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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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this is you don't use line for girl in the u.n. security council is gearing up to vote on a temporary ceasefire for syria will russia greenlight a resolution that stops bombs raining down on eastern ghouta the u.n. wants to allow humanitarian aid in for thousands of people trapped there without food and water or fuel unders have been killed since airstrikes started on sunday also coming up bitcoin rises back above the ten thousand dollar mark for the second time this week that says but banks and states jump on the block chain bandwagon the
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technology behind the controversial cryptocurrency and. look for me of a new documentary on the world's biggest pop star ed sheeran and he's in love with the shape of you statement. thank you very much for your company everyone where we get our broadcast with syria in the damascus suburb of isa in ghouta where residents have been living a nightmare as government forces have the least waves of airstrikes hundreds of people have been killed since sunday clued in many children the u.n. security council is due to vote momentarily on a temporary ceasefire that would allow much needed humanitarian aid to reach trapped civilians russia has had concerns about the resolution which have delayed
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the vote until now it wants guarantees that rebel fighters in eastern guta will respect a cease fire. these crackling bright lights have all the hallmarks of a firework display. but they're designed to devastate not celebrate activists say they are proof that the syrian government is firing indiscriminately cluster bombs into built up residential areas. and after a fair night of regime pounding this rebel held passion much like this. the grieving here takes place amid the search for life. well out of. nine knew he would go. i told his grandmother he would go. he didn't want to continue living in terror. i wish it had been me who was
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killed instead of my son. you know i wish it had been me who was killed so i wouldn't have to grieve for you my son nor the lot of you would go no go although. some have lost hope others cling to it. the work of first responders here made ever harder by treacherous conditions and the lack of medical supplies. as death rains down from above and while the powers are still arguing about how to stop it. this special envoy for syria stuff and i'm still rough eating rates that the human ecology and situation of the civilians in eastern is appalling and therefore we are in argent need for a ceasefire the stops both the already thick heavy bombardment of. and the in this community mortar shelling on the mosque. as i want and security council
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members want to start to the cease fire that would give safe passage for aid and evacuations no one needs to punish russia a key city an ally once guarantees any traceable also apply to rebel fighters. all right to punish them to this is a un regional humanitarian coordinator for the syria crisis and he joins us now from kuwait he said thank you so much for being with us do you have any news from eastern time what are people on the ground telling you i'm afraid it's still bad news from. the sea and very great rate taking place more than four hundred people now that i've been killed more than a thousand are injured and a total terror in this area with civilians being caught up in an impossible situation for it since they are all know how are people surviving do they have access to food water fuel basic
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a medical help. it's really difficult the moment to wharton electricity is completely cut there are some boreholes of people trying to do as they can with whether they have food also supplies or laws there's lots of people are complaining about being hungry because really there is no all the markets are not functioning we haven't brought a convoy for more than three months now and we had just a tiny one of the fourteenth of february so it's this year it's the physical not knowing if they're going to live another day or not because of the aerial attacks and buildings several buildings collapse when there's baton bombs fall and on top of it is the hunger and of course trying to to conciliate the children and you know elderly or people who are in a vulnerable situation it's just too much and has been going on for now says a thousand and thirteen of the siege so that certainly there an impossible situation and it's one sees is un regional humanitarian coordinator for the syria
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crisis thank you. and all eyes are on new york right now diplomats at the united nations there are giving it another try to pass a resolution for a thirty day truce that would allow for humanitarian aid and medical evacuations ok let's go straight to james or i know he is a correspondent there in new york and james i have the members of the security council started deliberating. yes the members of the u.n. security council have been discussing this issue again today as over in eastern guta the bombs are still falling. there was meant to be a vote on this draft resolution which the much talked about it was originally meant to take place at eleven am local time but they needed more time to do that deliberations that was rolled back by one hour to twelve known by that time as just part and they still haven't voted the latest information we got from diplomats
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inside the room is that is ongoing talks about humanitarian access and timeline for when the aid workers can get into east and go to another areas and that seems to be one of the sticking points which seems to be holding back negotiations and it means that the vote could not take place now for another couple of hours is what we're expecting what does that tell you that i mean you've been covering the u.n. for quite some time. it's hard to know i mean there is been some concern by some of the pressure groups involved in this what is happening here is that russia which is an ally of the syrian president bashar assad and his regime and that kind of like using this as an opportunity to play for time because obviously the russians have vetoed nine resolutions on taking action in syria in the past that could be what's happening or they could be thin thin it goes the oceans as they finesse some of the points of this for example the russians did have concerns that they stated quite explicitly the draft resolution called for
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a cease fire in syria for thirty days but there was some groups that were excluded from this and they include these terrorist groups like islamic state al qaeda and al nusra front now the russians they wanted some extra names i did that they were concerned about some of these rebel groups that are operating in eastern guta that may have been working with some of these extremist groups and they wanted them added to the resolution so we haven't seen the final draft that they're working on at the moment before it goes to a vote and that's going to tell us exactly where the negotiations are at the moment and that james the handling of this crisis by the u.n. some say is underscoring international powerlessness in the face of syria's for tractate warming earlier this week we had unicef issuing a blank statement and now russia who would veto yesterday. this is the u.n. system under attack. it's times like this where the u.n.
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system really does expose its frailties because it's structured in such a way that there are five countries on it russia britain france the united states and china and they've all got a veto so if they want to they can stop any action by the u.n. security council or russia's on it like i say several times when it comes to syria and the united states does that when it comes to israel quite regularly and so when it's like a core interest of their foreign policy they can stop action that doesn't necessarily mean that the international players aren't doing stuff in syria of course the russians are there the iranians and. the gulf states that they're financially and when it chooses to america gets involved too it was only about a year ago that donald trump the president decided to launch missiles on conch a couldn't so if they want to the world powers have shown with the way that it's just a case of how willing they are to act united nations correspondent james ryan a lot reporting from new york thank you all right want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. he was president donald trump
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says the armed officer assigned to protect the school hit by last week's mass shooting in florida was either a coward or didn't react properly under pressure police say he remained outside the school and failed to confront the shooter he has resigned from his job. a u.n. investigation into the conflict in south sudan says there is enough evidence to prosecute at least forty senior government and rebel officers for crimes against humanity and war crimes the u.n. report gives horrific witness accounts of gang rapes castration and ethnic violence insist children are not being spared. human rights watch is accusing me of mars government of using bulldozers to erase the villages of the ridge of people and says these satellite images that you see right here show large scale land clearance which could be aimed at hiding evidence of atrocities under its of thousands of the muslim minority flipped to neighboring bangladesh last year following an army
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crackdown. european union leaders have been meeting in brussels to decide how to fill the multi billion euro budget shortfall led by britain after it leaves the bloc it's expected to be at least ten billion euros the leaders also need to find funding for new priorities like migration terrorism and border protection. are going to tell you now about the winter olympics chang in germany stunned canada to reach the men's ice hockey final in a thrilling match germany got off to a flying start against the defending champs taking a three nil lead can either them battle their way back into the game to make it four three wood just minutes to go but germany held on for the historic win and will now play the russian team on sunday's final. the final competition day at the boro and international film festival is upon us
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and my colleagues have been watching film after film for more than their rican now did you guys have your fill already i am i hi scott. oh no doubt it's a tough job a tough job but somebody's got over that yeah. all right so what's what's happening behind you. so right behind us right now is the premier of the one of the last competition films called in the aisles it's a small film about what it's like to work in a supermarket in eastern germany there is a heart warming film in its stars a franz the who is in to kind of to barely now i know is right behind us i think he's right you know i behind right right on the red carpet you see him approaching the other looking very old like with his eye are yes he's approaching sandra hello who's the other star of this film she's fairly well known here in germany you might have seen her in the film tony adman which was oscar nominated and as saying it's
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a this is a sort of small sweet little film about two people working in a supermarket and it's a it's a sort of a very low key romance really touching little movie i really really enjoyed it with a small piece sort of introduce you to the movie when we take a look. this is not an action movie. and it's an unlikely place for a love story in the aisles takes us to a discount superstore in a small town where there's a new guy working the drinks section. to. christian hardly says a word but his coworker bruno takes a liking to him as does the unhappily married mother on from the candy department he's sweet on her to. angle. yeah. but doesn't go up.
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when molly on goes on sick leave and falls into a deep depression and has checkered past threatens to catch up with him. rising star. leads this portrait of an eastern german working class life and a tale of very cautious. all right guys what else is coming up today. well we've also got the world premier today of a documentary on ed sheeran the british pop star shot by his cousin now i'm not i have to mean i'm not a big ed sheeran fan. of the i and the i get. a home movie essentially from his cousin. i'm sorry but you saw the movie you know what you think i usually just spits these hits out yeah i get it so that's how quickly he goes. i'm going to say i'm sorry tell me that i just say ten years ago we had a documentary here about the rolling stones now it said sharon just started to claw
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my talent i think is something that i do you sign i'm going to stop you right there scott. thank you god just words well catch up a little later on and thank you for spending part of. every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn a simple online on your mobile and free shop for. learning course because german made it easy. beat the germans new and surprising aspects of license culture join. us american keep it takes a look at germany to.


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