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tv   Pop Xport - Bands Trends and Events - the Best Music from Germany  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm CET

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the trail t.-w. dot com meets the german. takes place or similarly. with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special . for a true. player then such a long line. welcome to our special edition of pop exports today show is all about german techno superstars scooter. will be watching them while the crowds meeting up but from an h.p. baxter and finding out the secret of their phenomenal success. skills are among the
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most popular dance music acts in the world how did frontman h.b. backstab and he's musicians make it to the top we'll take a closer look at their incredible success story. their concerts are wild techno parties everyone can chant along with their simple vocals here scooter gets the fins on the floor for over two decades now the german trio has been turning out hits for international dance floors. thank you it's pretty incredible a lot of sometimes a combo leave it i can't get my head around how long it's been. like to focus on the here and now look to the immediate future. i don't intend to do it on the past yet he saw why he said thank i.
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ever since they started out in one thousand nine hundred three scooter have polarized audiences to some frontman h.p. baxter and the guys are the best thing that ever happened to electronic dance music to others their everything that's wrong with it. was. scooter's response is to make videos that mock themselves the single. can't stop the hard core samples a classic greek sipped tuckey tune and give it the classic scooter treatment. scooter have an especially ecstatic fan base in northern european countries like finland. so for a reason it feels exactly like it did in the one nine hundred ninety s.
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. this is a scooter logo that we've been taking to every concert since nine hundred ninety nine. scooter have sold over thirty million records worldwide so they're well aware who they have to thank for their success i was sold a story it's all there was out of the fans who stayed with us for years but more have just kept coming. and they keep coming right to this day for because that's how you pop think of this is how scooter sounded back in one nine hundred ninety four the band from cannes over scored a major hit with their second single hyper hyper. and since then scooter have been buzzing up and down the charts their formula works just as well as ever fast beats catchy melodies and rousing battle cries. thanks. scooter have since released over fifty singles and established
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a constant presence on the european charts even so critics still like to make fun of their simple lyrics. the message of the text you have to look at our lyrics in the context of the music and how they work together. they might not contain any meaningful message but they make people feel euphoric. fizz leave. them. even today no matter which part of russia i met people come up to me beaming and greet me with a euphoric much is the. kind of. the phrase may be devoid of meaning but it's world famous and all across europe.
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thank you thank you thank you you are one of the most hard driving bands of the international dance scene every year they play countless live shows from moscow to slow and they have absolutely no intention of taking the time out. there's no point in always keeping something alive that's going retro we've got a huge repertoire of classics. trucks typical scooter techno trucks that we have to play now and that. but at least we try to reinvent ourselves and transform everything so it goes with the new time. you know it's high pos. so they waste no time with thoughts of quitting even after more than two decades scooter means raving nonstop.
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twenty seven teams all the techno giants released in one thousand studio album. immediately stormed into the top ten of the german charts the video for the single hit my gabba featuring. was filmed on location in tokyo. thank. you.
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they live.
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with you. pay to get a stage name is h.b. baxter but he doesn't mind it is fans call him scooter when i spotted on the street after all he's the face of the band pop exports special meets the man behind the stage persona. cross-eyed blonde black clad extrovert in public h.p.
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back to my eyes is the macho party animal. doesn't find its home space i get is that his real name is a man of refined tastes his especially fond of tinted cars this nine hundred seventy three jaguar is among the tools of his collection. he's also a fan of english antiques but if those. of you. love the look of old english movies or films furniture that's one hundred years old a moment even be fashionable in two hundred years time because it was never fashionable in the first place. anymore to. genuine i love the comfortable feel of it. sitting in a leather chair in front of a roaring fire is a form that's just my think this is just the sort. of file when it comes to music too hence the only skews it back in the u.k.
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. has been a clear separation between one space i get is and his alter ego h p that. is. i want to go so far as to say that one spared to get this is more boring but he's definitely quieter more of a homebody and possibly even a bit more conservative than you'd expect. that's fine i think you need to draw a line somewhere where you'd go crazy. by the way. he was born in one nine hundred sixty four in a small town in northern germany and studied law in hanover before switching to music full time now in his fifty's is learn to appreciate the moments of quiet refined tea no wonder given his roots you know. the smells really good if. born and raised in east freesia. an integral part of
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the local culture of the speciality there is a blend of salon and a bit of darjeeling and it's very strong almost black and you drink it with rock sugar and cream. and. the top is. a man of contradictions at home hanspeter is reserved and day we say even a bit old fashioned. on the stage he transforms into a speed baxter and natural performer. television his dog does what it should but it's important to hold on to your sense of fun and stay in touch with desired geist brought up you need to keep drawing inspiration but without losing sight of who you are because i'm still youthfully here it's possible i'm not going to reinvent myself as a german language singer songwriter with a guitar any day soon that'll never happen but scooter tries to be as versatile as
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possible so. please i get is knows what audiences want and how to give it to them the fact he's never taken himself too seriously is also obvious in this video which screws are produced in collaboration with a dash comedy group. scooter are known to work with other musicians regularly in twenty fourteen yo ass rap wiz khalifa featured on paper implants although he doesn't appear in the video for the track it's well worth checking out.
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was. body. time now for some more exciting stories about scooter and export extras. back in the nineteen eighties h.p. baxter was making a very different sound in one thousand nine hundred seventy along with rick jordan he founded since pulp and celebrate the nine. x.
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be back to assisted but it might seem was also a member of the group. that second single will you be that made it to number five on the board club charts in the u.s. to. cut. back the band broke up in the into ninety two a year later his future in that sound the same you. just spread it and doesn't use his image to promote his music in twenty thirteen he appeared in a russian t.v. ad craze an electronics chain was when i told her i hold anything more powerful he also was new takes the votes food and i was given the lines in the script in advance to practice with an assistant. she read it out loud and i repeated. but who
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knows what i really ended up saying i wouldn't really know. the musicians foray into advertising didn't end with asking tina's in twenty fifteen he appeared in an ad for a german supermarket chain flamboyant as a oh mark the first. i know when i'm french troops. were killed cake. this is an advantage because an international incident in august twenty seventh team by taking part in a music festival in balaklava in crimea the black sea peninsula has been occupied by russia since twenty fourteen by international rules it still counts as part of ukraine. anyone entering crimea from russian territory as did h.p. baxter and his band mates is breaking ukrainian law now ukraine has opened legal
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proceedings against them they could face up to eighty years in prison. she says they went to where they were breaking any laws they just wanted to visit their fans . everything from the vibrant world of music on facebook and. stories of stars and the latest from the music scene. massive kill in two thousand and seven when i knocked madonna off the top of the british album charts with their album jumping all over the world. here's the title track.
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live .
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live. live. live. live. live live. live . let's take
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a closer look now at scooter's incredible success the group of landed more than twenty top ten singles in germany alone and stormed the charts in several other countries to their secret. lives kate his first international hits was rebel yell if you can answer about the great generation. in fact it's a cover of a hit from the eighty's but i've been the idol specifically to realize the potential of taking hits everyone and giving them the take. the main thing is knowing how to repackage it it's funny you have to pick up on certain elements that lend themselves to reworking you know i think that's the.
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core you can't just steal a tune and assume it will be a hit it's never that easy. those who are for the sort of. skits have sampled all sorts of checks ever be yes some fans probably don't even know all the original bashan. and. if you like this if it chimes song from nine hundred seventy nine to get. another trademark is a speech that's just so cool that shouts. to function is nothing more no less than fun. sometimes i think it's funny when people start philosophizing quite seriously about the lyrics and say what kind of bull is this. for example with the single oyo you
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swallow everywhere i go all the ladies want to touch me of course it's a mix of wishful thinking and i'm making fun of myself or. sharing the responsibility for today's scrooge you sound is. a young d.j. and producer from austria he joined the crew in twenty fourteen. she and one local mission because sometimes they've got funny words for think that there are lots of things which can't really be described in one word especially in producing music but the guys have come up with words that they use just as naturally as if they were in the dictionary to denote a particular sound or something like that since all those overtighten and. such for example did did did. it may not be in the dictionary but it's a skit
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a classic and just too good not to recycle say jim. these tech never. even excuse to keep on taking flak for their sound they don't feel too terribly paul that by the critics call them sky and. music even if no one of them it said we sell a lot of records by dean so when we hear people saying oh yes who listens to them. we know there must be more people out there who enjoys going to let a young sign that almost as many. cd sell to. schools has stayed true to their basic sound for over twenty years now maybe they never had had with success. screeches first global hit for nine hundred ninety four mixed techno beats with the
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band's trademark spoken lyrics style to the stage. to greet the band on stage enjoy this classic track until next time on pop export. i thought. i i thought
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. cele ha ha ha ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha please.
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click play. play . this is g.w. news live from berlin on the american bows a stage at the helm the german chancellor says she will see through a full term as head of government and her party of the she faces a groundswell of dissatisfaction from her own the rank and file also coming up russian investigators searched the snow for clues as to why an airliner went down soon after taking off from la.


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