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tv   Europe in Concert - Until the Ribbon Breaks Britain Damian Lynn...  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2018 10:15am-11:00am CET

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until later today this is the syrian government continues its bombardment of the opposition held suburbs of damascus known as eastern ghouta hundreds have been killed in the last six days including many children. that's one user up this hour we'll be back at the top of the hour with most of you stay tuned thanks for watching. on. the path of the world over information they provide to the plans they want to express the g.w. blog facebook and twitter go up to date and in touch and follow us. in.
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our. own. with no room in my. house. victory small. the current. reno. no wrong to. do pretty good job on the line. we had a pretty good. let's move along with. visits from horribly. to. going. to be. good.
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oh. yes. the boss in the right you can see it everywhere. nobody ever really nice and i'm not a member. of the will even have one. but if you believe in ohio right. everybody. says you know my just a preview of. this it's time for me. to just. totally. disagree.
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keep. your. eye.
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play. play play. play play. play. play play play play. play play. play .
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we have. someone to. put it. in the past. but not just. what was. done. in the. in the crowd.
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in the. long long. long. long.
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long. long. let's. look. thank you. thank.
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you our. big. problem. was. from. going to come see you go. susan. reed in the flow. where you want to soon. see my. chris. brown my. stuff.
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from. to. use. the. time to put the dog press press corps the call could start coming
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god save the queen. the way come from that tree you. might. like to. sit down from now stuff see trouble now come. to. soon.
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that. was a good. escape for. me in the. palm beach just a. bizarre time. we
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never spoke. with just this little boy this summer trying. to. explain. the place with such a low. he knows it blatantly looks like. one slips me cut some. of the most of the people. call it a long long long long long as the slug lives. lost in the closet among us to close a close look at some of the most subtle explosive closing of the moslem. boy. close the book
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thoroughly claiming the big feel good. moment a song. the town was. forced to. close. the book the mug. long. good the book cut the flow of the book the only place. the book the book
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the book the book the book. thak. there were. well. first thing not.
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me. but. my wife you. can't. come. by a landslide.
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any such. talk. shit he. from. the russell live there much i. obtained. the bug. juice cut. cut. cut.
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cut. cut cut. cut cut. cut cut cut cut. cut cut. not. look like. but. my. gut. a.
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mum. nothing. to say good night to. come no. one. could come up. thank you thank you. thank you.
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i. believe in the code. no mob claudian mob long. cause shaped him his own walking in a low. mood saw our side of the wind surfing. which made me a salad with dad on me and life. and everything be your. cod home loan was the cold days in the winter like me feel so alone. feel so do you keep killing them things i saw you nights in winter. come through.
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all down fleas by. me going can see. you follow me feel that sunlight streaming media present. nights will be long lived cities will be sure the sky is not all.
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slowly joking non-drinking the charge she had the blank. and not phone no no i could code days in a way so i could slow down feel sued big she came to me inside so i denied seeing winds to. come through. our own police live my. mum used to live at sun soup to sunday a good. move.
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well we. freeze say i don't believe it even so we can see. skeet means foreigners who you may. see me up because i needed a. broke
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no you to hell because so come. along. all the things she complained the bag. and all the fame say. make me happy dreams there.
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big we get the contract. but other than the the most seriously the fault of the stupid sayers slugging away with the bad all the money the good album already gave the boot young the bullets the cuts are needed i was misleading the fellow who sucks the music the sleep the beat himself with the rounds on the books. the book the book the book the love. the in the book the lead in students get all of the first signs that he's in he's in which we need
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. to catch your meaning i was making answer reading and i didn't see it instead of the first signs that he'd seen him since persuaded but you really can't tell me now the bunch of students tell me to come. you're. saying you know my bit. petty brim up ahead of all uncertain time. as. i call them must begin with a plan b. if we send me
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a list towns around the world. it's in the number three lanes so. wrong. so i assume you still think all. three are varying falling down on me again and it becomes then stammering that i went sent where let's dial the side of town to send again maybe sunset to bill being sent me telling me when i may be sun sun will be. king.
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look up to her room to go look out snow window say go look at some you tube yes. i want to be true to share you on the real. dog traps my sorrows. but we come police drug. books still worth carving is too good a bone. feeder falling down on me again
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and it comes in. every known way then when it comes to fire a town to stand against me the sun going green so. some of you may be sons son. is. going forward on known. him.
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soon. and the morning. thank. you. both.
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you need a steady. job to look at the bag on monday that i am hangs. over marines things turned out the way i expect it's the. management of the home going shed and screams although i have been honoring slaves from many of these things and i'm single seems that he can move. to the south and not against any bags if you've been. around the greens to have outs of really what's mine sued. who regarded it as a sign one of the bog to work was money now i've seen that i've been blind. the memories and the bags and i'm argue with that sag and i think you know and i'd suit eg i was. home. he'd say the
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first to the last take a look at the pies that i love them so fine as the day oh i plan on. the suit a. sleeve sarai. hiking photos all day she was. good she has no way you get it. things aren't god where there's the moving and responded see what food brings to the gag and spread yellowing judaism up the reason of blacks and i'm arguing for it straight in a big black suit a pile home on the land all. these days the first to the last thing on the good the pipes that i'm going to show us at least the iowa
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man mostly moves it was legal the guy. black told us dollars i couldn't exactly where you are it's because one says you know what i have no lawyer would gladly. want. suit my memories in the blacks in the market if it sag and they get outbid today i was born man o. me he'd spare you from the first to the last take a look at the past it all happened so feisty you staying.
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long. long. long. long. long long. long.
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long long. long . the roof of. the big
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three comes around a barge a couple of doors moving or what knows you. could say that long a curse a good supports all the time we got news for. the bird shining moment i began to ride these long. week closer and closer. to the most good news song you. told just eat food music movies good sooth the good news the red hood the big easy to sleep when the body moves but good. good good.
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good thought the bites never good for the price of the muslim brotherhood the bowlegged hussein told me of an old slowly come close to the bob good news poll i began to. move. oh good. good good good news. poll to see the good news meet the good soup. the good. news this is a good place to play.
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a little. sing. sing song. long long. long and slow the clock. long long long long long long way to look. at the book. the belonging
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. let's let along a law .
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glynn. thanks . making an appearance on the red carpet and the big screen. three to. six but how do they actually do. they know which can get the job done. germany's most influential costume director. looks at the cost of. your robot. thirty minute.
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fake news alice. shakes out today's can sit side by. play. people put big dreams on the big screen. claim the movie magazine on d w. three one my name is made by that name as. the w. word challenge. for the event. day. i could go on for hours but this new. charles about if you should better check it out yourself the only.
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movement. are and. this is g.w. news live from berlin as world powers because hundreds die in syria's eastern guta a un security council ceasefire is delayed again until later today just as deadly syrian government strikes pound the rebel held area at the moscow's also coming up . u.s. president donald trump announces the high seas.


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