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tv   Doc Film - Black Skin - German Passport  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2018 8:30am-9:01am CET

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comes to the fans of the film and see the microphones inside but then trust in us. is paris and i work. in i'm german and proud of it boys and that's a good reason to become a place where all the civil. society being german doesn't just depend on your passport and the day i dreamt in german i knew i had arrived as a she and. emiliano has received a visit from the chairman of the allotment association he's happy to welcome
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a millionaire as a new member but points out that any extension to the summer house will require prior permission this of our heart that is a story is tough but it's so typically german and this exact. package of dresden demonstrations take place here on mondays as people protest the government's policy on refugees and at what is seen as foreign infiltration of germany. i'm just waiting for some politician to have the guts to assume responsibility and say with total conviction germany first emily arnaud's lived in germany for thirty years and has german nationality he knows who's concerned that the political mood in the country has changed. today with some tidy lloyd light never in a way i feel sorry for these people thought that i see it here every monday and for two years now the demonstrations. have all been the same with the same slogans it's
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nothing changes you see the still hasn't seen any real dialogue partly because it's impossible to talk to these people in movies we do already inspiration in one thousand nine hundred sixty million or originally came to what was then the german democratic republic as a guest worker the plan was for him to have four years training and then return home. it was his business yet we were made aware of certain things that we were guests and so should behave like yes it's otherwise we'd be sent packing and since you're not from here we were told you're not allowed to say in anything people forget that we no longer have any ties with the countries we came from originally that where we live now is the focal point of our lives a simple. as a specialist foundry worker i mean i had no job prospects neither in mozambique nor in germany after german reunification many people in the east feared for their livelihoods and vented their frustration on foreigners. has been attacked three
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times because of the color of his skin i think n.d.'s in the ones at the front started to shout we haven't had a fire here but there's a nigger and he is black and then they started kicking me more turned up and they also wanted to attack me but i took to my heels last game and. i was afraid that if they caught up with me they would throw me off the bridge to me. me from the book stores. but emiliano stayed in spite of the hostility. he retrained as a male nurse and he has been working on the year ology ward of the municipal hospital for more than twenty years. he's even being on the staff council today he's the right hand of professor clash at the operating theatre and. within the family brought me. here i mean ya know knows exactly which instruments professor steinbach needs and plays an important role in theatre but has he ever
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had any problems with patients. he's going to situations i find i'm pleasant someone once told a colleague that they didn't want me to treat him but the response from my colleague was that if that's the case they should transfer to a different hospital. thought that's about it everything ok you. know. fifty year old emily arnaud's responsibilities also include patient care. ok everything's fine the last one hurt a bit in the dark. and since none of us if there was another occasion when i collected a patient from the operating theatre of the house he was coming round from the anaesthetic if you looked at me and said o f m i n africa of course we all laughed at. the tranquil village of sean doff in southern
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germany is where easy lives she came here from ghana nineteen years ago she'd fallen in love easy trained as a cook but here she specializes in baking artistic cakes. her exceptional creations have made her name among her german customers. and we should tell mason been ordered to meet him and when i am amongst people and doing something with them i sometimes wipe my hands and think oh they're totally different but that's not something that is uppermost in my mind i live as a human being and don't bother my head with things like that i think it is sad. that this woman has come about the forthcoming international festival this year they want to have cards with nice sayings on them in various languages could possibly write something in garn a in and in german. once don't stand point out
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that there is no name language ghana could have as many as fifteen different languages she said she'd be willing to write something in her mother tongue. says and what's important is to have the original language and then a german translation to get people talking to one another. big easy has supported the festival again xenophobia for many years even though she herself has hardly ever experienced racism martin her husband is active in the church so he. there's a lot of people and this is opened many doors super easy always likes to be on time see you again. is ian martin got to know each other in ghana where he taught for five years at a christian vocational college a z who was a trained cook became his housekeeper their friendship ripened into love but reason
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spoke against it a twenty six year old age gap and two totally different cultures the two even tried to stop seeing each other but i just couldn't. imagine it is so. and martin is a wonderful person. he has tremendous patients and is so caring. excuse me on sad. these a ten years of joy. good bye they have she's the other half of me perhaps even the better half as they say she liked that the best of health to him and thanked. hundreds of guests celebrated their wedding in ghana but a.z. was shouldering a burden after fathering three daughters martin had had of a sect to me several years before. i think and i was in ghana a wife with no children is inferior it in feeling envious also depicted as
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a failure in african culture yeah it's. darkest in many villages field when a woman who has died childless is being buried by the body is still turned over in the coffin and i want to show that she's had a barren life and escape to city. life without children would have been difficult for is in ghana so she accompanied martin to germany into the unknown. in lieu of borg twenty nine year old a wayne has finished work for the day a year ago he started training to become a policeman it had been his dream but as of and that's a fantastic profession that enables me to help people i really enjoy the work i love my country i love germany and for me personally that was also
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a reason to join the police business of the mission positions it's a change of career because he when used to be a social worker in a shelter for the homeless and also a street worker. ok. they are going anyway tells these youngsters that he has only been working as a police way for a year so he's still new to the job nevertheless he says don't get up to any mischief. coveys and. if you know she down one united says it will be a case of black power. or darts innocent germany is so many things to worry about it's my home totally and utterly home i love this country and this country has so much to offer i believe that this is the best country in the world i would even say that germany saved my life. lots of money and get out of.
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the way was born in cameroon his mother did not survive the birth so has sister took the infant in. she fought to keep him alive because he was seriously ill. at all said it was touch and go at all i could well have died it all is obvious my surname is borrow and borrow also means abandoned or something like that and also i never used the name. of and i think the family of my natural father my biological father has written me off completely and lives in father's people with his foster mother lived with a german doctor he took it wayne into his heart and adopted the boy the family moved to the lunenburg heath un's childhood was shaped by prussian virtues museum visits and by tovan i was with he gave me everything that i am above all everything that is positive and i have the feeling that he is still there and that he
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continues to give me things. yes i believe that he's still there and that we are still working together as a team and that we are still together and. that is because his foster mother it left them and at times the way i was brought up just by his father nevertheless values like trust and solidarity had a huge influence on me wayne's childhood his father passed away seven years ago. this is something i always wanted to do show my father my police id but he passed away before i joined the force. it is for him too that it wayne wants to become a policeman yet in his youth he wayne could have developed quite differently. german traditions i mean we are now has leased a small piece of land for an indefinite period. three hundred ten square metres of
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what he hopes will prove to be a lot to mint happiness now he's awaiting important visitors from the board of the allotment association. the two have come to welcome amelia know to their garden association and to have a brief chat with him. so these are how we're going to meet in the head and quotes to come and you come from a very hot climate zone no doubt you'll be able to tell us about things we europeans will have problems with then years to come when less water is available. but first the rules. one time on a million or learns that the board applies a three third's principle one third of the allotment is to be used for cultivating fruit and vegetables another third can be used as a lawn and for growing flowers and then of course there is the house and so on if he wants to extend the summerhouse emiliano will need approval that means
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submitting an application to the board and allowing anyone in and costello know some portion. of all. that stuff but it is so typically german there's no way i'll manage without help i've been here a long time but all these rules. are so german still i see it as a challenge this is something i wanted so i have to deal with it. on my store. easy normally cook swabian style things like spetzler a type of pastor but for the international festival she and her daughter are preparing a traditional dish from ghana baked bananas and she gives her daughter a few helpful to. left at the foot of my co small c. here. daughter stephanie is now seventeen it also meant improved possible to reverse her father's were sent to me to stephanie stephanie is the miracle child
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we always wanted this is. we don't she is another of god's gifts. we always believe that if we had a child then that was meant to be. nice to have many people said you have got such a wonderful daughter why haven't you had any more children but even one child is something we had never expected she is so special and we are so grateful that she is in our lives this. fifty one year old is is also grateful for the open arms with which she was received in short off right from the start she's been on the local council for many years. i know a visitor is asked if he speaks english as it turns out he speaks french. that that was bad so i see. that because i can't i can't i don't know french.
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yeah they do like to itself. this is very difficult how. i mean vicki's here. if you really want to live here it's vital to learn the language for me that was the most important thing of all and new arrivals are offered language courses it is essential to adapt to the way things are done here you can't expect to come with your own culture and continue to live that way that's not on. the wane spent his youth in hamburg the huns a plant square at the main station is also frequented by drug dealers and prostitutes later as a policeman wayne could well have to work in places like this. in the past the nearby area has seen several clashes between immigrants and your thirties. the song is worth it's not that hard to abide by the law of that no one expects you
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to adopt a german mentality or to live according to german custom. lacerate thing here anyone can live the way they want but within the law no one is forced to stay here if they reckon this isn't a place for them they can look for somewhere else but not in germany. from a lot of the borders on the way in came into contact with crime even as an adolescent he had to leave the sheltered world of the lunenburg heath when his foster mother had him join her in the hamburg suburb of harburg he attended los secondary school there together with his friend flo. but if you know somehow i feel a stranger here in fact i always have done it but now even more so in his neighborhood wayne was also confronted with violence and hostility within his close circle of friends and on the streets too through music and by writing his own
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lyrics he managed to work through his experiences some of which were traumatic. i used to live up there on the first floor my room was where the windows tilted on one occasion heard a loud bang and a few seconds later the place was full of ambulances and police cars i had no idea what had happened it was only when i read the newspaper that i learnt that someone had been shot dead. that's why it wayne wanted to become a good police officer and he is planning an anti violence project for young people . emiliano from dresden is also very committed fourteen years ago he helped found africa which was originally a contact point for migrants from africa today the association has a staff of fifteen and deals with a large number of refugees mainly from afghanistan and syria. a lot of
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refugees in germany are very afraid of being sent back to their home countries. if you must live just two possibilities either you just give up or you address your fear and accept what happens after all human beings also have something we call self protection this is all the association aims to help refugees find training employment and social support but it present migrants who turn to crime are a huge barrier to integration there's the what annoys me is that the media focus too much on criminal refugees and everyone else not only refugees but us two migrants who have integrated suffers as a result. obviously anyone who has clearly been engaging in criminal activity should be deported not by the community but the refugees we help should not be disadvantaged through this yet they're the first ones to be deported not the criminals the like that makes me furious it's only the community set up which
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muscles. the south german town of sean doff hit the headlines in precisely this way after claims that women had been molested and thousands of migrants had attacked the police at a public festival although they live in the middle of town izzy and her family didn't notice anything. in the press are actually talking about a state of emergency. stephanie you were in the park that even. apparently there were around a thousand adolescents and young adults most of them with a migrant background hold title made me cut into cold and that's not true and everyone i spoke to agree that it is. fake news or was there really a state of emergency in sean doff. martin teaches at the refugee center and wants more detail in from a. from his neighbor who was the festival's organizer. this was not our
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what we now know from police sources is that the rioting was probably caused by two rival groups each comprised of around twenty to thirty persons fine but that is not absolutely certain they're said to belong to migrant circles and according to what the head of the police operation told me they've been attacking each other for quite some time on a flea flicker of a fight but what is claimed in the local newspaper and by the media worldwide that rioting adolescents out of control went on the rampage through sean doff that never happened george lakoff told this about fox leashed the shock if. so because of the way this is blown out of all proportion it really annoys me and it scares people disheartens those who are willing to help for him and prevents contact as each day i am it's important not to tell everyone with the same brush. if
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something like this happens we have to ask why they should mention values. which people are involved are they the refugees we encounter at school or in the community or some individuals who really are frustrated with the forests we had seen. the wayne is drawn up a training program to help youngsters guard against frustration and bullying that's why today he's visiting an eighth grade class in the luna park he. saw the arm of the wayne enjoys these meetings first to speak his fourteen year old torben he would like to obtain his school leaving certificate. on it to get one every two or nothing. that is also the aim of isabel who's also fourteen every tuesday afternoon well because of the school leaving certificate is a major goal train for i first went to lower secondary than upper secondary and
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finally made grammar school in germany everyone has the privilege of going to school free of charge that's not the case in africa so there you have to pay. it was always my aim to be different but to be better than what i was i wasn't happy with myself going to a lower secondary school but a lot of it my mother always used to say you are black and in a white society we blacks have to prove ourselves. so basically every day life for me meant a constant struggle and a lot of you have to be good even though you aren't really good listeners. he wayne is spending two hours with the children they have to analyze one of his songs and write their own words on the subject of civil courage. to find him established in a thread you've got to say important he says one of us will wrap that and then you've all got to say important of this you know what on earth does all this for
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the cause you. come here for your problem why his lyrics are ask is civil courage important because we think it's right we can't ignore the problems of everyday life many people are left alone he mentions in a line from time you just click this through this project i also want to have a positive influence on german society as a shelf. pushed into this means being reliable being honest and being decent he says those are the german values that are so important to torsion it has nothing to do with having blue eyes or blonde hair or any such nonsense all knotted up on the heart of the bows and boots these values are important because they make sure that life in germany and in our society this goes on smoothly. several weeks have passed since emiliano took over the allotment he spent dozens of
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hours of his spare time working on his patch of land now the border coming back to have a look. here and asked how he's getting on emilio says his biggest problem is keeping the. down jones would. you know i'm going to find his own carcasses or what i think this is why those are. he's planted some maize and also he plans to plant pumpkin seeds of mice and about. corn. to knock up cobras cooper who i didn't know his visitors are impressed but they're most surprised to learn that you can eat the leaves of a pumpkin in germany they say it is only the pumpkin itself that is even with all that dust and the leaves end up on the compost heap. cumbersome and. it wasn't done before he had his garden a millionaire used to ask for pumpkin leaves but he just got laughed at where he came from the leaves are
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a delicacy not something to be fed to animals and so i was addicted i didn't see him but you know is visitors are happy with what they've seen of some device it's was on. a million his garden is growing in his own special way. the precise. issue the birds or does i live in a way that shows other migrants that if they display commitment they can also make friends and get to know german society and that just like the locals we can also achieve something if we believe in ourselves and participate in society. he wayne is back in hamburg making a music video through his songs too he wants to have an influence on living together in society in his youth he wayne wrote his lyrics in english today he raps in german. you.
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know kind of. something. that. the be. the be. the be. the be. the
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be. the big. the brass the be the best suitably the be.
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germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and it's something hinders us we must overcome it. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters w. made for mine. make your small t.v. even smaller worthless or small explain what you lost when you want to. update. extraordinary. you decide what songs. fun d.w. just small. we make up of a week watch as a hoax that found out that if we offer the seven services. they want to
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shape the continents future to. be part of the african youngsters of testing share their stories their dreams and their challenges. to the seventy seven percent. platform specific charge. and why. a trip airplane seventeen thousand kilometers in six weeks place changing the landscape the first place to get the experience of. touching stories. oh this is our home it's god's country of turkey listening to other better placed seventy thousand kilometers through canada starting on february twenty seventh explained up. close.
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play play play . this is the news live from berlin syrian forces pushing ahead with airstrikes on rebel held eastern ghouta more than five hundred people have died in the bombing which has gone on now for more than a week now that despite a u.n. demand for a cease fire on one of syria's most deadly frogs also on the show. only macko rosa rolls out her picks from the conservative rights for talk post in germany's possible future government why is one of her most outspoken critic.


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