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moving the fight in for the case to be taken seriously in the art of war here's what's come out. on my. own way to use the freedom superhero on a mission to change attitudes smart smart talks smart. and legend he isn't by no means missed out on the brink recently dangerous atomic bomb . made. a low there and a warm welcome to our latest edition of your romantics where we are never lacking for a wealth of culture and lifestyle topics and today is no exception. girl hopeful european
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actors who are tipped to win an academy award. frozen north take a dog sled tour in norway. and freshly brewed coffee culture is back in fashion in munich. suspense continues to mount until sunday when the film industry will gather in los angeles for its biggest night of the year the ninetieth academy awards and this week in our series we are reviewing the european oscar nominees and another highly competitive category is of course that of best actor in a leading role the two europeans appear to be neck and neck for the honor britain's gary oldman for his role as winston churchill in the darkest hour and british irish actor daniel day lewis whose performance in phantom thread could make history yet again on sunday night.
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british actor daniel day lewis has already won three academy awards and phantom thread he played. for high society in postwar london. when he falls in love with a young and confident waitress called alma his life slowly tips out of balance with his precise routines disrupted he begins to fray and expose his inner turmoil you want to change it. you know. you can have noticed. that it must have been you know. horrifyingly difficult experience to tell that hard story we're to explore human soul this is the dark one but it's not it's a we're led by a curiosity to explore the world in this way and it's
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a beautiful thing. for the role daniel day lewis spent two years studying british fashion history and how to tailor contemporary fashion of the one nine hundred fifty s. until he could even make a suit with minute attention to detail he developed the authentic persona that made him one of this year's oscar favorites. extremely precise every movement every every every word that he speaks it's almost like a metronome is just exactly right on point always right on point one of the most respected actors of our times lewis is the only one to watch three oscars as best actor in a leading role in one nine hundred ninety he won his first academy award for his betrayal of the artist christy brown suffering from cerebral palsy and my left foot . i couldn't get a ways because my knee receive the next in two thousand and eight for his role as an oil tycoon. multimillionaire and there will be blood i run
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a family business this is my soft shell we saw third followed in twenty thirteen when he played us president abraham lincoln. it's hard for fans to accept the daniel day lewis has announced that bantam thread was his last movie. i thought the most wonderful collaborative relationships with many actors. and directors and members units in the top of those crews. and credibly thankful for all of it but i just feel it's time to explore the world in the different ways. another nominee for best lead actor is gary oldman. you for the time. for the darkest hour he offered an impressive performance as british prime minister winston churchill. in the film he tries to convince his cabinet to go to war against germany. you'll.
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be. perfectly capturing the swaying gait in mumbled speech gary oldman doesn't play but becomes churchill his performance makes him the keenest rival for daniel day lewis. he's covered in make up and prosthetics he can barely recognize and he disappears in the role and i think those two performances are two of the best that we saw last year across all categories and i think those two will be the ones will be really fighting it out in the best actor. but there are other nominees who also delivered outstanding performances. they include daniel for his role in the security or get out. denzel washington in the legal drama roman j israel esquire.
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and young timothy charlemagne and the romantic drama called me by your name. however among all these remarkable actors daniel day lewis is still the critics favorite i think especially with the oscars and so many actors professional actors vote for the oscars they're just really impressed they just look at him on the screen and say yeah he's he's the best we've got. it be does win another oscar it would be a brilliant end to his career should he really abide by his threat of leaving acting behind him. fingers crossed for daniel day lewis and we carry on with yet another actor named daniel this one celebrating a milestone birthday and war in today's express.
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british actor daniel craig turns fifty year on march the second great became world famous as james bond. he's been on the majesty's secret service since two thousand and six the audience loves him as a seducer and daredevil project leader on the other hand he's rather shy and avoids the pros when he can. next year daniel craig will be shooting his fifth bond film this will be his last appearance in the role of double zero so. in this high school into a coup finland the floor of the gymnasium was due to be renovated but then the construction workers found the remains of a medieval settlement to kansas and a road came to light. it is unclear whether basketball can be played here again because now the archaeologists are in charge in the middle ages tour who was one of the most important cities in northern europe so such fines are not uncommon here in
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twenty eleven tour who was european capital of culture. the strong beer season opened on wednesday at the naca back in munich. as is tradition many politicians attended the tapping of the barrel. strong beer contains at least six and a half percent alcohol the tradition of the strong beer tapping began with a berry and monks who brewed the drink as liquid bread during lent. well here's what you call an exceptional talent and over the course of his nearly thirty year career german trumpeter also till behind has tried his hand at everything and succeeded singing composing producing teaching he's also done well as a t.v. talent coach and has a fine as a photographer but now for his brand new album he's gone back to his roots knightfall combines jazz with pop classical and soul and so minimalistic that it
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seems. this time round tillable owner is focusing on the essential his trumpet. his latest album features just one other instrument the double bass. played by fellow jazz musician detail in. the act well it's it is a currency vs a project for trumpet in double bass there aren't any other instruments on it we've been playing together liberia's times over the last six or seven years. mia at some point and it just kept on growing but we still never had the feeling we should record a cd but then our audiences said we've been with you so long and had such a nice evening it would be nice if we could take something home with us think think
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about it. the body we did the idea was born and now it's actually out on cd sometimes you just have to face up to the challenge and do something new. it's the nineteenth album by the trumpeter who's made a name for himself with accessible jazz numbers some say he's a show man others call him a genius. bill and i has also worked as a model for various fashion labels. he's become my friend himself and even me it's famous politicians almost constantly we met at the german chancellor and it was really interesting to hear about barack obama's personal relationship to jazz it was his father who we didn't see all that often who took him to a jazz concert by dave brubeck he still feeds off that today that's and he described it in a really interesting way. on nightfall it's clear that in addition
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to musical influences his environment also affects his music. the album is one of his most personal to date it's contemplative meditative and close to nature. does. the repertoire on night ball is quite mixed we realized that the combination of trumpet and double bass was like a roof in the cellar it left a lot of room open in the middle for the listener as well as for us. and funny enough that put us in the position of being able to choose music from all of the decades or even centuries of music that we play. yet it still sounds homogenous and we improvised a lot on the album. there are also pieces where we don't improvise much and put the interpretation of the
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melody and the arrangement at the forefront. is also a talented photographer he's taken pictures of many celebrities from the worlds of jazz and showbiz. photography came into my life a few years ago when i had to stop cooking because i was on tour so much and i come home and find that most of my ingredients had gone moldy. and it was so frustrating that i had to look for something else so i started taking pictures it took a while but suddenly they looked like the jazz photos i know you like and i stuck with it because i had some access to artists from this genre. isn't afraid to explore different musical genres his jazz can also include elements a part he has problems memories of performing with greek singer anonymous. schoolies anonymous corey is
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a phenomenon. people in germany actually know that back in the one nine hundred sixty s. she sang the finest jazz i'm pleased to a matter she's a truly great citizen of the world. to work on his new album stayed at a spa in the area and. the music was inspired by the natural surroundings and because twilight such a magical hour he named the new cd nightfall. well darkness is an all encompassing thing in the far north during european winters and some people go stir crazy for lack of light but others find it magical and exhilarating well above the arctic circle like for instance who left germany for norway many years ago and today a team of four legged athletes helps him to live out his dream occupation. ice cold in practically deserted the village of inset in norway lies two hundred
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kilometers north of the arctic circle and is home to a whopping six people. the people living here enjoy the solitude each year begins in total darkness but the northern lights are a breathtaking sight to behold. up here seeing the aurora borealis light up in the nightly landscapes is part of everyday life. beyond clough i fell in love with the spectacle thirty five years ago and decided to move here from hamburg. now he and his wife make their living running a husky farm. they regularly offer sledding tours and expeditions just like today.
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yes yes. yes. yes yes yes. now who thought. yeah yeah. that was. here it's january fourteenth and about twenty seven degrees below zero there's a third day of our tour when the weather's fantastic. no wind speed we couldn't ask for more than. living in a world that's mostly dark and covered in snow for over half the year. the darkness of arctic winter is slowly coming to an end. and the sun finally returns the days not only become noticeably longer but both beyond and his dog's moods brighten
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. and that is vital for their partnership. this is our first time there are such great companions they're always upbeat and always glad when i arness them up the sled and take them with me to conquer the mountains. i. by the time they reach their evening camp there is ravenous as a pack of wolves. each dog each one kilogram of meat per day keeping the huskies well fed during tourist expeditions is a logistical challenge to work around it beyond distributes food reserves in several places along the way each summer that way he doesn't have to pack as much for these tours. afterwards the travelers settle into their hut for the cosy part
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of the evening at the fire they reminisce over their adventures of the day and cook together. life in the arctic circle might be lonesome but it's full of adventures and natural wonders. you're at its best you're a max brings you the highlights on instagram stunning landscapes spectacular buildings and mouthwatering delicacy our reporters are constantly on the look out with their cameras we look forward to your comments check out our duramax instagram stories and discover how exciting and diverse europe can be. follow was on instagram. so how would you describe the significance of your morning coffee is it just a kick starter to get you on your way with a hit of caffeine or is it a moment of quiet reflection perhaps to savor that heady flavor and aroma maybe
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coffee is even an afternoon thing for many of you but at any rate coffee culture is rapidly evolving in many german cities and a caffeinated tour of new nick in the area can feel like a trip much further afield. this cafe in munich serves icelandic style filter coffee. how splendid is called out for one or elf dream. icelander stephanie be honest on greece visitors at the door with your drop are which means come in for ten drops of coffee coffee. coffee we drink coffee in the sauna and at the swimming pool. poses in the school break time is called me or coffee break. these i'm. fine for the holiday is simply an excuse to get together and start a discussion. like especially it's a fun. stephanie be honest one was a successful engineer before she opened
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a cafe brought here she makes her special coffee with white roast beans freshly ground for each guest and brewed with loving care your own sons also responsible for the cafés nordic design when she couldn't find light fixtures she liked she simply made her own using concrete and empty yogurt drops as molds her philosophy pay attention to the little details while never losing sight of the big picture. isn't that amused by his special milk i have special coffee and my costs are transparent so i know just how many cents from my coffee go to the pharmacy. in munich coffee culture is enjoying a revival in one thousand nine hundred two the city boasted eighty four large cafes in the inner city alone but then came the big chains and coffee to go the beverage was downgraded to a quick caffeine fix served in oversized paper cups taste was
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a secondary concern. but in two thousand and six three colleagues at the bavarian state opera quit their jobs to turn a former haberdashery into a cafe. they spent six months redesigning the place while saving some vintage items for the decor they christened it cafe mohai today it's an institution in munich's west end district. tell the dentist this can see the klein and because lots of small salts are disappearing and into this well it is no longer much in demand in the workplace these days and i think people are looking for precisely the opposite they're looking for nostalgia tranquility and relaxation too. and i think they find that here with us something lots of people come and spend three or four hours here. it's
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the perfect place to sit and read a book or just look around at the jewelry in print that it's almost like a visit to the flea market. when the file still rose to reopened in two thousand and six it was just one of two rows to reason munich today there are thirty five. i. can. tell split moser is roasting some new beans from nicaragua roasting is an art as coffee contains three to four times as many flavor components as wine. these beans are grown at fourteen hundred meters above sea level. because there's been working closely with the farmer for years. class and i was in nicaragua three weeks ago and visited him
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on this it's a great thing the coffee grower to be proud that he knows the roaster cough and vice a versa just are proud to know the copy grower. your top stories seem to encompass all of them then this means that we both make a little more effort but it's because we know who our partner is. so we munich when it's time for a coffee break there's no shortage of interesting cafes to choose from. well it's still winter here in northern europe the perfect time not only for a hot coffee but also for some creative indoor projects and if you have piles of photographs or lying around that need displaying then our d.i.y. expert francisco has plenty of ideas and today she shows us how to transfer pictures onto a wood backing. i
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haven't since i got into they were looking at photographs your pictures can actually with really great look when printed on what better than you might think so you can do it yourself you will need a mirror image printout of your favorite pick from a laser printer you can mirror and the photo on your computer at the coffee shop. get a piece of wood cut to the size you want at the hardware. photo transfer from across the internet a paint brush some water sponge paint a small rolling pin would help but it's not absolutely necessary. your photo. as you can see it's the same size as my piece so that's not a coincident i measured it out. generously spread the glue onto the wood and the front of your photo don't. use the brush to cover every millimeter all
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the way to the very edges. now put the printed side of your photo onto the wood to make sure it's good and tight push all the evidence off the side because the picture won't transfer where they are. if you use your rolling pin to make sure that you've got all the. if you don't use a ruler. that is overnight. now uses something with the sponge to moisten the paper and begin robin it off. the top layer down it's easier to use your thing as. you already see the picture i also need between my fingers and this. let it dry for a couple of hours and finish the whole thing with some clear to make the surface smooth and to protect the image there you have a great picture you can get to family and friends of display in your. own living
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room. there's a technique but won't work with things that print out so make sure you use in there is that fold out and if you want to hang up your picture you can drill a small hole into the middle of the back of the words but make sure you do this thing called transferring the cocoa just in case the birth for. interior design at its best check out our you tube channel detail the interior design stunning ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on home to her ration will take you inside the most beautiful european homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscribe and don't miss out. on you tube. and on that inspirational note it's time for us to sign off so until we meet again all the best for us here in berlin and. next time on your own
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max boost you can see the front burner probably metal band iron maiden is a real high flyer a businessman as well as a musician he sells his own beer is a much sought after speaker at meetings under professional pilots. in his new autobiography he talks about his professional holidays in globe bruce dickinson next on your own max.
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russian hopes begin to. feel doubts that this man will win again. the opposition remains weak and oppressed. the main opposition figure let's say no money has been barred from the election system is still no depicting what's left of
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w any time any place. whether with jo-jo and your friends at least not in the office or with friends all over the world online and interactive. in german to go and. learn german for free with d w. this is a fifteen year old girl. being gang raped. as a teacher is beating a boy for talking back and class. but the rest of the class watches. on here and told her it's been said by his mother. breaking up lots. of child sleeps in the streets because her family threw her. beer.
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online bowling. pushes a teenager over their heads. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean others and there are michael invisible visible. mike violence against children disappear. going to u.s. president donald trump says he'll officially announce hefty tariffs on steel and aluminum imports next week the news prompted e.u. officials to warn the bloc would take retaliatory action fears of a trade war hit wall street with stock prices tumbling one point seven percent.


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