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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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pam. this is deja news live from berlin wrangling at the united nations security council delays a vote on a temporary ceasefire for syria the u.n. wants to allow humanitarian aid in for thousands of people trapped there without food water or fuel and eastern goods but russia has concerns about whether rebel fighters there will respect a cease fire. also coming up memorials to a forensic past germany's far right party provokes a fee to debate in parliament over how the nation should approach the crimes of the
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nazis. and all of the fun at the movies at the berlin film festival the competition and the judging began school will win the top award the golden bear and all the other bears. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. we begin in syria in the damascus suburb of eastern good where residents have been living a nightmare as government forces have unleashed waves of airstrikes hundreds of people have been killed since sunday including many children now the u.n. security council is scheduled to vote on a temporary ceasefire that would allow much needed humanitarian aid to reach trapped civilians but russia has concerns about the resolution and that has led to repeated delays in the vote moscow wants guarantees that rebel fighters in eastern
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good will respect a halt to the fighting. the crackling bright lights have all the hallmarks of a firework display. but they're designed to devastate not celebrate activists say they are proof that the syrian government is firing indiscriminate cluster bombs and to built up residential areas and after a fifth night of regime pounding this rebel held posture much like this. the grieving here takes place amid the search for life. well our goal but. i knew he would go. i told his grandmother he would go. he didn't want to continue living in terror. i wish it had been me who was killed instead of my son. you know i wish it had been me who was killed so i
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wouldn't have to grieve for you my son or the other would go along although. some have lost hope others cling to it. the work of first responders here made ever harder by treacherous conditions and the lack of medical supplies. as death rains down from above and world powers are still arguing about how to stop it . the special envoy for syria stuff and the means to iraq eatery that the humanitarian situation of the civilians in eastern is appalling and therefore we are in argent need for a cease fire the steps boost the already thick heavy bombardment. and the in these communities mortar shelling on damascus give you security council members want to fire that would give safe passage for aid and evacuations no one needs to
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russia a key ally wants guarantees any truce will also apply to rebel fighters. and for more let's bring in daniel gary locke middle east analyst and editor in chief of zenith magazine and thank you so much for joining us this evening thank you for the invitation if we see this resolution passed how likely is it that we could see a cease fire. first of all it's totally possible that this sort of lucian will pass because. russia and the syrian regime might be able to capitalize capitalize on it like if. the prize the political price they get for this is good then they would pass the river the resolution but i think even if the resolution passes it would there would be a certain delay of the implementation for i don't know maybe a day or two maybe three days which would give the syrian regime and its allies militias enough time to make some progress on the ground and then the situation
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might freeze for a moment saudi arabia turkey qatar other countries that have the little bit of cloud still on the rebel militias inside the east of the border and yes maybe they can evacuate the fighters and thereby reduce the casualties because that would reduce the force of the aerial attacks in the militia tyson alter but this is all for the moment speculation i cannot we can really not tell you how this is going to be playing out what does russia's goal though do you think. well russia's prime goal is to be on my level with a superpower with the united states and its benefiting very well and it's the second goal is to gain leverage in the middle east and it has found a very efficient tool of gaining leverage and i think the third goal is they really and this is something we should not underestimate they really want to get out of this mess because they're also losing they're losing money they're losing human resources they have in casualties on the ground and they somehow want to get out of the situation and stabilize syria the only problem is they don't know how to do
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that and. you know they don't want to wait until whole syria as a symmetry in the meantime we look at the reaction from the west we have this week german chancellor angela merkel making a statement condemning the violence but from the perspective of the u.s. and the e.u. just generally speaking i mean have they abandoned syria on the field so to speak have they just left it to the regime and the russians. a long time ago to be honest yes i mean the u.s. has troops on the ground in certain parts of syria it has leverage and it has. supported certain groups in fighting terrorism that was president tom's problem is when he wanted to get elected as a commander in chief and you always heard this narrative yes the americans and the russians have to sort it out it's not in our in our hands to sort it out and they eventually might sort it out maybe the russians will do it with the iranians and the turks there were different formats but in fact. i have doubts that anybody believes that in europe and that also somehow frustrates and angers us as analysts
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and observers. i have doubt that they really thought that the u.s. would sort this out with the russians because the u.s. and the russians don't get along on this for president trump. and the conflict around damascus was not his priority he would say that he doesn't care about it but it's not in his priorities list and i think the europeans were now expressing shock and anger about this but in fact we knew that this was happening we knew would happen in the temple and we knew other scenarios it's always the same the same strategy there is so much doubt there is so much skepticism i mean we just heard it from you in terms of a solution to the crisis to the civil war there in syria but but you as a middle east analyst i mean do you see any opportunity for action from the united states from from europe without putting boots on the ground at this point no not without putting boots on the ground but there are boots on the ground there's enough boots on the ground there's enough military forces there the europeans are
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there with the air forces and i'm fortunate we don't have enough time now to talk about tangible solutions for the syrian conflict but i think yes a political initiative would already be enough on the other hand. to be very honest and i'm not this is not my opinion but i'm telling you like what i think is going on in the european capitals everybody wants this war to be over and everybody in fact knows that the current situation in place the only way that this war can be stopped looking at the way the syrian regime has behaved so far is for the syrian regime to achieve total victory at least in the mosques area and at the same time everybody wants to talk about keeping up the balance of power and kind of pressuring putting pressure on the syrian regime to enter negotiations they have to be negotiations without any results and i think the bitter truth is that even in the european capitals. people have made peace with the idea that assad is going to conquer this entire region and this war is going to last as long as he has done so
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where do you think we are on the timeline right now when it comes to the war i mean are we entering the final phases here. well that depends i think there is there is a long long war still ahead because what's happening in the north east of the country in the kurdish areas with the turkish intervention going on and off when we have the province of lip we still have the southern front no i don't think that this war is over yet and i think the regime will also do do that finish that job very slowly because my speculation is if the war's over the real trouble for the regime starts with his own domestic problems and its own constituency as long as the war's going on it can mobilize and keep up the solidarity and some also keep its international allies disciplined and i think it's very much capitalizing on the war on the longevity longevity of the war with a very sober assessment as we wait on this resolution here from the u.n. security council voting hopefully getting underway in a matter of moments daniel gary locke middle east analyst and editor in chief of
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zenith magazine we appreciate all ages for not being more positive at the moment for. let's get a quick check now on some other stories making news around the world at least eighteen people are reported dead after two huge explosions rocked the somali capital mogadishu the blasts near the presidential palace were followed by gun battles between attackers and police suspected al shabaab militants reportedly tried to force their way into the palace the u.n. investigation into the conflict in south sudan says there is enough evidence to prosecute at least forty senior government and rebel officers for crimes against humanity and war crimes the u.n. report gives horrific witness accounts of gang rapes castration and ethnic violence and says that children are not being spared. european union leaders have been meeting in brussels to decide how to fill the multi billion euro budget shortfall left by britain after it leaves the bloc it's expected to be at least ten billion euros the leaders also need to find funding for new priorities like migration
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terrorism and border protection. well to the united states now where president trump has announced what he calls the heaviest sanctions ever imposed on north korea they take aim at companies and ships from nine countries accused of illegal trading with gang the measures are intended to force north korea to relinquish its nuclear and missile programs trumps treasury secretary said it was a matter of national security thirty days actions we are putting companies and countries across the world on notice that this administration views compliance with u.s. and u.n. sanctions as a national security imperative those who trade with north korea do so at their own peril the united states will leverage our economic strain to enforce president trumps directive that any company that chooses to help north korea fund its nuclear and ballistic missile programs will not be allowed to do business with anyone in
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the united states. you're watching news still to come on the program but morial to a horrific past germany's far right party provokes and heated debate in parliament over how the nation should deal with the crimes of the nazis. but in the meantime it is time now for business news with funny for char who is standing by high funny acer and some good news for v.w. good numbers there germany's scandal plagued volkswagen more than doubled from that profits for last year to eleven point four billion euros fi w.'s revenues were up by just over six percent to two hundred thirty point seven billion euros the company ranks as one of the rules largest automaker selling tempore in seven million vehicles worldwide last year and that's despite a company admitting manipulating software on eleven million vehicles worldwide it has had to pay billions in fines and compensation and is still under investigation
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cornered bosun reports from the frankfurt stock exchange. he. told. me. he. was not according to the. speaking of investors chinese investor. has become the largest shareholder in germany stonor company stock market filing say he bought a nine point seven percent share in the maker of say dispense luxury or tool box is the chairman of give the automobile holdings a multinational automotive company based in china but he already has holdings in europe and healy acquired sweden's car maker eight here sicko. now the international agricultural show begins this week counting in paris however
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france's farmers are anything but happy they are concerned about unemployment if a free trade deal comes into force with the south american. this cows dealt full expression says it all there's an undercurrent of anxiety at this year's paris international agricultural show farmers here dreading the arrival of more tariff free meat from brazil argentina uruguay and powerglide as soon as a free trade deal comes into force brazil is already the world's biggest meat exporter. the farmers trade union says a trade deal puts around twenty five thousand livestock farms in france on shaky ground that's a blow to a country which prides itself on its food and where it comes from. i would say that in france we have an opportunity to have a diversity of diversity of products it's also a country of. farmers who are passionate about their work attached to the soil and
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i think there are certain expertise in our region and. french president. has staked out a middle ground ahead of the major pharma show. farmers to invest more rather than complain about overseas competition while also promising to protect them from foreign land buyers. it's part of an agreement with the island's nation's creditors for the very first time this beautiful island right here of the says shell has designated the sea surrounding its islands as protected waters safeguarding the fishing and tourism industries and receiving in return now the debt restructuring agreement will pay some of the money into a trust fund. for many this indian ocean island is what paradise looks like
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the remote atal is home to the world's largest population of giant tortoises and is the spawning grounds and for a number of rare species. the seychelles government has now signed a bill restricting nearly all human activity in the waters around. it's the result of a unique deal with its predecessors debt relief in exchange for protecting biodiversity the ambitious plan places thirty percent of the country's territorial waters under protection putting it way ahead of the global marine protected area target of ten percent by twenty twenty four years to put this together but what happened was is over that time period the seychelles was a poster child of what you do to come out of a debt crisis they were running positive budget surpluses they successfully footed the currency the debt to g.d.p. ratio in the late two thousand the seychelles was one of the world's most indebted countries according to the world bank sovereign debt peaked at nearly one billion
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us dollars today the finance ministry says it stands at less than half of. many fishermen except that the long term effects of the marine spatial plan will benefit the economy on their industry yet some fear the short term impact will be crippling to their livelihoods. or adding onto a very important part of german history sarah absolutely and a heated debate actually here in the country funny because in parliament there was a lot of debate about how the nation should remember the holocaust and other crimes that are committed by the nazis the far right party wanted to end what it calls quote the dictatorship of remembrance while members of other parties accused it of using racist language and insulting the memory of history is it dumbs have a look. in the middle of berlin i stumble upon a tragic story. in general you nine hundred forty three this family was picked up
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here and taken to auschwitz father mother eleven year old daughter and one year old son victoria all four were murdered this house was home to the was their fate and others should not be forgotten that's when artists from cologne have started to lay these cobblestones diana twenty five years ago but now a politician from the far right if he has demanded to end this memorial he referred to a remembrance dictatorship sparking controversy. but other politicians have been alarmed by this criticism of the brass memorials in the bundestag all other parties strongly reject the a fifty stance the uproar if the delegates get a yawn demands an end to the cobblestones with such statements they mock the memory of the dead shame on you. stepdad said they talk about a cult of guilt that it takes a ship of remember it's
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a monument of shame this is intolerable historical revisionism in its purest full view if you do miss most in the line for mine a downtown i mean do you see a f t is talked about a monument of shame and calling for one hundred eighty degree turnaround in the way we remember history that got pissed off and. hearing the debate members of the if the group were heard laughing and shouting but none of them was prepared to repeat the controversial proposal. again and again the a fifty uses the same method first they deliberately provoke then depending on the audience they slightly relativize their statements but party supporters get the message and apparently attacks on germany's culture of remembrance don't seem to harm the party. a if t. political have also criticised the holocaust memorial in the center of berlin their
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open new york post to germany spacy conviction never forget instead they call for an end to remembrance. today is the final day of competition at the berlin international film festival and my colleague charlotte chelles impale and maya shader are standing by with the latest action on the red carpet and you know no surprise guys european films are really popular at this film festival and we had a german one preparing today tell us a little bit more about it. that's where we saw the last entry into the belinelli competition section it was called in the aisles and it's a really sweet small film just sort of a low key love story about what it's like to work in a supermarket in east germany yeah that's right it's actually a very. film and also stars fans low cost he he is
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a huge hit with us i have to say and also here is the bad as well he's starring in another film in the competition believe it or not that's to you and that's a film called transit where he plays a refugee and then as well he's won the bet in shooting star award which means the ballinasloe has decided that he is one to watch out of a big deal he's a big we don't want to give away too much they check out his performance in this report. this is not an action movie. and it's an unlikely place for a love story in the aisles takes us to a discount superstore in a small town where there's a new guy working the trick section. christian hardly says a word but his coworker bruno takes a liking to him as does the unhappily married mother on from the candy department he's sweet on her to. the pound.
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you know. it's a cut doesn't do updates of what. one might be on goes on sick leave and falls into a deep depression and has checkered past threatens to catch up with him. rising star. leads this portrait of the eastern german working class life in a tale of very cautious. ok so about want to parent we gets your vote guys but we know that tomorrow the golden bears that is the top prize will be handed out there at the film festival and i understand that four films in the competition are for women directors how likely is it that those a whip. yeah that's right i think we both agree that though they were all really
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strong films the last one for a female director was green this morning we had the world premiere bows of film called mug face for those of you who don't speak flying out that it was a parish director and i think i think we both thought it was a pretty funny film that believe it or not is about a guy who has a horrific accident and then ends up having to have a face transplant and it tells the story of how he deals with it in a very sensitive very funny waiting i thought i liked it a lot more than i thought it was it's also very interesting cinematography and another one that had it was a very interesting film to me also by a female director was called touch me not and this was a very interesting look at the range of human sexuality. there's quite a lot of that having. basically all you need to know about this film is that it opens with a very close up shot of male genitalia and then the film goes from there so you can imagine what the rest is like if you're looking for a bit more of a p.g.
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film i think the one that we can really recommend is a film called. her of mine that's an italian director there's a lot of this and actually i really do think that that is in for a show and agrees with the golden bear it's a stunning film it tells a picture of what it's like to be a mother two very different portraits of motherhood it's very complex very very moving i can't recommend this film enough beautiful really well acted as well and i mean how much does it make you want to go to sardinia oh a lot you had beautiful beautiful filming shots when it's a freezing cold and ballet and i think you can feel like in the air in the band just. you know you guys only have one more day out there on the red carpet tomorrow we will find out who the winners are charlatans and radar with the very latest thank you. in sports news now one of the great derbies in the bundesliga takes place on saturday with bremen hosting northern rivals hamburg but the days where these sides were fighting for the title are long gone bremen are hovering just
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above the drop zone and hamburg are second last this derby is about one thing survival. the doggies against braman are always special for hamburg but their precarious position in the table makes this game even more exciting. mission or for the bench it is not just the position in the table you never want to lose a darby this is the way we're going to approach this game. given splitting the. hamburg haven't won in ten matches. last weekend's two one defeat to labor coups and was the latest setback. a loss against braman would see them lose even more ground in the relegation battle. hamburg know just how important this game is. using us on so as we see this is a great chance to set things straight a bit and get back on track and you could call it. braman are also well aware that
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a win over a direct rival of the bottom of the table would give them a huge boost in the fight for survival they're expecting a real battle. in the heart of spike and will have really hard tackles and a high intensity game every player will run to the max on both sides but i'm definitely not expecting an unfair match and for unfairly speak saturday's davi is a crunch game for both sides if hamburg lose they can expect a strong reaction from their fans. well now it was stolen eight years ago but now a painting by nineteenth century impressionist edward degas has turned up once again on a bus experts say the chorus singers is the real thing it was stolen from a museum in marsay in two thousand and nine customs officials discovered it during a random search of a bus at a highway service station no one on board claimed it and no one was arrested the
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painting is believed to be worth around one million euros. a quick reminder now the top stories that we have been following for you here at the deputy the u.n. security council is scheduled to vote on a proposed ceasefire in syria the resolution calling for a thirty day truce in eastern good to allow humanitarian aid for thousands of people trapped in the beleaguered damascus suburbs. up to date i'm sara kelly in berlin thanks so much for watching i hope to see you again soon.
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european social democrats are in crisis can the next generation save them french socialists are looking for a new leader well germany's s.p.d. is facing a crucial decision to rejoin a conservative government or not. young party members are speaking out can they help set the course for the social democrats future. in sixty minutes on d w. the fast pace of life in the digital.
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going there it will be. telecast our innovations magazine for. us from every week and always look into the future on t w dot com science and research forty shots. in the u.s. state of florida the teachers of stoneman douglas high school head back to their classrooms more than a week since seventeen people were killed in a mass shooting the president's proposed solution to an epidemic of gun violence in the country give the teachers weapons i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. i.


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