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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2018 1:00am-1:16am CET

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you know i've only said that i thought when i'm going to do a fun to. point to point you can see it because i see a very serious it. coming . this is deja vu news live from berlin a passenger plane crashes near moscow officials say all seventy one people on board were killed an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the crash also coming up. german chancellor angela merkel hits back at conservative critics who say she made too many concessions to the social democrats and the coalition deal.
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and south africa's governing african national conference is set to meet on monday to discuss the future of president jacob zuma he is under mounting pressure to step down amid corruption allegations. by my ass waiter thank you for joining us a russian passenger plane has crashed outside moscow killing all seventy one people on board the sato of airlines regional jet disappeared from radar screens shortly after taking off at a moscow airport the cause of the class of the crash remains unclear but russian president vladimir putin has instructed the government to set up a special commission to investigate. budget dollars nike aircraft came down on snow covered ground just outside moscow the saratov airlines jet was carrying sixty five passengers and six crew emergency services rushed to the scene but the russian
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authorities later confirmed there were no survivors three children were among the dead were. the plane crash just a few minutes after takeoff from moscow's doma airport the flight was heading for the city of or sq some fifteen hundred kilometers to the southeast in the ural mountains near russia's border with kazakstan. most of the passengers are thought to have been from the region with or to say the pilots did not report any problems before the crash people living near the scene spoke of a massive impact witnesses saw the plane on its way down. militia a small but i was in the car with my husband we stopped when we saw this bright explosion in the sky we couldn't tell what it was really of the global sure we saw something like a firework and then it fell and there was a big explosion from the. c.c.t.v.
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footage taken from a distance shows an apparent explosion an investigation into the cause of the crash is under way or thirty's of opened a criminal case looking into possible negligence the russian made aircraft is thought to have been around seven years old one of its black box recorders has been found. and i'd use it as a both a fragment of step three from the plane is spread over a radius of at least a kilometer investigators say using the latest equipment to cover the territory they are using drones to get an aerial view that. as emergency crews worked late into the night russian president vladimir putin travel plans to monitor the investigation. now into some of the other stories making news around the world eight people have been killed in an explosion at a carnival parade in bolivia police say a street vendors gas canister exploded during carnival celebrations in the city of
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rural at least forty people were also injured. and at least nine people have died in a gun battle between the indian army and separatists in the disputed region of kashmir miller. stormed an army camp there on saturday no group has claimed responsibility but the indian army says pro pakistani militants carried out the assault. in turkey the main pro kurdish opposition party the h d p has elected new leaders lawmaker peven bold and says. the only candidates will be the new co-leaders of the second largest opposition party in turkey's parliament the vote follows a crackdown on the party for alleged terror links that led to the jailing of its former leaders and hundreds of arrests. mourners have gathered outside the home of pakistani human rights campaigner. she died on sunday of a cardiac arrest and lahore at age sixty six to hunger campaign tirelessly for democracy and free speech in pakistan and she faced many death threats for speaking
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out against the strict blasphemy laws of the conservative muslim majority country. german chancellor angela merkel has vowed to serve another four year term despite growing criticism within her conservative bloc many contend that she granted too many concessions in a coalition deal but the center left social democrats to end months of political gridlock on sunday she shot back saying it would have been irresponsible to let the negotiations collapse the social democrats rank and file have to vote on the coalition agreement on march fourth. the chancellor stepping out to defend the coalition deal specifically the key forum and finance ministries going to the social democrats it was the only way she says to stop the talks collapsing. so you can smell of course i also find it painful i would like to have kept the finance ministry but it's what we decided politically and in the coalition
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agreement and the finance minister cannot just do whatever he likes. merkel also address the question of staffing within her own party to have the many calls for fresh talent perhaps surprisingly the chancellor agrees with that. not through his own mind i not only have to make sure that we keep in mind not just the over sixty's but also younger people. my message to the party conference is that we need to be clear about how we go forward into government. the ministerial lineup should be clear and she weeks' time mrs merkel avoided talking about a successor she wants to remain chancellor and party leader for another four years . do you think you have lost your authority. and i mean i'm finished no i don't feel that but of course i do understand that the party will be thinking the type in the chancellor for twelve years and clearly i can't be chancellor for another twelve years. on the other hand i had extensive discussions with the party
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before the election on whether it was right and desirable for me to campaign for another four years and they agreed that it was. for the message to her party is clear i'm still chancellor but i'm listening to my critics. south africa is preparing to mark the hundredth anniversary of nelson mandela's birth but the governing african national congress party is in the midst of an upheaval president jacob zuma has refused to resign amid corruption allegations and see his decision making committee is expected to call for zuma to step down when it meets on monday that could pave the way for his rival deputy president obama poza to move into the top position. on our. power. was the anti apartheid rallying cry of the struggle led by nelson mandela born one hundred years ago. his resistance eventually delivered power into the hands of the a.n.c. but it is the transition of that power that is threatening to test south africa's
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ruling party apart the birthday celebrations were launched by the a.n.c. is a new leader cyril ramaphosa he's the rival within the a.n.c. of unbuckled president jacob zuma. after attending a church service a day ahead of the meeting rama poso spoke of transition but avoided questions about seumas fate. the commitment to the people. and i thank you very much for taking. some. money the story. is around you could be feeling pretty. soon as nine year presidency has been beset by allegations of graft and economic mismanagement zuma denies wrongdoing but he's been involved in scandals including multimillion dollar upgrades to his private home using state funds
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a day ahead of monday's crunch decision rahm opposer recognize that people are frustrated at the uncertainty over the transition of power. over you through long throws no we weren't doing still keeping our eye. on what is in their interest although you can quote. all week or two new york ny. but uniting the nation or even the a.n.c. polity is proving a difficult goal to achieve in south africa. university. authorities in iraq are struggling to clear roads after heavy snowfall affected parts of the country the transport ministry says it has mobilized more than one hundred snow plows to clear roads in the worst affected regions schools have been closed and rural areas are teachers and students don't have to travel in the dangerous conditions parts of our aco have experienced snow this winter for the first time in
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fifty years. and football has returned to the egyptian city of port saïd six years after the country's worst ever stadium disaster and more than seventy people died after fans invaded the pitch and a riot ensued supporters of the local side insisted they were not to blame but it was a bittersweet homecoming nonetheless. they've been waiting so long for this moments they were even happy to q. during the six year ban these out mastery fans have had to watch their team play home games away from port side stadium was banned from hosting matches after riots in two thousand and twelve left seventy two supporters dead. fans charged on to the pitch after toensing from rival al-ali fans from cairo many have died were crushed in panic. an official inquiry blamed fans and poor security but al masri supporters continued to believe they were unfit for. we've been wrong all
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this time the stadium has been shut down for the past six years all the supporters are good people who love football and love the club. returning to the stadium to three wow they beat sammy inside green buffalo for new proving that's no place like home. to pyongyang and the winter olympics now there was plenty of action on day two with the men's slopestyle snowboarding producing two incredible stories the gold medal went to red gerard who claimed the u.s.a.'s first medal of the games and you're out is just seventeen years old and still trains in his backyard and colorado impressive stuff but despite the teenager's stunning performance there was another man on the podium who could claim an even greater achievement canada's mark mcmorris managed to win a bronze just eleven months after a crash left him fighting for his life. and here in germany it's carnival season and thousands of revelers have been dressing up and flashy costumes to celebrate
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many groups take part in the festivities by creating humorous floats for huge parades on rose monday and this year the jewish community of just is joining in the fun. revelers in germany's carnival strongholds like here in cologne have been getting into party mode well in advance of monday's big parades. in neighboring this year's procession will feature a novelty for the first time the jewish community is taking part in the parade with its own slogan. right now we're experiencing a sharp increase in anti semitism in germany. you can lament it you can argue about it or you can approach it with a sense of humor. that's why the jewish community is contributing a satirical flowed out of. the slow chose the one nine hundred century german writer heinrich china with a kippa and prayer beats the distance of native converted from judaism to
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christianity to get around precious ban on jews teaching at university. today the jewish community still harbors mixed emotions towards konovalov. during the nazi era the carnival parades we used to stir up hatred against germany's jewish population. as a huge issue there are not within our community there were two or three people who said why are you doing this have you lost your mind they're still troubled by what happened in the past. many cannibal fans have welcomed the jewish communities decision to get involved a lot of young people in particular didn't always have a sense of history or aren't aware of all the things that happens in the past it's good we're still being reminded of it in college that it's not that a jewish flow is needed that shouldn't be the case. because muslim if there is a muslim i think it's a case of the jewish community as a float we all parted to give it a look at me as a kind of a. the float will also include
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a special guest the head of muslim community he'll be in costume as a persian poet. kind of i'm not a carnival and it's also hard for me personally because as you know alcohol is an issue for muslims within our muslim community our leadership board debated at length and considered the pros and cons but the pros one and we want to support sending a signal the mission had he says acknowledge. that you religious leaders want to underscore that germany's jews and muslims them side by side and not only at carnival time. and just a reminder of the top stories we're following here for you a russian passenger plane has crashed outside moscow shortly after taking off from the capital officials say all seventy one people on board the airlines jet on route to the city of or were killed. south africa's governing african national congress is set to meet on monday to discuss the future of president jacob zuma he is under mounting
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pressure to step down amid corruption allegations his rival. could move into the top spot. you know go away because coming up after the break we have the bonus league featuring all the goals from sunday's german soccer action that includes the relegation clash between bremen and perth with both clubs fighting for bundesliga survival this one it was always going to be a feisty affair stay with us right here and find out what happens. when. they make a commitment.


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