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be inspired by distinctive instagram or yours at g.w. story topic each week on instagram. this is data from syria at war with. strikes that deal with kurdish rebels of syrian forces will work together to turkish troops from syria reaching syrian state media says pro-government forces could be on the front line within hours also on the program. this. successor.
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gets ready to appoint. to a key position that could be tickets to the chance of a ship. had inside a russian fake news for a whistleblower tell you about the thirteen people indicted for alleged meddling in america's election just the to come very big i suppose. i filled a welcome to the program syrian media is reporting the forces will lead to a serious a free in region to help kurdish militias repel turkish troops could arrive in the rebel held and it within hours is foreign minister responded to the news by saying that any move by damascus to clear kurdish militias from the border area would be welcome but if the syrian regime moved to protect the kurds and the turkish would
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continue to cross border offensive into syria operation all of branch began last month. from. julia hahn who joins us from istanbul well. the situation on the ground is often very confused do we have confirmation from from the kurds and from syria of this troop movement. well there is no direct consummation yet by the syrian regime in damascus but state t.v. and that's considered the voice of the regime is reporting that pro-government forces set to enter a friend and i quote within hours so that indicates that indeed something might be happening on the ground quite soon one important distinction here as far as we hear these forces are no official syrian army forces but rather a paramilitary forces allied with the syrian regime but still that might change
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a lot on the ground since there is no syrian military presence in the kurdish controlled areas in north in syria since twenty twelve so if they now are headed for afrin that's changing a lot yeah so let's pick up that point i mean how much is that likely to change the outcome of the. branch. well the turkish troops will see themselves confronting not only syrian kurdish fighters in north in syria but also troops allied with the syrian regime and they will have to decide all they willing to take the risk and continue with operation all of branch are they maybe going to retreat or pull out completely that's a decision they will have to make especially since i'm cry in the past weeks emphasized they are not going to conquer any territory in syria they are going to respect territorial integrity of syria but now of course if they continue their
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attacks especially against pro syrian government forces they will have difficult as legitimate legitimizing their offensive so we expect reaction soon by the turkish government by the turkish military them explaining what their strategy now is going to be are they opting for further escalation or deescalation a what's in this for damascus what does damascus get out of cooperating with the. well my guess is damascus is goal is to recapture reconquer territory in syria to gain control again over large parts of syria and if they indeed struck a deal with the kurds which also includes a political agreement which the current so far deny they say this deal has only pragmatic goals it doesn't include any political agreement but if it did for example some kind of
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a federal system which includes the kurds but under damascus as control it means to moscow's would regain territory and would be the major power to control large parts of syria again. well with turkey a bogged down in syria ankara is seeking to improve military ties with its allies including germany for the past a few days a brought a dizzying turnaround in relations having released a german turkish journalist that is huge oh it was held in istanbul for a year without charge it looks to stop as though turkey is angling for a quid pro quo critics of ankara's offensive against syria's kurds fear it may involve a previously proposed deal for a tank factory. seeking speedy approval from germany turkish prime minister banally yielder him is hoping the two countries might soon cooperate on building tanks in turkey a deal potentially worth billions. in january german foreign minister sic mark
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gabriele signaled perlin would ok a proposal to retrofit tanks with new anti mine systems but that plan was put on ice after turkey invaded syria's a freedom region with german built leopard tanks gabriele rejected speculation a deal for a tank factory would be approved critics fear there may be a secret deal to approve the factory in exchange for the recent release of the german journalist dennys you cello also the foreign minister would never admit it but in my view it's perfectly clear there's a connection there if you look at the whole story i assume is a direct link to. the german foreign ministry has tonight those claims it says the country's acting government doesn't have the mandate to make such a deal and the putting on this country's future governing coalition has agreed in its negotiations to further tighten the weapons exports so i wouldn't be able to support an agreement like that. after turkey's controversial use of german leopard
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tanks against the kurds in northern syria both sides know a strengthening of ankara and butlins military ties would likely be unpopular. now take a look at this this is on a gretz com might not be a name that rolls off the tongue especially for non germans but you might be seeing a lot more of a i'm hearing a lot more in the future the reports of germany's chancellor i think america will appoint a k k as the christian the democratic union's new secretary general which would position her to take up a leading role if chancellor merkel steps down. and the position close to uncle americal is nothing new for and they could come out and she's been one of america's closest advisors for some years now. many say that come qanbar his victory at the state elections in the saar region one year ago was key to merkel's win in the
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nationwide elections just a few months later. i was hoping that many people would support our politics of the center on a grand coalition and me personally and that seems to be the case it's great that this mood was translated into so many votes and that many nonvoters came back to us and this is he was afterwards the media gave come convo or the nickname many american but a.k.k. as she's known in the c.d.u. party is much more than just a mini the fifty five year old lawyer has managed to secure a conservative majority within the saar region traditionally a social democrat stronghold. a.k.k. is considered to be down to earth her matter of fact approach to politics is very popular come current powers nomination as general secretary can also be seen as a way of reaching out to americans tricks although she's loyal to the party leader come current power has never been too shy to voice her opinion in the past. every
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second look at some of the other stories making news around the world iran's civil aviation spokesman has said on state media that he cannot confirm the wreckage of a plane that crashed on sunday has been found but has followed earlier reports that search crews have located the crash site authorities say all sixty five people on board are presumed dead. five people have been killed in a shooting at a christian church in the city of jack in the russian republic of dagestan a twenty two year old man fired at people leaving in the evening service before being shot and killed at the scene islamic state group said it was behind the attack. indonesia's mount cinnabon volcano has shot up to five thousand meters of ash into the atmosphere after erupting this morning no fatalities or injuries have been reported a red notice has been issued to all allied. of us special council's decision on friday to indict thirteen russians suspected of meddling in america's
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presidential election asserted international attention back onto kremlin backed internet propaganda detail there has been speaking to a former internet troll who worked at the internet research agency in some petersburg which u.s. investigators say is a fake news factory in an exclusive interview she told the w.c. moscow correspondent you're a shattered but those thirteen arrests barely scratch the surface of what she says is a mass operation. russia's second city st petersburg apparently the center of the fake news operation aimed at disrupting the twenty sixteen race for the white house two years ago this young journalist was working alongside the so-called internet trolls at the russian agency for internet research the official name of the troll factory whose buses have now been indicted by the united states. employees at the troll factory get
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a list of topics every day that they have to work through that news about the united states was always one of the more important topics. it was getting. dutch avila tried to make contact with those working inside the building to no avail. the revelations by littman lifted the lid on the troll factory on savage kenya street instant petersburg. curtains on the windows no sign at the entrance into that unsuspicious looking building here in san pittsburg so called internet trolls a supposed to have dramatically meddled in the us election american investigators say. this video from inside the complex was sent to touch of a left by another whistleblower that minute says they're better paid than the average russian more than a thousand people are thought to work here and it's by no means the only troll factory in russia the. tories last movement
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today no one can exactly say how far these trolls have really influenced the us elections and individual voters mean yes but but it's absolutely clear that there was a meddling going on in and as he is. it's enough for just one person to put out false information in return for payment that clearly constitutes an attempt to tamper at the. up with. miller says the handful of russians indicted in the us is only the tip of the iceberg. in that since there weren't just thirteen there weren't even just one hundred thirty of them there were many more that there was and still is an enormous operation going on. at this base and the thirteen who've been accused are just the
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ones the americans have got hard evidence against yet i hope the investigations will continue to lindsay ocean will get them there are simply so many people who are working professionally for the russian propaganda machine hope that others will soon be investigated that would suddenly shown. until that happens simply just bag is unlikely to be the sole source of russia's fake news. other words elevates n.p.r. russian alexander actress from its case one of broad was with his wife and mixed doubles colleagues as tested positive for a banned substance the international olympic committee is currently awaiting the results of tests on his brain samples and the court of arbitration for sport has launched what they call a doping procedure. a heart medication that is once again at the center of a russian doping controversy the over the counter drug can give athletes an edge by
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boosting stamina in twenty sixteen dony and was classified as a banned substance in many sports which led to maria sharapova is fifteen month ban from tennis. after winning a bronze medal with his wife in the mixed curling event alexander crucial netsky tested positive for the drug a fact that has surprised his countryman. yes no. sports me i know that all athletes repeatedly during the season and before their departure underwent doping controls and the probes were always negative otherwise nobody would have allowed them here if this is confirmed then in my opinion it means that it was brought in by someone some bottle was swapped or something. fellow cole is a confused by the idea of doping in a sport focused on accuracy rather than stamina and strength i don't see any reason for that because. i'm now in this business for the last thirty years and i don't see any advantage is government open. if crucial netsky is banned there will also
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be wider ranging consequences for the russian athletes competing at junction should this case be proven or should this case cup come to fruition that will also be part of the consideration. as to whether there will be either allows for them to march in the closing ceremony under their under the flag if the case is confirmed it will be a major setback for russian athletes and their attempt to restore their image. on the back of the top of the hour i would the. dangerous and why the bears are. in church.


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