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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 23  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm CET

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time for good news eco and africa people and projects that are changing our farm and for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's explain each other. we could be farming magazine. on d w. i. the bundesliga it's a three class society. way up in first class you've got by and you had it's involved spoke. with the school you know congresswoman. lemon come
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nothing to lose you say in that case what's up next. light on the city to control if i is dismissed moving swiftly on you will come out on top among us second class citizens. of this issue in the months of the for conduct. as you know what's going to. star that's not then but what about the rest of the second class. to try to lift your top c.e.o.'s as a critic. sounds lovely consider shock is going against hoffenheim a friendly in that case what about lay the case and how do you get ahead of the competition in second. fish from. time to. just getting let because now arrived in hamburg full of confidence the hosts belong to the bundles latest third class relegation strugglers kick off on match day twenty three starting with the fusion. with.
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one of the worst teams in the league with the threat of relegation looming large this is the unfortunate situation that hamburg find themselves in once again. their opponents however are unable altogether healthier physician with leverkusen and with a shot of qualifying for next season's champions league. such a big difference between them. what separates the good and the bad sides. let's start with hamburg second from bottom the worst form in the league despite a change of manager and no win in knowing their biggest problem scoring but with just seventeen goals they have unsurprisingly the bundesliga is worst attack striker bobby wood has gone nineteen hours without finding the net but what do you do when you lose own cohesion when nothing is going your way because.
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well each simply have to work with what you've got. that's got her just. wanted to hurt their opponents and they certainly did. get out to the second half was very difficult it was too close to call it times but in the end we held strong and dealt with the pressure but again. it was definitely a game that will take an extra couple of days to recover from it are going to come from. those in the main differences toughness and a little bit of individual class that's the on daily. thank douglas
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santos for his ninth goal of the season which came just before the break the by the i mean i anticipated the moment and i knew i thought it was going to punch through that i just went on and i would say just like a pickpocket so on that day i picked him and then i scored with. the jamaican born star has even been considered for naturalization by the english national team his attacking threat has helped fuel laver cousens exciting form this season with forty three goals his side have the bundesliga third best offense especially impressing on the road. they haven't lost an away match since late september that run looks set to continue wescott there it's made it to nil soon after the restart that breaks defense as so often this season was disoriented. another kick in the teeth for this fan. but the bundesliga sold his side put up
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a late rally with until they had making it to one with twenty minutes left to go to a bit the bits the hope that kills. despite would in his teammates best efforts they were unable to grab the second goal and a valuable might be with fourteen defeats in twenty three matches their bundesliga status is under threat. thanks. wary but a kind of i'm not scared of you i knew what i was getting into and this is going to be a tough mission but i'm still convinced that we can do it. so it's clear that the last couple of years is still in the boys' heads and that's why i have to bring that confidence back. with us but we have to fight it was giving up is not an option of people's kind up to. can they do it the body language suggests not. the
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players also refused all interviews after the match. security even had to hold back the fans. hedberg have recently made a lot of noise both good and bad perhaps this time they'll go down with a whimper. shock is much against hoffenheim was a meeting between two sides with far less to worry about the jews between the youngest and most talented coach in the leak oftentimes you'll see another man. as a man a coach a desk shock as man with a plan the fact graduated top of the coaching class becoming good friends along the way. we have a good friendly relationship we look out for one another we exchange messages and speak on the phone we always like to call him right one another if you doma. the camera three would have to be put to one side for not on the wane. now goes man has
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received a great deal of praise for transforming his size but since the turn of the year the one unli once and conceded thirteen goals. make that fourteen. just ten minutes in against shell to see low care of putting the hudson front. so this guy can take pride in his side's aerial prowess much to the annoyance of not as much. of a might but it was avoidable shock a set piece quality is clear but two of our players were just caught napping it's very frustrating. he has good grounds to be frustrated this was the ninth head of his side have conceded this season more than anyone else. from the very beginning his team on the back foot unable to cope with the hosts pressing. i often find i had no response i.
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and when your captain makes the most basic of errors you know you're in big trouble . kevin folk slapstick passing the twenty eighth minute gifted an easy goal. yes and from what we were asleep in the first thirty five minutes we were slow in body and mind we gave the ball away too often shaukat were always one step ahead. and bolo was a step ahead of every other player on the pitch this was international was thoroughly deserving of the man of the match award. his second goal was ruled out for offside. often one could have done with a player like him. the game was threatening to slip away from novice man side completely for an unexpected interruption granting them some breathing space.
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and injuring the linesman rather truda. pain for the linesman a chance to recruit for half an time and it appeared to have the desired effect and great courage made it to one with twelve minutes to go. shelter were beginning to tire cracks were starting to appear often time had them against the rights. boss it would prove to be a phone still in shock at health and the much ended two one. should want to shock to learn added in the second half and probably didn't one hundred percent deserve to win but in the opening thirty five minutes they did enough that's life as you go down this is so. so not a great day for you leonardo's money shall tell on the other hand secured a big win thanks to that work rights and an expert game plan from coach to desk out . in the battle of the league's brightest young managers it was the shell command that came. some talk. next up we had to get back.
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to back in september glad buff played a match in dortmund they'd probably rather forget here over my hands hattrick fired his former team to a six one win luckily for glad he's not around for the rematch. just by club us recent struggles sporting director max a bell is defiant many other stories from across three matches not nine not ten not twelve but three moves and this is the first time on the d. to hacking that we've gone three straight matches without picking up points in ten under. three defeats on the bounce one when in twenty eighteen their squad is set up to attack as they've done to great effect in recent years but she wouldn't have guessed it. can coach peter head can get them back on track apparently it's a crisis but they only trail their opponents by six points if they want to right
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the ship they'll have to do it against the dortmund side who are hitting a rich vein of form to. be sure the mantra is a team that based on the quality of their squad is definitely the second best in germany. this was glad fast chance to gain revenge. if only it were that easy against his former side marco voice proves just how deadly he and his team can be lifting a wonder call over keeper downs on my just his third game back following a lengthy injury. one real joy to manage. both and play sherman and mario goodes of were involved in the build up with this being the first time all three of started a match for the black to me i was five if voice and co can keep it up they shouldn't have much trouble staying on top of the league second class. they scored
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a great goal marco reus scored a good go show. you couldn't really do not think about it and i was probably the only two shots in the first half and i scored one out of two. is we were just unlucky today i think. two shots one goal looks like a king's luck won't be changing anytime soon. or would it. ten minutes later gladbach seemed to a sound the equaliser by unfortunately for the home side yannick best regards effort was quickly ruled offside. unsurprisingly the referee's decision wasn't universally popular but it was the correct one. the condition of the pitch didn't help proceedings looking more like a minefield than a bundesliga pitch. we knew when we saw the pitch that it was going to be
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a war and that's all with that we thought we fought hard. both sides tough play made sure the man in the middle was kept busy. as was dortmund keeper bowman burkean. all the gloves off turned up the pressure and came close on several occasions that was something missing from their attack symptomatic of their recent struggles. they lacked that lethal touch in the final third failing to make the chances they had count they had more possession and twenty eight shots to their opponents seven yet dortmund swedes doubted another result wasn't pretty but pater stood ever manes undefeated since he joined in december. but and he is what you ultimately is frustrating not his goal when you have so many good chances to him he could astonishment. frustrating indeed there were tax finally woke. but gladbach will need to start scoring if they are to have
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any chance of getting out of this rut this is their fourth successive match without a goal may be all they need is love. tennis in frankfurt now it's just the first monday much in bundesliga history frankfurt fans showed their discontent leading to a ten minute delay pickup. leipzig jumped ahead shortly after one nil thanks to john kerry in august. but frank said were quick to react timothy john there with the equalizer. and they were in the groove kevin prince bowed saying made it to one turned the game around but was there still hope for the guess the rest called for a penalty but this season nothing gets done without the video assistance getting the final word also it's about a light saying. they've run out of luck. final score he wants
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a frank but the win lets them keep on dreaming of the champions league. from the top to the bottom now in a relegation battle in freiburg. it was hard fought and heated. marco ted i see you know was brought down and meals paid us and made a bundle from a spot. freiburg had the chance to secure three points late on this time again it happened took the penalty but with a different result there wasn't going to be didn't go in that's what happened so near yet so far it was an important victory for the hosts pulling them away from the relegation zone maybe pietersen should stay on penalties but also now that ends well. outspoken still got hot difference objectives to host the
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chasing your of the business is just one survival maybe this man can help well known this one mario gomez is goals save stoke up and then fly to the world cup is he came to go. this is not the point to talk about no well let's talk about the first goal that was modern hits not in the mood. for new products. it's not all about outspoken leveled soon after. well not quite be all ruled it out. that was pretty much it from outspoken apart from coach manuel pound being sent to the stands. what about gomez they could have out a penalty. and he should have scored later on. will he make it to russia or the i don't think so dr singh should mario. come earlier for the
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for the next to the focus of the other while the rest is of interest to me at the moment. we wish you all the best. unless minds want to get relegated they need to do a lot better confidence is key i always have confidence in myself because i know what i can do what can you do score robben quiets on made a bundle. but could he do it again he was going to keep working that was the minds game plan and the hard work paid off. to nail once and again. what's up with air time. if they want to qualify for europe they need to get the ball forward. this is more like it. does again maybe not. just one to. race is by europe
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a surprising win for minds in the capital so what next if working keep working. hard and also focused on working hard and it paid off for the team by the cost accountable they recorded a much needed when the but hold on a sec video assistance rolled out their winning goal. why don't you have. the video referee in cologne we'll get to that later cologne got off to a great start asako but the hosts in front of. the. panel were a dreaming of european qualification and only their first season back in the bundesliga also receive frustrated them with this last ditch clearance. patnaik last food group found a way through a bomb was. now so cloudy at pizarro they are showdown
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it was harshly ruled offside so just one point. do they still believe they can do it. we believe it until the end. of. the bundesliga wasn't always a three class system mossberg pits buy into the title back in two thousand and nine percent chase scoring a goal of the season against a very. intensive fifteen robot leventhal scheme a football history scoring five goals in nine minutes past the bye and never a dull encounter. but times have changed investment find themselves looks and a perennial relegation battle in twenty eighteen they've won just one of their six league matches the energy need coach martin schmidt brought with him appears to have faded as keep him in their early is times when. things go well for you and
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there are times when things just don't happen to you but we have to come through those periods we want to face these challenges head on for. there are challenges and then there's by and relevant does he school to make it to one for the guessing at it so i'm skeptical. that's the difference between the upper class and those down the bottom of the polls like when a crushing the homesites hopes the points are and was stumbling. but it was vosburgh his cell. martin smith has overseen an incredible twelve groups and its wins his side craves. fans of began to question the ambition of the club with large sections of the north stand and see in protest. but those folks players remains committed for straightening by him at every turn. and irritating them with
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a niggling style of live from grit their resolve victims of those folks game plan after hazing outs are not high staff and he was lucky not to receive a red callahan it was the hunting who broke the deadlock. daniel is out he scored following a short corner to make it one nil. five . martin smith strategy seems to be paying off. after having his possessions returned to referee such a statement awarded by a second half penalty. of the house to take comfort in knowing both ends penalty killing was sitting this one out. of are in robinson charge that can still stop the dutchman have. of
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the. not a bad hit either because sales have a plan in place. i try to stay on my feet or so long as possible i'm waiting and i chose the right or the right side and i was the right one so i could be a flight of the post i could keep it out. it was a day to forget said jem luca into the brahmins place and direct running causing problems for the boss but young step. but the experienced players have their own problems. of the geoffrey bring a case under about a yard in the penalty area it was all the germany international needed. monson schmidt but directions from the touchline but his nineteen year old left back continued to struggle. it's just couldn't cope with the problem. right on the side of the wrist instead of going on and why it was
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a silly mistake from the defender. a man would have been given in another country but this is germany and with biron refs are especially forcing me we already know what happened next five recently introduced robert live and dusty scored his fifteenth goal in fourteen games against poles but his favorite honestly got a problem. things were looking bleak so much in schmidt looked like he might have run out of time and even young people think it's not working then will make a change but i never worry about that. young sunday. the pressure must have been just too much after the game schmidt stepped down as false for coach if only it wasn't for that last minute fine penalty. and getting a little luck on tuesday they travel to istanbul for their champions league showdown with the sheikh just a few of the german teams are left in the competition like he said it's a three classes side. if the real movement on the table happens to be most first
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place where the race for champions league sponsors remains exciting. before we get to the table let's take another look at the worst parts of the day and it's not the recipient. i do want the coach i want one for me and i'm happy that i have a little bit more luck in this election brawl in buffalo gave shall cut huge beast in the hunt for champions league qualification. going to game for game and we thought that because qualification at the end of the season. it's much a twenty three and there are still nine teams behind by and battling it out a year of pine island twenty seven points behind the latest are in with a chance. some two hours but often times and of course twenty eight points behind the fire and way down in ten yet still in with
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a chance after a disappointing loss to mind character can consider themselves out of contention and things continue to look bleak for hamburg and for old cologne. to finish will delve into the room the mill the english national team is rumored to be interested in the jamaican boldly on by late the fans are. stuck. for just some summer. pretty good england pick jamaica's pockets. i mean i anticipate the momentum and i saw that he was going to control that i just went on and i would say just like a pickpocket something like that jacket came and then i scored pickpockets in brazil first not in september in the first place later want to play later cousens price is sometimes. me picking just a little away from juggling censors. it's
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a cheap bistro service they put the ball in the. police suiting up for the three lions of the wild we might just know more by next week season on kick off. the be. the big. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah but. the but the but.
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the but. the book. the book. the book. the books the big subsists the big. heavy bursting in good shape returning to cuba and you can't believe this gloomy news baghdad. and if you want to know what's inside needs this is all well and good
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place to turn it into a most favorite holmgren's into. coffee maybe we'll get a chance to do so full she let us. play. every one mine is made by him as mellie. detail used for its deep channel. fifty four events took place play. dates tournaments i could go on for hours but the stupid chinese about it you should get a check it out yourself the only cheap. food . gets in a bucket full of stuff. it's all about the stoves in some
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am. the audio. the c.w. news live from berlin the united nations warns the syrian government to stop its assault on a rebel held on claims nearly one hundred fifty people have been killed in airstrikes on the eastern coast since monday many of them women and children we asked why the us had regime has intensified at the time. also coming out the shock result of the far right alternatives.


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