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tv   World Stories - Nigeria War between Farmers and Cattle Breeders  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2018 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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this is going to be a woman's year. i think that it might be one of those two that i just mentioned i'm going to tell you later on which it is because i'm not allowed to say too much more all right sounds good david leavitt's reporting from the red carpet at the berlin nala thank you for that. and you're up to date now on d w news will be back again at the top of the hour from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching . meet the germans new and surprising new aspects of license culture in germany. u.s. american kate music takes a look at drumming idiosyncrasy views of the traditions everyday lives and language because it's come out of my lungs i'm so i'm young good.
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looking guy i'm going to d.w. dot com make the germans. earth a home for saving global india's tell stories of creative people and a can of latest projects around the world like to use to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions to inspire people to take action global ideas on. this way calling the world storing. i'm tiebreaks it demonstrations. hong kong i'm home in a cage. probably begin in nigeria where conflicts between headsman and farm.
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escalating people are losing their lines and the fattal the grazing land and thousands of playing. farmer christopher back a zero six sauce that mother only has a do it floor to rest on about two weeks ago hurts men at tech their village forcing them to flee to mark already the provincial capital now they are living in a school that's on a construction. they have access to water there. but are still waiting for food medical care and mattresses to sleep on. so it's up under its i'm not happy i don't think you've got combo box i would also eliminate will they know it's a robot choice is good here we are so valuable to our living that life i'm all for is. the attacker skills to people in christopher's village the rest have fled. the governor of been away complains
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about insufficient security forces in the region. he blames the government in the capital even though he is a member of the ruling party. and i don't have state police i don't have states on me i don't have. the air force that. is supposed to just give. the needful. to the presidency and i think your party is failing the people here then well as far as i'm concerned this is accomplished. in a visit to a refugee camp the governor defends his approach to solving the problem. last year he passed a law forbidding shepherds from moving about freely with their livestock. so this however did nothing to curtail the number of attacks it only increased tensions from one day to the next the ruling deprived. by husseini of his livelihood.
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unable to put his cows out to pasture he had to buy feed for them but since he lacked the money to do so he had to sell most of his thirty cows at below market price. and they kept their market in market or the gaba husseini is one of the few herdsman from the full on yes new group who has state's most fled for fear of being attacked most farmers don't differentiate they consider the traditional full and herdsmen to be criminals the situation is threatening to become an ethnic conflict even right i'm here for the freight because i say that one of the shops i was sharing. the kids are one and i doubt. the government in my cool do you propose this solving the problem with what they call cattle colonies free land for herders provided by
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the state's shepherd husseini likes this approach so that's most farmers like christopher back kill our guest it's with the two sides digging in the government is overwhelmed and. recent polls are showing that increasing numbers of british citizens would prefer to have the braggs at referendum reversed e.u. supporters are seizing the opportunity to call for a second referendum but how likely is an exit from the brics it. stephen grey is determined. to tell been to stop bricks it. every day he sets up shop right opposite parliament he's taking time off work until he achieves his goal that is the lords every window is one of the lord's offices. i'm not going to let them forget we're here with. new study suggests that some who
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voted for breakfast now regret their decision that's extra motivation for stephen breyer and others like him should there be another vote for the people they're going to have an end goal they're going to see a charge of what they are actually voting for it would be up to members of parliament to pass legislation for another referendum there are hobhouse is a liberal democrat m.p. her party is one of the smaller ones and they are campaigning to overturn breck's it the leadership of both big political parties are committed to what appears to be more and more hard and the people need to understand whether that is really what they want do they want to have the travel restrictions or work restrictions are there actually happy that our economy might go down the too many pro european campaigns lobby online rather than in front of parliament they're often run by young people posting with hashtags like e.u. flag maffia and there are petitions to parliament too. but outside
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one of london's big universities feelings amongst the mostly empty bricks of students are mixed as to whether they would like to have another say. we've already made a decision i think we might as well stick with something like that instead of changing our minds off what for i think a second chance is what we currently need so i think it will be really beneficial so it seems likely that stephen breyer will remain a rather lonely voice outside parliament for the time being but that does not deter him in the slightest oh right. kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world many people singles in particular can't afford to pay the exorbitant ramps so they settle for extremely confined spaces hidden behind skyscraper facades and what are also referred to as caged homes. elderly people like sion in london have it easy in hong kong
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he shares a room with eight other men and pays one hundred fifty euros a month for the cage where he has his bed. well you know most of these i'll tell you both my parents died when i was forty years old i gradually lost touch with my brothers. we hardly see each other anymore now it is. to do. with this exhibition in aid organization wants to raise awareness about such living conditions around two hundred thousand people in hong kong are affected educating you all that you he then you know they're all buildings so people with anything in this can all ready in human history. and or even space is too small and that is shared with so many households and the income is very low. hong kong has limited land for new housing now the finance hub is facing
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a squeeze as more seniors and young single seek to live alone a three room apartment in the city center can cost the equivalent of eight thousand euros a month rents in hong kong are the highest in asia. when hong kong attract international money to come in and write their speculation investment right jacked up housing cries and rights and because of that then people can afford right to own or to read and. a typical. housing unit. that's resulted in an upsurge in minimal living spaces entrepreneur eric wong sells these earthquake proof sleeping cabins equipped with wife by air conditioning and t.v. . so far most of his buyers have been hotels throughout asia. although
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i think apartments in hong kong will get smaller and smaller property prices are already so high that the younger generation can't afford them maybe in the future they won't just sleep in space capsules like these for a day or two but actually live in them with a lot of. the hong kong government has promised to take action senior citizens are now supposed to get priority in subsidized housing but the waiting lists are long probably too long for seventy year old shown in london the only way for him to escape his cramped living space is to go outside. is germany this week carnival was celebrated in many parts of the country but this year the brines jewish community also took part in the procession. i revel as in germany's carnival strongholds like here in cologne have been getting
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into party mode well in advance of monday's big parades. in neighboring doesn't all of this year's procession will feature a novelty for the first time the jewish community is taking part in the parade with its own float. right now we're experiencing a sharp increase in anti semitism in germany. you can lament it you can argue about it or you can approach it with a sense of humor. and that's why the jewish community is contributing a satirical float on. the float shows the. nine hundred centuries german writer heinrich china with a kippa and prayer beats the native converted from judaism to christianity to get around precious ban on jews teaching at university. today the jewish community still harbors mixed emotions towards conifer. during the nazi era the carnival parades were used to stir up hatred against germany's jewish population.
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as a huge issue down not within our community there were two or three people who said why are you doing this have you lost your mind they're still troubled by what happened in the past. many carnival fans have welcomed the jewish communities decision to get involved a lot of young people in particular didn't always have a sense of history or aren't aware of all the things that happens in the past it's good we're still being reminded of it in college that it's sad that a jewish flow is needed that shouldn't be the case. he says muslim of as a muslim i think it's ok the jewish community is a float we all party together as a kind of a. the float will also include a special guest the head of does results muslim community will be in costume as a persian poet. kind of i'm not a carnival found because we find it's also hard for me personally because as you know alcohol is an issue for muslims within our muslim community our leadership
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board debated at length and considered the pros and cons but the pros won out and we want to support sending a signal the mission had he says acknowledged. that you religious leaders want to underscore that germany's jews and muslims stand side by side and not only at carnival time. our films our. hearts twenty one sixty eight film festival this year featuring courageous production. revisiting the low twenty's and contemporary gender issues. the merlin international film festival.
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time and perspective. european stars deliver rousing performances. talents meat and hip hop was played by british bands until the ribbon breaks with. the first lot it's a feeling it's just a hint of melancholy from switzerland's rising stars to me in the name. your cuts. meant to. much of it. surely is from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussion from on news and visit our while website d w dot com slash africa join us on facebook. africa. so this is the view from
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my seat in the horn section. sarah with us knows her stuff. is. this going to be the most incredible. and conductor. and she shows just how diverse classical music can be. sarah's music contemporary classical. on g.w. . hello and welcome to a new edition of arts twenty one. this week we're heading to the bella nala which tackles tough topics without ditching the red carpet razzmatazz.


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