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[000:00:00;00] playing . this is you don't think it is live from berlin after dreary intense pressure and no way out no way but out of south africa's jacob zuma. i go there for coming. to the decision to resign as president also to the public with immediate effect. zuma boston responses demands and in the leadership crisis of one of africa's the biggest economies we look at what comes next. also coming up dancing to end
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violence against women or the drop of blood of women and gun stick causing flash mobs to show their support for the one billion rising campaign. and but then goes up the red carpet as the international film festival gets underway we take a look at what we can expect and see how the media movement is also having an impact here in germany. but unless i'm the thought she. we begin in south africa that bomb decide to elect a new president sit on opposing the deputy president is due to be sworn in today he takes over from jacob zuma who surprised by announcing his resignation last night in a televised address that softer his e.n.c. party gave him an ultimatum to step down or face
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a no confidence vote the end of an era for south africa. have a showman gentleman zuma began the final address of his presidency with a typical moment of humor and gentleman right to look serious who kind of in six different. was happening. yet when the smiles had passed zuma count a weary figure abandoned by the a.n.c. which he'd served for over sixty years he said violence and party infighting that swayed his decision to step down. and see should. be divided in my. i have therefore come to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect. zuma became president in two thousand and nine with the a.n.c.
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i call the looking on zuma had been jailed alongside mandela in the apartheid years but his rule was soon dominated by economic stagnation and corruption scandals. the a.n.c. became odd in wrangling over his fitness for office that culminated this week in a demand for his resignation but even on wednesday zuma insisted he done nothing wrong i have a feeling that the leadership is unfair is not even helping me to understand what is it that is so critical. you know you must go you must have got a problem with that but the allegations of corruption aren't going away on wednesday armed police staged a dramatic raid on the home of zuma as close associates the wealthy gupta family. it's alleged they unfairly won lucrative government contracts and even influence
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the choice of ministers in the cabinet. with zuma now gone many south africans are hoping fings will change major battles lie ahead for jacob zuma against the scandals hanging over him for the a.n.c. against south africa's economic hardship. and for some loudness is a high with new christine a moon deval whose joins me now from in the studio you bet the last twenty four hours i can see christine and tell me. what is going to happen the next couple of days all right so off to parliament elects so rebels as president he needs to be sworn in we are and we understand that could either happen later today or tomorrow they also indicated that he wants and they want him to present the state of the nation address tomorrow evening ok now this is really the end of the zuma era as we know it but there are many many corruption allegations against him do you think he's been given some kind of immunity from prosecution in return for him stepping don nelson a good christian image and
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a lot of people are wondering the same thing because in the build up to his resignation they have been reports that he is demanding some form off in the unity the immunity is not for the a.n.c. or sauron of course a to give but they do understand obviously that when they are in power they can use an exercise session make innocence to shield him from prosecution it will only become clear when those things start happening whether or not he was indeed granted immunity but as far as they see the line from sort of course has been is that we are not interested and will not be giving prison jacob zuma any form of immunity ok now you've lived in south africa you've worked there as a journalist recently what the reactions are you hearing from the. resignation for the most part people have embraced this people have been waiting for this moment for very very long time and reach of prison jacob zuma eluded to that himself when he said what's new i mean if they and he is using the reason that people want me out of office that's not new people have been saying zuma must go for a long time and so when it came to that moment yesterday the relief that
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a lot of people were breathing on social media for example you could see it in the tweets you could see it in the means that was coming up on social media this resignation has been welcomed by and large and we can show as of our view as some of that recent. yes it would be very muted very noisy part of the party most threw a party because the very wanted you see there i think it's a fantastic day i think it's a big team. and i think it's a victory for south africa demands time was long overdue you know i'm expecting for a meeting you out there might be dragged being dragged you out if you had there among my friends even for a. little of expectations now of sitting there and i guess one of the full stasi ads we need to unite the a.n.c. behind him would you be able to do that well that is that is the question part of uniting the agency means that he has to even embrace the zuma affection of the
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party and what's key to watch is the cabinet that i'm opposed to now has to build followings in this resignation the procedure is that all ministers and deputy ministers should also resign so he has to build a new cabinet and it will be interesting to see off what he's going to do with his picks is he going to completely shut down the slope or to zoom a loyalist because that in itself will be telling as to how he is going to be dealing with the divisions in the party but that is an immediate challenge keeping that party united and of course this is one of the reasons why he said he did not want to fall soon out of office he didn't want to further divide the party so let's watch his cabinet and we'll see just how he's going to go about balancing the divisions in the poshest and as far as the nation goes what would be his immediate priority d.s.e. it would be the economy and resale we know that africans are getting poorer or the economic indicators paint a very stark picture going forward people one needs jobs as well africa has a rigorous twenty five percent unemployment rate it's often young people without jobs without work ramos has to deal with the economy he also has to tackle
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corruption which has been rife under the presidency of jacobson. always a pleasure to talk to you my vision reason. this article has some other stories making news around the world zimbabwean opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has died of cancer at the age of sixty five junger i founded the movement for democratic change and was a fierce critic of president robert mugabe he won almost half the vote in the first round of the two thousand and eight election but boycotted the runoff handing mugabe victory. to save the children a foundation says more children than ever are living in conflict areas and risk of death and violence syria of ghana stand in somalia are the worst countries for young people the job a child she says more than three hundred fifty million children or one in six want wide on living in conflict zones. in the u.s. state of florida a gunman has killed seventeen people in the latest school shooting to shake the
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country the suspect is a nineteen year old former student was expelled last year from the high school north of miami u.s. defense secretary jim matheson has urged turkey to remain focused on fighting the so-called islamic state in syria mad to spoke with his turkish counterpart at the nato summit in belgium last month turkey launched a military offensive against kurdish fighters who have been at the frontline of the battle against the support i guess. people have been marking valentine's day in different ways and the some it was an opportunity to draw attention to the problem of violence against girls and women flash mobs from the one billion rising movement when don sing in the streets of major cities on valentine's day to campaign for this issue. of strength in numbers
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women and girls across the globe danced on mass to call for an end to violence. turnout was especially high in the philippine capital manila just days ago the country's president made massaging mystic remarks about female rebels the group's coordinator says their movement is growing but violence against women is still rampant but at the same time something is also escalating in front of us which is the rights of patriarchy and so to me and sexism and it's really far worse when it's president of your own country who are instigating that and of course it is there by president that very day who recently just said n.p.a. women should be shot in their vagina this is totally outrageous and unacceptable because the height of sexism in the sword to me. the flash mobs are organized by the one billion rising movement which also held an event in berlin the name is a reference to the number of women and girls who will be raped or abused in their lifetime. their anthem is
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a break the chain of song has become synonymous with the campaign since it was founded in two thousand and twelve. one of the participants in berlin is eighteen year old reka herself a survivor after a night out with friends she was attacked by two men as japanese i felt as though i had been abandoned at that moment it sounds strange but i thought about and integrated and not taken seriously greta is now active in the one billion rising movement organize a campaign on instagram the aim is to get other participants to post their pictures on the platform she wants to call time's up on violence against women. awareness of sexual violence and harassment of women is also being felt at berlin's and her film festival the belly nonna begins tonight is the first international festival to take place since the flood of allegations of rape and sexual misconduct were made against the film producer harvey weinstein and other big hollywood names
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. anya cox has this report. where the red carpet will be it still looks like a building site. construction crews here are racing against time with just a few hours left until everything has to be ready. no high here it's back relaxed natural beauty that's what actress and when i left sheen once she supports the initiative nobody's thought dress code on the red carpet she says is part of an outdated view of the world. via his ability to matter very much as that the cameras capture have a huge effect on people all around the welt on women on children on everyone who sees them. a lot. and women are portrayed as though they can only be attractive and successful if they have a certain look and i was also in on this is scottish nish to bust.
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festival director dieter cost like its own take on the debate. there are lots of initiatives and this is one of them and it's an important one. i can only encourage every woman to wear whatever she wants. doesn't mean there has never ever been a dress code for the belly nala i'm not about to reject anyone and i certainly won't be rejecting a woman wearing flat shoes you know what i be turning away i'm wearing high heels. thank you most likely the opening film will be without any here to whatsoever acclaimed director wes anderson is showing i love darks the first and you may show ever to open the betting on. the hour here and don't come back. not benny not
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a would be unthinkable without an iranian film. the concept of it which is a closet. in this year's director money huggy looks at states blacklisting film directors pick is an ironic turbulent comedy. refugees and migration will be true in themes at this politically charged in festival gemini's christiane pet song tells the story of a refugee if you win world war two we flicked it in the fate of those who offer today. movie lovers can choose from a total of three hundred eighty five films over the next ten days whether it's serious art house or popcorn entertainment standing in line for the tickets is more than worth the wait. and of course we have lots of coverage on the butt in a lot of on the over the next ten days the films to see the actors to me to the
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directors to talk about to do remember that and stay with us before but the coverage that's it for me under touching of the business is up next monica is standing by she has a day just business headlines coming up for you shortly. earth . or something good morning to you as tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use that protect the climate and boost


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