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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2018 1:02am-1:30am CET

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paving the way for the end of his scandal plagued presidency but he defines refuses to go saying he's done nothing wrong it is a power struggle for the soul of a nation i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. with. troops who are in the post or do good be very good ones or group through a good word for it to be disposed of for. good reason or good for groups or for sure that there are groups who can be recruits are good. troops our. troops who is going through search through through three to six months all the groups leave the longer he stays there more use going to cost us. from out of his post so very uneasy at the go between heads even on folks that are absent in south africa but only if you don't think for change for the better especially economies that could
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move away from john's teachers as well i would really like to say about that it's time for you to step down. we begin with an on certain political future in south africa the ruling a.n.c. party has confirmed it has told jacob zuma to step down but getting him to go could prove messy the scandal ridden president is under no constitutional obligation to leave and he has defiantly insisted that he needs more time his years as president have been marred by allegations of widespread corruption but the party has until now stood by their man we'll ask an expert what has changed and what might happen next first here's what the a.n.c. secretary general had to say in a statement on tuesday. the national executive ones i didn't say. to but it was it is it will be. about. this issue. for
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good in the short short period of time frames. this replace believe is over. so that. the president. was once more believe this time is too short. there was the cooperation between all of us president of the north of the only thing is that. would be sure to be two terms of the process where we call or what do we expect to do with the experts in. two i don't know what. let's leave it to the rest of their groups. and for more let's bring in melanie miller from the german institute for international and security affairs thank you so much for joining us tony thank you can even. we just heard there at the a.n.c.
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secretary general saying let's leave it to zuma surely that cannot be a plan given zuma defiance and his refusal to step down so what do you think happens now going forward could zuma still be in power three months from now six months from now whether it does very difficult to say at the moment and i find it very difficult to speculate he has called for a press press briefing tomorrow morning so we'll see what is going on it doesn't seem that he's going to step down immediately because if he would do so have a clear he addressed the nation and not the media. you know. why not just hold a vote of no confidence in parliament why isn't the a.n.c. just doing that zuma would be pretty swiftly removed i wouldn't say yes i think so but it would also make him look weak and i think the. the trying to avoid death because it would also make you organization to make it up the organization because it's at least what a lot of people donate and so you think i'm pretty sure that they would get
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a simple majority did this needed for a motion of no confidence but it would also expose people who don't support it with india and people who support still part of his network and i think that's why to try to avoid it as well so it's easier if he steps down. this is a man he has been dogged by so much controversy i just want to bring us back to where it all began because he was replaced as deputy president of south africa's changed now specifically within the a.n.c. and within the country well i think and as you could see in the report people are fed up with jacob zuma there's been more allegations of state capture coming up which means. you know he has developed strong corrupt networks and people see to it so and he doesn't deliver i think dead as one problem and get a hand there is now an alternative for the around my post was been elected head of the a.n.c. in december twenty seventh team. president of. likely become the south african
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president. as an opportunity now and i think they need it because if they don't remove. the elections coming up in probably the beginning of twenty nineteen. more and more weak and it will be difficult not to lose more voters than they've already had in the last election and be enthusiasm also was pretty apparent when he was elected as party had back in december why are so many people though pinning the hopes on him i mean why would he be any different. yeah i mean he is not part of network and i think he's a product of the same party yes he is a product of the same party but i think i mean the a.n.c. is. still a very important party for south africa as being the former liberation from and so that's one thing and then of course he's played a bad role in america in a massacre which he admitted to but now. i think people don't see him as being part
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of some fraction. talk that he would fight corruption. and also i think he has a spine and people. he's developed a vision for south africa that he might be the right one to enforce that but you know he promised the public for example that's it was future would be finalized during the meeting on monday that obviously has not happened yet how badly has that damaged his position well i think it has damaged his position because it makes him look weak but i think he looks weaker than he is. as i said it's a big party and they have different direction still and there are people who support . means if doesn't want to divide to party he somehow has to find a solution. and then they can somehow manage to work
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together with the two fractions and he would also get support from the form assume a fiction and he will of course if he runs for president next year he's going to need to support of the whole party and i think for the a.n.c. unity is an important it's very important and he would inherit a country with quite a lot of problems i want to talk a little bit more about not because we know that south africa is africa's strongest economy or rather its most powerful economy but right now it is certainly facing a host of challenges isn't it yeah yeah i mean that it could make situation is very bad the country's been downgraded to junk status. then we have a go at south africa has an education crisis. unemployment is very high. a lot of people live on the deposits and so it's a lot of problems and corruption doesn't help because it's weak leadership it doesn't bring the change that are necessary at the moment. melanie miller from the
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german institute for international and security affairs joining us to talk a little bit more about this on certain political future in south africa especially with regard to the current president jacob zuma we appreciate it thank you. well south africans are trying to figure out president zuma future will he resign will he try to stick it out a whole lot of questions surrounding that there has been so much speculation recently that some citizens are turning to social media for clues in particular an instagram post by one of his four wives it looks like a simple selfie post last week by the first lady of her president of her and the president of zuma but some south africans say that her comments on this post might clue us into his intentions she has responded to a commenter in zulu saying that zuma will finish what he started because he doesn't take orders beyond the atlantic ocean so does that mean that zuma won't be stepping
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down or will he just a few days after that controversial comment the first lady changed her instagram user name it had previously been first lady is in love but it has now been changed to her full name of political fate is such a big discussion on social media that earlier today five of the top ten twitter hash tags in south africa were related to the crisis and many there say that it is paralyzing the nation for example one woman in johannesburg writes my life has come to a standstill for the last two weeks i don't even go to the gym as i spend all of my time waiting for zuma meaning or rather zags it she writes mean exuma exit she writes i've done this is the rate zuma will all at this rate zuma will only leave when i am fat. others are casting blame on the a.n.c. as well one lawyer here writing zuma didn't keep himself in power the a.n.c. did zuma didn't protect himself from eight motions of no confidence the a.n.c.
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did zuma alone didn't obscure the truth with lies and upsets the a.n.c. did zuma alone is not the problem zuma exit and cartoonists also having a field day one cartoonist writes this cartoon it basically shows president zuma holding on by his fingernails us his deputy president attempts to literally drag him from office saying nearly there please be patient just a bit more patience needed as we heard zuma expected to address the nation on wednesday perhaps more. israeli police say that they have enough evidence to recommend that prosecutors consider charging prime minister benjamin netanyahu with bribery following a fourteen month investigation the recommendation has been handed to the country's attorney general netanyahu denies wrongdoing in a combative t.v. address he said that all recommendations against him will quote end with nothing he
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said that he will continue to lead israel responsibly and faithfully the prime minister has been questioned several times over the past year and is a suspect in two separate cases. israel's prime minister benjamin bibi netanyahu has held the post nine years but now his political future seems the best. for many months a special police unit has been investigating serious allegations against the prime minister these probes known to israelis as cases one and two thousand case one thousand netanyahu and his family is suspected of accepting lavish gifts from business people and rich friends champagne cigars and other items worth tens of thousands of israeli shekels in case two thousand the prime minister allegedly tried to influence the publisher of a daily newspaper in order to receive more favorable coverage. netanyahu has built
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his career on the image of mr security according to surveys he's still the favorite prime minister of many israelis but in the last few months some israelis have gone out to protest calling the attorney general to speed up the investigation. it's now up to the attorney general to decide whether to follow the recommendations of the police netanyahu himself has denied all accusations and called the investigations a witch hunt against him and his family. for more i'm joined now by middle east correspondent tanya kramer who is joining us live from israel this evening so tanya netanyahu has responded apparently defiantly to these allegations tell us more. well this has been certainly a major news development here in israel i mean for months now has been this cloud hanging over the prime minister for these many months of investigation now it's official and israelis will be able to find out the details of the investigation now
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that police has found enough evidence as it appears to recommend a possible indictment in private and also preach of trust in both cases case one thousand and case two thousand and prime minister netanyahu has always said and that has been his montreal a long day will be nothing because day is nothing he immediately went out to address the israeli public about these three commendations saying that he wants to stay and he votes to stay the prime minister wants to continue leave the country that he feels that his family and himself have been so many times attacked over a geisha and accusations and also he repeated again that there will be nothing because there is nothing how can he be so sure though tanya just walk us through what the next steps might be and what he could be facing. well these are now every
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commendations by the police now it's in the hands of the attorney general to decide whether to indict the prime minister or not and that could take some time as we understand but of course in the coming days and weeks to be looking also at the political arena what will happen there now his coalition partners already have said that they some of them at least will wait what the attorney general decides and then the joy of their own conclusions but obviously also the israeli public will have a say in that we saw in the past couple of months i have been demonstrations to speed up those investigations tell us a little bit more about the exact allegations i mean we've heard about this for example this case one thousand where he is suspected of accepting gifts from billionaire benefactors what are the details there well the details are still coming out but what the allegations are that he has been for many years
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taken gifts and it was always called the champagne and cigar case that he has taken gifts from businessmen especially this one producer that has been always mentioned and that has been. many tens of thousands of israeli shekels now what the question you asked for the police has he actually given some favors in return now we're waiting for all the details to come out on that and the case one thousand has more to do with favorite you know influencing a publisher to get more favorite coverage but to be understand that deal hasn't been really implemented at the end tanya cramer with the latest from israel where as we mentioned there are reports that police have enough evidence to recommend that prosecutors consider charging prime minister benjamin netanyahu with bribery tanya thank you for your reporting. and netanyahu is not the only person facing
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legal problems in israel the highly divisive trial of a palestinian teenager got underway behind closed doors at a military court in israel were her acts a valid protest or a violent provocation well for palestinians. has become a symbol of their struggle against israel's occupation of the west bank she faces twelve charges including assault and incitement footage of the seventeen year old slapping and pushing two israeli soldiers after the shooting of her younger cousin last year a put her story in the spotlight international humanitarian rights groups and the european union have criticised israel's handling of the miners case the case has also ignited debate about what is and what is not a legitimate form of resistance to occupation. this was the video that went viral palestinian teenager i had to mean me pushes first one and then
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a second israeli soldier standing guard on the family property then she lashes out again the film sparked fierce debate the palestinians are head is a symbol of resistance to the israeli occupation for others including many israelis she's a provocateur. within days of this incident i had was detained by israeli special forces. at home in the west bank her father passed them to me is now following her trial bassam rejects charges that the family was exploiting the video for political means he says they were only recording what happened. we want to show the world was the cry of them in the land was the victim we always that committed to protect ourself because if there is no camera he will. like how much before it went the minutes we use coming up because it's part of what we want to know what nonviolent resistance now our head is being tried by an israeli military court cases twelve
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charges including assault and incitement a mother also faces trial for aiding her this is where it all happened the village of not be sadly in the occupied west bank close by the jewish settlement of had a mish settlers there have taken control of the villages water source a much of the land prompting years of protest. from a young age i had to mimi has been seen online defiantly confronting israeli soldiers the protests often end with the palestinians throwing stones and the israeli army responding with rubber bullets and tear gas. on the day the video was posted an israeli soldier had shot our heads cousin mohammed at close range with a rubber bullet inflicting serious injury the fifteen year old is still recovering . it is made me more afraid of the soldiers because they
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shoot anyone in the head or the fairies or wherever now the rubber bullets hit you very hard. and many israelis view the protests as part of a palestinian propaganda machine to make the israeli military look bad and that something the israeli government has little tolerance for they want to send a message to this family and also the village that basically this kind of. way in which there's a lot of videos to try to show off israeli soldiers evil that this that kind of profiting off this as. the state kind of accuses this family of having done that this is not going to go on. israeli human rights activists say that our head case also sheds light on israel's controversial practice of detaining palestinian children and trying them by military courts now i had to mimi look set to be facing a long jail sentence with the courts here having a conviction rate of over ninety percent.
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melting ice sheets in greenland and antarctica are speeding up the already fast rise in sea levels that's the finding from researchers at the national academy of sciences and the united states they've been studying twenty five years of satellite data and they predict that by the end of the century the world's oceans will be more than sixty centimeters higher than today. rising sea levels of already flooding the homes of people in the marshall islands in the south pacific that powerless against the salt water which has made the farmland barren and replace the fresh water. new satellite imagery shows that other low lying nations are also under threat to the countries that are vulnerable as those with coastal regions that could be germany's coast which is experiencing rising sea levels as well as small island nations around the world like fiji.
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the main finding of the new study climate change is driving rising sea levels global warming melts glaciers and ice caps the oceans warm up the salt water expands and sea levels rise policymakers are under pressure to act especially against coal the most polluting of the fossil fuels. political pressure to battle climate change is heating up all the countries need to stick to the paris accords and that means global access from coal it's a big challenge for the new german government. preparations for the rising seas are already being made along germany's north sea coast flooding is becoming more frequent and powerful so dams and dikes must be strengthened the
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investment will cost billions of euros but it's the only way to protect the coastline. it is that time of year again with just days to go until the opening of this year's berlin international film festival known as the berlin wall up before tickets started going on sale people even camped out overnight to be first in line to the festival kicks off on thursday and here's a preview of two films that are in store. aisle of dogs is set in a dystopian future japan due to a dangerous dog flu the canine population is rounded up and banished to trash island acharya as a young boy whose dog is among those seats he goes to the island in search of his beloved pet spot. it may be an unusual choice to open the belly nala with an animated film but festival director dieter coslet says it was an easy one to make definitely not a difficult decision to open up. best and that's in film and this is
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a very specific case and as in film and the main cost and the main stars are box i have to say. a lot of fun but also a serious story and i wouldn't say it is and i mean mation film of course it's and i'm asian for but it's the best and. another billion dollar favorite steven soderbergh will be screening his new film unsane which was shot. of li on i phones in the psychological thriller a woman insists she's being followed but no one believes her when she ends up in a mental institution her stalker seems to be there to. get a thorough background. he's here or maybe it's all in my head. this is.
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also highly anticipated is seven days in entebbe the new film by the golden bear winning brazilian director josie. his new film is about the one nine hundred seventy six hijacking of an air france plane by german and palestinian terrorists given the director's reputation for high tension action pictures tickets first screenings are sure to sell out quickly. here we go. to the and beyond so much to look forward to at the berlin alah with that the day is almost gone but don't forget as ever the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter facebook and instagram either i have news my handle is at sarah kelly t.v. don't forget you can use the hash tag the day and finally now britain's prince harry and fiance meghan markle have been paying an official visit to scotland's main city we will leave you now with some images from their walkabout around edinburgh castle and joy and hope to see him again soon. and and.
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when i wake up and. think i'm. going to be good from mixtape. bob bought. the. plane. from.
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samoa dr kim jong mosques. long. spoke of. the scars on samoa the past. six months for god. the first city and. they have survived. but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something new in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance to start this city's after war starting march tenth on t w.
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everybody welcome to the show today among other things we'll show you just how easy it is to avoid hangovers is what's coming up.


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