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tv   Doc Film - 100 Years of UFA - Behind the Scenes of a German Film Company  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2018 4:15am-5:00am CET

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barely healed. the scars on his soul. the pain still tangible. the suffering for god. for cities and. they have survived do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance of darkness cities after a war starting march tenth on t w.
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the german filled the company is one hundred years old. that is there for much of that time it's been a german brand rivaling personal all false flag and. wrote film history how did. you write. for it what is the essence of you fuck the great ship that sailed through so many stormy seas in the past one hundred years. to. come to court to fight the intifada and to get it i think i they fought think of i think of germany. a month he does it's the mercedes of production companies filming with was
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a sign of prestige. it was a melting pot for a creative symbol in and for the whole world. in nine hundred seventeen germany was losing the first world war. general admission looting doff identified the culprit the new medium of film. the germans had become a target of mockery in british and french cinemas. didn't want to do is own version a big film company to produce propaganda for germany. the father i regard the implementation is an urgent part of the war effort and i call for a quick realisation loot and all of. that was effectively the founding charter of that. at the time there were many
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small film companies in germany each sailing under its own flag. they made cameras round cinemas and produce films but didn't off hand bigger ideas the general roped a consortium of big german firms into doing their patio to judi dench a bank and a.g. made funds available the small companies were to be merged into one crowd ship. we've also made film acting as a shaft who for a short was to conquer the cinematic seven seas for the german kaiser. was. part of the over empire i was the studio complex in bottles back at ash palmer a decorated officer a monarchist and a jew became the head of production he was the almost ideal appointment for the who
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for board with its german nationalist agenda. just. the head of state of the young weimar republic was free to push about a social democrat he visited the studios during the filming of an berlin. councilor bitch was the director. emir yannis and any porton played the lead roles . the spa seans orders but a bit wanted to graze the famous company on location with his visit reportedly he lost his hat there and emil yearnings picked it up for him saying we majesties have to stick together i don't know whether favored as a president really liked being addressed his majesty that ice president with my eyes to it and the spots of it. dinny belong on
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a film by fritz lang very german material realized by a brilliant director. this thing that's frustration this delivered on the promise of producing a german legend with german actors in a german company we can really sense the national consciousness and perhaps somewhat excessive national pride and few light of the bush target and that large towards mecca. it was all innovative large scale and expensive a mix of copper and wagner. the dragon was the technical attraction inside it was six men who were notified by fritz lang by telephone when the dragon was to spew fire.
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soon he knew for sailed into financial trouble waters producer eric palmer left and went to hollywood who for a doctor on to competitors paramount and metro goldwyn meyer for financial support the result was a german american conglomerate rufo met. the who for hoped that the merger would help more of its films to be shown in america that didn't happen and its financial situation remained difficult. in one hundred twenty seven nazis were fighting in the streets against communists. unemployment was on the rise once again her with all its expenses faced bankruptcy . dodger bank sort of by hand found out fred who can back media czar of the. weimar republic and an ally of hitler.
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dodger bank placed him at the helm of that one for ship. with hugenberg as the majority shareholder over move even further to the right his first major living clinch was firmly in control of the rudder. he cancelled the contract with the us companies it had been huge loss. now the artists no longer had control but the bookkeepers. cleage built for soundproof studios in bottles burke known as the torn chords he also secured the return of ash palmer who brought musicals with him from america the future belonged to sound film musicians cinema owners and actors protested i. was. i in.
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and on that. but the talkies launched new stars director yells a function danberg made trial recordings with a little known actress in bottles back. you know right. place been. blue angel was a special film in many regards not least for
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a director from the united states guilds are fun sternberg was flown in it was meant as a vehicle for a meal yawning but in fact it became a lean and yet you're still it made her a global star. now. they're. still acted with his facial expressions like in a silent movie. every scene was filmed first in german and then in english mollenhauer hired a language teacher yannis thought he didn't need one. i think ben.
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did life under time stella a musical film made in germany. the new genre helps the all for to turn around its fortunes and begin making a profit again. but if. you follow in take this palmer discovered that these musicals enabled a new export strategy with different versions that you could work on the same sets and tell the same story using different actors in french english and sometimes italian much more after unishe that's you. what if you got. the film address the economic crisis of the late twenty's a heavyweight subject in a lightweight manner that was the office trademark during the golden years of the weimar republic. it. was not.
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the author marketed lilian harvey and villi furch as a dream team they were highly paid and highly controlled even in their private lives. i know this but i just. insist on this please see if. you can provide additional overhead an image to sell and to do that he controlled or even created the stars personal stories affairs questionable liaison's were out so i thought sexuality although some of those biggest stars were gay was an absolute to move. by absolute power as you and over movie star would soon have to be hard as crop steel tough as leather a solitary leader like frederick the great in one thousand nine hundred thirty the
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flute concert of source will see adopted an alarmingly warlike tone the end of the weimar republic was approaching us but i think. yeah i think you know you don't look like schools and for most their mind. which was a strong one or that this is a lot like the need for sleep now machines all the other gets. just as a pain only to be with her hoover always had national films in his production plan that could be a period prussian film or a film about the first world war and these films were advertised as national films what has always been the underlying character of over now came into the open. as national films helps to dig the grave of democracy. he was about michelle who for always had nationalistic views most of the men on the board and in
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management had served in the military really tioga didn't aspire this was not a company that aimed to be subversive on the contrary. defied emil georg fun styles who had been the first head of who for in one nine hundred seventeen introduced hitler into. industrialist circles in the early thirties. alfred hugenberg became minister for economic affairs in his first cabinet. the footboard sent to congratulate three telegram. the film for the new regime had already being produced three days after hitler came to power hugenberg invited him and vice chancellor fun popping to the berlin premiere of dorn a nationalist submarine drama. concerned how are you
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going i am and you know you. go it's fun google's thought the film is very good in part particularly like the lines spoken by real force or maybe we germans about it knowing how to live. and actually. if i think was i think he loved it but he felt the presentation of the home front was as he put it a bit house and garden not aggressive enough and accomplished. during the nazi period was based in berlin scholars and. pressured by gerbils the company soon fired his jewish employees. who
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first best talents had to leave producer palmer. actor fritz caught. the directors billy wilder. and robert c. old mag. actress elizabeth bag now. actor peter lorie. actor could get around and they were. cleage and they are already softening up and this is just the beginning those idiots from the german national people's party. girls boarded up in for shans for a good price now he was in charge and could restructure the ship as he pleased clinch could only stand by and watch actors materials scripts and dialogues the propaganda minister and film enthusiastic now ruled all of this personally. the
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board didn't appreciate this micromanagement it's already as a threat to its business especially abroad. the view of the vice chamber of film that the production and sales of films can be ordered from above continues to fill us with serious concern for the development of our business. gerbils was involved in writing the script for voyage concept a clever mix of newsreel and acted scenes during the opening of the one nine hundred thirty six olympic games in berlin the smart ills of falls in love with a dashing cox i. mean. you can. get into. it if. they fall in love but
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losing the years later they find each other again thanks to the armies of one concept or request concert radio show don't save that much. if you. see if you see ice on feet on. a t. a jack a set against a backdrop of war the message war is inevitable bush concept was one of the most successful for films of the nazi period. his career also began with propaganda films going to mullah started acting in film roles in the battles back studio when he was just twelve this was his last interview. i started with advertising films with the and then i made short propaganda films with your proposals and with ludwig schmitz. that. i
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think would find him with them even though i am the first problem was there for. all. the. tale of us if i look at the image of it it was decorum all the men wore dark suits white shirts and silver ties and once he got caught. in the young eagles going to played an apprentice scheme to build cockpits for bombers. on. that. night. the young hottie crew played an equally enthusiastic role. playing. a propaganda film pure and simple.
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what a shock like that yelling and shouting and absorb a tidy no one from pumping it to get involved you know to. do a concert i haven't done any of it in public before day one has no such thing. we were all about sixteen tough and that was gong leave a night out and said when we're done here i have to go to the hitler youth training camp he said i'll give you a contract maybe that'll help us and that's how i got in for a contract not because i was such a good actor for this but to keep me from military service it didn't work so alone and mists cannot stand. the board complained that too many for employees had gone to war or being killed in action six hundred forced laborers were assigned to the company they were treated very badly as was usual in german companies.
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for coal or goebbels wanted to see the world of cholera the company's own house department had been experimenting with cholera since one thousand nine hundred eighty one. that loves this was his first color film my i. am good at my own. next the enemy has switched to color. on compared to hollywood was lagging way behind as far as color film was concerned it was google's personal ambition to catch up. the first german feature film was only made in the summer of one hundred thirty nine minutes at the end and i see the
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yes and option for him simply in. the first stuck to its guns even in color the film was a period musical with jaunty military personnel and a source the one. he started seeing and. it. was fun that it is all i was. was punishable. by a mission. and was pretty good. there and deadly abusing filming it became clear that the color quality wasn't uniform. certain film consignments varied in quality and hardly. to leave home and fit in feel and another problem was that one of the lead actors
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carl stepanek emigrated to england during filming how stepanek they haven't deadly a but he had to be replaced idiot and his scenes had to be shot again because it's free and i dismissed enough good plate we had. just purchased it and i know it's just because we're going back to business and. punished and i says yes but imo since his own interest. we don't want to start. discussions with you. never mind the regime you for always focused on heartbreak and romance. to incent up a how to and share in pension debt that had great material but as i know he wrote the script and submitted it to whatever stared but a doctor he was asked to come in and was told we've read your script very carefully and with interest please but please tell us where in your script is the.
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entire history of his or her who shaped he was startled to hear such a word in such a place and then turned but. he didn't know what to say on it was it was his and i as a man he was told if you don't have to show it but we have to be able to assume that women are there and that lovemaking is happening when dust all very correct that was once collect dust study before. fight holland made the last propaganda film for gerbils callback and drama with ten thousand extras germany meanwhile was in ruins. it's what it was the biggest flop in the history of the fearing the twelve weeks until the war ended off this film was seen by hardly anyone is these a few him calm naca seen boyden but production costs amounted to several millions
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inform me other than million and. goebbels much i was better to die than surrender . aga says it's in the film. it's there and i doubt. that most want to go there either. i like i look up when i look at it i don't really i didn't realize. for gerbils and hitler the scenes were too realistic they demanded numerous edits to million of ice smocks worth of filming lay scattered around the cutting room while bombs were raining down on burn in. the off a building caught fire a secret operation was launched to rescue files and film footage before belin fell the big men it over leaving the sinking ship.
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once the war ended the glory days were definitely over joris allies decided the company had to be broken up each occupied zone of germany would see small film boats floating again. in the soviet zone the day file was launched the accompanying dinghy was manned by apparatchiks ensuring everything was politically correct defy was a communist version of the. new form of hoover was a studio in which films had been made from the initial idea to the premier do. defer adopted the same system they created a huge institution with two and a half thousand employees that were a film could be made from its inception into its final release. be supreme year between twenty and. the biggest chunk of office assets was in.
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the soviet military government ensured that production soon started up again here both going stouter was the first to film in bottles back after nine hundred forty five a still someone needs to know my face even though much of now because of my. murderous among us is the story of a nazi mass murderer the soviets approved of that and the old one for lived on in the workmanship. when it when he could assume to get kony if indeed she did his films are into it when i think of hildegard can a fan train the story as a concentration camp survivor with her bright face in direct lighting i can see very clearly that day for i had taken on a lot of that over style of lightings would see if you from your first year but at the from push could be in this.
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after and also on the other hand i can also see that with the ruins everywhere and elements of expression is cinema from the weimar republic found their way into this day for films and that's no surprise either because the set designers who worked on the first day for film were part of the old guard over in bubbles where good as you wish they'd worked with fritz lang and the directors during the weimar republic and of course the nazi period wouldn't they salvage what they could and put it into day for an increase of the far you've got at the end of. the showdown when the traumatized soldier holds his former captain to account is grand old of a cinema. six hundred as these men are two years into sean and isaac in that. well it's one so all and if you want us to show us. each one of us on a vacation assumption i got to tune. in for studios in temple hole fuera in
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west berlin and therefore under the control of the western powers they were more hesitant when it came to rebuilding the film industry. though if not it's not going to feel close industry just as in billion at this challis get off its eleven feet of a counter dodgy good stuff and being on film and before. the a diver volunteers palmer has to give you an offer for today and yes i mean the countess i feel important jaunts got all of its year at the off cavity feel i'll bite in the waste on it to bring. the idea turf in politike see it in the film policy of the allies was aimed at destroying the industry for political reasons. that's and they wanted to smash the nazi legacy while at the same time keeping this market open for american production my conscience products or. the allies band called bag and other propaganda films today twenty of the three hundred to four
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films from the nazi period can only be shown with restrictions. on the files from the burning headquarters had ended up in this is a bad land the hills north of one of them. the gender of vulcan hearts castle was the reef founding of the for it's a story like a harmless little film but one with bite. at first former office staff came to a violent halt acting as if the company still existed. they had letter paper printed they advertise for film editors in the films and on the posters they had the swastikas painted over and covered abracadabra. suddenly all these films were dean us a fight. things
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got exciting in the castle cellar where the files were stored the allies commission trustees to sort out the finances the young man studied the files down here he was supposed to help liquidate the company. our know how could do the opposite defying the will of the allies and with the help of the adenauer government. the owner of our t.v. course inflicts on the adenauer government but also the major parties in the bundestag viewed film as a medium for shaping opinion don't these a survive. die i think influencing public opinion was a crucial aspect of the early west german film policy enough in politic careful in front of the public. at the behest of the allies the german parliament passed a law in one thousand nine hundred fifty three intended to break up the ufa. but
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chancellor konrad adenauer found a loophole. and this there were exceptions to the order to break it up and those exceptions were implemented. after it wasn't sold to the highest bidder. originally there was a rule that no one was allowed to buy more than one studio all three cinemas. but exceptions were possible the buyers took advantage of all these exceptions they were explicitly encouraged to do so by the government and by the parliament and off wanted to spread this tax. helman use of apps the head of deutsche bank got a call from the chancellor's office adenauer sold over to dodge a bank for a third of its value it was a good deal for the bank just as it had been when it was first launched.
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thanks to our now and deutsche bank are no how can became the captain of the new film that in one nine hundred fifty six once again for the big old name a ship meant to serve the german government and deutsche bank just like in the old days you. opened new cinema and he moved too far from darwin hundreds to a dozen off where he built up a new headquarters he distributed and produced movies. one group that's usually don't. go. at the time of them pick up till i think that's ridiculous played the son of luisa ovation for his first post-war film they were the new for dream team. he said.
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there has been. the capable business woman widow and mother of three sons overcomes all the hardships. of this kind in its name and on that. you know her life and then she even finds new love oh yeah oh. yeah he can go. get your house. and up i've got a son that he. had enough money that if i just want to hold out that if you go. at the top you know i. was. this is. the film we're going to mother could have been made for the art in our government's family ministry. there's a famous moment in this film isn't mama fabulous it was a slip up really i was lambasted in the press because when the great releases its
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first film and then it's such a trivial entertainment movie they shouldn't have done it was hard. at the end as mom tough. the film was a flop but on oh how good the company captain was unfazed. is like me it has strong legs nothing will capsized. how his next project was an expensive international coproduction. the young the last beholds nickname was discovered by the info and by mario out off . if you would of those who hates me he i heard that blow holes didn't like me or want me so we met on a plane he sat down next to me and said i'm sure you've heard that i've got a problem with you because of the character of lawsky and i want to tell you why
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when i read the script i imagine someone like spencer tracy in that role spencer tracy sorry i knew when i replied he's a man i very much admire and i can also tell you that when i read the death shit i imagine someone like william holden in the lead as philip holden four years of it. and he said one point for you i'm hotter. if. that is what i'm for there was the underbelly of i was a leak i don't know good of you can. you believe only in the extinction of the national in the throes of a movie called if you're ok with its own i think it's a misnomer to read even a couple of good was the me the anti gun people. does thought the death ship was my way above average for that time physical radical dirty hard cinema
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sickness have to skin or. dirty ugly bundle. that was. the new firbank on action and young talent good cinema actually but germans were getting comfortable in their television on chance. because. when cons i'm going to could say it failed because of the expectations they wanted to continue on the model of the pre-war years the golden age of the roof and they wanted to be just as good and that successful but that didn't work for greece only they certainly from the union. who first celebrated despite millions in losses until it became insolvent and was sold by don chipp bank to bettles man in
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one nine hundred sixty four. the federal government paid bettles man a lot of money to keep the rights to the old for films in germany that's how the mon-el foundation was established it maintains to for cinematic heritage to this day. battles mansoul the cinemas in one nine hundred seventy one. although they were still called afterwards there was no one for the left inside these days the old logo can only be seen on three remaining theaters. then man if you deal consciously with your history and i think we do if you know the dark side but also the great sides of over then it's a proud company legacy of it's a real legend in the film industry i can't think of any other in germany that had such a long film production history like ours from put up signs. of anybody because there
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are very few who can claim such a long creative output. thanks to nico half man the office ship has once again become a well oiled machine all for now and it's money with shows and soaps but high gloss event television restored its reputation. for getting it in seeing it was chloroform in the opportunity like a butter by media. course and that's the rule for tradition period dramas from the german empire to the fall of the berlin wall the new offer has told the story of almost every major event you think you have and finished off. as it was a purely private nico hoffman move that the big high end dramas were always big historical stories i'm very interested in these topics and i feel that i've now
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finished telling those stories because i've done so much in this area there was very much shaped by us but also by my private interest in german history and whatever system. the mini series generation wore move the offer ship out of its comfort zone. because he doesn't get off. it tells the story of five young germans who experience the war not by choice. tom shelling is one of the young soldiers i send. into touch starts often feel like if i'm really proud of the film it's unassailable in my view what could be better than when films cause controversy. i've always made films with over that was so captivating and compelling that you really had to think
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about them and talk about the work that looks like we know we want to hadn't had. the series also portrays polish anti semitism during the war thank. you. so the only. thing she's three if there's a thing as a son text should be a common situation. in. the blurring of the lines between victims and perpetrators and anger at the polls not to mention the public in america and israel. as it's bones were made on for one thing i wouldn't repeat with generation war is that i now wouldn't go to another country and as a german filmmaker trying to tell parts of polish history from the german perspective i'll start implementing that sailboat and as that belongs to the poles
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i've learned my lesson in that area or maybe i'll bring in polish historians to act as consultants but i wouldn't do it like that again for it's ornish my mom. generation war was nonetheless an international critical and ratings hit. the international emmy for t.v. movie mini series goes to. the international emmy awards are the oscars of television generation. who fought is a piece of german history empire third life federal republic it always knew germany's dreams fia's hopes and longings that's been its business a one hundred years. old.
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like. the one we got right. but he. says he. played. me. all the time my daughter got it right. that's what it's done. into the conflict zone the government of sudan is often accused of being one of the world's greatest of violating his of human rights and just as often it denies the
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charges the motive conveys many of those denials is the country's foreign minister ibrahim gundogan who is my guest here in munich does he care if anyone believes. thirty minutes for g.w. . is going to. change you know the banks. and so was the language of a bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines. the sings the peace sometimes you just have to pump up the volume. on the big guns.
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come back support the music magazine on d w. explain about the moments that. it's all about the stones in song. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us in the sponsored by distinctive instagram others at g.w. story topics each week on instagram. the german government says it's been hit by a cyber attack and suspects russian hackers berlin confirmed hackers breached a government file wall and stole sensitive information from both the defense and
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foreign ministries. white house communications director hope hicks one of president donald trump's most loyal ides has resigned the news came a day after hicks was interviewed for nine hours by the panel investigating russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen election.


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