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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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one hundred eighty or so from the start of. the news coming to you live from but then a turkish journalists jailed in turkey for a year has been freed the dentist you chip is accused of terrorism and espionage by turkish authorities but he was never formally charged the case of strained relations between turkey and germany we get the latest from our correspondents in istanbul and here in berlin. also coming up on the show the security in the
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spotlight diplomats defense ministers and well you do gather at the munich security conference to assess the biggest trying to piece in the but. i'm on the thought she not welcome to the show was talk that some breaking news turkish german journalist dennis your chin is to be feed after a year in prison usually was jailed on suspicion of spreading propaganda in support of a terrorist organization and inciting violence he denies the allegations and in fact he was never charged with any crime his detention had strained relations between germany and turkey futures impending release comes a day off the german chancellor angela merkel pushed for movement on your case in a budget meeting with turkish prime minister yielded him. and event journalists
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have been celebrating the release off their colleague in fact this is a tweet that we had been the sound reporter yun lyndon our tweeted this picture of dennis future for the simple words dennis is friday dennis is free for more on the story i'm joined by our correspondents in the stumble we have dorian jones and up alimentary studios is our political correspondent nina has joined let me start with you first of the news has been confirmed here in germany what are people there saying about the release of a dead tissue chit what's the latest there well the latest is according to his lawyer court judges have agreed that he should be released pending any. legal proceedings it's unclear where he can leave the country what if any court supervision he will be placed on the it's very unclear the circumstances but we do understand a decision has been made and presumably in the next few hours the court the prison
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where he's been held will process at the station and he will be ultimately out of prison but why and what the circumstances behind this decision have been no one is sure at the moment and then let me turn to you we've mentioned that the turkish prime minister was here yesterday he had talks a german chancellor angela merkel at that point neither side mentioned anything about dentist release so did this come as a surprise for german authorities that he was in fact and his announcement of his release was made. well in fact we've been seeing first early indications earlier this week by foreign policy experts who said that potentially huge israelis could be imminent so we was sort of getting ready for it even though as you rightly said didn't mention it yesterday yes but this is something where a spokesperson for anglo american said it is only the first step the government in
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its entirety also the foreign minister as it might gabriele has been pushing strongly for the release of total of six german citizens who the german government say are jailed in turkey for political reasons so dan as you joe is probably the most famous case but he's not the only one who is staying with you as you said other journalists are also under detention an arrest in turkey why was this case so important and why did you put such a strain on relations between turkey and germany. first of all he had a big following then of course he is a german citizen. but travelled to turkey to work there and was arrested by the authorities under the suspicion of terror charges he was not formally charged however and this was something that came last year in a time when there was a controversial referendum in turkey and that gave more powers to president add on
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his world so then his future with his big following here in germany became the synonym of everything that's going on in turkey which the german government is not happy about which is a lack of rule of law and jury turning to you now it's the release the announcement about the releases doesn't seem in china spontaneous because before the turkish prime minister left for berlin he did say there is likely to be a development on the dentist you chill it's so big one mulling over this before he actually arrived here but it. well that's right but although the turkish prime minister did seem to want back things a little bit later saying this is hardly up to the courts this is not a legal decision and has been very clear from the beginning saying this is nothing to do with politics this is all about the question of war though though many people are extremely skeptical about this dinner as you tell and the german german citizens are seen in many ways political pawns in this ongoing tensions between.
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her and the fact that the circumstances release to that given the fact that the court didn't even meet this was a decision taken by judges in their offices it's unclear why and how they came to that decision and in fact the turkish president has emerged as he will powers to release any foreign citizen from jail if it's considered in the interests of the turkish state now whether those powers were used in this circumstance is unclear at the moment it's very unclear the whole situation on how you came to be released although there will be a great deal of jubilation among supporters in turkey and in germany that he is piers to be on the road to being released and going as i mentioned that you know this you should has been in jail for one year you just marked his first anniversary in jail this week you've been covering the case for us for the past twelve months tell us more about the circumstances as to why he was put in prison.
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daryn that that. yes the circumstances for you jerk your job was that he was doing this investigation into the president's son in law. who was at the time and energy minutes with these e-mails allegedly the. written by him but in implicate high levels of corruption that led to him being imprisoned and the president both want to clearing him as a spoil in fact most turkish journalist won't even touch anything to do with the one family in relation to corruption allegations it is seen as one of the major political to booze in this country. and you know tony do you doubt i mean is any indication of what kind of means of pressure that the german government could have used to persuade the turkish government to announce there is your chance release. well we spoke to
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a few people here in berlin behind the scenes when we heard the first indications that he could be released and there are some people who are saying that probably at the end of the day maybe even the president as one and the turkish authorities say it was a matter of the courts and not of politics but possibly it was at the end of the day not worth it anymore to the turkish german relations under such strain that the turkish authorities possibly saw this as an option of improving relations again they are at a historic low and turkey and many need to get back together again dr nina has a here in berlin and dorian jones in istanbul thank you very much for now and of course we'll come back to you later when there are more developments and news and details available on this tell you thank you very much. turning now to other news and germany's fractions times return out of larger tensions within nato particularly over the ongoing conflict in syria that's one issue short come up
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a decision has a munich security conference the bavarian capital. to kick off the annual high profile event it has deployed four thousand police officers to protect the delegates it's a three day forum that brings together world leaders top diplomats and military experts from nato the e.u. and the united nations to discuss security policy. but the. chief political editor is at the munich security conference and joins me now from there we shall of what can we expect what are the main issues up for discussion today. today we will hear a keynote speech from germany's defense minister there's a lot of talk between the new orientation of the trump administration took office in the united states what that means for international security and international security cooperation but of course the middle east always feature is here at the munich security conference and now with me is the defense minister of lebanon and
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let me just start by asking you mr ruff what are your intentions we heard from your own prime minister yesterday asking for the u.n. to help in finding a permanent truce with israel that would mean that you would need to stop those attacks from hezbollah on israel is that what you intend to do achieve first contradicted your many people for the liberation of their journalist and i would like to point out that today in the been on we have or so one abducted journalist mr and two bishops which have been abducted by terrorists. can we just stay on the issue because it does really touch very sensitively on your security. can you control hezbollah in lebanon because you can't count the option is not to control the law or not the option is to mitigate and defend lebanese territories from
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begin to sion any foreign aggression i need to stress that for the past twelve years israel has been violating your. security council resolution seventeen zero one where the number of one hundred fifty eight violations per month. so the issue is not whether lebanon can control or should control. hezbollah his party which is the represented in the lebanese political system is represented in the lebanese. the man is a presenter and the lebanese government and is not the problem of anybody else outside lebanon or u.s. secretary of state television does agree he actually described hezbollah as an issue that needs to be tackled for the long term security of lebanon so what will be your response to this very clear cold air from the united states my response is
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very clear the urgent matter is to protect the sovereignty of lebanon and against anybody outside the second priority is effectively to lay down a strong state that will be able to cater to mitigate or aggressions against lebanon from within or outside so the issue is effectively to handle priorities our priority is to establish. a rule of law. within that relationships with all our neighbors seventeen zero one was clear we should go from suspension of hostilities with the israelis to the permanent cease fire while the way of doing that would be actually to control hezbollah if you're unable to control has been i would you quite clearly are not able to do iran can control hezbollah would you allow the iranians to push you towards another war nobody told
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you that we do not control hezbollah proof that in the past twelve years that has been not one single aggression from hezbollah inside israel eastern rectories so this message that the problem is to control hezbollah or not control is. receivable can you control israel from coming and. aggressing lebanese sovereignty a hundred and fifty times a month so the issue is not a political party or. a faction of the lebanese political system of course israel is has a very different. view on that but we'll have to leave it there minister thank you very much for that interview so a lot of ground to cover no real outcome expected here in munich but certainly all the actors that can at least move in this conflict will be gathered here in munich and of course we should a lot of important conversations will be going on in the
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next couple of days on important issues that are threatening the world but let me return now to what the defense minister of lebanon said he congratulated germany on the announcement that there is your chill has been released we're not sure what these are actually out of prison but the announcement of his release has been made have you had any reactions there to that news in munich well clearly that news is still only spreading across the corridors who is seen as something that is certainly to be welcomed but many stops short of actually seeing this as a complete breakthrough in turkish german relations there but it clearly manifests what we have seen in the past couple of weeks that easing of tensions a potential end of this controversy or confrontational course of the turkish prime minister out a one. minute security conference thank you very much and please also do thank the defense minister of lebanon after talking to you thank you very much
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thank you very much minutes. recapping our top story now turkish german journalist denis you chill is to be freed after a year in a turkish prison this is big news just coming out your child was jailed on suspicion of spreading propaganda in support of a terrorist organization and inciting violence he denies the allegations and in fact was never charged with any crime his detention has strained relations between germany and turkey usually impending release comes a day after german chancellor angela merkel pushed for improvement and movement on this in a bulletin meeting with turkish prime minister them. joining me now for more on this story are our correspondents doreen jones in istanbul and nina in our parliamentary studios here in berlin during turning now first to you we've got confirmation that the announcement has been made about denis released.


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