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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something completely in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance to darkness cities after a war starting march tenth on t w. isis in syria we've seen how the world can work together to stop an army of terrorists but terror backed by an army tonight syria's civil war bloodier than ever a year when brokered cease fire ignored like never before i'm burnt off and this is the day.
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east and book that cannot wait. it's time to stop these fell on hard. times the amount of blood is flowing in the hospitals are overflowing with patients with money and there's no place to take them. publications in the mass media. school which the same that killing was used as a warfare agent yesterday and you little. of this child is for me to think outside the home was brought to us. she was my doctor and paving poison gas. what did this child ever do to these a days. also coming up on the day an
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exclusive report from nigeria where school girls continue to disappear this is the school mosque where the siblings i shouldn't have sat where divided when they tried to run away during the attack since then the school is desert it's glasses are suspend it's and nobody knows where i currently is. or we begin the day with a ceasefire for syria that should be under way but israel days overdue last week in the un security council unanimously passed a resolution calling for a thirty day ceasefire in syria. but there has been no letup in the fighting anywhere in fact in the rebel held area guta medics say that they are treating more than a dozen people after yet another suspected chlorine gas attack syria's government has denied ever using chemical weapons in the war today russia implied this latest report is fake news generated in the u.s.
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on monday leaving no doubt about who is really in charge of syria's military russian president vladimir putin announced a twenty four hour humanitarian pause in syria's eastern kuta now the image of syria's civil war are always disturbing but tonight they warrant an extra warning due to their graphic nature including the bodies of children. these are the images that observers claim proof of a chlorine gas attack that is killed at least one child infants still in diapers or among more than a dozen people being treated doctors say their skin and clothes a heavy with the odor of chlorine one of his say a syrian regime was plain dropped bombs carrying the toxic gas on a village in eastern guta on sunday. a cease fire is yet to come into effect despite a resolution passed by the united nations security council on saturday the wounded
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continue to fill up the districts over run hospitals. there's been ill come whatsoever there hasn't been time to catch our breath the blood is flowing in the hospitals are overflowing with patients and there are no places to evacuate them. but syria's ally russia denies the assad regime is behind the chemical attack foreign minister sergei lavrov says the reports are an attempt by rebels to provoke fresh fighting with you but with. their only goal is to chant to demonize the government forces to accuse them of all possible deadly sins and military crimes in order to continue actions in the eastern regions of the russian president vladimir putin's demand for humanitarian pause office hope of a much needed rest bite been eastern. well as if anyone expected to make
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a difference today the european union joined the united nations in calling for an immediate ceasefire across all of syria the use of foreign policy chief to recommit greeny said that europe remains committed to pushing for at least a wall in the fight the weapon in europe's disposal tonight writing letters. we expect full and immediate implementation of the un security council resolution that was just adopted in new york i would send a letter today to the three foreign ministers of the three got a ton of process russia and iran to ask them to as that of dollars of the process work for the implementation of the u.n. security council resolution and particular for the implementation of that the escalation so that were decided in a stunna. there was frederica marini there with her opinion ship for peace in our correspondent gary schultz tonight she is in brussels good evening to you terry so
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two days ago the u.n. security council voted unanimously for a ceasefire it hasn't happened what in the world was europe hoping to achieve today . well this was a regularly scheduled meeting of the foreign ministers brant so they weren't coming together in an emergency meeting on syria and in fact syria wasn't even officially on the agenda but when you see pictures like the ones that would that were just shown a few minutes ago in your program who can really think about anything else and in fact the topic did dominate all the question and answers and most of the statements from the foreign ministers today i think federico remey is using basically the only tools at her disposal at the moment the e.u. has sanctions the e.u. can try to pressure diplomatically but it's not an actor on the ground in syria you know i mean you know you reference there there's a list of sanctions there's letters that can be written you've added i think it was two mames. the long list of syrian officials who have been slapped with sanctions
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and we've got the you know sending letters to turkey iran and russia urging them basically to behave i mean without sounding like a cynic you have to ask why bother. well i think everyone is just reaching for any way to influence in particular russia everyone knows that nothing is going to happen on the ground in syria there's not going to be a ceasefire without russia russia of course as we heard lavrov you know trying to sort of deny having a lot of control over the syrian government but without rush's pressure on president assad he's not going to stop the assaults on eastern goodenough of course you have russia at least saying it's going to take action and stop some of the bombing on civilians but it remains to be seen whether these letters whether the same sions on new syrian officials have any impact at all i think everybody just
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feels helpless russian president vladimir putin earlier today this twenty four hour humanitarian pause in the fighting in eastern huta which is supposed to begin to morrow has there been any reaction in brussels to the well i mean this is something of course that federico mcgreevey and the foreign ministers are calling on russia to do first and foremost to implement the u.n. cease fire completely and immediately which would include but now russia says that it will establish humanitarian corridors and that it will oversee safe passage of civilians however this isn't the first time that this is been tried or at least spoken about and it didn't work out well last time i think a lot of the civilians here are going to have trouble trusting moscow i think european diplomats have the same problem the french foreign minister will travel to moscow to more tomorrow and i think we'll be hearing more after that about
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reassurances the moscow really will help safety for the civilians see some kind of respite in the absolute terror the hell on earth as we heard u.n. secretary general terrorist say. yeah unfortunately he's had to say that several times in reference to syria our correspondent terry jones tonight on the story for us in brussels terry thank you very much. well now on to another of the many frauds in the wars in syria the turkey's offensive against the kurds in northern syria now that conflict has reached right here in europe. the man who was once the head of syria's main kurdish political party the p y d was spotted in arrested in the czech capital prague on an interpol arrest warrant issued by turkey well today kurds gathered in front of the interior
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ministry to demand mr muslim be released on parole wants him to be extradited but that will be up to a czech court to decide mr muslims organisation the movement for a democratic society has denounced the arrest saying that it violates international law. or turkey considers a sollie muslims party to be an offshoot of the p.k. k. group accused of running a decades long insurgency on turkish territory the us and the e.u. have deemed the p.k. k. terrorist organization and here's what turkey's president richard. said about the arrest. now the head of the p y d has being caught. out hope god willing is that the czech republic will hand him over to turkey. and make justice be done. they broke up our religious community they call this nation
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a pot and that is why we are fighting these terrorists. now it's important to note here that sali muslim was not fleeing turkish authorities when he was arrested in fact he has been moving and speaking freely here in europe just last week he appeared right here on the day we have. actually i mean we have some numbers there were syrian kurds or syria they were among the peak and then when the syrian conflict stopped to that they tended to defend their communism their syrian their curves with them not the people here anymore and we have i mean many people because you know some put in for a miserable john he was in syria for twenty years and his approach pollution not want to consider all of parts of criticism so this is something different and to have all done in relations with the because it is different. and that was a solemn muslim the former leader of the main syrian critics political party d p y
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d speaking on the day just a week ago why we want to poll in now years the. chief commentator at says nom t.v. it's good to have you on the day let me ask you about the situation surrounding sali muslim is there any reason to expect that check authorities will turn mr muslim over to turkey. well first of all thanks for inviting me to your show i think there are two issues which are quite sensitive in in the car and check their issue relations there is a check couple which was detained in turkey recently and faces criminal charges they're charged with supporting terrorism they can end up with a sentence up to fifty years in prison they wanted to go to syria to fight the
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so-called islamic state and there is also a very sensitive issue of major check investment in turkey of a coal power plant which is not working properly it's also very very sensitive issue in the czech turkish relations so we can expect some sort of pressure applied from on cowra on to on to check government but i think change government will want to make sure that mostly in will face a fair trial which of course in its case is is that automatic yeah i mean that's a big point right because i'm turning him over to turkish authorities would mean you know numers have numerous legal rep or cautions that go against you values and you all if that were to happen do you could you see the czech republic
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becoming the middle point of a rally diplomatic row between turkey and the european union. well i don't see that yet quite on the horizon but definitely what i can say is that czech republic is already now in a quite tricky situation and we we saw the demonstration of kurds today in in front of the interior ministry and those demonstrations are likely to occur in front of czech embassies all over europe and in fact checked foreign secretary missed the need ski today set that they asked for additional deployment of police forces in several capital cities throughout europe and it's very likely that they you know the czech republic will will make either the kurdish side or turkish side very very angry right now jekyl for the supposedly are
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emphasizing that you know the turkish side has fourteen days running from the day mr zoellick muslim was detained it was in the night from saturday to sunday at to provide details and visions supporting a possible extradition to turkey and carry yours you the chief commentator ad t.v. joining us tonight thank you very much thank you very much pleasure. politics and children they may be a cute combination on the campaign trail but there was nothing cute about what turkey's president rich of thai you've ever one did and said this past weekend at a k.p. rally to promote turkey's military attacks against kurdish forces in syria mr editor once funded a young girl in the crowd dressed in
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a soldier's uniform and saluting him he did decided to bring her on stage to show support for the military. but it's what happened next that has sparked controversy . soldiers don't cry. we will honor your death if you fall. even. comparing her to a martyr well mr elder one we know enjoys a lot of popularity in turkey but people many people are saying that he crossed the line the kurdish people's democratic party righting the mindset that abuses children by promising them death will lose we will win the struggle for children to
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live happy and free lives a turkey's pro-government media all they've come to air to wants to fence the million it's newspaper saying calling the little girls of the stage area one kissed her on the forehead she got really excited and her eyes filled with tears. in nigeria school girls continue to disappear after a week of silence that i jury and government has confirmed one hundred ten girls are still missing after an attack on any school in the country's north east boko haram insurgents are suspected in the town of. correspondent adrian crees travelled there and spoke with one family desperate for news about their daughter. they came to come for their loved ones but the relatives of the cut down family
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themselves come so. god help us christ one just crawled. inside the family home. shows as a picture of his missing daughter ayesha she's just seventeen years old. her sister was the last person to see her. them. both sitting outside the school's mosque. then we suddenly saw her around and had shot. my sister said we should grab our things and run we held onto each other's hands but at some stage i lost sight of her while we were running. the school is now deserted the few belongings lie scatters on the ground.
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this is the school where the siblings i shouldn't have sat where divided when they tried to run away during the attack since then the school is deserted classes are suspend it's and nobody knows where i currently is. the parents have compiled a list of the names of the missing schoolgirls. eye witnesses have told. them that boko haram drove the girls out of town on a truck. totally disappointed by the action of the government. i mean is that a sample of the security suz in the in the town. three weeks ago. so does. that moment.
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then. come as a result of that the state's commissioner of education rejects any responsibility he says it's impossible to place soldiers on guards at all schools under his watch but he's concerned that parents in the region might stop sending the children to school. for one week. i don't think it would open that school after the one week would have given because the pattern is developing to fit they may not be willing. to go back to the school after one week that is already a setback so the terrorists can achieve their target. that. was younger daughter that doesn't want to go back. she says she's too afraid will her father continue to send his children to school. to get into that.
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in their. prayers and face help the family to not lose hope that their daughter i shall will soon return continue her education and fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives have voted overwhelmingly in favor of entering a coalition government with the center left social democrats the s.p. dean of the s.p.d. will announce the results of their vote taking among all party members this coming week. an overwhelming majority of c.d.u. delegates voted in favor of a new grand coalition only twenty seven of more than nine hundred delegates voted against it even so given the skepticism within the ranks of the party until america was at pains to sell the coalition agreement before the vote and when do you know statistically the slogan that we've chosen for this coalition deal makes it clear
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we're looking for the right answers and drawing conclusions from the election results in a new start for europe all. magical speech drew just over four minutes worth of polite applause that's comparatively little by the c.d.u. standards of recent years that could be interpreted as dissatisfaction with the chancellor and her poor showing in germany spent on my action a problematical is all too aware of it and. that's the good news and certainly this result is not at all what we were hoping for we all fought hard and we were all disappointed we want to do better next time so. that's been the theme of the doubt this option. but many delegates fear that another coalition with the s.p.d. will do little to improve the conservatives approval ratings some even stood at the entrance to purge delegates to reject the grand coalition the c.d.u. party conference has not seen this much division in years for as merkel trying to
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tell us something with her capital choices our very own political editor michelle and her spoke to merkel's colleague the german defense minister. you out one example together with the chance of the continuation of a potential new cabinet if the social democrats agree to it german chancellor also merkel took on board one of the harshest critics within the party did she have to or did she wants to she wanted to she is free to decide and she wanted to take a very different frenchie a that set off a set up of people into her cabinet more women younger ones old different directions we have in the party so it was good to see that this is a broad approach to have a representation of the different tendencies we do have in the party what age is concern and what gender is concerned does this mark a sifter more to the conservative rightist camp within the own party back to that
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conservative group that many have criticized the shots for no longer having continued having shifted too far to the said zillah no i think what it shows is that our party consists of a has three roots it's the conservative one of course it's also the christian liberal and social one so these routes are each one is important and we will not be a large party of course and party if we don't do not respect all three different groups with in our party so if you look at the set up of the cabinet. each route is represented and this is good now what does this mean for germany's external relations also in terms of security if there is a continuation of the so-called ground coalition does it all stay the same or will it feel different to international partners as well because our environment changes
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so much and because of the security situation is as it is and of course there is the need for modernization within the economy. things will not stay as they are. but we are forced to adapt to the changes around us in other words we have to modernize a lot within the economic sector mainly the topic digitalisation is the take topic we have to care for external and internal security staff it was good that we created for example the european defense union to build on that. and we have to make sure that our society owes a strong and keeping all different sources together they have put it as a huge investment and the coalition treaty in the families with children for example because this is the basically. now you've always been seen as someone who is a potential successor to german chancellor angela merkel if this doesn't bode this
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vote doesn't come together with the social democrats if this strong coalition doesn't come together would you potentially be part of the plan being. the chancellor will be the one who will lead us in a potential plan b. and i have always said that in each generation there is a chance led my generation it is anglo-american. so far as there was a political editor michelle that was there speaking to you personally for the lawyer although they have nearly done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter you see the address right there print off t.v. see you tomorrow but.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin the u.n. cease fire in syria is not working is it now welcome to russia to put the fighting in eastern huta on paul moscow has ordered a daily polls in fighting to allow civilians to leave the rebel held on claim site in damascus this amid new claims that forces backed by russia have used chemical
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weapons on children also coming up germany moves one step closer to having a new government chancellor angela merkel's conservatives voting yes to.


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