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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2018 2:15pm-2:30pm CET

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and. unfair very unfair. that's your news drop for now but do stay with the news business news is coming up next in short break. learn german with d w. any time any place. with or with jo jo and her friends. it's going to be. mr spitzer for joining the cause of. all over the world.
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online and interactive. german to go. learn german for free. investors pledged billions more to rebuilding iraq but it's nowhere near enough we'll talk to one of our reporters who was there and can explain the. and us president donald trump's talk of tariffs on chinese steel sparked warnings from beijing about the global economy. i've been physical and let's do business iraq is open for business that's the message officials are pushing at an international donors conference wrapping up today in kuwait. iraq is hoping to lure
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major investment from its allies aimed at reconstructing the country after long years of conflict the united states had already pledged a loan worth three billion dollars other investors of the billions more this week but that still falls short of what baghdad is seeking and needs the war against islamic state produced numerous around the cities to rubble it will take a lot more money and time to breathe life back into the nation. rebuilding a country after decades of war it doesn't come cheap iraq estimates the cost of close to ninety billion dollars. q.h. the nation hosting the conference is one of many countries making financial commitments. for three days to announce the state of kuwait's commitment to support our brothers in iraq by committing a one billion dollar loan under the mechanisms of the kuwait fund for economic development. go through but it's not all about
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loans iraq is especially keen to attract companies to do business it's offering projects in almost every area of its economy including the energy sector siemens c.e.o. joe kayser told t w his company is rebuilding for power plants about securing the availability of electricity is iraq's biggest challenge at present. the conference is taking place just two months after the country declared victory over the so-called islamic state it's not the government is hoping will convince international businesses that now is the time to invest in the country's future. and will try to get to our reporter in a moment to talk about that as called for his first u.s. president donald trump was clear from the very beginning on how global trade should be done it should be fair and that means that america needs to benefit now he's acting on that considering a range of options including tariffs and quotas to address still an alum in human
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ports he says unfairly hurting us produces. the president met with lawmakers at the white house to determine whether to slap tariffs on foreign steel imports from countries like china trump insists that new tariffs on chinese steel would be fair and the word reciprocal is a very important word we have countries that are taking advantage of us they're charging us massive tariffs to for us to sell our product into those countries and when they show to us zero we charge them zero. well like to stupid people and i don't like to have that anymore so we're going to change that and we're going to make it clear and that i call that fair trade china's foreign ministry responded by emphasizing that no one benefits from imposing tariffs. countries have such massive economies such a high volume of mutual trade and such a deep degree of joint mutual benefits so within the domain of trade to have some
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differences and friction is difficult to avoid but what's important is that we need to look at these with a rational and objective attitude and act in the spirit of mutual respect and fair benefits to have dialogue and consultation to appropriately handle and control the matter. but trump seems to termonde to follow through with his plan no matter how the chinese might try to explain the situation to him. now german companies fear that they'll be the next targets of donald trump's fair trade tariffs even more so to a welcome rebound for steel giants and corp the german industrial group has reported a healthy increase in operating profits which rose more than a third in the first quarter thanks to a recovery in steel prices operational earnings before interest and tax came in a four hundred forty four million euros of its from its still business which is said to be sold to still this year have increased five fold elevator business is also doing well it's increased its profits by three percent the management's in the
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process of restructuring with a stronger focus on technology. balance joins us from the frankfurt stock exchange really still profits looking good is it really still a good idea to be spinning the division off into a merger with tata steel europe. that seems exactly the wrong time to do it just when the steel is looking up and it's not just increased five fold as you said but it's also the second largest profit engine in the company in this quarter and of course why sell that off but heinrich easing of the c.e.o. is adamant he points to the long term character of the business and he says that with steel being a cyclical as it is as soon as the economy goes south steel loses proportionately more than other business activities and when you've observed the way it goes in this kind of business from materials metals steel it has been that way in the past
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and add to that overcapacity in the business also that is a problem and it would be reduced with a merger that's helping steel prices that is of course not the only ones being affected by these zeman the dutch of bunker are also doing it what are they aiming to achieve. a little bit different motives it's a very well run company with enormous profits and their spending off health and yours which is their medical technology and that's really generating good profits but they're doing it because of pressure from big investors they want even more profits from siemens and siemens will after the i.p.o. here after it becomes public and listed still be the major shareholder so it will get a cash injection for the group plus participate in profits in the future that's the same for deutsche bank and its asset management e.w.s. it will remain the major shareholder after an i.p.o. but it's doing it for a different motive i think it needs the money from the i.p.o.
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to build up its capital base the bank says itself capital base for financially stable but many others do not think so so that's a major motive there was first in frankfurt thank you. for some it's a dream. in for others hush every day reality the life of a fisherman on the boat dixie are only do they have to brace rough winds and stormy seas to bring in their catch they also have to be equipped with a special app the monitors their every move not to protect the fisherman but the card during the breeding season. a blustering southwesterly wind here on the island of food means any low tide fishing is the question today from now before the fisherman even step aboard they're both they have to activate their new movie up it registers every net put out to sea to make sure they don't fish deeper than twenty meters and to start the carts during the two month breeding season for the fisherman it's
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a step too far removed. we work with nature every day really know how deep we can fish there's no risk that a couple of fisherman are going to endanger the cod population. if. the new scheme also means that every fisherman must have a smartphone the first few tests have highlighted some teething problems. if you don't have any internet then the op turns itself off which means you have to write in the log book how can you manage to do that in time when you're busy out on deck . the federal agriculture agencies say they created the op to make the fishermen's lives easier the fishermen say they'd have preferred to be paid a bonus to stop fishing during the breeding season. there said nothing's for free alive germany is promoting a radical solution to cut down on air pollution free public transportation to get people to. take a train bus or tram to work
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a letter to the european union's environmental regulator laid out the plans to test their cities along with low emissions electric car incentives and retrofitting of vehicles germany is facing fines from brussels for not doing enough to reduce emissions to meet your standards. much of asia is about to shut down for several days for traditional celebrations as the year of the dog begins the chaotic scenes as millions of people make their way home but not before spending a lot of money on gifts. the. old city is awash in gold the colors of the year's festival red is for luck and gold for wealth in the new year for retailers it's the most important shopping season as people buy gifts for their loved ones and decorations for their homes to welcome the year of the dog. it's also high season for the city's florists.
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trees to bring a joyful atmosphere. that. flowers bloom it's the time for families to come together to celebrate and welcome a new year. in china two people have been on the move for days millions of migrant workers in shanghai scramble to find a train seat those who haven't bought a ticket aren't going anywhere the huge crowds are the least of worries he faces a thousand five hundred kilometer journey to see his family. my whole family can be together. i'd like to eat dinner with them. it's
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a sense of relief for me. after the big shopping spree comes the quiet. week in china singapore. and many other countries. and. lasting business with you.
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unusually. this whole new trend alcohol free drinks they sling me grown up the road. next to cut is going to. manage and.
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going to have to turn in the most favorite homeland's until like coughing or maybe we'll get a chance to do so for actually. good luck. to . everybody welcome to the show today among other things will show you just how easy it is to avoid hangovers here's what's coming up.


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