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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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put big dreams on the big screen play. movie magazine on the dummy in. egypt. i am. i am. here watching the w.'s live from berlin the syrian government onslaught on a rebel held the mask of suburbia intensifies mortars and missiles raining down on the use of goods or without mercy killing nearly three hundred people including at least fifty children according to monitors hospitals are overwhelmed struggle to cope and have received the area home to some four hundred thousand people also
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coming up a new immigration bill from france the government insists the law will be firm and fair but human rights groups say it will erode migrants rights. movement. i am. very competent everyone. no words left the united nations children's agency describes the suffering of civilians and rebel held suburb of damascus as beyond what words are capable of expressing with airstrikes pounding eastern ghouta again today in a pennant monitors say that more than two hundred seventy people have been killed since sunday eastern ghouta is a group of suburbs on the outskirts of the syrian capital duma as the main town of the enclave and it is completely surrounded by pro assad forces they say the only
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bombing rebel fighters the siege is thought to have trapped as many as four hundred thousand civilians back in two thousand and thirteen the government allegedly attacked guta with chemical weapons we have this report and we want to warn you that some of you may find these scenes disturbing. for a war that's been raging for nearly seven years the images a new less shocking and no less harrowing. this boy's parents fate is unknown and most will become of his. in towns already reduced to shells and a hospital still standing is completely overwhelmed. since sunday the syrian government reportedly aided by russian forces has stepped up its bombardment of this rebel long place with little regard for those who inhabit it. so.
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i say. ok. and still the fighter jets keep coming if what happened in homs in aleppo is anything to go by they were installed until there's no one left those who survived being starved in their own homes. but the on the situation is getting worse and people are forced to stay on their grounds to avoid the shelling on able to go on to the streets or whatever's left of them to collect or buy food. well julie deuce condemned the syrian government but that comes as little consolation to the people of eastern. actions how far more facts than just words on
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a little longer than the one hundred one on one this one. while our earlier i talked with martin millions from the aid organization care in amman in jordan and i asked him given the reports of so many casualties are hospital in hospitals an eastern ghouta quick to deal with this influx of badly hurt people. yeah absolutely not i mean what we're witnessing is is this situation and he's told that had been already difficult before it to some area that was besieged by the government forces since almost four years and the last years and has even intense the far right. we were hardly able to bring in any medication no food so the area we're struggling the four hundred thousand people inside the war would be an extremely serious situation before and now with that military escalation really broad and not only are suffering for the people and the areas by no means
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a great way to deal with that make this very concrete for us describe the situation of the civilians on the ground are there shelters where they can hide what do families do when bombs start raining down on them. they have basically nowhere to go this area is besieged you consciously anywhere it's densely populated there's no bunkers people aren't going down in the basements if they can and. you know we have seen people have varied under the rubble of this increasing storing trisha and area people are not able to who were chasing food riots we have seen what we've never seen before really a level of suffering we meant enthusing that here that is aimed at t.v. it's been really really devastating it's very hard to describe his really difficult to find the right words for that absolutely words do fail us but we have to
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continue and try to describe what's going on on the ground as you alluded to this is an area that's been under government siege for years it has also been the site of the twenty thirty nine alleged chemical attack what do you fear will happen to those thousands of civilians now that the syrian government seems ready to retake the territory at any cost. i think we're afraid that something very similar will happen that we have witnessed and now that the before that this kind of you know only a pre looted tour from an offensive to take the last thing place that are held by the syrian rebels in syria we have a similar situation is deliberate see it's a similar kind of escalation of military along florida and they just basically carry down cynically you know without any regard to the civilian cost it's my past marchant you work for the organization care how much access does your
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organization have or aid organizations like yours have to east and go to all. these thing which i has always been like one of the most difficult day of the us to reach because it is the seeds we don't have the same level last kind of cross border the system says we have from cherokee from jordan. that is simply not the case so you have to basically cross frontlines and given the fact that now you know the tunnels have been closed said the checkpoints have been closed so the chilean our partners staff that are inside they themselves are not able to cross so the last convoy we have really been able to get in is already a number of months ago and that was in november and had enough food for around thirty thousand people i mean that this is not enough obviously for the for the kind of humanitarian situation that we're facing martin milius from the it
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organization care in amman jordan thank you. and in other news survivors of last week's florida school shooting have marched on the state capitol to ask lawmakers to ban assault rifles like the one used to kill seventeen of their classmates all around one hundred students travel to tallahassee to protest the easy availability of firearms they met with the legislators to make their case they were dismayed when the legislature rebuffed a bit to ban sales of assault rifles u.s. president trump a vocal supporter of gun owners rights is due to meet other survivors of gun violence this year. just to france now were a controversial law a new migration law has been introduced let's take a look at some of the issues the government is trying to tackle with this new bill france as seen in asylum seen its asylum figures surge even as the numbers of
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asylum seekers across the european union have been decreasing in twenty seven paris received a record one hundred thousand asylum application requests up by seventeen percent. compared to last year migrants have also converged in large numbers on hotspots that's paris the capital long france's southern and northern coast thousands are living in very very difficult conditions on top of that asylum procedures are very slow currently asylum seekers wait on average eleven months for a decision now let's take a look at the new bills main goals. the major goal the major goal is to speed up the asylum process from eleven to six months including the appeal time for asylum seekers who are turned down the law also includes
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a stricter detention rules the maximum detention time for illegal migrants pending deportation. will double from forty five days to ninety five and it also imposes high fines on people who illegally cross borders within europe and so on all right well let's talk a bit more about this new bill which has a lot of people talking in france with jake. narrow he is a journalist based in the french capital of paris good to see you jake why is this new migration bill so controversial. as rightly well human rights groups are calling the new measures repressive and even some lawmakers from macaroons own party are critical of the bill does bill risks tarnishing france's in the edge as a bastion of human rights as you mentioned it doubles detention times ninety days shortens deadlines for asylum applications so making a little bit more difficult to get that information in on time to qualify for side on it imposes jail time and fines for illegal border crossings however it does make
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it easier for minors to get asylum what prompted the legislature legislators to introduce this new bill. well as you mentioned france saw a record number of asylum requests last year up seventeen percent from the year before the government says the asylum system is overwhelmed and that many of the asylum requests are not qualify for asylum status many of those migrants are rather economic migrants who should be deported back to their countries france also dismantled cali and canada known as the jungle in two thousand sixteen which is home to a very large population of unregistered migrants so that was also a factor that quite a bit of pressure on the system but we should also remember that the number of asylum requests france received last year is still less than germany's one hundred eighty six thousand registrations which still is the highest in all of the european union and what happens next jake is there brought support among lawmakers allow
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this bill to pass. well as initially even michael has. some criticisms on the opposition and his own camp so where they're going to move forward from here is going to be lawmakers and officials will debate the bill as it is proposed today and revise it before sending it to the national assembly later this spree lawmakers there will then discuss the bill further and criticize it even more and try to make some negotiations to get some leeway and to modify the bill before they hold a vote so there's quite a long road ahead of negotiations jake as he can you know a journalist based in paris france thank you. it's still lights camera action here in orlando where the international film festival is still in full swing. some feel as cox there are down at the red carpet how guys tell us about one of the movies that hit the road today. yeah
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we had the world premiere of the second of three german films that are screening here this one is called my brother's name is robert and he's an idiot we saw the stars of the film and the director walked the red carpet behind us just a little while ago and i mean how would you scrub the. action packed. things i'd say laid out with incest we thought no other violence and we've got making requests for three hours of philosophy not any of. that is a bit of a slope so yeah i mean the director he's he's well known he's a very really a philosophical director and his idea is he wants to have the audience experience how time can just draw on what we're going very very quickly and in this case it definitely dragged all these patients i would say they did it does pay off in the end. that i'm going to pass out that really. was her out of the
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world and made us say and not a classic of course our iranian movies tell us about this year's entry. yeah well this is actually another violent film in what seems to be a growing list of i do know that about another say it's about the radio director he's blacklisted and the killer is gradually picking on him then killing his friends twice this is actually your comedy writing it intends to be we have to have the world premiere of this film yet so we can't go into too much detail but there has been a lot of anticipation for this film particularly because of its director yeah and berlin is a real hot spot for reining directors i mean you have to rein in directors when here in last couple of years two thousand and eleven with the film a separation from the one big here one the golden bear went on to win the oscar really powerful movie which looks at. this crisis around through the crisis in the family and then taxi film just a couple of years ago another indian film that won here from
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a blacklisted director so well it's always been a real important showcase for really the most important political films to come out of iran for all right scott roxboro charlot tell something else thank you guys catch up later. and you're watching the daily news we still have a lot more to tell you about including after allegations of meddling in the u.s. election how the russians tried undermining a lot this upcoming poll that suggestion coming in from the defense ministry well have all the details and also going to the top of the hour. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word published in the. week oh he's in germany to learn german why not learn simple online on your mobile free shop d w z e learning course because german media see.


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