insights
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there. and it is dates here at the winter olympics in chad we'll bring you all the latest action including seventeen year old brad gerard's incredible win in the men's slope style of film school in the united states. i'm sara hong welcome to the show it's good to have you with us we begin with some breaking news just coming in a russian passenger plane operated by sour tall airlines is reported to have crashed just outside moscow sixty five passengers and six crew members along board the plane when it went missing on radars shortly after taking off from the moscow airport all seventy one people on board are now feared to have been killed we will of course bring you updates on the story as we learn more. turn. now to some other
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news in italy thousands of demonstrators have rallied against racism and cities around the country a show of force comes after a gunman with neo nazi sympathies opened fire on african migrants last week italy's taken in more than half a million migrants in recent years and surveys show many italians blain immigrants for violent crime it's become a major issue as the country prepares to go to the polls on march fourth. marching in defiance thousands of antti fascist demonstrators take to the streets of not skirting the city's made evil walls to send a message against violence and hate many are warning of a revival of far right sentiments ahead of next month's national elections but government at the moment political parties are using populism to create hate terror and divisions and it is necessary to refactor those pox on values and to stand on the right side the right side is that of all the people who today saying no to
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fascism and no to racism. protestors criticizing local authorities and representatives from political parties for refusing to attend every bit of the local go to the institutions should have called this demonstration that you need to the politicians fear losing votes if they tell citizens that racism must be rejected and never justified would not an issue addressed if you can't see or not is it's a response i wish the mayor was here i would have hugged him on the protests come after a twenty eight year old italian man injured five migrants in a racially motivated drive by shooting a week ago police arrested the suspected gunman luka try any who was once an unsuccessful local candidate for italy's anti immigration northern league party. it is unfortunate we're here to make our voices heard we opposed this rice act. he did it because of the color of their skin the shooter wanted to make
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a point that had nothing to do with the african people he shot at the playoffs we don't need other decent worries the black community. should work unpaid that is he risk being persecuted out that is of the color of their skin because of the for the thousands of anti fascist demonstrators their solidarity with the victims is clear and says their commitment to conveying their message of love over hate. i'm joined now by john hooper who's a correspondent in rome for the economist magazine john what is the italian government doing right now to fight racism well relatively little the. rarely. has or. it was left actually to the rumanian government a few years ago to mount a policy campaign point out the pot giora to you remain neutral come to italy come
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to work to try and make a contribution to the society through the clashes. so there is this reluctance to to get involved in the lead of the moment because of the election because of the election tell us more about how the issue of immigration is featuring in that election. well there has been a growing concern about immigration the recent us about forty percent of people name it as one of the biggest pre-occupation in this election campaign and their real figures show that there is a correlation between sun over migration and she cutely the most part and what your report did not mention is the the drive by shooting was preceded by just such
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a crime which for which three hundred ninety immigrants have been arrested murder in which the victim was chopped off of a put in the suitcase of which a particularly heinous crime you're describing of course it only serves as a gateway to europe for many migrants who are arriving by boat from libya is there a sense there in italy that the e.u. has effectively abandoned the country to sober the burden of the migration crisis alone very much so if you believe it will be shunned years since the end of two thousand and fifteen when switzerland france austria you proposed stripped of border controls that's meant that a large number maybe up to two hundred thousand but are we initially of not being able to move on to other parts or europe that said there's not that much sympathy among some of the other countries in europe because the italians in the past are turned
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a blind eye and allowed to move on to states in northern europe. that's john hooper he's a correspondent for the economist magazine joining us from rome thanks john thank you. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country dealt severe blows to iran and syria where saturday's airstrikes he's vowed to do all it takes to protect israel as after syrian forces shot down an israeli jet that was on its way home from a bombing mission it was one of a group of planes targeting iran back positions inside syria israel says it was provoked a charge that syria and iran deny. a burning israeli f. sixteen shot down by syrian air defenses both pilots ejected one was seriously wounded israel said the judge had attacked iranian targets in syria after an iranian drone entered israeli airspace following the incident on saturday prime
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minister binyamin netanyahu vowed that israel would defend itself against any attack or attempt by iran to establish itself in syria. iran seeks to use syrian territory to attack israel for its professed goal of destroying the us this morning iran brazenly violated israel solvent israel holds iran and its syrian post responsible for today's aggression we will continue to do whatever is necessary to protect our sovereignty and our security. laws of syria and enemies of israel celebrated the downing of the warplane fighters from the pro raney and hezbollah group gathered on the border between lebanon and israel as israeli soldiers looked on the iranian president hassan rouhani condemned the israeli action in syria. yet if one country thinks it can get desirable results by pasting terrorism or bombarding neighboring countries then it is making
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a mistake we are ready to defend the security of the region and we call on all other countries to cooperate in this nation us. the loss of the jet came as israel acknowledged for the first time an attack on iranian targets in syria. where is the work not some of the other stories that are making news around the world where it is development minister has threatened to cut funding to charities who fail with tackle sexual misconduct among staff this after news paper report claimed that work personally aid organization oxfam illegally hired prostitutes all they were on a mission to haiti following the twenty ten earthquake haiti has accused all. spam of a cover up a charge the charity did not. manned mars government says it will take action against ten members of the security forces and six villagers were suspected of massacring will hinge on muslims it's not clear whether the suspects will face charges authorities claim this move is not connected to
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a warder's news report on the massacre over which two journalists were arrested. right when protesters in the south korean capital seoul have rallied against north korea just hours after a joint korean a women's hockey team made this one big debut in china protesters are skeptical about the warming relations between the leaders on the two countries. over more on the winter olympics which is now into day two in china i'm joined by alina had talking from our sports desk only we're going to take us through all the acts and i understand there are seven gold medals being decided today what can we look forward to so it's been a bit of a gold rush for germany who have are on prefer he just made it gold medal number three for them he picked it up in the men's biathlon and this is really like germany is really back because they had a low point four years ago at the sochi olympics where they just ended up picking
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up nineteen medals in total so this from crisis to bouncing back has been a really great start for them felix of course he is also right now eating in the loose standings and he could make that possibly gold medal number four as it's two days and already four gold medals and it's a hero exactly and it's also moved away a bit from germany because there was also a dutch to light then come out he is a dutch speed skating legend he also picked up a gold medal in the five thousand needa speed skating event that's the third straight month and he may he made it into the record books because that hasn't been done before our very own but let's talk about seventeen year old red gerard oh my goodness what a feat yes so he i know his name has been making the headlines as a matter which it is it is a lot of snowboarders actually have a lot of cool a no i don't want a crew nickname so what this is basically not only did he pick up the first gold medal for the united states but what it all came down his entire event came down to
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a he took a very bold and risky move the slope style we're talking yes so what he did was that in slope style you basically you have to three runs and it basically the best one wins so you have to make the best the most impressive run out of every other competitor he already had trained on to but on his third run he decided to pull off the biggest trick and that is in in stillwater talk they call it the back side triple cork fourteen forty exactly what you see on the screen right now and so really complicated. but it's basically four rotations in the air and what makes is also impressive is that the guy wasn't even thinking about the olympics before you know coming here for him it wasn't even on his mind so this was a guy that truly just enjoyed snowboarding and learnt most of his tricks in his own backyard and i guess i felt as as watson and also as a. bronze medalists in the same discipline mark morris an incredible story it is so mcmorris he is a really popular snowboarder he comes from canada and he had
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a very interesting story to the lead up to this event so he had a really close brush with death about a year ago he went out with his friends and he wanted to film some of his jumps and he ended up crashing into a tree on do you see those pictures yachts him at the hospital she had basically a collapsed lung seventeen broken bones and he fractured his spleen he was put in a medically induced coma and at the end it was a freak accident that's what he called said but he says he's lucky to survive it and he even said after winning the bronze that this he's happy to be alive he's so grateful and that for him winning that bronze today really felt like a goal i guess i can't believe he's back on the slopes of that happens to me i would be if these problems are not fully human there's something else and break first and what else can we look forward to a month so i have a bit of bad news just because the events at have been cancelled pos postponed and that's not because it's too cold in south korea but because it's been too windy so
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it's too dangerous but the women's moguls that has been given the green light and for those of you who don't know what the moguls is that's basically downhill skiing but you don't do it on a flat surface so it's a very bumpy ride and if you ever watch it it's like you see the the ski as it's like but it's really it's really fun to watch i mean if it's. going to be nice on the body out these people sacrificed their bodies good for. for us to actually have talking to sports us thanks very much and as always more only olympics on our website and moving on the celebrated icelandic composer go on your husband has died at the age of forty eight his body was found in his berlin apartment on friday the cause of death unclear here hudson was known for his minimalist film scores you want to golden globe for his work the theory of everything was even nominated twice for an oscar you also want to find a claim from the film world aagaard musician releasing ten studio albums.
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a quick reminder of our top story this hour a russian passenger plane has reported to a question of moscow believes that all seventy one people on board have been killed will continue to bring you updates as we move on more. thanks for watching. they make a commitment. they find. stronger. for . people making a difference shaping their nation. and.


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