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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm CET

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yes and be inspired by distinctive instagram or years at g.w. stories new topics each week on instagram. earth the home for saving googling to yes tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions to inspire people to take action global ideas on t.w. . everybody welcome to another half hour of european lifestyle and culture is what's coming up. creative craftsman and model makers the long visor is
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highly sought after in the film industry. korean cuisine above and restaurant serves up authentic good and bad. and banned biography on the new album german rockers taco truck make take a trip down memory lane. on thursday evening the berlin international film festival began with film stars assembling on the red carpets the belly nala started off with a screening of the film isle of dogs the stop motion animation is directed by wes anderson but he needed the help of a berliner to make it happen. visor is a model and prop maker of the highest order working with top hollywood directors to bring their vision to life we caught up with him at his workshop and. began to fight the adventures in island of dogs take place in a dystopian future. the
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models that form the background to the stop motion animation are the creations of zuma of berlin the battle for decades he and his team have been producing scale models and props for film and television production so much like the ones they've now made for wes anderson his band of canines. the balkan the integral they need backdrops and sets of course instead of building big sats like in an ordinary feature film it's all made on a much smaller scale the goal isn't to make something realistic. we created our own while walking together with the set designers the director and others. but i think it's not the first collaboration with the director seymour advice i also worked on anderson's hit comedy the grand budapest hotel. his miniature scale
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model of the hotel helped create an astounding old world opulence that anderson brought to life on screen. i love models and when i and i i just respond that there's a some kind of charm in i mean it's a funny thing because usually i'm i want to do the model in the first place we work on the model i know it's i'm i'm doing it because it's a model but then when it's in the movie i am always trying to convince people it's not a model that everybody knows instantly you can tell insley one of them are you not fooling anybody but it's something that i associate with sort of cinema history. for the grand budapest hotel cmon visor did more than just create models elements of the landscape that forms the backdrop to the action and we're also first created
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in miniature like these trees. have you ever seen a real forest like this. it's almost like a painting. you'd never find anything like this in real life it's something that was created by hand with design process that's that is what's so fascinating even after all these years you still have to think about what you're creating and how you'll make it. there is still surprises even now. his first models were ships that were swallowed by whales in the one nine hundred eighty eight release of the adventures of baron munchausen. he also made little glass bottles for tom to clear screen version of the historical novel perfume. i think when hollywood began producing at the bubbles bed studios outside the land simone vice was there from the start for clinton turned tino's inglorious basterds he built a model of a cinema that went up in flames some of the weapons were also forged in vices
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workshop. as it is with metal this knife belonged to brad pitt in glorious bastards and it was his main weapon the one he used to carve a swastika in crystal vance's vala head with the whites records in the woods topped with photos together on and off. you'll have to go to the feelings of shock his team also delivered the futuristic weapons used in cloud atlas. for the three musketeers he created old rapiers and made models of flying ships. making the impossible possible is seaman vice a specialty. but. nope gil filmmaking you have to be able to deliver good creative solutions at the drop of a hat and they have to be done on time and within budget one of our projects here at bubbles back are a good training ground for that. is one of the people in the industry who still masters the traditional filmmakers craft the no. at the filming of the bridge of
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spies director steven spielberg realized that the cockpit of the u two spy plane was too narrow for the cameras. cmon vice and then built a model that looked so long that filming could be done from the cockpit interior. not enough to have children sometimes there's something you haven't done before a new challenge and you suddenly find yourself with an opportunity to work with a true master. but in the end it's all very professional and they ask you and you just make sure you do a good job and. twenty years ago i want said if i ever get the chance to work with spielberg i'll retire right then and there. but of course you do still have to keep working off towards them with. you know that. and that's a good thing too wes anderson's animated adventure would have looked very different
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without the creations of simone vices workshop. time for a quick roundup of what's happening across europe will be heading to britain twice but first a quick pit stop and it's really. a multimedia exhibition celebrating the works of gustav clement has opened in rome the austrian painter who died one hundred years ago is considered one of the pioneers of beginners art nouveau movement the claim to. experience installations include projections of several hundred works from paintings and sketches the show will continue through june tenth. a new fashion initiative representing all fifty three countries of the commonwealth
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has been launched in london the commonwealth fashion exchange aims to boost rising talents of the member nations among them design a euphemia i'm sidney davies to flatten one thousand of sierra leone's at the age of eleven the project also enjoys the support of the duchess of cambridge the first designs from the initiative will be showcased during his london fashion week at buckingham palace on monday. belle and sebastian have a new album out the scottish pop band recorded fifteen original songs for how to solve our human problems including we were beautiful. real world. over the last two decades belle and sebastian have made a name for themselves putting out low fi indie pop with heart and soul they're currently touring europe before heading to north america in june.
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that's a german rock band that is celebrating its twenty five year anniversary talking tronic were formed during the tail end of the how school movement during the eighty's and ninety's several bands that sang their socio critical lyrics in german sprang up in the hound bird region targets on external remain relevant today as proven by the fact that their latest album recently made it to number one in the charts. this single electric guitar from took a tonic is a trip back in. and a coming of age anthem from. grew up in a small town in southwestern germany he always felt like an outsider those emotions are now we called in the band's new album titled. for infinity. the shot he says can fall i remember how anxious i was i wasn't brave cruel because
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i remember feeling threatened by other kids. kids can be so nasty maybe i didn't fit into that dominant boy set up like them and he was probably not to you was. passed out in the video this long haired boy place young from not so who's now forty six years old and the sixteen songs on talk of tonics new album are part of biographical and include moments of sadness and embarrassment. discography. a lot of people writing their autobiography to stay away from those issues. the wall memories are often hazan or memorials and people usually prefer to remember the beautiful moment rather than the painful ones. but the tough times have an impact on us to. pray to.
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the indie rockers twenty fifth anniversary sees them returning to their early days instead of abstracting it was to constructions it's back to basics on the lyrics front. the tonic was founded in hamburg in one thousand nine hundred ninety three they wrote pensively ranks and soon made a name for themselves as germany's pop intellectuals in the late ninety's took a tonic also became commercially successful their studio albums have regularly featured in the german to. ten and they like to raise the bar with each new release . i used to just spew out the albums but it was fun and led to good results but we've decided that for us that's not the right way to do things anymore . you're getting a form that was. after twenty five years and twelve studio albums under their belts
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talk a tonic are still going as strong as ever and will start their tear in march but fans will have to hurry the first few shows are already sold out. we stay in germany next stop bolin the german capital scullery scene is bursting with flavors from around the globe and all series fifty kitchens one city we take you behind the scenes of some of the city's best international restaurants today we're off to the district of quite specs to get a taste of the kimchi princess a korean restaurant run by a young me snowden park she shows us how to make the national dish up. this come up there when i came to berlin it was the best city in the world as far as i was concerned but i really missed the kind of food i ate in korea and it was
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nothing like what i had at home. but this was always a. young niece moden parks family moved to germany in one thousand nine hundred sixty six. she was born in the german city of boulder spog in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine after finishing high school she spent a year in the south korean capital song. that helps solidify her career and roots. today she feels equally at home in both cultures germany and south korea. in two thousand and nine young me opened a restaurant can she princess and spoke district of. although she has a degree from drama school a friend inspired her to make cooking her profession. at first she sold her dishes at a local christmas market. this test phase turned into a huge success bought it took another four years for young me to find the right
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location for her concept restaurant. i walked by here and thought it was great and that it didn't look like a restaurant i fell in love with it right away despite the fact that it looked terrible. everything was covered in orange tiles the interior was completely ugly but the architecture fascinated me i also liked that it was on two floors i think. it was love at first sight it's not even that is. but. the sundays off mystic. together with a business partner young me spent three months renovating the former. she wanted to create a korean restaurant with authentic food sleek a modern setting that would appeal to an international cleone tell in the beginning she hired a gastronomy expert to help implement ideas. to. prove
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. it was amazing the way it all developed in the beginning some of my guests said things like where is korea anyhow or what is korea. he had no idea sometimes i thought take a look at your cell phone that's actually a south korean brand and gets the money that says it's but in the last four years or so forty or fifty korean restaurants have opened in berlin and. it's a great feeling seeing it becomes a stablished it's. a new calm this. is a traditional and very popular korean dish. they can be made with vegetables tofu beef if you use beef the first step is to prepare a seasoned. the
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meat should marinate for at least an hour. the word even bob literally means mixed rice which is the base of the dish. and you just add a few of your favorite toppings whatever appeals. unlike in some asian countries in south korea the rice is eaten with a spoon chopsticks roni used for side dishes. and can she princess even bop is one of you don't eat the soup first the way you normally do in germany that's the soup is eaten with the baby. another important thing is that you first
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season it with spicy paste and then makes it well with your spoon. many guests are reluctant to do that because it looks so pretty and they don't want to ruin it but it really should be stirred. when she opened her restaurant more than eighty years ago the immediate neighborhood didn't have all that many restaurants many of her friends thought the venture would fail. pompey area has since become trendy. princess was walking means friends used to call her the nickname is a reference to kim chee of amended cabbage dish that's popular in korea when young we opened her restaurant she knew pretty quickly she wanted to name it. meanwhile she's open to more interest in ballet. and you. need to meet this need to sail.
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on carbon hoofed is not your average retiree is over seventy but still loves to go clubbing and has been dubbed the hipster grandpa in fact he says he goes dancing for up to ten hours every saturday after a photograph of him went viral he's now being booked for gigs as a model and actor let's meet the man who challenges the world to live a wild and dangerous life. the streets of berlin are good to end on crime and hope the catwalk he favors had to tie waist coat and jeans he always has he used to be a chef by profession it wasn't until he was over seventy that he became a model and a sort of the one at that whether it's for fashion shoots or t.v. commercials but he still determines the way he presents himself to the world.
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sometimes very formal sometimes very light hearted dancing through the city. times like this it all depends but never anything artificial. ok maybe a little sometimes. the hips the grandpa as he sometimes called is all over the internet. his fame began when a photographer posted a shot of him online nothing commercial just a snapshot and then it started circulating on social media this was the photo. it's fortunate now that i'm no longer employed there's nothing to stop me from doing whatever i would like to do i don't feel passionate about fish but i know i'll fish. he's frequently consulted by fashion bogus and likes going dancing a man who enjoys life. he finished i want to feel
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alive and be involved and i may have that lust for life and i have not forgotten that i am motile us that one day it will all be over his sister like this but until then i'm going to live the way i want to only we each made us foreshadow he's certainly not your typical elderly gentleman but anton crap and host is not the kind to conform his outlook just go for it. time for the final installment in this week's series cole of the mountains today we're moving away from the alps to the polish czech border to climb the cup the mountains crest forms the border between the two countries with an altitude of around one thousand six hundred metres it's the lowest peak we've travelled to this week but it has plenty to offer apart from the beautiful scenery that is also
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a rather alien looking observatory. it's a fourteen minute ride from the czech ski resort of exports to the top of mount. as it's called in champ. and it's ideal for hiking climbing and cross-country skiing. the czech polish border runs right across the mountain ridge. and at the top on the polish side the concrete u.f.o. is actually a weather station it opened in one thousand nine hundred seventy four. the wind can get pretty strong up here when it gets to over sixty kilometers an hour the cable cars can only go half way up. yes into if you're sent us this is my
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first time here so it's all new to me. it's certainly very wintry. over on the polish side of the mountain there is no snow it's all the poles but this is the only area that has not. we didn't know we would not be able to ride all the way to the top in the cable car today but it doesn't matter. the weather is wonderful stylishly is my fish for them both because out of him. according to folklore there is a famous spirit living in this mountain range rupert's all the giant is the subject of many legends and fairy tales he may be fictional but he's everywhere and he's good to those who are nice to him and stands guard outside many a house in pits punched me at school. and in the polish town of car patch on the other side of the mountain as well as. the winter sports resort even has a museum devoted to the spirit he is after all rather like the patron saint of the
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region. don't want to know what our mountain spirit as rough as the landscapes and weather but he is fair minded he helps people in need and punishes those who harm nature. here we see him teaching a lesson to a farmer who would not let a girl take week from his fields to bake a. of bread. but on your own family. on the check side there are several ski slopes. people come here from all over the world for winter sports fun . many sign up for classes to improve their technique. usually my tail runs a ski school. problems and it's about seventy percent downhill skiing but there is also a snow park and you can snowboard. a bit more but we have
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a total of forty four kilometers of ski slopes here. but in. an alternative to zipping down a ski slope is hiking. either way to recover from the exertion visitors can stop for a rest and a meal in a traditional mountain launch. one local specialty is a soup made with fermented sourdough eggs potatoes and mushrooms. you know name that it does you're going to show this in is very special because it's in the middle of a national park and there's a total ban on new construction. this place is just for visitors to the mountain will. follow me. they come in large numbers oh
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year round the top of mt snow is the coldest place in the czech republic it snows there one hundred seventy days a year but when the skies are clear it's a truly stunning sight. all this week we've been asking you to vote for your favorite holiday destination on our website the costs of supple us from corinthian greece got in touch as. will probably not be climbing any mountains soon his ideal vacation is a sun sand and surf holiday thanks to everyone who took part will be sending you an exclusive if you're a max wrist watch that's all for today's show we'll be back tomorrow with the highlights of the week bye bye for now. on the next edition the cura max highlights mocktails economic towns are also reaching a. long draw is the highest mountain of the alps and
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a magnet for winter sports enthusiasts. and the art of swiss twins patrick and frank reclaimed. next time only duramax highlights.
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she's sixteen years old songs are own business and is helping to prevent water shortages in south africa. decided to do something about the water being wasted on her. so she installed an aquaponics system. it's a simple idea that's really set an example. to africa thirty minutes on d w. w one up to
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a. w. made for minds if. freedom of expression. of value that always has to be defended a new. over the world arch of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com the freedom. can be one minus. as melly. towards channeling. all the four seasons stories. updates tournaments concepts such. as this you. think you should check it out yourself.
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we have are we on the verge of a new world. meant to defend europe. this year's munich security conference takes place at a time of great insecurity internationally on the government official most important discussion. still a forward looking statements and. we'll be there to cover it all. munich security conference on made up in.
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the recent news. business delia news live from berlin tackling global security threats world leaders are gathered here in germany for day two of the munich security conference british prime minister theresa main stresses the need for good times with europe after brags that long germany's foreign ministers this is europe and the us should look to their historical times will talk to our of course.


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