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tv   Doc Film - North Korea v The World What does Kim Jong Un want  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2018 2:15am-3:00am CET

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we make up of what we watch as of office that under such a fight we ought to seventy seven percent of. the want to shape the continent's future to. be part of enjoying african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent to keep the peace platform for africa charting.
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it said he always has his finger on the nuclear button locked in a high stakes poker game with the u.s. we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. but does kim jong only really have nuclear warheads and the missiles to deliver them some experts don't think he does at least not yet is he if there are no real plugs this would vibrate it looks like it's from the local hardware store. it's not negotiating until he has his full full nuclear deterrence and the world knows a. fool .
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it's early in the morning and we're heading to a depot for decommissioned rockets. i'm accompanied by an arms and security expert marcos. he studied north korea's bomb and missile tests though he's never visited the country. i've been there several times as a reporter. all i ever saw was allegedly combat ready army were trucks powered by wood gas. this is footage shot in secret of a starving in far as the land. here in the fog chiller is sure we'll find rockets just like the ones north korea as we are in fact in ukraine and driving to an old soviet military base near odessa . sure there does not believe north korea has the capability to develop missiles
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why itself or at high speed. by. any explanation in my view is that they have received help if it is easier if you buy stuff than if you build it all yourself. this rocket looks familiar to sure. there's an official this is a solid propellant rocket with you know how surprising that north korea suddenly had some that whacked. he's going to compare what we found at this depot to photos from north korea this is a turbopump a key component in any rocket. fuel at the cost in chamber of the rocket engine for the tanks it's like fuel injection for. such advanced metals technology is not something any country could develop overnight. back at the airport in odessa schiller compares his. otos with propaganda material from north
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korea. located on the left a rocket in the ad that was twenty twelve if you see how similar the calories the white band around the nose and another one of the rear on the motor column. of the part is in of the forehead operate we see the shape quite clearly this it is identical this is clearly the same model. and that russian turbopump also reappears in p.r. pictures with kim from twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen. this is the turbopump we just saw. a look at the exhaust outlet and then look at this one on the engine and. you can go look surprisingly similar they have the same shape and it ties into the form. of. kim jong un may boast about the capabilities of his homemade rockets but are
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they really up to snuff or is he putting on a show to intimidate the united states a list of missiles capable of hitting the us mainland. german aerospace engineer professor. is convinced kim is bluffing he's based in munich he was a u.n. weapons inspector in iraq and he used to design rockets himself with me right there is so sure in one version of good chiller have worked together on analyzing north korea's missile program they conclude that kim jong un must have received considerable help from abroad. in particular from the former soviet union. these is deeply ak is in didn't see this engine was built in the one nine hundred seventy s. then came disarmament and they were decommissioned. google's making and that means
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lots of these engines are lying around somewhere in depots and if it doesn't have to go missing who's going to notice that's. simply copying my design he says is not an option. the engines are extremely complex that scene inside it's three thousand degrees kelvin that's almost as hard as the sun. and the pressure is a man's plus the engines have to be very light made of thin sheet metal to get all that right takes a long time and a lot of practice. to be. what about the submarine launched ballistic missiles north korea claims to have developed the evidence is not convincing on some photos they have rather flaps on others they don't hear entire sections are missing. kim really observed it first launched from such close quarters is unthinkable. ten tons of solid fuel flying out of the water if
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it had exploded kinship would have been totally destroyed. huge missiles are regularly on display at military parades in pyongyang our experts say they're fakes amateurish fakes says he and they want to show off how much they've got but it's just cobbled together smoke and mirrors. that examples of the very same model of missile look different. it's like if you compare the same spot on the one missile the gap between the fins is much greater than on the other. this one has a trap the other doesn't. live so badly made you really have to feel sorry for them . my head to south korea to discuss the matter with experts there they also think the north's nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles program is more blood than substance. a south korean capital seoul is just fifty
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kilometers from the border within reach of conventional artillery. from the north twenty five million people live in the metropolitan area. the last time north korea reversed a large scale attack was in spring two thousand and seventeen kim jong un was there to watch. his great enemy the united states has close to thirty thousand servicemen and women stationed in south korea. and so on i go to see chad o'carroll he's a security analyst and journalist and runs the n.k. news website he says it would be wrong to underestimate north korea's military capabilities. we are we were in for the buff very from a u.s. military perspective the department of defense has to take seriously any risk
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a missile and reach the east or west course of the united states and we're now basically at war and so even if it's a one in five chance that twenty million people can die what is you know what does that really mean we have to take that seriously. ok errol agrees that north korea receives assistance from abroad he shows me satellite images of a recent military parade in pyongyang. to the left of the crowd or a row of missiles on trucks he says many of the transporters were imported from china and there are more of them than previously believed. hey we can see about two one two kilometers away from kim il sung's square where the viewing took place in place and there is one spare unit of every missile type tank you name it. japan is evidently the source for other equipment
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such as special cranes have you crying in these folks eyes which come from north korean state media you can see the crane is actually being used to do lift the missile from the seventy's gone on to the transporter erector the launch and it's just they i did it in full twenty seventeen where there's so much scrutiny on north korea special weapons programs it's very difficult to sort of understand that. it looks like united nations sanctions on north korea including an extensive trade embargo are not being fully implemented we drive along the hundred or towards it's esther wary to look across at north korea. nearby is the joint security area at panmunjom the only spot on the border where soldiers from the two koreas come face to face. in
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january delegations from the north and south met here. for such a handshake a rare stunning event. this is the north making nice. but last december it showed its cruel face at the same spot. a north korean soldier defected and came under fire from the north even after he had crossed into the south. that was a violation of the korean armistice agreement he was rescued by south korean soldiers and flown down a special is since recovered from his wounds. while the border between the two koreas is closed the one between the north and china is open
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. this is the chinese city of dun dun. and this is the view across the yano river to north korea the friendship bridge links the two countries and is a major conduit for goods going in both directions. i mean we have a couple sources in downtown as well this is a convoy of trucks going through the chinese customs house just before they cross the friendship bridge but you can see the share amount of cob varies you would need an army of people to be telling us there are things and the current u.n. sanction just density recall it has to be very thorough he says to ensure it is night and materials that may breach sections but on a good day you might have to three hundred of these kind of trucks passing the bridge. and each one of them you know maybe forty tons that's the it's
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a lot of stuff. but. these aren't north korean weapons but those of south korea and the united states. they regularly conduct joint maneuvers in the south which regularly rile kim jong on his enemies flexing their muscles all the more reason he feels he needs nuclear weapons to defend his country and himself who would want to end up like those other dictators saddam hussein in iraq and warmonger dopy in libya first year burns aboard the korean war ended in one nine hundred fifty three but a peace treaty has yet to be signed u.s. bombing devastated the north people there have not forgotten while relations between the two koreas have been mainly tense there have also been episodes of engagement and to taunt. in two thousand south korean president kim dae jong visited pyongyang to meet north korean leader kim jong il the father of kim jong un
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. kim de jong received the nobel peace prize for his efforts to promote peace and reconciliation. an architect of his sunshine policy of reconciliation was join me and moon there was a time when north korea and the united states even talked to each other was that possible very simple ok where they were there was a train of circumstances unites to the united states decent what north koreans would say ok and they didn't demonize north korea they treated north korea is a normal count and leadership commitment was and i've been put in that and it was a very effective in the communication channels. says things might not be so bad now if the current us administration were willing to negotiate instead the us president derides and threatens kim jong on. rocket man is on
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a suicide mission for himself and for his regime those kinds of so-called hostile rhetorics could be very very counter productive and honestly he has been elevating condolence that has to he still is. tells us he remains committed to dialogue even though he too has been the target of verbal attacks from north korea. vietnam and i've not. met the north koreans and i told the north koreans ok ok i came here the dog american imperialist here how the hell do you can you can criticize me in that way i've been walking with you with all my heart and i made a big shouting at the north koreans and the north korean delegation told me that mr moon did to provoke handle the situation in our organisation department of united
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front we have a different view work work propaganda propaganda don't be detracted don't be disturbed by the propaganda. you are outsiders it's even harder to distinguish between propaganda and policy reliable information about the kim dynasty which has ruled north korea for three generations now is also hard to come by. the current leader kim jong un has seen more of the outside world than one might imagine. we are heading to a suburb of burn in switzerland to meet a teacher. in the late ninety's there was a north korean boy in his seventh grade class. it was said he was the son of somebody who worked at the embassy.
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is to stand tall he was introduced as own pocket for me he was just a regular boy he spoke a german we were able to communicate like sporty clothes basketball attire n.b.a. gear box and i think he was one of the first people i knew who had an m p three player. a small i named peter i played it in. years later facial analysis concluded with ninety five percent certainty that the boy really was kim agrees and says he was confident but not brash despite the expensive gear. and pressure like that cost one hundred francs the night the trousers to the nike air trainers three hundred and he had lots of pairs i was a show off night no he didn't flaunted me he did not try to be anything special. i
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found him to be a well adjusted young man. while the young kim jong un enjoyed his ninety's in switzerland starvation was killing countless children back home crop failure many fish and agriculture economic mismanagement but the regime always blamed its arch enemy the united states. in two thousand and one came jones' oldest half brother kim jong nam was. to the tokyo airport trying to enter japan on a fake dominican republic passport he said he wanted to visit disneyland. in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's north korea abducted a number of children and young adults from japan so they could teach japanese to it spies decades later a few were allowed to return home. in
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two thousand and two north korea finally revealed what it had done people in japan were aghast. junichiro koizumi was prime minister of japan at the time he and his diplomats had persuaded north korea to make that admission meant to apologize as a precondition for moves to start normalizing bilateral relations. but laying the groundwork took a lot of preparation this process highlighted the tricky moral issues involved in dealing with despots itoshi to knock out a senior advisor to chorizo me held many secret talks with the north to have all been team five to thirteen times. new initiations the new mission old time took place in the weekends there are a couple of gifts me that well me is the trip by the japanese prime
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minister to north korea because of. no. the getting prime minister to come to north korea itself is kind of a big folder to tell to the people here we are the. prime minister came to this country to apologize for north korea. the regime said that five of those abducted were still alive and they would be allowed to visit japan without issue seemingly resolved to signed a joint declaration relations looked like they might be on the mend. immediately you know we would like to see the. survivors so. that sort of meeting the. will to see them. beat
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that is a key element for us. to trust trust i mean it's difficult to verify. anything because it's a secret mission and it's not democratic mission therefore there is no accountability those five survivors remained in japan north korea said they had to be sent back and accused the japanese government of breaking its promise charges that you broke a promise i said. you're kidding because also our job is who object to it by you how could you sort of. decide the fate of those people. another act of terror any given the estranged half brother was evidently considered a threat so kim jong un had him murdered if you doubt it was used during the attack
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took place in public at kuala lumpur airport. kim jong nam was about to fly to mcconnell where he was living in exile he was caught on surveillance video just minutes before he died. in the malaysian authorities won't talk about the case all requests for interviews with investigators and other officials were rejected but we did find a journalist willing to discuss it. i get a phone call from my father the police will say we just figured this out there was this sort of an excessive suspicion of poisoning attempts. budget at work and b s you'll get that i was a software does that is a lot it is a side of. you know right can go as they would it yeah he's a half brother gift of us you know our what happened say we don't know what he was
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price it right every father a fan bit of money out of thousand u.s.d. it was bag. investigators determined that two young women one from vietnam and the other from indonesia had each smeared something on space the components of a chemical weapon the v.x. nerve agent. this too it would be small that even dave read off. the state get a fishing pole to add a ball that sort of budget for he said he wasn't feeling well he was something if you could play clearly that it took a basic move actually you did it did it we gave it a hospital and he died they were called fifty a college so who would have to live it was. the first account was that this tool was actually his people one was he's made the decision was made the vietnamese lady was his girlfriend and it changed or they did not he did not know who they were.
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and but they would they were hired to do this police identified further suspects men with ties to the north korean embassy. north korea responded by detaining malaysian nationals in pyongyang as hostages so they could do a prisoner swap. he wanted to arrest them because they did not have diplomatic status. i did what happened was that a standoff between the militia. and the north was the impression from outside is that there's a country there was a case they were doing an excellent job investigating arresting and then they led the ones go that were to be charged actually they ridicule to be let go if i really are clearly the deal but they would not go in exchange for the night missions from back because we have such a special relationship with direct flights we could get everything they could come here with a visa as it was such a special relationship effect up to last year we had offloaded what this working
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alcool minds of the border you're right that it doesn't because we're good because we dropped the ball here but you know in the scheme of all of the things people talk about regime corruption. financial scandals political intrigue is here is this one. mention nations coercion shady dealings north korea is skilled in getting its way not only in malaysia not only to murder fugitive rivals. at the united nations a panel of experts oversees the regime of sank. it was imposed on north korea. they're familiar with the long reach of the kim regime got so he's a photo coward is one of those monitors he tells us how the trade embargo is undermined that. will we see loopholes my question was rather
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where i closed the holes which was so few compared to the number of loopholes loopholes exist only china but also the washer. taiwan south east asia they have also all proteus in europe one example of arms control busting launchers for north korean ballistic missiles are based on trucks manufactured in china key. portion was imported from china in two thousand and that's no there's only twenty four all six recalls how big can fall by the you know nations they have a clear. and even had to pick a set of cajuns which show that you can see if only for fourth if this.
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off road trucks for use in the logging industry are not covered by sanctions so was this a willfully misleading declaration they were used in china for military purposes now so take this company. asked why more serious do diligence which they don't have a problem didn't care maybe even me want to be the theme follow that they can make excuses that they can make money out of north korea. as the power to stop this well that's a question that well i'm i'm sure now is a stuff because you've been part of spotted the ship and the chinese going to do significant the bar asked. the question is when it comes to your sanction it's you know union resolutions who had this unit relations in china should.
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foreign ministry only and if or recently if not even. their founding fusco of the union resolutions could be so complex in my discussion with chinese called the press i always get the impression that they don't get. a deep understanding with lucia's which they agreed. perhaps they chose not to understand but it's not only china that aids and abets north korea and its missile program in two thousand and twelve the south korean navy recovered from the sea what was left of a missile north korea had launched it contained parts from many different countries cobbled together by hand. to fourteen kinds of foreign souls died himself on from the rockets and
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most items manufactured over tapes from the united kingdom sold most of it you know suits. us south korea so all countries which have received exposure control regulation was defeated but that could be a table or speech or whatever oh yes i think that's a key component that's a key while robot smoker is pretty certain that north korea is not in fact making much headway in developing its own ballistic missiles what a coward is not so sure. it's really a hundred craft. you see. that. come. to some. cute. bye bye have you think. so. it's not
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beautiful it doesn't seem to be. productions but it's ok for the screen. they will use the same methods to manufacture. missiles and as a missile. at the united nations the current us administration has called for a total embargo of north korea total isolation to bring it to heel. we call on all nations to cut off all ties with north korea in addition to fully implementing all un sanctions all countries should sever diplomatic relations with north korea and limit military scientific technical or commercial cooperation. that ultra hardline approach is met with little support internationally or within the us evelyn forecast is a security expert and served in the defense department under barack obama i
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disagree with that i mean anything to maintain the dialogue keep the conversation going i think would be useful now i will say defense of the diplomats what i'm hearing from them in private conversations is that the north koreans do not want to talk to our diplomats they're not interested in negotiating and again i think this is because kim jong un has decided he's not negotiating until he has his full full nuclear deterrence and the world knows it. the federal republic of germany has had diplomatic relations with north korea since two thousand and one. as deputy foreign minister would go pharma helped establish them. chancellor at the time was hard schroeder. the situation is dire. security is not guaranteed there will be more famine. and i agree with our foreign minister on
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establishing ties. this is the minister still has to work out the technical details that might take the decision has been taken but. what happened next proved to be a disappointment for north korea did not open up to the world it wanted kids. of. a months later another delegation came. they told us what they wanted a steel plant. they said we should give them one but the turks and company had recently closed that. i had to explain at considerable length that the german government does not have the right to seize private property and give it to somebody else i thought of. the fun. i told them they would have to negotiate and they would be money to pay. they
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didn't like the idea and said this isn't true friendship looks like not the way they see it they were rather dismayed and then they left again. the country wants more than steel plants these two north koreans visiting a dingy cellar in ukraine in two thousand and eleven thought they were stealing plans for advanced missile technology. they were fake it was a sting operation by ukrainian counterintelligence the two had posed as members of a trade delegation they were found guilty of espionage by ukrainian court and are still in prison. north korea has leased part of its embassy in berlin to a hostile but un sanctions ban commercial operations at its embassies just started
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of hard currency revenue. what's more the embassy has been used as a base for espionage and the procurement of money. in this and often also we have to assume that north korea has acquired parts for its missile program on various markets and via shell companies and proxies in foreign countries. and that it has done so in germany as well. i started you rule also said north korea is currently engaged in such procurement activities at its embassy in berlin. and always she is no we cannot rule that out if we become aware of such activities we hold them which we cannot guarantee that we hear about and prevent all such transactions in. the united nations monitors are also concerned they have asked the german authorities about north korea's activities here. we have
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asked to change the government for information about more what technologies will screw us for seeking for but we never got any reply from german government or the united nations the german government for information and they didn't get it. quite often used to respect to germany so most a key key change. i mean i get replies from german government. mr photo card to write all this down for us so we could bring the matter up with the head of germany's domestic intelligence service i asked mr monson about germany's cooperation with the un regarding north korea. i cannot answer your question because i know nothing about this. we do as a rule reply to all inquiries we received by the foreign ministry. but i can
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provide no information on this particular matter. and prepare first. as has been said such inquiries are answered as a rule but that's a huge allegation it is indeed an allegation but from my perspective i would not say it is a serious one. but if it were the president himself would have been approached or i would have been approached by the foreign ministry. and i haven't heard that that has happened. does not amount to a clear denial this is mission remains that germany has failed to support un monitors the way you true now. it's not just small parts that have made their way into kim jong un's missiles things all kinds of goods enter north korea by road.
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we know that get delivered the question is what does it say on the paperwork for the missile components were sent to libya that were declared as water purification equipment. to north korea the volume of deliveries is not great we're not talking about large numbers of items. you know official photos on poses besides impressive looking hardware other missiles are real and are they dangerous but i wouldn't call things that way why not. just something like that on the floor piece of precision engineering on a concrete floor beneath a special cradle. is this a real functional nuclear warhead ready to mount on a missile to quote shelf this complete cables look odd this would vibrate and scream during flight things these are proper sockets it's all very suspect it looks
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like it comes from the local hardware store was with us and it's slotted screws and hex screws the whole thing really is a bit weird but it is god's will. and the chart carefully placed on the wall behind showing the warhead in the missiles nose cone. says it proves nothing. you can go from zero to a fully functioning missile you could actually fire and like i was in this business long enough to know you just can't do it that's the heat. if it is right then its weapons program is not currently as dangerous as north korea would have us believe but is he right what do other experts say how should the international community deal with kim. korea state me in the bluffing that's for sure.
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they say that they have. mustered a high dolton bomb. that can be loaded on to the i.c.b.m. which may not be correct we don't know what we know for sure they have successfully completed it and you can attest we've if the made to feel that of one hundred sixty killed toss which we have never seen before they mean true lies one lot we don't know so for. i look i'm being selfish suction to cable t.v. for mutualization but it's a matter of time i'm an optimist and therefore i believe that it would be and should be negotiated comes through diplomacy but no other options sanctions and precious will have been here in the mutations military actions south korea will strongly oppose it try rochelle will or simply or pause in the military sanction ok
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. whatever regime change. it won't be easy then do you all you wish to revoke the north korean nuclear problem. deila will negotiation of course need to take much longer time but still if united states ok show some signs no only branch to north korea even despite their kinds of domestic challenges can do and will bite american offered we don't want a war where we don't want north korea. nuclear we don't want to in order to do that is there any other alternative but to be patiently negotiated to be while we may exert pressure and to invite china to be more serious the best case scenario would be they don't have a full program they freeze it or they have
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a full capability that's probably not realistically and so that's why i say realistically they have a nuclear weapons program capability they have a deterrent against the united states and our allies and so we just implement you know mutual assured destruction like we have with china russia cetera the north korean government is not going to use nuclear weapons against any country in the world unless it thinks that its existence is at stake meaning there is an impending invasion. unless it responds to a false alarm such as the one in hawaii in january that would be enough to trigger disaster. at the former soviet base in ukraine staff tells us about such a terrifying incident the intelligence had once reported the launch of an enemy nuclear missile.
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through our interpreter a laina tells us that there were always two soldiers on duty here thirty five meters underground at the ready to launch a nuclear counterstrike. war they had twenty seconds to decide whether to do so or not all. that you've heard by flipping two switches at the same time they would send off eight nuclear missiles each targeting a major western city. and the world is talking once again about the risk of nuclear war i mean can you imagine if you talk about a new nuclear war to start or tells me he doesn't think it will come to that everybody knows that would be catastrophic but he is not so sanguine. because no
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one knows what they will do next. plane. leaves. home. going to. honduras fit has been pepped up. after a facelift it's now a snapping city car. slate and here it is a lot all new a class in jam packed with high tech the baby bam sets new standards for compaq's. try a good thirty minutes mock d.w.i. . much of it. surely is
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thank you. through kind of starting february twenty seventh. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu has rejected accusations of corruption accusing police of conducting a witch hunt against him netanyahu made the statement on national television after police recommended he be indicted on bribery and breach of trust charges israel's attorney general must now decide whether to prosecute netanyahu. marchin scholz has stepped down as leader of germany's so.


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