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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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sponsored by distinctive instagram or so that g.w. story you talk to each week on instagram. this is the day of the news live from berlin and i'm glad they were all to hold for syria as the u.n. calls for a new cease fire eight out and this goes after days of delay it comes after a week of government shelling that turned into a walk the u.n. chief calls for help on earth also calling on. the olympic flame has been extinguished bringing the winter olympics in brazil in china to a close we take
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a look at the games final days which so fireworks go inside i'm dying i thank yous . and the curtain closes on the berlin film festival after bill murray picks up the best director award for his friend wes anderson and in a surprise when the indian director and you know in t.v. take home the golden bear for her fellow touch me not just. me. i'm not i was on thanks for joining us well the u.n. security council has voted to approve a resolution demanding a thirty day humanitarian cease fire in syria russia agree to back the deal at the last minute as long as no starting date for the truce was sacked and the ceasefire is aimed at allowing desperately needed aid. to reach the billions in eastern goza
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more than five hundred people have been killed in the rebel held area near damascus in the past week. the bombs have been running down intensely on a sting good up for an entire wake up as smoke and ash fill the sky over this rebel held district need damascus those on the ground continue to pull victims from the rubble. they've been under siege chief for years the casualties and spiking shot play. survivors of being treated in a makeshift hospital. activists say this is the work of indiscriminate cluster and phosphorous bombs fired by the syrian regime. children to bear witness for the konitz. and amid the bombing the world powers have hesitated for days on how to find common ground to stop this bloodshed. on saturday the un security council voted unanimously to
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approve a resolution it demands a thirty day safe fire to allow humanitarian aid to rape civilians in eastern guta the body of the came and michelle resistance from russia today russia has belatedly decided to join the international consensus and accept the need to call for a ceasefire but only after trying every possible way to avoid it this far into the square with what is. pacemaking to go and they want to make sure that it is reflective of. russia is a staunch ally of syrian president bashar assad it's been providing military add to the syrian government. but while many have welcomed the news of a potential safe spot the people of syria continue to suffer. activists say minutes after the deal was struck government will planes bombed a student kuta yet again. well i'm joined by alan michael donald's in amman in the
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middle east folks and for save the children alan you are in close contact with people in eastern guta has there been any change following the security council votes so far at the moment people we've spoken to here said that it's really just an illusion. that this morning people who are looking forward to. peace will say they left the shelters where they've been hiding underground for the past week trying to escape bombing and people went to check their homes to check their relatives see people working but then pretty soon afterwards just a couple of hours afterwards. a bomb and starts again and i was just thinking somebody just twenty minutes ago he was saying that the bombing is still going on at the moment. so the bombing has continued how is that then affecting your work there there's essentially no change. so. it's
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incredibly important and urgent that we're able to get a. very little internationally getting in there for years now and particularly over the last few months it's got much worse that the mountain rates among children in the streets are at the worst we've ever seen in the syria crisis and if we can get food and medicine in media only. many more children will die as a result of this. for russia and the media treats would be off the table for the moment are you at all hopeful that they might change their tone. rows and what we see. on the ground. this is a matter of life or death every hour counts at the moment if the cease fire has been agreed at the u.n. security council there's no reason why it should be able to come into effect immediately. the longer this goes on without people getting food and medicine with
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the bombing going on every day we see more schools hospitals destroyed. more days that this goes on the more children will say it's going to the u.n. security council having formally passed this far it's not make sure that it happens immediately starting from today alan mcdonald and amman thank you for that update. now says of the other stories making news around the world china's communist party has proposed removing a two term limits on how long the president can stay in power that would mean president paying could remain in office after his second term and then twenty twenty train and he's already the most powerful chinese leader in decades his ideology was enshrined in the party's constitution last october. thousands of people in israel have protesters government plans to de poorest african migrants
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they've been given until april first to leave the country or face imprisonment most are from sudan and eritrea the government things there in israel and legally but they claim persecution at home. well north korea is willing to enter direct talks with the united states to improve relations that's according to south korea's government issues the statement during the closing ceremony to the winter olympics with north korean and u.s. delegations both in attendance well earlier a group of demonstrators gathered outside the stadium to protest the arrival of the north's delegation a scuffle ensued protesters are angry about the participation of party official kim jong chill in the north korean delegation that he's accused of planning attacks on south korean targets that killed dozens of people.
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well the winter olympics have drawn to an end with a colorful closing ceremony and there have been some incredible events at these games but the low points as well joining me to discuss this all is jonathan crane fall our sports desk jonathan at the athletes have been parading and dancing around in the pic and the big stadium but then there was a last minute decision and a change of heart it seems and the a it was no russians like why did the i.o.c. do that i think there was some degree of nervousness among some i.o.c. members to lift russians there at the closing ceremony so in the end the decision was unanimous to keep it in place for now at least now this of course is because of the state sponsored doping scandal that was uncovered at such a four years ago as a result we've had one hundred sixty eight russian athletes competing at these games as neutrals on the via lympics lack there was always this carrot dangling in front of them this far stretch read statement effectively that if you behave
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yourself if you abide by the rules then we would reinstate you but unfortunately a cheap positive doping tests have really stuck to russia for now which is why i think we had the decision but crucially. if there are no more violations then russia will be reinstated and that's bad news really for people who are advocating clean sport because they believe it sends out the wrong message that this is happening far too quickly russia has been pulled back in from the cold too quickly in their view ok well for the athletes themselves i'm sure it's very devastating especially for the clean ones and especially for any of those athletes coming back to russia with a gold medal like the men's hockey team tell us about their achievement it was an incredible hockey final between the athletes in russia and germany now a very dramatic this is with fifty five seconds to go tying the game russia germany so close to the gold medal then we had this foul their high stick so that lets
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apparency touch the ground in the sin bin and russian made their extra man counts on the power play safe for three breaking german hearts still an incredible result for germany they've been a real surprise package in this tournament and so now they don't have won the bronze that they haven't picked their silver for that gold for the team from russia back home in russia they'll be singing the anthem and that's the gold medal for usher in the rice rice and norway's mara spirit and has become the most successful winter olympian of all time tell us about her she isn't easy to run out of the powder civs is going she's been such a legend of cross-country skiing she'd already won four medals going into this event this is the final one of the olympics the thirty kilometers mass start and she just dominated really she could i had never looked back she's won numerous well titles in world cup titles and there she is winning and now the olympic gold that's a fifteen million people medal which makes her the most decorated win for them as you say supposing compacted all i know abuse and so really a very fitting way for her to bring the custom down on her limpid career absolutely
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incredible performance and she also significantly how turco entry in the overall medal now let's take a look at the medals any big surprises yes surprises disappointments didn't i think . maybe slight disappointment for germany because that four man bobsled they had one gold and then that put them top of the medal table temporarily then mary bugan comes along and you see that norway on top thirty nine medals in total for them that's in a limb pick record incredible incredible formants great games for germany as well. and they called in sochi united states down in fourth disappointing for them and that's their lowest medal who are in twenty years and as we can see there are notable absence he of course russia they top the medal table and so she was thirteen goals and there was you know now most of them tainted by doping all right jonathan crane thank you very much for the out with. well the curtain is that to come down on the twenty bring out a film festival after
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a glittering awards ceremony and many a director at dana painting the clinch the golden bear for touch me also i found that some critics loved and others and disturbing and wes anderson snapped up the best of the award for best director for the festival's opening movie docs the golden bear for best. they're going to benefit in most in fear goes to. touch me not by i. was thankful. i didn't it didn't c.b.s. film follows the emotions of people who try to fulfill their desire for intimacy in unexpected ways the director invited the cast which includes nonprofessional actors onto the stage some were overwhelmed by the moment. and where the hot. t.w. charlotte shells and pale and bias waiter were on the red carpet. women won big at
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this year's bell and it was a female director who took home the golden bat not bad for have best feature film but it was a controversial pick kerry president ontic first said he knew that that would be the case but ultimately the jury wanted to pick an entry that showed not what film can do but what it can do in the future the second place silver bear went to the polish film og also a female director of film that explores the male identity. but. wasn't shy about her and she. still had the i'm a few made the next hour yeah. i'm not the one who won the silver bear for best actress for her performance in the era since as
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a lesbian who's partner has to go to prison for their deaths. she took. french newcomer anthony bars all took best actor for his role in the prayer about a young man trying to kick his drug habit. canine center raising his refiled of the dogs a futuristic animated film opened the balun ali. bill murray accepted the silver bear for best director on wes anderson's behalf i knew or thought that i would go to work. and come home with i. and just a reminder of the top story that we're following for you. the u.n. security council has voted to approve a resolution demanding a thirty day humanitarian cease fire in syria russia agreed to. a
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last minute as long as no starting date for the truce list that the ceasefire is aimed at allowing desperately needed aid to reach the very end and. that's it for now you are watching news to join us again at the top of the hour or you can also check out our website dot com or follow us on twitter. we make up oh but we watch as. the end of the two types. the civil service are. the ones to shape the continent's future. part of it and join. us they share their stories their dreams. the seventy seven percent plus for.


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