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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2018 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin germany and turkey reboot relations but what calls to critics fear german tanks like these used to attack kurdish rebels in syria were part of a deal to free an imprisoned journalist now plans are being made for turkey's controversial president to visit berlin also coming up. do you
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recognize this on the final day of the munich security conference benyamin netanyahu israel's prime minister confronts iran over a drone shot down by israel iran's foreign minister hits back calling this an yahoo's appearance a circus. after u.s. officials and thirteen russians for meddling in the twenty sixteen election and next troll tells you they are just the tip of the iceberg of russia's fake news factory. also on the show a book mislead by full of the brucia mention gladbach host and don't believe it's the visitors winning the last four times the two sides met but it proved to be a close game. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us. it's been
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a rapid evolution of relations between germany and turkey last week turkey's prime minister banally visited berlin and paved the way for the release of an imprisoned german journalist then over the weekend more signs of a thaw you know the ring told the german media he expected president era to want to visit berlin amid hopes for renewed military cooperation but critics say it's the result of a secret deal for german tanks. seeking speedy approval from germany turkish prime minister banally uniter him is hoping the two countries might soon cooperate on building tanks in turkey deal potentially worth billions. in january german foreign minister sigma gabriele only signal berlin would ok a proposal to retrofit tanks with new anti mine systems but that plan was put on ice after turkey invade is syria's african region with german built leopard tanks
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gabriele rejected speculation a deal for a tank factory would be approved but critics fear there may be a secret agreement in exchange for the recent release of the german journalist in is your general also the foreign minister would never admit it but in my view it's perfectly clear there's a connection there if you look at the whole story i assume is a direct link to. the german foreign ministry has denied those claims it says the country's acting government doesn't have the mandate to make such a deal and the putting on the stick this country's future governing coalition has agreed in its negotiations to further tighten weapons exports so i wouldn't be able to support an agreement like that. the tensions between berlin and ankara where again evident in an incident at the munich security conference german parliament member gemma's demand needed police protection for the duration of the summit after the turkish delegation which was staying in the same hotel label tim
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a terrorist. but fifty eight of these are presented names of such a country can call a member of the german parliament a terrorist then under normal circumstances one could react by asking have you lost your mind and when will you take this back but need to look indeed german turkish relations are far from returning to normal turkey's foreign minister was blunt responding to questions about dimia saying simply he's lying. let's get some perspective on this with our political correspondent thomas sparrow good morning thomas first of all what's behind this allegation that we heard in that report there that the widely respected german parliamentarian former co-chair of the green party samir that he is a terrorist words is coming well we're talking here about one of the most important german but i mean terry and it's. me and he's of turkish origin and also one of
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very particular critic of the add on government and as we saw in our report a party that was saying the same hotel and he was labeled a terrorist or a member of a terrorist organization something that he obviously rejected labeled a terrorist by whom well that's a big question if you ask. they say that that's not the case that he simply. and that he's doing so to boost his own profile given the fact that he's no longer than leader of the green party here in germany so it's certainly an issue that just adds to it wide range of problems between turkey and germany it's really confusing i mean we heard it also in that report there that you mention it yourself that there's a mirror is accused of lying lying about what it well specifically lying about all these allegations that he could have been labeled a terrorist that. have said essentially that that's not the case that he wants to boost his profile by doing so and that's why all this happened very confusing ok
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just a couple days ago turkey released the german turkish dual national journalist. a very well known in germany for the different papers he's written for he was held in jail in turkey for a year without formal charges being laid against him now his detention was all an obvious strain on german turkish relations what do you make of the speculation that there is an arms deal done between germany and turkey to secure his release of this is being a very delicate topic in recent weeks in germany known. they now after his release about the possibility of this deal in order to secure his release if you ask german authorities if you ask germany's foreign ministers that my god will they will say that there's no deal no dirty deal no clean deal that's what he said himself he stressed that his release was pure act of diplomacy but there are voices not only in the german parliament but also well you can see on debate on television
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for example saying that that is not the case that it's something fishy around for now there is to be nothing confirmed it's a lot of speculation and some are saying there's actually a fall coming in german turkish relations we'll see about that so german takes relations thrust into the spotlight at the munich security conference which is what we're talking about really not a big focus at that security conference iranian israeli relations israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at their conference stepping out using the platform for a very dramatic warning let's listen it israel's prime minister was in hawkish form when he took to the stage and munich in a blistering speech he slammed what he calls iran's aggression in the middle east. here's a piece of that iranian drone or what's left of it after we shot it girl. i brought it here so you can see for yourself. mr zarif. do you
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recognize this. you should be george you can take back with you a message to the tyrants of terror on. do not test israel's resolve. netanyahu is a vehement critic of the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement negotiated between six world powers and iran and he sees that as a form of appeasement that won't prevent iran from building a nuclear bomb or maneuvering to become the dominant power in the region. i think it's time to stop them in their aggressive they're developing ballistic missiles they're not inspecting and they're going to have a free highway to massive enrichment this has to be change a few hours later iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif addressed the conference brushing off netanyahu his remarks and calling israel the true aggressor
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. israel. uses aggression. as a as a policy against his name they can blame it for ever on iran but that won't resolve their problems. as the fifty fourth munich security conference comes to an end this verbal onslaught seems to indicate more uncertainty. is really iran clearly on a collision course there were the only positive signals tomas' from the munich security conference concerning the prospects for diplomacy in peacemaking in the middle east well if you judge by what the chairman of the munich security conference. said not long ago he said there were some nice words but too many aggressive words and he described the situation in general the security situation as pretty gloomy and it's important to stress that the munich security conference is a place where specific where you can specifically have those good points towards diplomacy
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where leaders meet not only in these forums but they meet also on the sidelines so it is such and the portend for those leaders to have the possibility to meet what we're seeing here what we saw by those two leaders there was certainly not positive in the very combative term as someone who's been following munich security conference for years tell us what your overall impression of things this time are that there are security challenges essentially everywhere not only in the middle east not only challenges here in europe but there were also interesting panels about africa about the situation in africa and the sahara region or you can look wherever you look there are very important challenges and challenges that essentially need cooperation on a on a wide scale it's not something that can just be decided by one specific actor i think that's one of the key elements that i would take from the munich security conference just now so multilateralism not dead thomas thank you so much thomas sparrow from our political desk. it's
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a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today hungary's prime minister viktor orban has called for a global alliance against migration this as his right wing party began campaigning ahead of an april election that's expected to win or been has pushed this anti immigration stance ahead of his bid for third consecutive term. search and rescue efforts in central around are due to resume on monday crews are still searching for the site of a plane crash in which sixty five people are feared dead and weather forced rescue workers to break off their efforts on sunday. and mourners in the city of russia have attended the funerals of two seventeen year old boys shot dead in the southern gaza strip israeli forces say they also conducted air strikes against eighteen targets in gaza the raids came after an explosion near the border injured four israeli soldiers. even
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a special council has indicted thirteen russians accused of meddling in america's presidential election and that is putting kremlin backed internet propaganda in the spotlight in an exclusive report russia correspondent yury rich chateaus spoke to a former so-called troll she worked at the internet research agency in st petersburg that's a body identified by u.s. investigators as a factory for fake news. we're not allowed to disclose an exact address not even the district this young journalist could face repercussions two years ago she was working among russia's so-called internet trolls she had a job with the russian agency for internet research that's the official name of the st petersburg troll factory whose buses have now been indicted by the united states . employees at the troll factory get a list of topics every day that they have to work through that news about the
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united states was always one of the more important topics. that it was getting. two years ago we tried to make contact with those working inside these walls to no avail the revelations by luke miller lifted the lid on the trial factory on several skin a street here in russia's second city. curtains on the windows no sign at the entrance into that unsuspicious looking building here in san pitt as burke so called internet trolls are supposed to have dramatically meddled in the u.s. election american investigators say. this video from inside the building was sent to us by another was who according to let miller they're better paid than the average russian more than a thousand people work here according to her but it's not even the only troll factory in russia. always less movement
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today no one can exactly say how far these trolls have really influenced the us elections and individual voters. but it's absolutely clear that there was a meddling going on. it's enough for just one person to put out false information in return for payment that clearly constitutes an attempt to tamper. yeah. miller says the u.s. charges should serve as a wake up call for many. in that state worse there weren't just thirteen there weren't even just one hundred thirty of them there were many more that there was and still is an enormous operation going on. at those base and the thirteen who have been accused are just the ones the americans have got hard evidence against i hope the investigations
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will continue. with them there are simply so many people who are working professionally for the russian propaganda machine hope that others will soon be investigated would suddenly shown. up on. until that time so petersburg is unlikely to be the sole source of russia's fake news. bulletin and some light at the end of germany's very slow internet tunnel we can but hope we certainly need it don't we terry not germany is one of the world's top exports but when it comes to digital infrastructure what you might be surprised to learn it is still lagging way behind take for example the internet most data is still carried via underground kulpa cables which have been there for decades now the coalition agreement between germany's still not official new government specifies that every person living in the country should have access to high speed
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data networks by twenty twenty five. it's hard to make anything anymore without access to the internet it's what startups are all about and central to the operations of mid-sized companies and major corporations alike. but many places in germany outside the big cities suffer from slow connections germany is virtually a developing country when it comes to super fast fiber optic cables in japan over three quarters of all broadband connections are over fiber optic cables. latvia leads europe though with over sixty percent via fiber optics by comparison the average for all always nation to slightly over twenty two percent but here in germany only about two percent of broadband is delivered via fiberoptics many businesses are frustrated with berlin because there has been little progress over
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the last few years there have been ambitious initiatives by earlier governments but investment remains lacking. well joining me now in the studio is yanina mitzna she's a board member of the german startups association and a startup founder herself and last week that association launched a petition calling for the creation of a digital ministry in germany good to see ya nina thank you for coming in how could a digital minister help bring germany up to date so as we saw in your film germany's leaving behind invitation in so many ways no matter if it's about economic transformation. governor men are there to tell if you cation and we think that central person responsible no matter if it's a minister or a secretary of state in the chancellery would help to to to bundle all the efforts in the to tell affairs to other countries have a digital minister they do so if we look at france at u.k.
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opponent austria we see that they already put in place a central person for these digital transformation process of if you could then have sort of the agenda for this digital minister what would you like them to implement first would it be a case of faster broadband simply more cash research what's needed i think it's probably a combination of all of it and especially a change in mindset so i think that we cannot tackle are the biggest challenge in our society with doing everything that we always did and you name the broadband for example as a digital infrastructure would be very important that we accelerate our commitment in these fields where you are the board member of the german startups association but if you could just change hats for a minute you're also a startup found yourself in your experience has there been a moment where you have felt held back in your company because of a lack of digital infrastructure can you give an example i think if you look at startups there's always two crucial things states always about money and it's about
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people and if we look at money i would say that we have a good start of ecosystem when it's about seed. investments whenever it's about growth capital so when the need of more capital is there for a start of we all saw way behind the what the u.s. market could probably provide is quite interesting that you mention people that because most people when they think about this they're thinking about you know cable's the thinking about networks so is germany lagging behind when it comes to the development of personnel in these industries is this also about education i would say so so if i look for example my own company we are tech company but in bass tech company but we hire almost every second developer from approach just because we don't find the right people within germany and we're certainly seeing now in berlin itself when we look at the startup scene then so you're getting the sense that companies are getting further ahead than germany in this area would you
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say that germany is lagging behind in terms of business potential i see the problem definitely and i also don't see that we change educational plans in these digital fields at the moment coding for example holding for example those countries like belgium or japan who train coding even in the mentor school and at the family needed yes even or just this petition who signed up and what do you think its chances of success are to actually see a digital ministry anytime soon so we launched this petition last week and more than forty. associations already joined us and we have reached almost ten thousand votes on this petition already our goal is fifty thousand and i'm pretty optimistic that we can reach that oh right you know it's a board member of the german startups association which norge that petition calling for a digital ministry here in germany thank you. right
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now japan has posted strong growth in both exports and imports continuing its function of the world's third largest economy seen in twenty seventeen when it grew at its fastest pace in thirty years that in january japan ended up booking its first trade deficit deficit in eight months strong consumer spending and a rise in the price of crude and natural gas meant that more was spent on imports and exports with the trade balance deficit at almost eight point nine billion dollars last month that said the deficit was still slightly lower than expected. was back to terry now in a rumbling that many in the west seem to have terry. the un has warned that the civil war in yemen is causing one of the worst humanitarian disasters in years chronic shortages of food and medicines have left the civilian population there have been herbal to disease and malnutrition getting enough humanitarian supplies into rebel held parts of yemen is extremely difficult as this report from the red
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sea port city shows. the main hospital in the port city of who data is far too small to handle all the patients being treated here cholera remains a major threat and diphtheria is now taking a heavy toll the highly infectious disease has spread to eighteen of yemen's twenty two provinces disease and malnutrition make a deadly combination especially for small children to make matters worse doctors lack urgently needed medical supplies and equipment just given we have a huge shortage of medical quitman and medicine for the serious cases that shortage exists because yemen is under siege. almost all supplies of humanitarian aid to rebel controlled areas are being delivered via the port of who dated in two thousand and fifteen and attacked by the saudi led military coalition which consists mainly of arab nations destroyed the cranes used to unload container ships
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. just recently the port received help from the u.n. world food program which delivered five mobile cranes but they can't unload large containers only smaller freight the port authority blames the saudi led coalition which rejected larger cranes and delayed the delivery of the small wants. these cranes were supposed to arrive last year but the coalition sent them back. they were only allowed into the port after protests by the world food program. poured officials also say the saudi led military coalition seldom allows ships with humanitarian aid to dark here. russian medalist at the pier on chiang winter olympics is suspected of having tested positive for a banned substance the international olympic committee said it had taken note of reports of a dumping case on monday alexander christian it's one of bronze medal along with
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his wife and mixed doubles curling is expected is suspected of having tested positive for. if confirmed it would be a major blow to russia's efforts to emerge from a drug cheating scandal i.o.c. is currently investigating the issue. well in that but as lee is softer the big game on sunday saw gladbach host dortmund in a duel for the european places have had a poor start to twenty eighteen dita picking side of last four of their five games this year dortmund in contrast have found their form against again under coach. take a look at how that panned out for the two coaches enjoying a little bromance before the game a distributors man can through first mario good set with an outstanding on ball to under a short lead his pinpoint cross to my go to ice and his shot off the woodwork and
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into the next deal to do it and in the thirty second minute the former forward is now scored six times in nine games against his former employers and this was his first goal in nine months. ten minutes later he got a festive god look you have the equaliser for the lot but i thought the duo assistant ruled that he was offside first and launched into his shot demons of the box and again when raul but he pushed the ball forward. he was steaming still one nail at half time in the fifty fifth minute was gentle with a great chance and then but do you know what the rebound. but no go. go people remember he simply would not be beaten and then surprise he's cleared the ball off the line with some fast work and that's how it ended dejection for gladbach after their fourth loss in a row and elation for dortmund
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a man of the match go to us. sunday's early bonus league game saw augsburg take on stood god the hosts played inconsistently all season and have called their way up the table so it goes former starkly different and they were also missing several key players for the clash. still got went into the game is the only goal in this league it seems without in a way when this turn now to the day at least one has to take the blame mario gomez getting in the twenty seven minutes the second go back and still got full as he showed a cool head to meet the confusion. as words as they came ten minutes later to show the safe i'm going with that ziegler he did nothing about make out the coaches follow up but the austrians joy was short lived the video assistant referee routine the fill out for all sides before it was going to be at spurs de still got even
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have several chances in the break to increase that lead the fight to mishear from gomez before the whistle brought the first away win of the season to stock up tyson full back to basics approach is paying off. and we've got some breaking news just coming in there are reports of an earthquake in mexico near warhawk we'll bring you the latest on that as the details become available you are watching news coming to you from berlin we have more at the top of the hour of course and get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's a d w dot com thanks for. putting .
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in the arctic the battle for natural resources is well underway. when neighboring states discover new resources to take action to exploit them in the hopes of both making huge profits. but international conflicts are looming on the horizon because many borders in the arctic region aren't clearly defined going to. define the
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arctic next d.w. . me one my name is made by you as i am. sure you keep your channel. how force events stories. mused dave's tournaments and i could go on for hours with this new chinese about it you should bank check it out yourself. my first boss like a vulture sewing machine mood where i come from women are balanced by the social influence in something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to albums by cycle of my home but it took me as the going to buy it. finally they gave up and went on buying young bicycles but returned because
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sewing machines sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goes than writing about it as now i want to reach out to those woman back home who are bones by their duties and social rules and inform them of old dead basic rights my name is the about of people homes and i work at some point of view. move move move. move. move man move. the arctic is a magical place mankind has been trying to conquer it for decades. and that end devon's becoming easier because of climate change the ice is melting faster and faster. now the battle for the optics resources has begun.
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building goes on and it's one of the loans done touchscreen.


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