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ice sculptures were already. redefining the smart in smartphone the wobble world congress kicks off in barcelona as a global smartphone sales falter some say the industry's latest products are high on gimmicks but low on innovation. and a chinese company is now the number one investor in germany's dima will take a closer look at least plans and its strategy in europe. it's time for business on g.w. and how you got to get us welcome to the program and we start with a brand you may not know but gili is china's biggest independent car maker and now coal owner of one of germany's leading car companies which you do know through its core brand mercedes-benz g.-d's chairman lee shoe food is currently in germany and after revealing his company bought at ten percent stake at dima carmakers are
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shocked and it's not the first time here's a look at a man who has turned the chinese car industry upside down. it's a rags to riches tale the son of a rice farmer genies found early shoe food is china's tenth richest man according to forbes magazine the fifty four year old started out with a refrigerated parts factory in the one nine hundred eighty s. back then though the sector was strictly state run inevitably also richie's shut these factories down but by then lee had already made a small fortune and so he simply switched industries producing first motor bikes and then cars as lee himself said all you needed for a car were four wheels and two sofas an insight that for several years reflected the quality of his vehicles but just two decades later chile was selling around one point two million cars a year in china making it the nation's knowledge as to independence carmaker in two
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thousand and ten bought up struggling automaker volvo from ford he floored money into the swedish plants and then with great success brought a volvo on to the chinese market since then lee hsu fu has held a central position among international car makers and now he's invested in dima acquiring just under ten percent of the luxury car company the state of q wait until now the largest shareholder has been bumped into position to with six point eight percent followed by rent. the rest is divided up among small investors. leases he's not reducing his commitment to volvo he says buying the stake in diamond allows him to focus on the technologies of the twenty first century electro made billet and driverless cars huge challenges that no manufacturer can tackle alone. especially given the invaders from outside describes google and other companies encroaching on the auto industry. with time that g.-d.
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plans to benefit from german technological know how it's as it overriding aim is to get to become companies to join forces in an effort to stand up to the coming on silt from silicon valley. all right let's take a closer look at the story for that i'm now joined by christiane studly a professor in strategic management at work business school joining us from bath in the u.k. hi good to see you mr sadler now we see stories like these frequently and the first reaction is often the chinese are taking over everything how much of that is true in the case of diana i would not necessarily be too worried you know so that on ten percent it's a sizeable stake but it's far from taking over diamond head has a large shareholder in the past the government owns a sizeable share and so far the experience has not been a bad one also in the case of g.d.
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year i think they've actually been a good shareholder a good indication a whole war that they kept accompli quite alone and that facilitated expansion in china substantially so i would not necessarily be toward. now technically it's a good investor as you said it but traditionally german companies have had stronger ties to u.s. companies for example let's not forget the merger between diamond and chrysler back in one nine hundred ninety eight so talk about the influence of julie will this shift make dialer more closer to china than to the u.s. for example. well i think the u.s. will play a role in future as well and by the way that the christ was an awful one you know each was a terrible and finally guy managed to get out of it i think what the chinese investment reflects partly is on porton a chinese market has become for common a factor is and it will of the long run most likely become more import markets in the u.s. again you know not meaning to the u.s.
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market doesn't matter but it does reflect the shift in day importance of the market and speaking of the future the gili chairman essentially wants to fend off competition from tech companies like apple or like google or tesla does that make sense for teaching speaking or would it make more sense to rather join them in a way i mean is hard to say in advance yeah but i think he has a fair point in a sense that if you rely too heavily on google and some of the silicon valley companies there's a chance a possibility it gets david to dominate that part of production which is the more lucrative one and time it becomes a pure supply of these historic president that comes to mind. the decision of i.b.m. to allow microsoft to provide the software was microsoft becoming a much more influential company in the long run so i think it's very sensible now regardless of what did he do that. somebody else to develop their own initiatives
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in trying to not be entirely dependent on the silicon valley firms to work business school thank you very much for this analysis and better smarter faster no we're not talking about cars anymore we're talking about the phones at this year's mobile world congress in barcelona that are battling to kick leaders like apple and samsung out of the top spots it's not just the devices themselves which are taking the spotlight but also the network tech that keeps us connected to the rest of the world. rather than just seeing what it's like to be spiderman how about feeling it sony's built a new dynamic vibration system into its top flight smartphone the japanese firm can also turn you into a three d. avatar something they hope will score points with customers the new display and camera technology can now record and show high resolution four k.
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videos for us actually creating components that others purchase from us is extremely important meaning we want to be at the forefront of technology with our own smartphones but we do effectively have a lot of the value chain by selling our cupolas to others the company is also looking to the future by the end of twenty nineteen sony aims to sell the first five g. compatible device the new mobile network standard is the topic at the trade show this german antenna maker expects five g. will be rocket fuel for their business the new cellular musts can handle massive data volumes without any frustrating black. the finnish network supplier nakia is in barcelona showing off how five g. data streams can flow seamlessly the company says they're ready to master the torrents of data expected from the networks of the future between all kinds of devices for five g. means will enter a brand new territory in the things cost t.
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shirts the health care industry it means that volume will be much higher than we've had in connection technologies so far. if the waves of new fangled tech leave you feeling lost at sea you might want to downgrade you can pick up calls with a touch of your thumb just like the full run is to the smartphone otherwise forget for cain five g. this phone can make calls and not much else but even that has its own charm. time now for a quick check on the markets and for that i'm now joined by our financial correspondent on wall street gets caught against it's good to see you well yes we've seen some strong gains in the main markets there on wall street the dow jones also up what has driven. it's fascinating to see all those inflation and is through his rage very is that we saw starting a good three weeks ago seem to be have blown away almost overnight what happened
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a good three weeks ago we had strong data from the labor market especially when it comes to wages so there was this fear of inflation and maybe the federal reserve pulling even higher as expected but now those various seem to be gone that's reflected in the yields of the ten year treasury note that's dropped quite a bit and that gave the stock market boost here at the beginning of the week and we pretty much stand where all the turbulence is started good as we weeks ago meanwhile we heard that the round number seven of the nafta renegotiation talks begun amidst tensions between the usa and mexico the president of mexico calling off a planned visit to the u.s. and europe and yet the will not need to trump for now is there concern that these talks might fail as we've seen it many times before. the obviously this seems to be the disagreements between the mexican and the us american president when it comes
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to financing the border what hope between mexico and the united states of the nafta talks there are going on all week long and i guess those won't be the last talks and actually the talks could drag on for longer as recently as expected the whole environment is highly politicized we will have the presidential elections in mexico this summer and then the mid-term elections here in the u.s. in late fall so those talks probably will drag on for a bit longer that's also why wall street does not pay too much attention to those talks at this point is going to on wall street thank you very much for the analysis and before we go it's been a swell as well you were trading one hundred thousand one dollar on the black market something as well as have become creative of ways to make money out of their currency any way one trader took piles of what you had in the old over the border
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to colombia where he crafts them into fashion accessories that's fifteen dollars and a huge mark of face value of the items and there is also a graphic designer who has sold thousands of his illustrated well us to customers around the world. if you want to get creative if we want to make it in that country thank you very much for joining us even if they continue to suffer. the touch the most. the touch the a. the touch with the a. climate
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change so a waste. of pollution. isn't it time for good news eco and africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it is up to us to make a difference let's explain each other. be going to a farm in a magazine. w meet the germans new and surprising aspects of muslim culture in germany. us american keep new stuff takes a look at germany getting a single seems the two traditions every day lives and language just come out of the highlights of my saga and so i'm going to say i'm glued to a mixture of gaia d.w.
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dot com beat the germans. squarely feel. the scars. the pain still tangible. the suffering for god. for civvies edge but. they have survived the two they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something new in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance of darkness cities after more starting march tenth on t w.


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