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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CET

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this is the w.'s line from berlin a glimmer of hope for syria as the u.n. calls for a new fuel fire i do not you must bow to the days of delay it comes after a week of government shelling the turned good time into one thing u.n. chief was called taleban back. on the curtain closes on the brilliant go to book after tomorrow picks up the best director award for his friend wes anderson the big winner is remaining in director i do not think you could take home the golden bear from the film touch me knocked. on the limb pick up said the russian hockey
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team and a stunning victory against germany but the team cost controversy everything their backs national afterwards. i'm just c'mon you welcome to the program the u.n. security council has voted to approve a resolution demanding a thirty day humanitarian cease fire in syria now russia agreed to back the deal at the last minute as long as no starting date for the truce was set the ceasefire is aimed at allowing desperately needed aid to reach civilians in eastern guta more than five hundred people have been killed in the rebel held area near damascus in the past week. the bombs have been raining down on eastern good for an entire week. a smoking and. ash filled the sky over this rebel held district near damascus
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those on the ground continue to pull victims from the rubble they've been under siege here for years but casualties are now spiking sharply. the survivors are being treated in a makeshift hospital near damascus activists say this is the work of indiscriminate cluster and phosphorous bombs fired by the syrian regime children to bear witness to the carnage. in another missile landed but it was a small one thank god it was bigger the whole neighborhood would have been wiped out. amid the bombing world powers have hesitated for days on how to find common ground to stop the bloodshed. on saturday the un security council voted unanimously to approve a resolution demanding a thirty day cease fire to allow humanitarian aid to reach civilians in eastern
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guta the body overcame initial resistance from russia to adopt the resolution today russia has belatedly decided to join the international consensus and accept the need to call for a ceasefire but only after trying every possible way to avoid it their reason why we discussed the prisoners so long why the process was. so. extensive and they got to say was that we walked at the bank sure that it is meaningful as i said before because by decrees of the security council you can look you could not call a ceasefire cease fire. borders. based taking process will to go and we want to make sure that it is reflected with russia a staunch ally of syrian president assad has been providing military aid to the syrian government but while many will no doubt welcome the news of a potential cease fire. syrians continue to suffer activists say minutes after the
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deal was struck government warplanes bombed eastern ghouta yet again. call for more on this i'm now joined by u.n. regional humanitarian coordinator for the syria crisis panel smoke this thank you for joining us from kuwait so how does the security council obviously took a long time to approve this cease fire and yet activists say the government will planes was still bombing east and go to after the agreement so can we expect the syrian government to comply but it's really important is this security council resolution that translates into concrete action station of facilities in site. easels are in other areas as well so really we hope that the government of syria or other parties come to an agreement to stop and still is right away this is vital to be able really to reach some decent these two peacefulness and that's what this is in this area but also to allow us to bring in humanitarian assistance food medical
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supplies and take out the i created the security council unanimously all sixteen members called it's favor so really we want to see an application very quickly now this still doesn't cover rebel groups so what is a un doing to get aid to places like some good which have said need humanitarian assistance. so on our side we are really ready to be able to respond immediately to bring two minutes an assistance food medical supplies to take medical cases are to evacuate to ease with them but also to other locations to eclipse our three were also there being there was still is on the ground so what is your street saying is this is this is just a mere ten kilometers away from eastwood's up damascus is just very close and these woods are so the people of this water have really lived through an extraordinary situation out for days and days and. for health facilities have been attacked
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people say when somebody is injured now they they decide not to take them to health facility because they tend to help facility risk the lives of two more people who will drive them into the person so there is an extreme situation on the ground that needs to translate into. sation facilities and deliver a threat it's an assistance for the people who are there and find you panas russia may have finally approved this deal but they've also said that an immediate choice may not be possible so what is being done. so even needed jews really need it is necessary is desperately necessary i would say. we really would be talking with everybody of forces in their government other countries it's important that the decision of the security council is applied now every day we have reports of dozens of them many many people injured children traumatized areas where there's a besiegement have no water no electricity very little food health facilities have
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been destructed and the bigger picture in syria hard work relation is displaced there we're seeing three in aid live but many locations where people are in desperate need how are the facilities how to some of this in syria not functioning many schools in all these areas are completely on hold so life cannot continue as it is we have to see an obligation of the of this resolution throughout syria for really the greater good of the people of syria and us one says joining us from kuwait city thank you. and your that's our look at some of the other stories making news around the world the death toll from team bomb blast in the somali capital of mogadishu has risen to forty five the jihadist group al-shabaab has said it was behind the bombings which went off near parliament at the national intelligence agency has links to al qaeda it controls large areas in somalia.
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thousands of people in israel have protested government plans to deport african migrants they've been given until april first to leave the country or face imprisonment most are from sudan and eritrea now the government says they're in israel illegally but they claim persecution at home. the bollywood legend divvy up poor has died of a suspected heart attack in dubai the fifty four year old actress began her career at the age of four and starred in more than one hundred fifty films she was described as being the first female superstar in india's male dominated film industry. so the curtain is set to come down on the twenty eighteen billion dollar film festival after a glittering award ceremony romanian director dina clinched the golden bear for touch me not a film that some critics loved but others panned and wes anderson snapped up the
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award for best director for the festival's opening film i love dogs for gordon they are for best. they're going to be absolutely misinformed goes to. touch me not my idea. of being a pin two years film follows the emotions of people who try to fulfill their desire for intimacy in unexpected ways the director invited the cast which includes nonprofessional actors onto the stage some were overwhelmed by the moment. where the heartbeat. d.w. charlotte chosen pill and bias waiter were on the red carpet. women won big at this year's ballon it was a female director who took home the golden bat not bad for have best feature film
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but it was a controversial pick kerry president ontic first said he knew that that would be the case but ultimately the jury wanted to pick an entry that showed not what film can do but what it can do in the future the second place silver bear went to the polish film og also a female director to film that explores the male identity. but small design. wasn't shy about her and she's. so happy that i'm a few made the next or yeah. i'm now employment won the silver bear for best actress for her performance in the era since as a lesbian who's partner has to go to prison for their deaths. she took. french newcomer anthony bars all took best actor for his role in the prayer about
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a young man trying to kick his drug habit. the regime is revile of dogs a futuristic animated film opened the balun. bill murray accepted the silver bear for best director on wes anderson's behalf i never thought that i would go to work as a dog and come home with a. south korean activists have staged a sit in near the border with the north in protest at plans for a north korean official to attend the closing ceremony of the olympic games dozens of largely conservative protest has turned out for the rally which was held near where the north korean delegation crossed into the south demonstrators are angry about the participation of kim jung in the group he's suspected of planning attacks
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including the sinking of a south korean ship in twenty ten which killed dozens of silence. so the closing ceremony at those ventolin pics is less than an hour away and have been some incredible highs of these games but also some low points too and joining me to discuss all this is jonathan crane from i was forced us thanks for joining us so well so be seeing be a fifth parading around at the you know olympic stadium for the closing ceremony as we've said but we want to be hearing the russian i'm. seeing the flag why is that yes we won't be because the i see today has voted to keep russia's and then take back and in place now it was a unanimous decision edith we hope you will see it coming out i see as the sticks together in these kind of decisions as thomas backed the i.o.c. president a big show of hands that this was all stemming from one hundred sixty eight athletes from russia competing at these games as neutrals under the olympic flag now that was because states. such games in twenty fourteen i go to people actually
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thought russia should have had a blanket ban should have been. taking part in the games of tool but the i.c.'s decision in december kind of paved the way for russia reinstatement that we may have been seeing that flak and hearing their anthem at the closing ceremony the ice has been monitoring their behavior to see if they are abiding by the ban there were whispers that yes russia could be reinstated before the ceremony but crucially to fellow drug tests for russian athletes at these games and as we're going to hear from i see president thomas back that's why the ban has been up health. this was hugely disappointing. in addition to allude to the reasons related to the i.o.c. for you consider the fifteen this special well that lucy's. so the ban in place but just for now because we're hearing that if there's no more taking violations at these games then russia will be reinstated fought back really from
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the cold that would please a lot of people because they say that will send out the wrong message about typing but a lot hangs in the balance now but what we do know for sure is that there was some sport in the final day a gold medal for the athletes from russia in the men's hockey final what happened that yes a second gold medal of these games the athletes in russia way down incidentally on that takes it from sochi but it was a thrilling ice hockey final with germany and now they've been the surprise package really of this tournament edith the best they've done now until until now it was a bronze medal that was when they were competing as well as west germany in one nine hundred seventy six it was a two hundred for a final russia led then germany did germany with fifty five seconds away from the goals and forty russian level then it went to overtime and sadly for the germans the russians got that decisive goal they were delighted we saw from some of the pictures celebrating even singing the right not to mention the i.c. would be too happy about that but as far as people in russia are concerned this was a win for russia well jonathan crane thank you so much for your time and for your analysis and that is all we have for you from d.w.
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live from berlin at this hour we'll have more coming at the top of the alice and do stay team thanks for watching. dangerous and why. venture of. a trip like airplanes. seventeen thousand kilometers in six weeks. breathtaking landscape.


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