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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2018 7:00am-8:00am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the opening salvos on a transatlantic trade war u.s. president gone from announces punitive tariffs on steel and aluminum imports triggering a promise from europe to respond in the most sense the stock market plummeting also coming up. can eight get through two series of battles on play hookey eastern we'll get the latest from the red cross as it struggles to gain access to those most in need. and it was an attack that sent shock waves around the world we take a look at how the florida school shooting is affecting students here in germany.
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also on the show italy votes in a general election on sunday will it bring stability or more uncertainty d.w. heads from sicily an island on the front lines of italy's migration debate voters could tip the election toward silvio berlusconi's right wing coalition. and a final vote on the hard work for coalition deal this weekend will decide whether all of machall can start her fourth term as chancellor but a new poll indicates most germans think one of the parties is not a government. thomas a warm welcome to the show a trade war is in the offing u.s. president donald trump has announced new tariffs against steel and aluminum imports which he says will be made official next. we now the plan is to levy
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a twenty five percent charge on steel ten percent charge on aluminum the protectionist measure has sent the dow jones plummeting and it drew an immediate response from the e.u. it said it will respond with tariffs of its own. steel made in china a thorn in donald trump's side for months he's threatened to increase tariffs against chinese imports against european ones too but now the time for talk is over at the end of a meeting with steel and aluminum producers he announced the planned levies. we have with us the biggest steel companies in the united states that used to be like bigger. but they got to be a lot bigger again and we have the big companies in the united states and they've been very unfairly treated by bad policy by bad trade deals by other countries they've been horribly treated by other trees trumps primary target is china due to
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its massive overproduction of steel and many m which drives down global prices flooding markets with cheap products this would affect german metals exporters their industry association calling for the e.u. to strike back with counter measures. ok let's talk more about this prize a move now i'm joined by christopher cobra from the business desk good morning christophe what have been some of the responses so far well the responses have been overwhelmingly bad no matter which place we look at here there's been condemnation from canada from mexico the european union all of these players saying this is the wrong move interestingly enough there's also been fierce competition from within the white house you have to understand that donald trump's economic adviser gary cohen strongly lobbying against these these measures nevertheless the president went ahead and introduced them anyway interestingly enough china has not published
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an official statement so far has condemned the possibility of these tariffs in the past are ok and supported not that there's there's little of nothing that congress can do to told us up so the president can move this through what about a trading blocks like europe and other areas how could they respond to this well the head of the european commission has already said that retaliatory retaliatory measures would be introduced soon junkers said we will not sit idly by while our industry is. unfair measures that put thousands of your being jobs at risk and interestingly enough this move calls could also be backlash to the u.s. economy when it comes to. the asian subject these concerns have been kentucky bourbon for example and which is made in the home state of. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell in tennessee. subjects of these concerns have been hard to
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david's motorcycles which are made in milwaukee wisconsin home of senate speaker paul ryan both of them republicans well we see of those numbers will come through both of these of course iconic american brands especially for conservatives arlys and bourbon could this backfire though the move to to impose sanctions for the very workers they're designed to protect indeed donald trump promised to save u.s. steel jobs and there is the possibility this move could backfire because we have to understand there's about eighty times more people working in u.s. steel processing than in u.s. production all across the board we have companies ranging from boeing over to general motors to coca-cola which are dependent on steel or aluminum products and the u.s. market itself cannot meet this demand of all these companies so higher prices for the raw material may result in higher prices for the final product then again
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impacting consumer choices and then again impacting the bottom line and top of policies at these companies ok certainly a lot at stake a home and abroad because all thanks to all in this very closely for us now and in the days to come thanks. well united states is lab russia for failing to implement a un backed cease fire and cers eastern ghouta area almost a week since the un backed the truce the rebel held area near damascus remains under daily assault russia has organized a deli paulson hostilities meant to allow aid in and residents out but there are stalemate more terribly on the ground and distrust on all sides in eastern kicked up by the bombing blocks out the sun. each day paramedics pick up more dead and injured there is a sensibly a truce in place here and eighty five hour pause in the fighting organized by russia but empty streets give voice to the nervousness here many residents say
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they've seen no sign of a cease fire. this is the cease fire look at the destruction ten days of continuous shelling it's been ten days to repeat in the basement airplanes and bottle bombs and we're sitting in the basement what kind of ceasefire is this what kind of regime is this i hope god will avenge. there is incredulous she too from the u.s. and she accused russia of blocking peace efforts russia plays both fire this cease fire is clearly not working russia has called for these joke like humanitarian corridors russia needs to just do what the united nations had agreed to and voted on and that is a countrywide cease fire these government organized ambulances stand ready for residents evacuating eastern ghouta but they remain unused a mark of the distrust felt by civilians here the humanitarian corridor out of the
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rebel held area untrodden. ok for more let's bring in ralph ho hey g.'s the regional spokesman for the red cross for the near middle east joins us from beirut good morning to you thanks for being with us has the red cross been able to get any of its aid into eastern gooda good morning no unfortunately the situation has not changed since the past days and therefore we are unable to bring any help to the people inside the sun as of this hour we are still trying to negotiate with all the parties involved and try to push them to come to an agreement and we repeated our calls through the media and via by a lot of negotiations but unfortunately the situation stalls and no aid is reaching people who badly needed and side of istanbul to hear about. this network
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spoke to nora journalist living in eastern good to get a sense of what's happening very said residents holed up in shelters with their families felt abandoned by the international community let's give a listen to what he said. actually it people here are the siblings and they jonas and all of the people who are living in gaza they don't talk to anyone because they were not the nation thought about helping out those that everyone bindon opt not to go to the council not the united states not they're not detained everyone been on i mean it and they left it in there is more than the five hundred people killed and more than three and three hundred thousand injured i mean about any cease fire they are talking about a lot about people killed about our state about bombing did not stop until the moment the boss gave the ball the people here just hug there has been through they don't know what they're i mean one minute to a lot of the next minute you don't know when the arctic will hit your shota because
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there's been a complete breakdown of trust there as we heard and many of those residents in or out of stalking about desperately want to leave eastern good what are your port partners in the area saying is it possible right now for any civilians to get out. it's absolutely very difficult and very dangerous for people to get out as the fighting continues unabated it's impossible for families to just leave safely if they want to leave therefore it's it's it's impossible to talk about any safe passage outside from eastern water to safer areas unfortunately this won't take place of this won't happen unless both parties syrian government and the armed groups inside the sun will to come to an agreement to safeguard civilians since the fighting is ongoing we cannot speak of any safe korean or any safe human tarion
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passage now if we talk about the northern part of the country we've seen that we've been able to deliver humanitarian aid in a very hot spot as well as free in where fifty thousand people were displaced and fled their home due to the ongoing fighting in the northern part of syria they had come to an agreement up there so we call on all the parties as well to come to an agreement in eastern water for the benefit of the civilians inside so that people don't die so that people receive their medicine and hospitals and people who want to leave can leave briefly if you could what's your assessment is there any movement on reaching that agreement could we see one in the days ahead we hope for one but for the past ten days eleven days since the spike of the fighting inside its own alter their house pinoy agreement but we still keep on calling for an agreement for all the parties to respect the obligations to respect international
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humanitarian law and to allow the passage of six passage of humanitarian aid for the civilians inside the salute routh el-hage reason spokesman for the red cross joining us from beirut this morning thanks so very much thank you. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news at this hour afghan officials say a car bomb in eastern kabul has killed at least one person and injured several others it is not yet clear who is behind the blast kabul has been on edge after recent increase in bombings by both the taleban and so-called islamic state. in catalonia has ousted president carlos has dropped his bid to again be appointed regional president speaking from self-imposed exile in brussels he said the move was needed to break a political deadlock between separate parties in catalonia demand has wanted in spain for his role in the catalonia has failed secession but. an extreme cold
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snap is hitting europe for another day causing travel disruptions and sending temperatures plummeting again. dublin airport is among the travel hubs canceling flights the world health organization's warn that icy temperatures pose a special risks were vulnerable groups including the elderly poor and sick. to the u.s. now on colombine sandy hook and just two weeks ago now marjorie stoneman douglas school in florida these are just some of the tragic school shootings that evoke fear among many american students and parents of a gunman could go on a killing spree anywhere at any time now it's a worry that's being echoed here in germany as well but there's a public divide over whether or not to tackle the subject head on we look at one school decided to get its students prepared for the very worst. these kids may be play acting but what they're simulating is highly sinister
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a school shooting. what should they do if the gunman storms their classroom and they aren't able to run away fights back sadie's seaters that's what this grade seven class is practicing they've been taught that together they can overrun an attacker. based on curtis could actually happen and if it does i don't think it will be as easy as in the simulation i'm scared that in a real emergency things could happen very differently from. learning how to barricade themselves into a classroom is also an important part of the exercise students know when they hear a fire alarm they have to run outside in the event of an attack it's the exact opposite that's what trainer hines cost is trying to make clear he and other teachers at this high school in western germany began these training sessions a few years ago but classes like this are extremely rare most schools in germany
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are wary of tackling this topic so head on. i don't think schools here are prepared attacks or to do subject there are training sessions for teachers but generally if there is a reluctance to train and educate the students mainly i think because schools don't want to unsettle them for the moment. the likelihood of a school shooting in germany is relatively low but that doesn't stop it from being on these students' minds especially after the latest tragedy at a high school in florida. could you picture something like this happening in our school asks this teacher many here say they could although they don't feel less threatened as students in the us. as china's pretty crazy what's happening in the us with the guns and everything is definitely very different to here in germany i'm
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of the. oceans i think it's good that it's not so easy to get a gun here in germany and call. us indeed i think would probably feel very different head because gun laws a much stricter people can't just get hold of a weapon. critics of these training sessions say they cause unnecessary panic but they're going down well with these students. if you vice new it's very unlikely that anything will happen here but should something happen will know what to do and that's the best thing the students can gain a sense of confidence. everybody here hopes they'll never have to put what they've learned into practice but knowing they're prepared is enough to put many of these students minds at ease. while staying in germany more information is coming to light about a cyber attack on german government computers law makers confirming that the attack is not over it's ongoing and believed to be centered on the foreign ministry
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security agencies detected the breach in december and allowed to continue in a controlled manner wall they monitor a group with links to the russian government is suspected of carrying out the attack. the german government's communication network has been breached by hackers the parliament's secret supervisory body has been informed by the chancellor and security services and they say it's not over this is an. actual cyber attack on the government's information network and it's ongoing the government has known about this since december its spent weeks observing the cyber attack to learn more about the hackers activities not even the agency responsible for intelligence services was informed delegates are angry about being left out of the loop. we would all understand if the chancellor's office said it needs to observe a critical issue a little longer. but the fact that no one said anything at all on the contrary
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means we are once again in a position to learn about such incidents from the media which i think is absurd. parliamentarians agreed the situation is dire. it is an intrusion i mean this is a large of course although cyber attacks have been around for a long time the government and i t. security in this country aren't geared up toward them off the federal government must act on this now because it's a serious threat. the extent of the hackers infiltration of the german data network is still under investigation classified information does not appear to have been stolen. it's clear what we need to clarify now is whether documents were stolen i did not assume that sensitive documents have really been leaked because it concerns the federal information network it's all about communication there's no sensitive data on any server it's not that simple. there's still speculation about the origin
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of the attack and how it was carried out some analysts point to indications of russian activities while others warn against premature accusations you got under of just one attack on germany's integrity is one too many and i don't care where it comes from if it's from russia there's as much to criticize as if it had originated from the national security agency. lawmakers now want to discuss the details in a meeting of the parliament supervisory body on intelligence now should you have to pay for a t.v. channel that you never watch that is the situation faced by many europeans who are forced to pay a license fee to fund their national broadcasters but now the swiss are taking matters into their own hands on this issue on sunday the voting in a referendum to scrap the fee of almost four hundred euros annually that nearly every swiss household household has to pay for public radio t.v.
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and internet platforms. this is schwing and the traditional style of wrestling in switzerland considered by many to be the country's national sport but soon sharing in fans might be able to watch their favorite sport at home a voter's choose to scrap the mandatory t.v. license fee in a referendum on sunday. if industry as a publicly funded podcasting is part of our tradition and will lose a lot of it disappears they're. a growing opposition camp says no to compulsory finis their campaigns called no bill lag named after the body which collects the fees. parts of the fees aren't necessary anymore nowadays it's just the rip off. he shouts i don't watch swiss t.v. that much so i think it's just too expensive to have to pay even if you don't need it. not everyone agrees those who support the fee worry
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scrapping it would mean less media diversity and a lack of local cultural content. nobody needs it even i think it's a very radical initiative it's not attack on our democracy they don't just want to abolish the fees so our democratic right to be informed that a group meet in from a student. just three companies already control around eighty percent of switzerland's german language media market supporters think abolishing the fee would narrow the market even further. if you have rainy days the less factual news . switzerland's public broadcaster s r f is the country's largest media organization and the only one to offer news and information in the countries for official languages. by me when i was at the ready to write it off and adopt have tried to suggest. the corporation operates seventy three channels and seventy radio
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. station's citizens pay three hundred ninety euros a year for the service although that faith is said to be reduced in twenty nineteen years without public funding the broadcasters simply couldn't survive. because those against the mandatory face a calling for free market they argue the public broadcaster could continue but should be privatized as one of it's never been as easy to access information as it is today and there is a wide variety of good quality privately funded products on the market so private companies can offer quality content and therefore i feel the concept is outdated it . when you consider how small switzerland is this new provider that it would be worthwhile for to offer book costs in four languages covering swiss regional and national events there's just not enough money in. the school to get.
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a broader minds of political parties trade unions and cultural associations is critical of the initiative the only political party supporting it is the far right populist swiss people's party. opinion polls show the vote is not likely to pass so these schwing and fans can breathe easy their traditional tonans will likely grace the silver screens of switzerland for many years to come. back tonight amassed a twenty five kicks off with munson god back against braman the two teams ended their respective winless straits last match day and are looking to heat up their season despite the freezing weather. it's been bit city cold across germany in the run up to match states twenty five but the permafrost hasn't put a damper on the bus spirits. they head into their class for braman on a high off to grabbing
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a one nil win in hanover last time out there by ending their four game losing hands goal a streak and emphatic fashion by coach tita hacking thinks he's finally found the right ingredients to get his foals galloping towards the european places in his negative flow for the poor run is over now we have to keep it going it won't be easy against bremen kind of like it was more we have to be passionate and fi is going into the tackles and play the ball forward but when we get the ball into the danger zone we have to create plenty of chances and convert them. braman on society be under-estimated floor and cool felts team have been very effective in recent weeks winning three of the last four games that's slowly clawing their way out of the danger zone even if some of their performances haven't had the braman faithfuls hearts racing. book written off and that's what was i'm sorry about the game last saturday was in
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a most attractive game to date but we won money but i'd much rather win a game that isn't great to watch then supply well and go home empty handed like we did in munich somebody. attractive football not both coaches will be gunning for a result and hoping this plenty to cheer about its value even if it's for the sole purpose of keeping warm. or staying with football brazil and paris songs remain star neymar will likely miss up to three months due to an injury the world's most expensive football player signed with paris for two hundred twenty two million euros last year go undergo surgery on a broken foot tomorrow and that means neymar or fair. a race to get fit in time for brazil's run for the world cup that's the summer yes on june fourteenth. formula one racing has wrapped up its first pre-season test after
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a week of cold and snow in barcelona the weather interrupting preparations earlier in the week as the teams gear up for the season start in australia later month this . snowy scenes which had written off the previous day's action had thankfully disappeared for thursday's final test day in barcelona but mist and fog still blanketed the track meaning what conditions prevailed. the sadie's valtteri bottas made the most of the track tron posting the fastest lap of the day. but the normally adventurous max the should happen was more than three seconds behind in his red bull a slippery conditions continue to cause problems. south as marcus erikson spun out on turn two and got based on the gravel causing a short delay a. bit too eager on the throttle fell on head of it was found nothing to dramatic just got stuck in the gravel and the guys had to clean it up
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a bit and then we were out driving and sebastian vettel also ran into trouble losing his grip and sliding off track when asked about his hopes the next week's testing the ferrari driver had one particular request on his mind to get rid of the winter to get some more running clearly i think for everyone to get a bit more in the groove is the only test that we have four straight hours so ideally a lot of good feeling with the season starting in australia on march twenty fifth formula one teams will be praying for better conditions next wake. without extreme cold weather gripping europe has been causing chaos in many places but it's also having some some cool effects ice climbing and doozy as for example are taking advantage of the unusual deepen prolonged frozen weather near prague they've built a twenty meter high ice wall to climb meanwhile the famous croatian waterfall plate feeds are froze on thursday whereas temperatures there dropped to minus fifteen
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degrees celsius in parts of the country locals say it is the first time in decades that this waterfall is frozen extreme weather conditions coming from so. our sets continue. to take. that's true. dortmund fans. this is a young couple who are loyal to their german club. sixty minutes. and i think one day this war will be considered. just war but. certainly all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child
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will be from their homeland if the enemy invades. no one wants russia here which is . against the global news that matters. d.w. made for mines. to really feel. the scars of. the pain still tangible. the suffering for god. through cities and. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but they also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something. beginning in peace time who are the people making it possible
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what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance. to start this city's after war starting march tenth on t.w. . welcome back your news our top story this hour the e.u. says it will respond with its own tariffs after u.s. president on trump announced new duties to be levied against deal aluminum employers asian stock shares plunging adding to the global stock market losses following the president's statement. well today is the final day of campaigning before italy goes to the polls this weekend and the result of sunday's general election is anything but a foregone conclusion there were demonstrations last night in rome as protesters turned out against the extreme right wing causes pound party which held its final campaign rally in the capital the party wants to abandon the euro and leave the
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e.u. now despite tensions at that rally no violence broke out. the election pits a right wing coalition led by former prime minister silvio berlusconi against the center left alliance led by another former prime minister in the tail now the other main player in this election the anti establishment five star movement as our correspondent max often reports from palermo the issue that could determine this election is migration. father and knows this neighborhood like no one. has taken me to the markets and institution in the old town palermo i'm trying to get a feel for what matters to people in this election migration seems to be at the top of the list.
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the tone of the current campaign what is very harsh about it i'm afraid that the topic of migration is being exploited from the left and from the right these people don't understand the value of migrants and migration that can bring into a country then they need to get in and you get to. this is really has always been an island between two continents many africans that make it to europe spend a lot of time here some learn italian in charity sponsored classes like this one right next to the market hoping to be granted asylum others move on. there are approximately five hundred thousand undocumented migrants in italy and one man italians are very familiar with this calling the situation a social time bomb. and that man is sigil bell is going the former prime minister and billionaire eighty one years old and the centerpiece of many scandals
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involving among other things an under-age call girl named ruby and tax fraud yet there is a good possibility she will be forging the next governing coalition once again it would be one leaning strongly to the right capitalizing on the current anti immigration in italy. in spite of his checkered past fellow party members think he's italy's best hope for reforms. you couldn't say they would have. thought i'm going to let this go and he has extensively proven his dedication in the past he's a good businessman and he's achieved a lot for himself and his partners his strength of purpose and his passion are the reason why we sicilia and i hope italians as a whole are turning back to him he is incredible man. the queen to keno you should jani and you spare i can you tell jani. and he has special ties to
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palermo it's here that he laid the foundation for his comeback in regional elections last year. the market. lots of fans especially among men. when they were going to school he was in power there were more jobs. i mean he's the perfect person that it's even better that he wants an alliance with the far right my young. to get through but i think school is the only one who can save us. it's like the old italian political scene if you stick around long enough you can become a saint. but father vote deals in real estate and has a different view of the premise going in primarily because of his attitude towards migrants. his allies are very tough and want to get rid of migrants this is a demand that's completely outside of reality.
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that my impression is reality has never seemed to be a big concern of berlusconi's especially in campaigns and especially regarding migration. ok let's talk more now about the italian elections we're joined from brussels by monica for sunny italian politician co-chair of the european green party thanks so much for being with us this morning your party isn't among those accusing italy's right wing parties of using migration to win votes but aren't their concerns legitimate i mean even the greens say italy is shouldering too large a bird burden when it comes to migrants. certainly they are absolutely legitimate but the problem is that the solution brought to this issue are not not only some stable but they are also inhumane and i believe that the connection between these two questions and to issue the fact that this is the solution bro throw them all
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away and certainly not sustainable and on top of that the underlying mentality and approach is very cruel and i think that the underestimation of how inhumane and affective these recipes are is really the responsibility not only of the far right parties but also the mainstream ones and also of media so i think that to lead the people to believe that the main issue for easily is migration is really the main trap in which this electoral campaign fell ok but your party has failed to get people to avoid that trap by select by establishing for them or offering them what you call sustainable of alternatives or sustainable protests to migration what my heroes might like briefly if yeah i believe that there are there are two things first is the attitude of europe i think that we should not underestimate the fact that the connection between the austerity
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policies which have been led by the european union and the lack of solidarity that was shown by the rest of the year of the european union are two among the main reasons of a decisive change of attitude if you see the situation four or five years ago italians were very supportive of the operation modern austrian were not at all and welcoming but the the fact that of course economic crisis was going on and that is certainly not old fault of the european union on the contrary but also they saw how the european authorities and some member states were dealing with it broke the idea that of course we cannot support this of course we are the only victims of this european la cosa. dorothy which is of course a fake news it is absolutely not true and in our campaign what we push together with our allies is the idea that it is possible to govern this flux of migrants that we do need controlled migration and that the european union should go back to
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its idea of relocation of migrants and take into account a contest for example like germany or sweden are much more welcoming than italy and so that is an incredible problem of governing this issue but also a european one those issues will be up for discussion certainly across much of europe in the months to come now in italy the anti establishment five star movement has also been striking an anti migration tone it's not just the far right migration the of that is very ambiguous and i think that they understood very well that being a big was on this and saying one thing and then the net the contrary is very very profitable i believe that the shift of the five star movement comes shift is not a shift it has been there for a ready at least one and a half years don't forget that in two thousand and thirteen five thousand movement or the first party so it is really not something new the question the issue is that the unhappiness of people has been somehow pushed even too much and the luck of
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credibility of the recipes that say of the government together with a very heavy you should not underestimate the very heavy media orientation that has been given everything goes bad we are poor victims except that i had a very strong very strong impact i'm saying this because you should not underestimate once again the fact that the media in italy are still controlled from one side bible to school and he and from the other side by on to system women's monitor for sony italian politician co-chair of the european greens thank you so very much for your insights this morning and thanks for being with us from brussels thank you bye bye. what we're saying in italy now in the economic condition of that country is likely to be a major influence kristoff in this election that's right bryan and they are key issues do people have work can they afford a living can they get ahead in life all of these issues are linked to the economy
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which in italy has seen a steady recovery in recent years grew by one and a half percent last year but problems remain one of the biggest is italy's national debt firmly entrenched at one hundred thirty percent of annual g.d.p. only struggling greece owes more so it's quite a mixed bag of economic indicators right before sunday's elections what to tell us make of it take a look. at the i expect a change of pace on many important aspects security equality and citizens' welfare . even a sort of egypt that you know. yes but i don't expect much i hope whoever wins will do more. peaceful because i think something could change but it depends on which coalition wins i'm not sure if they'll be a clear winner most likely they'll have to compromise and reach a broader agreement. will it be a clear winner could it take months for
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a new government to come together the italians are watching this smartphones the election is mostly being fought online all parties are promising more money some even proposing a universal basic income. but even the unions balk at that. frank i mean i personally find the idea to introduce a universal basic income exaggerated this would allow any italian citizen to have an income but it would be too expensive. italy is still feeling some of the effects of the global recession banks are still struggling with mountains of bad debt and whilst luxury apartments of the rich tower ostentation over milan eight million italians live in poverty some one and a half million mainly young and highly qualified people have left the country since the recession yet a ten percent unemployment here is still above the e.u. average so what's to be done. it's also very important to give
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a boost to work productivity so we expect important labor market reforms and women welfare under specially a decisive reducing of the tax wage one of italy's most important problems. but some observers warn that a far greater problem is lurking in the background poll say that eighty percent of the electorate simply don't trust the state. now for more on the upcoming election in italy i'm joined by a fairly high in a money he's with the center for european economic research good to have you on the program italy is facing an increasing social divide cording to official data the country has europe's highest number of people living in poverty now there's talk about an unconditional basic income what do you make of that. i mean it's true that there italy has a way first aid which is very expensive and very poor in its performance so it's not really the doing of stossel protecting the losers of globalization of put take
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being the long term unemployed so italy needs reforms which make the way for a state better targeted at the really do of deserving individual is about the basic income i mean the expected out the country because it gives money to everybody if extremely expensive so it's no no x. accident of the. most only very rich countries like the scandinavian countries experimenting with an idea of a basic income so italy would be the last country to afford it because it leads targeted with estate reforms which hit the poor but not you know this university paying i would offer additional transfers to the population this does not make any sense for the italian situation and i cannot make growth take tire recently in italy but there remains to be a long list of problems high debt levels rampant use unemployment and the country's banks are sitting on europe's biggest mountain of bad loans do you see any of the parties addressing these issues. you know when it's
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a big quarry i mean what you hear in the election campaign is almost the contrary of what the country needs of the country needs a reform comprehensive reforms which address a labor market problem which address it depletion system which obviously does not produce a youngish those with those qualifications that are needed in the. show and at the tick system is every growth unfriended so you need to reforms along these lines what you do not need are additional spending because italy is already in a very critical situation so what you in the election campaign is very worrying of course you will hope like always that promises of the election campaign are not so not taken seriously later on but only ten percent of these promises are taken see it was then this would be a risk and it's a no you mentioned there are forms that would be necessary but italy's appetite for reforms hasn't been great in the past how likely is that to change i mean we know from experience that a sense of crises is
7:45 am
a precondition for reforms i mean yes perceived that the sense of crisis but you're right people are really tired of new and new reforms and there's no eternity of strategy to which voters might turn and as i turn to strategies instead of reforming it to lead it's increasing the pressure on europe to tool to the so with additional money and this is an idea or a very smart idea from intel your perspective and where many are also people like berlusconi and play around with that idea of realizing new trends for a system in europe to cope with the italian debt situation of course this will put a lot of dispute into the u.p.a. in situation and that's why the italian election is really a high risk so now i will and briefly if you can do you see the populist five star movement as a threat to the economic recovery of italy. definitely i mean the five star
7:46 am
movement does not have any realistic receipt peas how to how to make it to the growth again i mean it's very unrealistic it's very critical and skeptical i mean it could play with the strategy comparable to the strategy of the greek government early two thousand and fifteen so it's not just that that you have confrontation with brussels with the open populace but this is a high risk gamble and that's why i think the big influence of the five star movement is to really would be very dangerous in our view so there's not a man of the center for european economic research thank you for your insight thanks brian now and a couple of decisive days for the german chancellor christophe you could definitely call it a make or break weekend it all comes down to this weekend for chancellor although i'm akhil it took more than four months after germany's national election to put together a coalition deal between her conservatives and the center left social democrats and
7:47 am
on sunday that party is set to announce the results of a vote of its rank and file as membership and joining macro's government now the long wait as frustrated germans of course and as well the european union the e.u. has been blocked from tackling tough issues as its key player sorts out the uncertainty at home. germany is under mounting pressure without a government the european union isn't moving forward fast enough for the french president's agenda and europe has to wait with him. if you want to forge a compromise at european level you need to have a strong german government in place i think that there are two real tough issues which need to be settled. paris want to strongly formed the euro zone with its own budget and an e.u. finance minister but until now there's been no concrete response from berlin. there
7:48 am
is pressure coming also from paris because next year we will have european parliament elections bracks that is going to come into the final moments of a new institutional cycle of europe. but europe need solutions before then time is running out for a new e.u. asylum law without a common approach between paris and berlin the division between eastern and western europe could widen even further this is going to be a very difficult issue to tackle but with the pressure from paris and berlin jointly putting pressure on others who are less ready more as it's and i think a compromise deal is possible defense is another issue paris wants to advance more pragmatic cooperation at the e.u. level france is willing to give up some sovereignty it wants a solid partnership of germany as britain prepares to leave the macall will have to wait for germany to come through on this too for the period of time in which there was no government in place that obviously did not make stronger but rather weaker.
7:49 am
germany can still make up for lost time the government coalition agreement mentions the e.u. more than one hundred times now europeans are anxious to see those words translated to action. well the grand coalition up for a vote this weekend as part of our monthly look at what germans think about politics and their politicians we have the latest survey by pollsters in for tests for german public broadcaster error d. in among its key takeaways most germans are dissatisfied with the prospect of another grand coalition and most think that one of the parties on the macro has drawn in the form a majority is not fit to govern let's start with how germans would vote if an election were held today merkel's conservative bloc would get thirty four percent a slight increase the social democrats gaining two percentage points but remaining at a low of eighteen percent the far right alternative for germany party remaining the
7:50 am
third strongest party of fifteen percent the greens fall to eleven percent the pro-business free democrats would get nine percent so would the left party. ok let's break it all down how did have you political correspondent simon young good morning simon simon what's what's behind the steady downward trend for for the social democrats a party that we have to imagine one thousand nine hundred eight took forty percent of the vote that's right well a lot of people put their fighting fourteen's down to the fact they seem to be locked in this permanent clinch with then actual political rivals angela merkel's christian democrats in this upcoming grand coalition government if it happens of course we start to put that cabinet and we have to do that we're waiting for the vote that's right on sunday this will be the third such grand coalition if it comes together out of the last four governments so you know what that means is social democrat votes is worried that you know that social democrat ideas have got lost in
7:51 am
a sort of mishmash of mechanism the other point there are fewer industrial jobs in germany now the economy has changed and that perhaps means there are a few a sort of traditional left working class voters and that of course was the roots of s.p.d. support in the past ok one of the thunderbolts from the survey was that sixty percent of voters do not consider the s.p.d. fit for government that's incredible yeah in a way it's understandable you know the s.p.d. is having an appalling year and they've been in disarray they had a new leader martin schultz who came in about a year ago first he seemed to be lifting the party's fourteen's then at the election they turned in the worst results in post-war history you know things look really bad then schultz the party leader was swiveling on this question of should they join a grand coalition first he said no and said no again then he decided he was in favor of it now schultz is stepping away from the leadership the new faces the
7:52 am
talking about regenerating the party but zendaya him there in talks again with angle americal so you know it's hardly surprising in view of all that's happened in the last few months that people have lost. confidence. about the m m ackles conservative bloc in the social democrats took their time to negotiate it seems that the so-called grand coalition let's go there now is not gotten more popular in the process the ever to the map poll asking how germans would view another grand coalition between the parties and still only a minority of forty six percent say their view of it is very good or good but a majority fifty two percent are less positive or even say it would be bad for a grand coalition it would get a majority but is it a stable majority. well again wait and see if it happens first but if they do it will have a working majority in paul of and these tea parties and that of course is important
7:53 am
that's really the reason they're doing it so that it can be an effective government they've got this extensive coalition agreement with. an agreement with lots of policy points they want to put through so they've got work to be getting on with and of course the big thing if you turn it round and spin it will positively they go out lots of experience working together these tea parties although they don't really agree in ideological terms they've worked together more or less successfully over the last twelve years and they you know that that is an important point that you will see the social democrats pushing those points where they differ from the conservatives more often but again wait and see until sunday i think that remains in the background doesn't it for us this morning the voters were also asked what they think about chancellor merkel staying on in office for another two or term would be her fourth term and it's more or less a draw just fifty one percent of respondents saying this would be very good or good
7:54 am
forty nine percent though are opposed to america remaining in office as chancellor when you consider the margin of error there is pretty much a toss up as and i mean simon if we're looking at the voters support for machall if we look at that alice it developed over the last month yeah slowly but surely germans off falling out of love with chancellor merkel i think you can say that you know only a few years ago three quarters of germans were in favor of more medical and just after the election six months ago sixty percent of them said they would welcome a fourth medical term now we're down to only hoff so you can see a clear trend there i think it's worth saying three quarters of germans still see angle a medical as a strongly as a competent politician but increasing numbers of. these polls are saying that she's losing control of her policy and she's you know she's not credible in the way that
7:55 am
she used to be so i think what you have seen is affirming off of the idea of the last few weeks in particular that this is chancellor medical's last as josiah again ok if i can if the vote goes this begins leadership so i. we have time for one last question what's been behind macro's a loss of support and as you mentioned her credibility well of course a lot of people have attacked in the recent couple of years migration policy that's been a key thing also that her style of moderating rather than leading from the front to love people have said you know she's she's been in a long decline ok and we will know more this sunday we'll have the final word if there's going to be a coalition government simon young as ever thanks very much. this is deja vu news live from berlin where back at the top of the our. bureau.
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this is the. last day of campaigning before italy's national election this sunday will the results bring stability or more uncertainty d.w. heads to sicily an island on the frontlines of italy's migration debate voters could have a stunning comeback for former prime minister silvio berlusconi and tilt the country to the right also coming up. no end in sight to the suffering in syria's eastern pujo where a shaky daily cruise isn't enough to get a.


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