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germany's place. going to london if i had my way if east germany would still be. master of her. hands would you know. starting march thirteenth d w. greetings from berlin and welcome once again to our latest edition lining up for you this time with the following top. showstopper like british actress sally hawkins is in the running for an oscar. designer's paradise a french home where every room has its own artistic scene. and to the
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desert born a hamburger artist and his love of sand. well this week we're talking a lot about film stars and big screen legends but sports is of course also entertainment and heroic performances at the olympics or world championships or otherwise are celebrated every year at the low v.o.c. world sports awards in monaco all the jury is made up of past sporting giants like for instance boris becker and much. and this year it was another tennis player who was the big winner of the night. the laureus academy has chosen roger federer i. never want to see his tennis star roger federer has been named sportsman of the year and after he returned from a long break with an injury and then shot right back to the top of the a.t.p. rankings he was honored for a comeback of the year as well i wonder so easy because it's i'm totally thrilled
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it's an incredible moment in my career here on the world's biggest stage in front of the academy with the world sports awards me the war it's really a dream. the awards are presented by members of the laureus world sports academy all of them sporting legends. for a second for one who in one nine hundred eighty five became the youngest tennis player ever to win wimbledon. and catherine of it who took home two olympic gold medals as a figure skater in the one nine hundred eighty s. for east germany and took her place in the ice skating pantheon. copy what i would say back then there were only a few t.v. channels so people had no other choice what to watch when the olympics were on television you had to watch them even if you didn't really want to a place and people were simply fascinated i mean and it's now going to happen ten sessions it gave us
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a great opportunity to burn that memory into people's hearts and minds just because they didn't have that many distractions. by these kinds of. now in the age of the internet and social media many of the younger athletes succeed in joining the laureus academy's illustrious ranks such as german austrian extreme surfers a bastion now the globe trotting surfer flies off to whatever corner of the world has the highest waves at any given time. i see every which water sources the unique aspect of sponsors that they bring everybody together their skin color origins also. sports puts them on the same level and unites them. laureus members go out jogging together along monaco's waterfront. and they take a look at
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a sports project for socially disadvantaged kids in the sensurround. specker encounters the unexpected snowfall. just. this is part of our job i think it's our responsibility to give something back we've not forgotten where we come from from sport and sport has given us all a chance to do something with our lives. and the members of the laureus academy are still overwhelmingly men and something that not a celebrated rumanian gymnast wants to change hoping to win over prince albert of monaco and his wife charlene to the cause. i think we're getting to a platform bed quality is recognised all over the world i think that's. an amazing
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time for women. to. respect because i don't think that a woman can do. less than i thank you. i figure all of the women in their creative imaginative outfits definitely outshine the men. i think it's feels fine i think i'm more comfortable on the balance of being down on the carpet even though this is a lot lighter. but it's fun to dress up isn't that set off the boards i want so much but oh sure we're used to being on the red carpet and wearing in the nice dress i see this is fun to do some work though it looks like we just snap their fingers there's always a great designer in the back trying to decide well i think we would rather be on a playing field but you know we're on the same boat so it's ok i like a very comfortable sneakers on so i'm good. but it's a man who steals the show tonight.
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he's coming to the outside but only known i remember coming to the laureus the first time i met famous people at nationals i thought wow they're my idols and then suddenly i too became one of these people these episodes. roger federer has won a laureus trophy six times already another record broken. and for a look at what else was making culture headlines across europe here's our daily grab bag of the. recession week has moved on to the twenty eighteen four and winter principal take alexion starting with the deal. the hash tag need to issue has also reached the world of fashion this year. we have to work
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for equal rights but that the same time you had to specific also that we are all different. if they're quite difficult to work in if that's but i think is very important. there is fashion week runs until march sixth. a one of a kind winter sports event is taking place on a lake in northern poland the world ice sailing championships contestants race across the ice in sailboats of fitted with runners ice sailing is considered to be much harder than regular sailing. there's a total of one hundred sixty eight contestants from sixteen countries and they can reach speeds of up to one hundred twenty kilometers per hour. princes harry and william made their first public appearance with their partners in
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london on wednesday begun in prince william attended the annual royal foundation forum with his wife catherine. and prince harry was accompanied by his fiance american model to deter getting married in may when. the day before cancer and paid a visit to the royal college of obstetricians and gynecologists in london she also met the midwife who assisted with the birth of her daughter princess charlotte three years ago. catherine's expecting her first child there's a problem. the countdown is on to the biggest night on the film industry calendar the ninetieth academy awards ceremony taking place this coming sunday in los angeles and one of the most hotly discussed categories is of course best actress in a leading role in this year it's home to some real heavyweights if i may use the
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term because americans green stars meryl streep and frances mcdormand are in this category so by comparison it's a much lesser known actress who's garnering a lot of buzz in this year's season. british actress sally hawkins has been in the movie business since two thousand and two her screen performances have been met with critical acclaim this year she's been nominated as best actress for her role in the drama the shape of water organs plays allies or esposito a mute janitor in a secret government lab she only communicate in sign language and eventually falls in love with a top secret mysterious creature who lives in a water tank we need this film. today. and isn't. no cynicism about it like so passionately
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and the other ness embracing the out of the ness of a. whole cancer is chalked up numerous awards but this is her first oscar nomination in the category of best actress. and what's amazing about sally hawkins performance is because she plays a mute i mean she has no dialogue everything is through her eyes through her gestures and you never in doubt as to what she's thinking or feeling are not a moment i mean this is an idea or role for her unique talents. hawkins' breakthrough role came in two thousand and eight in mike leigh's film happy go lucky she won several awards for her performance including a golden globe for best actress. in two thousand and thirteen charity to an oscar nomination as best supporting actress in woody allen's blue jasmine. the way that i know you aren't in the shape of water american actor doug
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jones plays the creature and objectively lies is a faction expressed only through emotion. like a child she is such an innocence so beautiful so pure you know and she's all instinct but she doesn't know. that she's a creek there's something in her that is similar just recognizes that there's a real connection. and doesn't quite understand what that is but doesn't matter. oscar winning actress frances mcdormand is possibly her closest competitor for the oscar she took on the bafta in the same category for her role in three billboards in missouri. the film and plays a grieving mother who devises a provocative method to motivate the police to further investigate the rape and murder of her daughter. right here with another actress vying for the oscar is so
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sharon and for her role in it she's going to college and then jail and this is in some ways a much more understated performance i mean in this category of so many real tough powerful women or sally hawkins was very withdrawn by the very challenging role because she doesn't speak. in some ways is a very ordinary story and in some ways i think it's a more press of performance because being ordinary onscreen i think is somehow more difficult than being extraordinary. australian actress margot roby is also nominated for her role in. the movie recounts the story of us skating champion tonya harding and the scandal that surrounded her during the one nine hundred ninety four winter olympics. last but not least three time oscar winner meryl streep is also be nominated for her performance in steven spielberg's movie the post more of the competition in the category is tough so will sally hawkins be able to pull it off. i think the only one who can beat frances mcdormand
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in the best actress category is sally hawkins if she doesn't win for this one i don't know what else the woman can do you know this is this is a really bad barnstorming performance and i hope it gets on with a master. plan we will find out whether or not she danced get an oscar at the ninetieth academy awards in los angeles. i know man. speaking of awards it's of course a very special feeling to win one and this week we wanted to know if you've ever had the pleasure of winning a trophy or a prize of some sorts many people have already responded telling us about things like for instance their pilgrimage certificate upon successful completion on the way out of st james in northern spain or here is a medal for us science competition. this young
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man set a new record at the exit games in dublin. very proud. and this year here on the right won an award of excellence in engineering. and this completely entirely edible wedding cake wedding dress and a cake competition won its maker a brand new mixer so you see lots of great performances and there is still time to send us the picture of your favorite prize or awards which is go to our website for details and don't forget that our euro max watch is up for grabs as a thanks for your feedback. on word now and when it comes to decorating a hall most people decide on one style but wouldn't hear of that words like simple and minimalistic don't really feature in his vocabulary and that's why he and his wife gave every room in their home its own theme so they do have one thing in common though and that's the wallpaper because the wall decoration so much that
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they now design their own. knightly little one's own town is traditionally slow paced most of the buildings have been here for centuries. patrick savant's home is hidden behind this wall. hello and welcome to yong i'm glad to welcome you to my heart please join me. in the nineteenth century the building was an artist's studio it's still full of art today. where you don't is it him on the course we created all the decorative elements. we cover the walls with large forest that lends a certain personality and then we create and make wallpaper that we then coordinate to fit. the living room is reminiscent of like in a forest there are shades of green trees and other forest motifs patrick and his
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wife won't make wallpaper that is far from traditional. as opposed to wallpaper that is printed industrially with repetitive motifs we've revisited the mural panorama that was somewhat famous in the nineteenth century. it depicted grand scenes that were traditionally engraved by hand or today a digital tool gives us more freedom. for the idea is to tell a story. more than your. touch of on always test new ideas in his home where he has lived for twenty years now the house is one hundred fifty square meters and each room has a different theme. this one was inspired by francis presence in india. this is the pondicherry room named after the indian trading post it features such
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as the. gold tiger and peacocks. this favorite place is actually the garden with its real life nature and views of the city he likes being here at any time of the year. it's wonderful to live in a townhouse and feel like i'm almost in the countryside we're incredibly lucky. anything goes in patrick as long as it isn't boring and to those who might say the interior design is a bit overwhelming he says that this is exactly its charm. if your house has to be a lawyer i think that also expresses the character and personality of those who live in it but i think our house reflects our home our taste for life we like to entertain friends were welcoming or so have parents here it is signed makes people
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feel like you're just there. this is a home that forms a unique oasis in the middle of town and one that is packed full of inspiration. interior design at its best check out our you tube channel detail the interior design stunning ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on home decoration we'll take you inside the most beautiful european homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscribe and don't miss out. on you tube. well inspiration comes from many many sources and for cost invests far out of hamburg it comes from the desert in fact partly because he comes from a city that so defined by water has
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a longing for the vastness and the colors of the desert is a recurring theme in his art because for him the desert is not only inspiration but also a media. cost invest studied to be an archaeologist he learned how to use brushes and shovels to uncover antiques and artworks on excavation sites. and after graduating he decided to create artworks of his own but in the same places where he had participated in archeological digs. for general use of the city it's what fascinates me about it is that is there vastness on this silence the sense of freedom they convey. those are the three qualities that define deserts for me that's why i made them my studio to move with that over the past twenty years he has spent time in deserts all around the world using sand as his her tiriel he's
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not always alone in the desert camel snakes are scorpions for instance stop by as well as nomads and other desert dwellers they're sometimes quite surprised to stumble upon him in the middle of nowhere. and live in the sun storm that comforts his once i was painting during a sand storm when two riders approached me with their faces were covered and they were all in black nowadays at the first thing you think of is i yes i didn't know what to expect they stopped right in front of my pictures and i went up to them off at them my hand and greeted them in the history of the because they didn't speak my language and i didn't speak. but we still managed to understand each other somehow when i ended to if they even let me ride their horses from the. back home in hamburg he puts the finishing touches on his artwork. his last trip was to the west of north america because souvenirs he brought home are currently on exhibition in
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hamburg after that he will be showing them at a gallery in paris and also in the us the desert painter now earns a decent living from his head. show me a fork in the move and it's my goal in life to paint all the deserts in the world and once i'm pretty sure that i want to paint pictures in the oceans of jungles. i've already tried. always find new motifs but the desert is what makes my heart sing this one is that it's. his pictures are made to look as if mother nature painted them herself carsten best just lends a helping hand. well to finish we're headed to a place where upon first glance there's not much more than snow and trees a place called feet in the area for a tale of old back in the fifteenth century a heritage building there housed the sick and the infirm and today it literally blooms with health and creative energy and here's why. we enter the
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heart of the dark varian forest. deep into the night. there's a night club here which attracts people from as far away as two hundred kilometers from cities such as munich. the club is in the small town of fish which doesn't have much except trees. and this is a song about and it's true that the preferred forest is really really beautiful but it's a bit dull at night. this is that it's never. over until it runs the club in this former hospital that's now a listed building people dance until three in the morning in the chapel which dates back to fifteen ninety seven the dance nights often begin with a concert. there are.
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for example gospel and blues by switzerland's undriven yes. there are about five free concerts a week and they're always packed. wrong. rome rome. probably drove home. people can make donations after the concert some of the locals have come to every concert so far. is what i point out there's a really lovely atmosphere here about some of the first i thought it was a bit small but then i realized that the atmosphere is so good because it's so smushed among the local people so didn't you meet so many different people don't want old ones like me young ones like the ladies here i think it's great to see this coming together in our small town lootera going to southeast. lies between munich vienna and prague all important cities in the music world. many of the musicians stay overnight at oliver's home. thank you this is
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an occasion. this place is amazing i mean how cold is it six hundred years. i've never paid in a venue like this so it's really really great says. the main hospital building dates back to fourteen thirty two it's the oldest building in feet. it's good empty and dilapidated for many years probably he was just told to make something of it. i think it's right so this is the ball and in terms of interior design it's why the old ought to die for the fans. this madonna and child painting was bought second hand. there are rotating exhibitions on the walls color found this one nine hundred sixty s. english house bar on e bay. on all of us the second is on my i also love the lectern on clocks and i'm really glad that this clock lets me have more than twenty four hours
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a day. it's not at all hard to understand that sentiment. this new club in an old hospital is really for everyone and though it's right in the middle of town and things sometimes get quite loud there been no complaints so far. and that's all for this time on your remarks but don't forget that you can visit us anytime on facebook or of course on instagram and i thought all the best from us here in berlin and hope to see you next time just ok does. the next time on your imax you see as also her award ceremony is right around the corner who will win the race for best actor three europeans are in the running including daniel day lewis for his performance as an eccentric fashion designer gary oldman is winston churchill is another favorite as he's done you know clooney or for his role in the satirical horror get out the oscar nominees next time on
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your imax. movie.
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fishing for votes in italy materials of any of the negative campaigns with the slogan italians fenced. the posse heads its stance against immigrants will bring success at the palms. and does have a chance of governing it's only. thirty minutes on t.w. . step into the world of classical music with sarah with us this time she takes us to her favorite pastime. in japan. denmark.
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switzerland. and norway. all these festivals is always really special if there's one near you go you'll love it. in fifteen minutes you. do w.'s program guide. highlights. the whole month. dot com highlights. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer made it back to the top. in our web special. dot com. football made in germany. g.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages.
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far thoughtful but i've been going. there with that our innovations magazine for. the cover. a week and looking to the future on the w. dot com science and research for. us really feel. the scars on. the pain still tangible. the suffering for god. for cities. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something new in pace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand
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a chance darkness cities after more starting march tenth t w. n eastern temporary truce has failed to bring relief to residents for a second day among the sitting drip says a bottle of airstrikes preceded the ceasefire russia claim some residents managed to leave the district the aid workers said cross the checkpoint. to senior government officials have resigned in the week of the murder of journalist young who was killed alongside his fiancee on sunday his final story about links between an alleged italian mafia group and people close.


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