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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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this is you know we do is live from berlin a new battle opens in syria as pro-government fighters confront turkey there helping kurdish fighters defend the region of our city against the turkish offensive that began last month syrian state media say turkish forces are shelling the pro-government fighters also coming up hakim phoenix says he usually hates film festivals but not the rally in iowa where he's starring in a gus van sant movie don't worry he won't get far on foot stick around for all the buzz from our correspondents down at the red carpet.
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great to have you along everyone we start off in syria where government backed troops have entered a fitting a kurdish enclave in the north of the country raising the specter of deadly confrontation with turkey columns of fighters were seen moving into afi despite threats from turkey that it would lease siege to the city in the coming days there are reports that turkey has already begun shelling the area the region is controlled by kurdish forces turkey considers them terrorists. all right well let's get you the latest on those breaking developments syrian pro-government a freighter is entering kurdish held our friend despite turkish threats dorian jones is in istanbul for you are dorian what more are you hearing.
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well you're right there's a force of several hundred drawn up of syrian government militia and iranian backed militia crossed into the afrin enclave very heavily armed but we do get reports of turkish or tillery bombarded this convoy possibly also supported by drones and turkish pro-government media are saying that much of the convoy has now retreated back into a friend it's very difficult to confirm these stories but at the moment it does appear to be a major confrontation going on between these forces trying to get into our front to support this syrian kurdish militia already asked turkey reacted officially you know there hasn't been any reaction officially from over this but it does come just hours after the turkish president. gave a very uncompromising speech to his parliamentarians where he warned that they would now the builder hold a siege around the city of afrin and also who is claiming a diplomatic victory saying that they had thwarted plans by damascus deployed its
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militia in support of this kurdish kurdish fighters in he said that he had spoken to his russian counterpart vladimir putin and said the muskets would face severe consequences if they carry this deployment out it appears that damascus has called bluff and we're now seeing the consequences of this escalating conflict now right so where does this mean is this war between turkey and syria now. i think there's very little appetite on both damascus for part to have a full scale conflict i think they are aware of the major consequences of such a confrontation but i think the risk here is of both sides are relying heavily on militias that have a long history of blood feuds for out the syrian civil war the risk is that these militias will start to fight and both sides will be then worn into supporting their evil side and that brings to calm the risk of both the massacres and the forces facing off i think behind the scenes we're now we've seen intense efforts by moscow
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moscow is supporting both the massacres but also. in its efforts to bring an end to the syrian civil war if you will not even the risk of a confrontation between these two sides and this would derail its efforts to bring an end to the syrian civil war and give it an exit strategy behind the scenes saying. and damascus have to speak to one of them to resolve this at the moment neither side is in any mood to do this. that was dorian jones reporting for us from istanbul well elsewhere in syria the rebel held suburbs of damascus known as the eastern huta are also under siege government forces have been pounding the area for three days running as reported up to two hundred civilians have been killed the syrian civil defense known as the white helmets released this footage that you're seeing right now purporting to show survivors of shelling carried out earlier today the u.n. is warning eastern ghouta could become a second aleppo. aren't to tell you now about some of the other stories making news
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around the world. but head of oxfam has apologized for the aid organizations handling of a sex scandal mark goldring was responding to accusations oxfam covered up allegations of sexual misconduct by staff in haiti well then said he was sorry for the damage to the people of haiti something else iran says it has located the wreckage of a plane that crashed into a mountain two days ago with sixty five people on board and rescue workers will have to recover bodies from the debris by foot due to the rough terrain records show the plane only recently resumed service after spending six years in storage. authorities have warned new zealand's south island to take precautions ahead of a powerful storm the remnants of cycle which battered tonga and samoa last week are expected to bring strong winds and heavy rain flights to and from the capital
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wellington have been cancelled. a court in peru has ordered former president of virtual he mori to stand trial for the killings of six farmers in nineteen sixty one thousand nine hundred ninety two excuse me the court decision comes after it was pardoned from a lengthy prison term because of ill health for him or he was jailed for crimes including commanding military death squads. a new suspension bridge with a glass floor has brought the rails and alight to tourists in china's hainan province the span so it spans some one hundred sixty metres above a gorge which was open to the public just in time for the spring festival holiday. brave souls while here in germany the center left social democrats have started
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voting on whether to enter a second coalition with conservatives party members have little over a week to cast their ballots and the result will be announced on march fourth the deal has deeply divided the expertise rank and file and it's a battle that's putting the party establishment against its future leaders. nothing is more important for the social democrats over the next ten days and these kind of town hall meetings the party's grassroot is deeply divided as to whether they should agree to a grand coalition deal or not and the face of the rebellion against american led coalition is this young man kevin the leader of the party is used to going he's trying to get members to vote no. and. off i believe that we can explain to the people why a no vote for this grand coalition deal which i am calling for doesn't only mean i know but also a yes because if we're serious and pledge our word it can be
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a chance to create a different more social democratic policy or to put it to someone while not as the face of the internal opposition the social democrats general secretary is rooting for a yes vote it's a first face of many tonight the debate civilized but passionate in the middle of the event news breaks for the first time the far right alternative for germany party has overtaken the s.p.d. in a national poll the new numbers are a disaster for the party but the pro coalition campaign thinks it's best to hold course. this is the best way to tackle bad poll results to develop good concrete policies which improve people's everyday lives that's why i want us to vote for this and then quickly get on your government implementing policies i bet the s.p.d. will also be stronger against terror. that is why the party's establishment will tour the country in the next week in support of the coalition deal passed referendums have been formalities but this time as the town hall shows the result
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is far from assured. i have two hearts beating in my chest when i asked for social democracy on the other hand i'm a citizen of this country and as a citizen i am hoping to have a stable government and this is why i will vote for a grand coalition. because according to one system early in your agenda just doesn't represent our. generation any. coalition deal post poll the important decisions too often twenty twenty five or it took fatal decisions such as the water protections and mikey marshall's division is simmering at the grassroots of germany's oldest poteen and it's this kind of opposition that in the end could still prevention any from having a stable government anytime soon. down at the borough an international film festival we have david leavitt's get to see a david what have you been watching today. well the biggest movie on today is the latest by director gus van sant it's called don't worry he won't get far on foot
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and this is the true story of a politically incorrect quadriplegic cartoonist and his struggles with his paralysis and with alcoholism brilliantly portrayed by the one and only joaquin phoenix also a great supporting cast jonah hill plays has a sponsor a little bit disjointed but some really great performances here no joaquin phoenix himself although the president really likes his performance was not too happy at the press conference he sort of refused to answer questions he turned away from the press at one point this is going to be screening on the red carpet behind me in just a little bit i hope that helped perk out by them for i think. that is part of his persona though isn't. what else it is showing and it is really no surprise it's no surprise there what else was showing today well well
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a very short film just how its world premiere only four hours long by a lot of diaz the filipino director and i say short because his last film of the betting on that was eight hours long it is called season of the devil we've got a look. out of the a lot almost you see i must. be in the how come you like about an hour song line of work that didn't belong what you needed body. to do something you saw your guy you not see some demo called. season of the devil picks up on a dark chapter in philippine history the marcos dictatorship in the one nine hundred seventy s. militant groups oppress a village in the jungle causing its members to slowly turn against each other a toxic atmosphere when no one is safe. around. the independent filmmaker describes his almost four hour long movie as rock opera
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it's dark gloomy and full of despair season of the devil deals with the philippines ghosts of the past. right david powers really brutal stuff i hope you have some more uplifting movies for me in the next bulletin because i'm losing hope all right david let's throw in our thank you. force news now in the champions league is back this evening by munich take on the. turkey and the arena bar and have dominated the bonus league of the season and are aiming on using that momentum to rack up a vital win over the turkish champions. the icy weather re munich couldn't keep by munich off their training page. a thirteen match winning streak in all competitions
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has the german champions brimming with confidence but coach pine cruz and his squad aren't resting on their laurels they are predicting a tough test. you will see that they can really play football. it comes as no surprise to me that. they group and won all three away games and one young of i just hope that we can put in a top performance so we can lay the foundations for the return leg. fit us will be. a packed stadium is expected at the alley and serena for the game this despite busy cash banging their supporters from attending the match by defender mats hummels is convinced there will be plenty of turkish friends in the stadium to voice their support. i organized two tickets for a couple of visit test fans there are many turkish people living in germany and
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they follow turkish football they'll be loud perhaps not as loud as usual as they won't all be concentrated in one area which is often the case of the followed by a need to be wary visit tasha's are no pushover and they thrive in a big match atmosphere the question is can they pull off a shock in munich. the russian delegation to the punk chang the winter olympics says that the beast sample from a russian a curling medalist has also tested positive for alexander crucial netsky who won a bronze medal with his wife in mixed doubles events a tested positive for the banned drug mel don't of the delegation has expressed its a sincere regret over the incident. all right before i let you go want to remind you of our main stories there right now a new battle has opened in syria as pro-government fighters confront turkey they're hoping syrian kurds defend the region of africa against the turkish offensive that
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began last month. all right you've been watching you get reduced thank you so much for watching our back at the top of the hour thank you. and why. the recent. mention of. a triple airplane. seventeen thousand kilometers in six weeks. i'm sorry.


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