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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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mr. wood you know. starting march thirteenth. russia has it's a limb pick membership restored the move comes after the remaining tests of the countries of the winter olympics turn up negative so does this draw a line under moscow's massive state run doping scandal. also coming up on the show russia says it has managed to evacuate a group of civilians from eastern guta in syria but the crossings near the besieged enclave appear to tell a different story aid workers say the people trapped in the enclave are not using
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the humanitarian corridors because they are too afraid to leave. plus the president proposes peace talks with the taliban after sixteen years of civil war the offer call to a civilian casualties continue to mount could this be a turning point in the conflict. and. the e.u.'s top ranks of negotiator has unveiled a draft treaty on the terms of the u.k.'s departure from the pool but it has already been rejected by britain because of what it says about northern ireland could the province be breaks its way. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us the international olympic committee has confirmed today w. that russia's olympic ban has been. lifted with quote immediate effect the news
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comes just two days after the russian athletes returned from competing as neutrals the winter olympics two russian athletes failed drug tests at the games but the ban was automatically lifted after no further positive tests russia was banned for revelations that it had a state sponsored doping program at the sochi games in two thousand and fourteen. well for more on this development let's bring in jonathan crane from d.w. sports hey jonathan this is decision come as a surprise to be honest terry not really i think when the i.o.c. decided on sunday that it wasn't going to lift the ban for now to have russian athletes marching on their own flag at the closing ceremony it was always going to be a temporary thing because they did say that if they were not for the drug tests failed start test then russia would be reinstated and i think they would have reinstated
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russia for the closing ceremony if it hadn't been for the two failed tests that you mentioned there a cutter and a bobsled down because ever since the i.o.c. decided in december that they would allow one hundred sixty eight russian athletes to compete as neutrals. from the pics it's henri's kind of already paved the way for this decision to bring russia back in from the cold ok so you've got a bunch of russian athletes competing in pilling chang and they're apparently clean is that really enough for the international olympic committee to say ok russia doesn't have a state sponsored doping program anymore from the outset the i think he has tried to balance punishing an entire country russia with allowing clean athletes to participate and that was really at the heart of that decision for the i.o.c. and december you have to remember that this state sponsored. scandal revelations about that has been dragging on for years it overshadowed the build up to the reality game that overshadowed the build up to p.r. china we had three investigations two. and while the one from the i.o.c.
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into state sponsored and it was only when we had the mclaren report the second while the investigations aided by the whistleblower grigory were a chunk of the really revealed the scale of it all thirty sports one thousand athletes apparently involved in this program we had about holes in the war pools being swept clean ones and see one's really really big program and undermines the i.c. said the integrity of the sport's ok but they have now said that the ban is lifted what's been the reaction so far with the reaction is still filtering through in fact when we spoke to the i.c. trying to get this. they still couldn't really confirm it they weren't in a position to confirm it immediately it was russia there was saying look the ban has now been lifted i think a lot of people are going to be unhappy about this a lot of advocates a clean bill because they will say well for starters russia should have been allowed to compete at the winter olympics and they should've been a blanket ban and the speed at which this is happening russia has been brought back in from the cold far too quickly for that the russians are concerned i mean they've
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welcomed the decision today we've had an immediate reaction from them they felt hard done by from the from the very start that was about to hit the russian olympic committee is very pleased that they've put a few difficult months behind them. and there's an issue wouldn't that today's decision of the i.o.c. is one of the most important for us because the russian olympic committee is once again completely reinstated in its rights and is now a completely full fledged member of the olympic family. these days. now as far as they are what happens next terry the winter olympics and the power win for them picks to take place in march on the internet from parent paralympic committee has this. russian athletes are going to have about thirty thirty five competing as neutrals. if that's the athletics federation also still has a ban on russia so russian athletes won't be competing in the indoor championships
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in birmingham next month what happens next all depends on what russia does next whether they actually accept state sponsored involvement in this study program because until now they've just blamed a few individuals that's the crucial question for them now very interesting jonathan krane from d.w. sports thanks through now to some of the stories making news around the world today at least ten people have been killed in sectarian violence in northern nigeria locals have reportedly fled a conflict between christian farmers and muslim herders the army says its soldiers killed ten herdsman who were responsible for an attack on a village on tuesday. in mumbai the funeral has been held for iconic bollywood actress sridevi cup who are thousands of fans gathered to say farewell investigators say he lost consciousness and drowned in a hotel bathroom in dubai over the weekend.
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and a slovakian journalists you could see a guy who was murdered along with his fiance on sunday was working on a story about links between the italian mafia and people close to his country's prime minister that story was published today in the wake of the murders. his culture minister announced he's resigning. now to syria president russian president vladimir putin says russia has managed to evacuate what he called quite a big group of civilians from the rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta during a temporary truce today if confirmed it would be the first time civilians have been able to leave the deceased enclave using a humanitarian corridor or set up by russia workers however have said civilians are too afraid to leave they also complained of not being given enough time to deliver aid i mean reports that the truce has been by lated by both sides. the skies over east and bhutto was supposed to fall silent but
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a five hour humanitarian polls brought little relief to be seized residents in the rebel held enclave strikes were reported during the pools and observers say that syrian government will planes resume the bombing as soon as that and. we pray to god for help what kind of ceasefire is this without attacks and barrel bombs. humanitarian corridors set up to allow residents to leave age to enter went largely unused rebels claim people are refusing to leave on buses out of fear of being captured by government forces. who are meant to pick up the wounded from eastern and take them to the clinic in the suburbs of damascus on humanitarian grounds. syria's ally russia accused the rebels of preventing people from leaving and blame them for failing to uphold the truce ordered by president putin. but that's not how the u.s. state department sees it. russia is certainly not hearing to this cease fire
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they're not adhering to the cease fire because they continue to sponsor him back but shar all assad's government that is tragic as a result of that we are seeing innocent civilians and you've all seen the video many of you are. errants you have seen the children who are suffering and dying you've seen the innocent people doing not paid groups are still waiting to deliver desperately needed supplies so imagine. you have aid being able to dance that we can't imagine it's really getting. inside the residence of easton to use a brief lull in the fighting to clear the rubble and hope the next pool's brings real relief. afghan president has offered peace talks to the palace during a conference aimed at bringing stability to the region it's part of his attempts to end an insurgency that began after the u.s. led ouster of the taliban in two thousand and one of the the taliban are not taking
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part in today's conference ghani offer the militant group the possibility of political recognition if it accepted his peace offer and the afghan constitution president danny also reached out to neighboring pakistan which has been accused of providing safe haven for taliban militants the move comes amid reports that pakistan's officials are preparing the forced return of millions of afghans who sought refuge there some have lived in pakistan all their lives correspondent nosheen abbas sent us this exclusive report. chava pakistan more than a million of hundred fees have crowded into the city close to the of one point many of them have fled the war making the country for decades nestor love is one of them he was born in pakistan and has lived in this camp his whole life. he's university educated and used to work as
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a teacher nasir lost five children are all in school being forced to leave is the last thing he wants what he says i'm up to my parents and grandparents are buried here and i can visit their graves whenever i want. my friends from school and university are all here my life is here and i wonder how can i just leave everything in a few months if the government just allows us to stay to continue our jobs we could live in peace there are nearly one and a half million registered afghan refugees in pakistan and many more living here illegally. all of them have been told they have to leave the country by march thirty first previously the government had assured their legal status for at least a year this most recent that line has come amid increasingly hostile relations between kabul and islamabad pakistan says the presence of on refugees is not only a dream on resources but is also a way for terrorists to infiltrate the country from across the border. who are living as aliens here and work up to about thirty percent of the collapse seventy
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percent of the outside the suburbs of bridges cities adult ships. to which we should be able to check as to who. is to disprove his so. it is a good point for really right when pushed about whatever method you use would lose that i've learned is fun has recently seen a wave of deadly attacks. for the safety of those who returned u.n. officials also say the repatriation of so many refugees is an unrealistic toss to undertake by this latest deadline they're hoping talks with the government may help them buy time. any loss returns from pakistan. will have significant humanitarian impact. here are the challenges. in some places there are a lot of situation reduce your satisfaction. was. educational
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livelihood challenges you know what is the. these are the challenges. which needs to be addressed the international community should try to get to do what they meant assistance you know one sign. some political commentators suggest that holding the feet of refugees in the balance is one of pakistan's bargaining chips when dealing with diplomatic pressure and while many refugees like fear they are being used as political pawns they have no choice but to accept their life in limbo as another deadline ticks down. their report there by d.w. boss machine joins us now from the pakistani capital islamabad pakistan is threatening to forcibly repatriate hundreds of thousands of afghans despite the desperate security situation in afghanistan why would pakistan want to do that.
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so this isn't something that's happened overnight pakistan has been trying to do this for decades and even had the even had an action plan for this. and even aid for the refugees is drying out in the past one hundred few years would return to their would get four thousand feet on their return now they're getting two thousand bees i mean of course we can't ignore the fact that international pressure boxen has been accused of harboring that networks like neck and neck and some members of the afghan taliban but on the other hand back and says that these refugee camps are a place where character. it's good and the second reports they have been incidents where terrorists have been found to have been hiding out in these refugee camps so this is not something that has happened overnight this is something that has been. planned has been trying to work two words and now the seriousness of the situation is strong because of the international pressure what
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conditions would these returning his face if they were pushed back home. so many atlanta few g.'s have been living here since for many of generations some of them were born here their children study you know. their lives that their friends that work their hopes and dreams are associated because this was some this is the only country that they've ever known so for a lot of them going back to afghanistan is not an encouraging prospect in many areas the security issues and the even bigger problem for a lot of them which they talked a lot about when i met them was what konami opportunities so these are only some of the problems that they would face in a country that some of them have never even been to. as you say this move by pakistan has been in the making for years is there any prospect that pakistan might
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actually allow the afghans to stay after all on humanitarian grounds for her. yeah there was a there when i spoke to the minister there were three categories that he had mentioned to me. one was. the cases of these different cadres that this category that i'm going to mention and he said that they're going to be looking into that the second is of families whose children are studying in pakistan in schools and universities are going to be. and lastly clients who are doing business in pakistan those who have assets and property they're not going to be told to go overnight they're going to be given ample time to wrap up their businesses and at least not going to last thirty six some of the cases that. i just want to thank you very much for that on the scene there who deliver that report for us talking to us from the pakistani capital islamabad
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thank you so much thank you. you're watching the news still to come a key date for briggs the e.u. publishes a first draft of terms under which the u.k. will leave the e.u. but britain says it's unacceptable. well the two thousand eight hundred. another victim here in germany monaco has more right terry and it found a solution is found for the victim but nevertheless it is the very first privatization of a german regional bank the state's oshea speak host on a tom book selling troubled. bank to investors for around one billion euros the deal was approved today u.s. firms severus and j c flowers will take over most of the shares his age not a bank was once a leader in shipping finance before suffering crippling losses and in twenty sixty
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the european commission approved state aid on the condition that the bank would be solved by today. let's get some market reaction to you cooper standing by for us in frankfurt danielle one billion dollars for ages age not back a good deal. so let's talk about the employees first it seems that the deal for them could have rather negative effect on the first statement the work council of churches they stated that they feel that hundreds of jobs could be on the ass but for the private investors it seems to be a very good deal during the financial crisis has a bank receive from the government so from the taxpayers basically an amount of thirteen billion euros so various n.g.c. flowers now get ninety five percent off the lender for just one billion so that sounds like a deal the president of the federal state option is for curt's time stated that for taxpayers it's a rather bad day today right right in service to j.c. flowers certainly get a bargain they what have they got planned to the bank. well they want to reform of
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the bank that's for sure they want to dramatically cut their costs and of course they want to have more influence here on the german market already arrived and now sirius is holding five percent of its bank shares so with this of course they get even more influence here on the market done here cope there in frankfurt thank you so much for this update. moving rex it will hear more about that in a moment the struggle of for a common foreign policy and persisting economic inequality the european union has numerous internal struggles to deal with nevertheless countries still want to join the bloc now the head of the european commission john claude a yorker is currently visiting countries like macedonia or serbia and montenegro south east and european nations that have been given the prospect of becoming you member us one challenge they are facing is bringing their economies up to speed and that is something hard to do when many of the brightest minds prefer to leave
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this is no simple change of address from marina stefano the twenty five year old isn't just moving down the road she's heading abroad to austria she's finished her training as a vascular surgeon now she wants to turn her qualification in to money. first i want to bring america. first from. grads so they are free to come back when i finish my studies graduate marina's packing her portrait along with her german dictionary it's a past tens of thousands in the region of taking on able to find work at home they go abroad once working there they support their families back home their remittances are astounding lehi making up as much as ten percent of serbia's g.d.p. it's similar in neighboring bosnia highly qualified young people are attending
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german classes here they want to head out as well two thirds of under twenty four year olds have no job tens of thousands leave each year to the disappointment of bosnian companies. many companies complain because their best people are going abroad. look at the eye to the sector of the doctors good workers etc people simply feel this is not an environment where they can see themselves with their families in the long term. this is something that worries me especially. even if there were jobs available here students know they get more pay and recognition abroad. there are simply no opportunities for me to show my knowledge. i finished university but i can't find a job in my profession. so i decided to requalify and live in a society that appreciates my hard work and performance.
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that's why in edina reggie applied to the bosnian labor agency for assistance to move abroad germany is desperate for nurses so now the qualified lawyer has trained to do that instead. in croatia many commemorate their departure in the bus station one in serbia the journey into a new life often starts by train south eastern european countries on just losing a few young people then losing pretty much an entire generation. on the road to bricks it is getting tough i'll say british prime minister theresa may has criticised the use first draft on the terms of brags that she few breaks at negotiating michelle unveiled a document today saying the pace of negotiations needs to be accelerated but may took issue with the e.u. stance on the blocks future border with northern ireland saying it would violate the integrity of the united kingdom. the draft legal tax the commission has
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published would if implemented it undermined the u.k. common market and threaten constitution integrity of the u.k. by creating a customs and regulator reported on the irish sea and no u.k. prime minister could ever agree to a. right to be making it crystal clear to president and others that we will never do so. british prime minister theresa may there well let's bring in our correspondent in london in brussels starting with you barbara britain and the e.u. agreed on the terms of a deal back in december why this friction. because in december there was of political will and the certain eagerness to get done was the was the point to sort of say ok let's progress let's go on with talks we agree in principle however some things were left unresolved among those ireland and so what happened in the meantime is nothing because since then we've had hardly any formal political
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negotiations at all that was run very short little round david davis was in brussels for maybe two hours and then he left again so nothing moved and the problems have been lying there for two months been festering and the result you see today a festering problem with the name of ireland bergen in london remind us why this ireland border issue is so sensitive. well basically on the island island of ireland you've got two communities one is the republic of ireland and then you've got northern ireland and within northern ireland there are broadly speaking protestants who align themselves with the u.k. and there are catholic community who align themselves with the republic of ireland and you have decades of war and between those communities until the nine hundred ninety s. when there was a peace agreement and the genius of the peace agreement was to basically broaden the issue and have numerous identities which was possible within the e.u.
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framework it was possible to have to be irish to be northern irish to be british basically it allowed for flexibility now there it has to be a border somehow of order because the u.k. leaves europe leaves the e.u. and this opens up a can of worms practically ok cared of worms and well we've already heard from theresa may let's bring in the e.u. chief chief michel barnier he delivered his statement on the deal today let's listen it. soon you will you see you. if we wish to make this exist of these negotiations and die suitably do we must pick up the pace. on the thirtieth of march twenty ninth seen in thirteen months in thirteen months the u.k. will no longer be a member state of the european union says. that is what they wanted and on that
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day we need to have organized its withdrawal in an orderly fashion. so breaks it in thirteen months so negotiators are under considerable time pressure as we saw how much or rather barbara to you in brussels how much of a stumbling block is the schedule for. the schedule as a tremendous stumbling block block because basically within three weeks time the two parties had wanted to agree on that illegal text for the divorce agreement and the transition agreement and then current carry on and have about half a year to talk about the future relationship which is also tremendously complicated however this will not happen it's impossible we have three weeks left till the summit so that ken was my arms will be kicked further down the road and we will have to negotiate everything at the same time the divorce the transition and the future and things will become legally and politically more and more intractable so
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the idea that something good and decent will come out here. is sort of retreating and going down probably is a little brussels in london thank you both very much. you're watching to w. news coming to you from berlin we have more for you at the top of the hour but we leave you with a look at just the latest headlines. the. russia has the i.o.c. has lifted russia's olympic bid which should allow them to compete in upcoming of vets this follows the olympics work no russian athletes turned up a positive test in their doping tests as watch. the movie.
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cut. drugs newcomer. to see a comedy drama. made in germany always has its finger on the pulse. of the market the future. goals are supposed to. meet in germany. italy. enters the conflict zone the government of
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sudan is often accused of being one of the world's greatest violator those of human rights just as often it denies the charges the move conveys many of those denials as the country's foreign minister to bring him going door close my guest in music does he care if anyone's beliefs in. the sixty minutes. the scars on. the pain still tangible. the suffering for go. through cities and. they have survived do they don't have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here.
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but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something new in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation or to stand a chance to start this city's after war starting march tenth on t w. lots of big problems in the world today air pollution slow or no internet access water shortage greed corruption inequality how are we going to fix them what we need a pioneers to develop technologies and strategies to tackle the many challenges we
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