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tv   Close up - China - The New World Power  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2018 10:15am-10:45am CET

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he's a purebred. triumphed over the other finalist after nearly four hours of competitions a tough run for him this year's westminster show included nearly three thousand dogs from the united states and around the world. that's your news wrap thanks so much for being with us. the whole d w one up. for in focus global insights the news out for local heroes. the double made for mines.
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wednesday oct eighteenth twenty seventeen beijing square of heavenly peace has made history many times and even this rainy autumn day come disguised the signs of big changes happening in china. the two thousand communist party delegates climbing the stands to the great hall of the people exude a newfound self-confidence. they. i believe they have the respect of the people
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again and now have little to fear from the existences of everyday political life in china. the nineteenth national congress of the communist party of china heralds its return to robust health after years of moral decline. that. it had been eaten up by corruption ideological disorientation and internal power struggles. until this man took the reins in pain. in just five years he has turned the party around with a combination of strategic aptitude and an iron fist. was.
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the usual we must support the party leadership in everything. the party is the leader in all aspects of national life all members must maintain their political integrity we need to strengthen the ability and determination of the party to draw up plans shaped policies and promote reforms to ensure that the party always takes the lead on coordinates the efforts of everyone involved. g.g. in ping's the most important instrument in securing his power is his anticorruption campaign which he has used to put corrupt party functionaries behind bars including his rivals. the list of those who have been supposedly allowed to make confessions voluntarily is growing by the day britain confessions are like trophies made of paper intended as a warning to the people deviation from the. regimes course will no longer be
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tolerated. and. what worries the current leadership most is the collapse of the soviet union. and this made the chinese communist party very uncomfortable. and people wondered why not a single hero came forward to save what could still be saved when the russian party went into crisis. today's chinese leaders want to create a hero like that. the chinese have a tradition of collective culture they can be miserable on their own to. the war. china has been accumulating problems with society the economy and corruption for decades and without a strong leader the country would be in real trouble that's why is paying has so much harder but he is very different from our and other leaders of the past because
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he has a lot of respect for the rule of law. and he probably learned that from europe. through the more years of all the money she had a. strategy could be called a kind of counter-reformation everything is once more trimmed to fit communism with a large dose of patriotism added to the mix. the party's propaganda machine is running at full speed not only during the party conference but capitalism remains untouched. and. at the time of danger pin you weren't allowed to talk about capitalism but you could simply apply it with china's development model is a capitalist model ours but it has to be accompanied by socialist text that this discrepancy between reality and the way we talk about it has existed for many years yes. let's put it this way the current chinese leadership wants both mao's
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dictatorship as well as the advantages of a market economy. this new patrick ism has a name the chinese dream and to make this chinese dream come true g. ching ping has accrued more power than anyone else in china since mout say dong and deng xiaoping. its new trudy's g jinping the superstar who will lead china into a glorious future this message is not only broadcast to his own people but to the whole world. the math to put for him the parties comes above all else and he's the challenge head of the party is the most powerful man off only in china but possibly the whole world that he knows and from what you know in that it. several days before the party congress party members are already flocking to these exhibition
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grounds in the heart of beijing. the party takes stock of the past five years successful ones of course all thanks to jinping. has done so far i'm very proud to be chinese china has developed very well in the last five years love i hope this painting is great everybody knows that he's done a lot not only for china but for the whole world and has brought prosperity. on the us we now call him uncle she he's a great leader and he can develop the country even further we're also delighted that guests from abroad are coming to visit us in china where i china's propaganda department can indeed draw on the full range of resources china's economic development over the last three decades is unprecedented anywhere in the world. china has lifted seven hundred million people out of poverty and is already the
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world's largest trading nation it intends to overtake the united states gross domestic product within the next ten years. and the regime has a master plan for it all made in china twenty twenty five an initiative aimed at the most important industrial sectors ten of them are to be transformed into global leaders the automotive industry high performance trains pharmaceuticals aircraft construction and artificial intelligence to name but a few. this is planned economy four point zero and china really is. going for broke overseas mergers and acquisitions by chinese investors and companies are watched with suspicion abroad but communist china has ample capital. the war the recent developments make me feel that our country is great it makes me
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proud or at the our lives i know that i'll die where i live i just got back after spending fifteen years in australia. i didn't even recognise beijing out ever since the olympic games beijing has become a world class city do you with. the times. but all the glitters is not go out china is also feeling the distortions of the globalized economy the first stock market crash in twenty fifteen called the chinese leadership on the wrong foot it only managed to neutralize the effects of speculation bubbles to some extent with enormous infusions of state money. excessive optimism has led to vast indebtedness in the public sector a risk financial experts say shouldn't be underestimated. provincial towns want some ways and public buildings that will outdo their
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neighbors and what today is still just a model will be a reality tomorrow everything is possible it's the chinese dream. china's economy is undergoing a radical change although it's still the world's biggest producer of cheap goods this economic model is already on the way the question is what should be done with the countries enormous industrial capacity is. china's best known project the so-called new silk road offers one solution. using chinese construction companies and labor china will plan finance and build rail links ports highways and airports across dozens of countries westward. it's a tempting offer for some countries especially ones with developing economies that can't afford such infrastructure investments. it's a good twenty five globalization is failing think about european integration or the
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fact that common markets don't work the world trade organization hasn't developed at all. how come the problem of integration be solved in order to promote cooperation from the new silk road can do this bring in china europe asia africa and latin america all together with a common free trade agreement and common solutions. it's also the new silk road will be welcome everywhere. so. china's foreign spending plans are often compared to the u.s. marshal plan after the second world war but this is very misleading the new silk road is not a reconstruction project everyone can participate but china dictates the conditions this means china is not only creating new traffic routes but also new dependencies of new markets for its own overproduction as
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a bonus. oh. but china does not want to make the world chinese why should it the current world order with its globalized economy seems to be tailor made for china's plans for international institutions guarantee china's trade rights and the u.s. navy and air force protect global trade routes why give all that up. chinese politicians have repeatedly insisted that the chinese model is not for export anyone who wants to can join but no one should be forced. multiple mao zedong made china great deng xiaoping made it rich and now g.g. in pain wants to make it strong the chinese people will have no objection to that as long as they have something to gain from it but not all chinese are benefitting equally from the boom china is home to more billionaires than ever before but the average citizen has to work hard to make ends meet. everyone in china still seems
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to be pulling in the same direction but this could change quickly if the gap between rich and poor continues to widen. as yet china success can still be felt by the population the in family is one of many who have benefited from china's economic growth in recent decades. in europe they'd be called prosperous middle class they have an apartment in the center of beijing a car and they take vacations both spouses have good jobs and their daughter has a sheltered childhood. five years ago we didn't have this house but thanks to our savings and the fact that our former apartment went up in value we could afford this larger apartment in a very beautiful area. we are very satisfied with our living environment which is also a good place to raise our child because we now earn more we can improve our living
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conditions and the lives of our children. the fact that you can improve your lifestyle through hard work makes me very happy and satisfied. with. chinese style capitalism pays well enough for the educated middle classes and politics plays a minor role in everyday life all you hear in nearly every household is the ruling classes are doing a good job and teaching ping does his job very well. you know. that applies even to those households that have benefited less from the economic boom of recent years father out from the center of beijing you find people who are doing better than they used to but who still need all their strength to make ends meet working poor also a characteristic of chinese style capitalism. wang
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yang lives with his girlfriend mother and step father in a few square metres without heating for which they pay about two hundred euros per month. that money has to be everybody has to pay chain nevertheless wang still thinks that things are picking up. walking by but you never cheated on me when i first came here i own two thousand one about two hundred eighty euros per month and life was quite difficult but now things are better. hold a lot of it maybe in ten years my life will look quite different in many ways right now i don't feed a family and lead a decent life. although things have been improving steadily over the past few years . i'm still a long way from that goal fully rational happy meal i'll you know but i am
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optimistic. that with your. stepfather you has to make an effort if he wants to keep up with the rise of china every day he crisscrosses beijing on his moped delivering packed lunches all. he covers many kilometers for a little money. it's enough to survive but he's unlikely to ever experience the same prosperity already enjoyed by his customers. more for more people can also achieve a good standard of living with things such as fair pay health care and pensions. i hope we can become a relatively prosperous society even faster if we have not quite. china has to continue to force the pace in four years' time the communist party will celebrate its one hundredth birthday that's the deadline for his first
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centennial go to build a moderately prosperous society for at least a billion chinese. kenya has great ambitions that's not only in evidence at party conferences you just have to take a look at the sort of maps that a common here in d.c. but you can see at a glance which place china prefers to occupy in the world in the center or on this map of europe in the u.s. or on the world's margins of decent. amount of it. because china builds up its presence on the world political stage as a host intermediary or investor its foreign policy has also become dynamic quite incredibly dynamic in fact we have i thought going to mean that the in the interests of the chinese and also of the americans and all other people in the world xi jinping said that we will shape the future together there go there is
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a great deal that can be done and in detail there are three directives that she jinping also mentioned that firstly the leadership of the international community. secondly the creation of a new international order including the economic political and military order. i believe that the military order must also be included. and thirdly the leadership of the international community to create common economic political and territorial security etc as well as the management of a fair economic globalization process. but those are. the away or we're going to talk about when we speak of a superpower it's not only about power but also about a way of thinking and behaving that tends to focus only on one's own interests when interfering in other countries affairs for lessly without allowing them to participate in the process without equality and that's why we hate the idea of
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superpowers china is probably already an economic superpower but we are not an ideological superpower we don't interfere in the internal affairs of other countries we value diversity and the rule of law we have a different ideology unlike the american christian mentality which is always seeking to convert everyone else a little different from. nevertheless china is upgrading its armed forces rapidly jinping says the military is his responsibility and he intends to take china's to the top in pursuit of this guy beijing is investing huge sums of money in armaments military training and public relations work. china is the world leader on the electronic battlefield the party has transformed the internet in china into the world's largest internet a solid electronic wall surrounds the country and sets limits on the electronic
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freedom of china's seven hundred fifty million internet users foreign internet giants who refused to accept china's terms and conditions a shutout. not only that but social media the very appeared to me a borderless global communication has been turned into an instrument of surveillance. you can't do anything in china without a smartphone march to the delight of the companies that harvest data and sell it on to other businesses and also much to the delight of the state's eyes and ears which gain an ever greater insight into what people think with every click they make the valence state is being built right here in china. in reality the current leaderships vision is of a red empire rather than the so-called chinese dream. she has switched from the
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maoist imperative of revolution to the imperative of capital. he has launched the new silk road and pushed the chinese currency into the financial markets to establish it globally. and. he has also promoted the acquisition of a lot of foreign companies and technology and the development of numerous infrastructure projects for the here. and now china is building up its armed forces with the aim of becoming a naval power. i think that could be a risk to the rest of the world. because of friendly dragon is nonetheless still a dragon and the current global situation isn't facilitating china's pretensions to leadership on the world stage the biggest risk factor lies just behind its border to the east north korea's game of nuclear poker with the us has also left china on the brink of diplomatic despair. lesson number one formulating foreign policy is
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easy but actually solving conflicts is much more difficult. harmony in china alone will evidently not suffice. china's unpredictable neighbor maybe a formal ally but behind the scenes their relationship is anything but harmonious china is becoming impatient with north korea's grandstanding or beijing wants is peace and quiet on its borders. just how unharmonious the relationship with china can be is particularly noticeable in neighboring countries. beijing is building up artificial islands in the south china sea to further its territorial claims there. with. hong kong which has been a special that minister tip zone since one thousand nine hundred seventy is also
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feeling the pressure the former british crown colony was granted special democratic rights until twenty forty seven writes that do not exist on the mainland. but the hong kong democracy movement the so-called umbrella revolution is slowly running out of steam beijing is taking an increasingly direct role in hong kong's affairs and activists there fear the one country two systems principle could become one of one country one system sooner rather than later. beijing meanwhile is still dreaming and would like everyone else to share the dream. don't worry that most of the dream of the chinese people is closely linked to the dreams of the peoples of the rest of the world. it can only be achieved in a peaceful stable international order we must take account of both the domestic and
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the international situation and continue to pursue a mutually beneficial strategy of openness. on her way to work. is also dreaming of prosperity but her job as a nanny will never bring that and the gap between relative and real prosperity continues to widen. when child looks after the children of foreigners she sees what a better life could really be like. she wants that for herself too that is her chinese dream. when you know chanel woman. you know i think our lives will get even better in the next five or ten years the enemy of my father i don't have a lot of opportunities but my son's life will get better and better if he knuckles down position where you know your whole and that will relieve me of some of my burden we don't need he works hard and his life will certainly improve and then
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mine will be easier to. shoutin huaca noni dream of a secure job in a company or even as a civil servant chinese capitalism means employment is always precarious. this placement agency gives her the odd short term work assignment and she is not the only one in china who is in that position. from the passion of your. heart for i think the national reforms have done a lot of good for my home city. since she jinping came to power the country has been doing very well and his policies are very good for the people. for the poor he has introduced a minimum wage and social housing and there are subsidies for people who can't work or who don't earn enough to sustain themselves because ping is a really good guy everybody in china loves him. and if you don't want to meet those . as long as they also benefit from china's growth into
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a world power the people will continue to support pings policies. china's annual economic growth is still big enough to be felt in beijing's less prosperous districts but want to have growth stalls one day. the communist party is second centennial goal is set for twenty forty nine one hundred years after the founding of the people's republic of china. by then beijing is seeking to of modernised all sectors of society and achieve the level of prosperity of an emerging economy. also in the air. i think we'll be able to move to a bigger house within the next five years and i expect my life to improve a lot in five years' time my daughter will be seven she'll be a primary school and will probably move to another place closer to her school and
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well maybe we'll still be here and we'll drive her there. i do that whatever happens i'm very optimistic about the future. and. the tremendous public optimism is striking everyone is doing better than their parents did in their day and people are convinced their children will be even better off in the future than they are now. what do europeans say when they are asked whether their children's lives will be better than their own. hundred years ago the chinese dream state led capitalism whatever you want to call it one thing is certain. this man knows where he wants to go and has the power to get there so what is the west half of. the west is also powerful on the
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retreat in asia and the consequences are unforeseeable. and what about your. europe doesn't have just one strategy it has dozens of them ranging from currying favor to erecting barriers which is not something that is likely to hinder china on its way to becoming a global power. it . the fast pace of life in the digital shift has the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information on the witness finds and interviews
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with the makers and users. should next on the job. when the government declares war on freedom of the press can be done because our. journalists in easy chair has been in a turkish prison before he and. his german colleagues are fighting for his release . politicians funds now the european court of justice has taken a police case. to an easy jail and the frets a journalistic free. today. and while. the adventure of. the trip by airplane seventeen thousand kilometers in six weeks breathtaking landscapes. frank at a. touch of. certain colors through canada
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starting february twenty seventh to. shift living in the digital age coming up photogenic city. virtual dissection. and the super mario crash goals but first a controversial day.


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