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on kowloon went wild the final whistle no wonder as they cut the guy in the relegation playoff spot to seven points. and it was cologne coach stefan the gutenberg's turn to dish out the consolation. all the latest smartphone technology from the mobile world congress and barcelona monica got nothing coming right up. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word emerged in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn a simple online on your mobile and free shop for d w z e learning course the acoustic german meetings e. bay news analysts to see what's going on some new sounds so called change comes out to these kinds. side by.
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people who put big dreams on the big screen. t.v. and movie magazine on d w. redefining the smart in smartphone the mobile world congress kicks off in barcelona as global smartphone sales falter some say the industry's latest products are high on gimmicks but low on innovation. also coming up a chinese company now owns more of germany's dime now than anyone else in the world will tell you what to do to me also has in mind. welcome to do business the german government. it will scrutinize
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a decision by china's automotive company g eight to buy a nine point seven percent stake and dima meanwhile g.e. chairman lee schultz who is currently in germany on what some call a charm offensive so who is the shuffle and what might he have planned for diana let's meet the man. it's a rags to riches tale the son of a rice farmer genius found early shoe food is china's tenth richest man according to forbes magazine the fifty four year old started out with a refrigerator pants factory in the one nine hundred eighty s. back then though the sector was strictly state run inevitably also richie's shot sleaze factory down but by then lee had already made a small fortune and so he simply switched industries producing first motor bikes and then cars as lee himself said all you needed for a car were four wheels and two sofas an insight that for several years reflected the quality of his vehicles but just two decades later he was selling around one
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point two million cars a year in china making it the nation's knowledge as to independent carmakers in two thousand and ten lead bought up struggling automaker volvo from ford he floored money into the swedish plants and then with great success brought a volvo on to the chinese market since then lee hsu fu has held a central position among international carmakers and now he's invested in dima acquiring just under ten percent of the luxury car company the state of q wait until now the largest shareholder has been bumped into position to with six point eight percent followed by rent. the rest is divided up among small investors. leases he's not reducing his commitment to volvo he says buying the stake in dima allows him to focus on the technologies of the twenty first century electro made billet and driverless cars huge challenges that no manufacturer can tackle alone.
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especially given the invaders from outside the city describes google tesla and other companies encroaching on the auto industry. with dime that g.-d. plans to benefit from german technological know how it says it's overriding aim is to get to become companies to join forces in an effort to stand up to the coming onslaught from silicon valley. for more on dynamos new major stakeholder i'm joined by start law professor in strategic management at warrick business school in the united kingdom good to have you with us so we just heard g.d. will hold thank you almost ten percent in dima being the major stakeholder that way what power does that put into the hands of the chinese group. oh certainly some you know if you're on ten percent of an organisation if you're the largest shareholder you have a word but you still invest so it doesn't necessarily translate into the kind of
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relationship that they vision and important to note here is that already has in established partnership with bike which is the beijing automotive industry holding and it's a government owned entity here so i don't seem to essentially can do something that will displace the chinese government and somehow threaten death relationship but that's of course interesting having a major chinese stakeholder and a corporation with a chinese government run a company where does that leave a dime does that fit into its overall strategy. no it does not mean that the chinese market is tremendously important and it will become only more important in the years to come so to have a strong connection to have market absolutely make sense yet the partnership they have originally has to do also with restrictions to market access to it requires you to have partnerships now being
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a partner of the largest car company which is government owned or would there probably does come with certain advantages and in a way to also can help them to navigate the potential relationship. and see how did two different partners can be used in an appropriate manner potentially fending off advances that are on wanted from g.-d. and talking off fending off unwanted advances we also heard a report that he should food says basically he wants to got the car industry like volvo like dima against their inroads made by silicon valley but is that in dinah's interest or could they be interesting corporations with google with apple that now are what difficult. so again you know it actually doesn't prevent potential working with these companies and i think the p.c.'s money certainly correct that car companies are warrior some of the technology companies from
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silicon valley will eat their lunch so to speak if you look back some years quite a few who when microsoft was starting to develop software for i.b.m. and i.b.m. saw it you know fine we can just have microsoft do that eventually it was microsoft who dominated rodded in i.b.m. and i think that's sort of along the border for the car industry where they don't want to have technology companies dominating what has been done in d. industry and has become mere supply us so i think the assessment is essentially correct that car companies want to have an alternative to working or depending on silicon valley firms right christiane start a professor in strategic management and worry business school thank you so much when talking of high take the mobile world congress has kicked off in barcelona but with global smartphone sales declining at the end of last year the big question is how to woo cost
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a mess for its part market lead to some sun believe the answer is beefing up its new flagship model. samsung is focusing on cameras its new galaxy s nine and the slightly larger s nine plus might not look a whole lot different from their previous sensors but the pictures they take in low light are less grainy. and there's a new super slow motion feature it takes nine hundred sixty images per second and is able to capture even the fastest moving objects samsung says that could even attract professional photographers but it at mit's most of the improvements are under the hood. is it is a huge amount of innovation that you do not see on this device because we've we've kept the best design of a phone out there that we introduced last year that we've we've designed around that best looking phones and then there are the animated emoji is that something apple already introduced on its i phone ten users can create three dimensional
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avatars that match their clothing in facial expressions the new galaxy is cheaper than the i phone ten still they cost around eight hundred fifty and nine hundred fifty euros when they go on sale in europe next month. samsung has this show to itself a fast growing chinese rival huawei won't be unveiling any phones in barcelona just tablets and laptops but even without having to share the spotlight the s nine is refinements might not be enough to wow consumers after a year of flat smartphone sales. all right and we find out more now from our correspondent who is in barcelona at the mobile world congress paul i understand a lot so few phones there but not much new puffer game it's i mean do you have anything really new forests that. you have a big innovation is unusual in the smartphones itself there's been developed quite far what were you seeing here is
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a lot of innovation in terms of artificial intelligence bringing out new features and networks of course are important faster i would fight scene with everyone. so what is what is new about networks five g. i'll get to that in a moment because it's not that new really but is there anything that we haven't heard about yet but should. have you ever heard about a life i don't know. what is it so that's that's a new one that was a new one for me so the idea is that you get data connectivity through like i've got a gun example here i'm watching on this the live stream i'm actually watching here and there's a little bit of a delay and this data is transmitted by light if i cover it up. it should stop right there. and yes all the data comes through the light that is in the lights or is right above me this can be used with any any at least new lights and the idea is here to bring in more bandwidth because especially in places
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like this where the y. fight is really fast a wife life i can bring in more people. allowing them to get data connection all right but that means that i cannot you stop networks actually i think spender than i thought because it was so. well you can use it at night if you have a light right above you can use it in your home you could even use it on an airplane wherever the data is transmitted right. so let's get back to the five g. that you've mentioned already and i remember that you and i last year at the mobile well congress already talked about five g. and a lot of people a day it isn't going to happen any time soon. we talked about it last year in the year before and actually for about three to five years somewhere and it's going to take another while the problem is the infrastructure needs to be filled up and we
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can't just you know snap it on and have it by. other than with a four g. for example you know that wasn't that much of a deal but for five g. if there needs to be smaller. servers place around and that makes me build up so we can get better high speed connectivity and i will take another two to three years probably a little bit ok so we will be talking about five g. a little bit longer than. from the mobile world congress and i want to thank thank you so much paul. and that's all for your business update here on d w thanks for keeping me company.
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months long children also to. come.
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with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w. made for mines. inter the conflict zone confronting the powerful lobby challenging those. questions demanding. as comforts intensified i'll be meeting with key players on the ground in the sense of . cutting through the rhetoric holding the possible. conflict zone confronting the powerful d.w. of. climate change. pollution. isn't it time for good. eco
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