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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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darkness city's after war. starting march tenth on d w. this is live from berlin a major security operation underway in the capital of. authorities dad in the midst militants who attacked multiple targets trying to do good there's been gunfire and explosions and officials say other attackers could still be at large also coming up . shaky daily cease fire fails to offer relief to people trapped in syria's eastern
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ghouta german chancellor angela merkel and u.s. president donald trump pressure on russia to do more to stop the bloodshed. and what britain wants from greggs it after months of uncertainty theresa may spelled out what her government wanted from a future of trade deals with the european union will get the latest from london. and welcome to the program we start with some breaking news authorities and brooke you know fast so say an armed attack is underway in at least two locations in the capital ouagadougou government officials say security forces have killed several militants after they opened fire this morning near the army headquarters and french embassy soldiers and special forces have encircled the buildings and are combing
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the area for suspects french officials say the embassy is no longer in danger and there are reports the gunfire has largely ceased. for more i'm joined by correspondent a drink he joins us from longo in nigeria adrian what's the latest. what we're doing from eyewitnesses that around ten am a car with gunmen arrived at the military headquarters in wa do afterwards an explosion was heard and gunshots started but apparently the military headquarters was not was not the only target by the gunmen later on also the french embassy was attacked that is about two kilometers away from the military headquarters the french ambassador to the site of the region already said that this was a terrorist attack also the police chief of the country went one step further he actually said they're treating the case as a suspected islam is terror attack and the government of foster has so far
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confirmed that four of the attackers were killed ok four of the attackers were killed we're just getting an update now that says seven security forces have been confirmed dead adrian do we know was behind this attack. well a lot of people here believe that islam is a terrorist because you know foster has seen a rise of his in the mystic terror attacks in the past two years last year there was an attack in ouagadougou on the restaurants nineteen people were killed two years ago there was an attack on a hotel in ouagadougou with thirty people were killed including many foreigners and it's important to know that book enough aso used to be a stable and peaceful place in a very volatile region for a long time but in two thousand and fourteen they came instability political instability to the country because the long time ruler of the country campari was chased out of office after almost thirty thirty years in power by protesters
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afterwards the political situation became not stable anymore there was an attempted coup d'etat that failed and this political instability was also taken advantage of by terrorists so the situation has been rather unstable for several years now but how prepared were security forces to deal with attacks like this one. well this is obviously something very difficult for a country of black folk enough ah so that is one of the poorest countries even in this region and even although there was a lot of international support in the past all the countries in the region including the neighboring one like the are struggling with the threat of terrorism this the g five sabah group can a fossil is also a member that was actually put in place by france also heavily supported by the german government the targets to find answers to this terror threat in the entire region they just had a meeting last month where donor countries spent strife on hundred million dollars support and the events today show once again that audience action is need it age
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are increased and law goes thank you to syria now where western powers are ramping up pressure on damascus in a bid to end the plight of suffering civilians tens of thousands of them remain trapped in the besieged rebel enclave of eastern guta a syrian government airstrikes continue the leaders of the u.s. germany and friends say the assad regime must be held accountable for bombing civilians and blocking desperately needed aid the u.n. has called for a thirty day cease fire humanitarian window to allow relief to reach civilians the bodies human rights council has planned an emergency session later today to address the crisis. joining us now from oslo is yon i glance secretary general of the norwegian refugee council and the head of the un humanitarian task force for syria mr egeland thank you very much for taking this time what is the
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situation on the ground in eastern guta at the moment as you know it. this situation is horrific on the ground there is no no other word for it listen this is a besieged area it's totally military and so and the hasn't been any possibility to get get in with humanitarian relief now for months only one tiny convoy came in february that's the only thing with gotten in since november of last year so imagine your tradition has gone through the roof at the time when hospitals saw being bombed the civilian housing is being bombed and it's happening in the next door to the city in the south suburbs to damascus of course there is also in or fairness we have to describe they're also
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going rockets out of this eastern guten neighborhoods that is hitting. city it's a terrible situation so the consideration continues as it was before the u.n. called for this thirty day ceasefire and then russia backed that will also call their own daily five hour truce what do you make of this. the that the situation is only getting worse by the hour and the day in spite of all of this tremendous diplomatic activity we've had in geneva now. you know dozens of meetings with the the russians the americans with the local powers like iran saudi arabia qatar turkey and we're not getting anywhere at the moment the security council declared a thirty day ceasefire and now off the many days into this so
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called ceasefire period the war got worse the russian proposal is a unilateral one in russia is fighting alongside the assad government what they say is that the five hour courses should be human and tempore says to enable civilians to go out we've seen no civilians go out of these two corridos in the five hour process because they're too short they're too brief we need longer process and we need also to be negotiated between the two sides and between us as humanitarians if not we cannot deliver aid in we cannot take it medical evacuations out and we cannot really ensure that civilians are saith if they want to free the area you mention that russia has called this unilateral ceasefire speaking with representatives from various countries what hope do you have that the situation will actually improve. well we have to continue hoping and we have to continue
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fighting for for an improvement in the situation we don't have the luxury of giving up here too many lives are are at stake so hopefully the the the very fact that this is on the highest level your your chancellor merkel president mccaw i have been directly in contact with president putin of russia we've we've seen intensive diplomatic attention to this so i can only hope that if it changes but it takes the government then to to give a green light to law aid convoys in it takes the government and the allied forces to really want to have a cease fire and then it takes for the local groups in sight also to respect. a cease fire there are several groups in sight and we also need their cooperation
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the head of the u.n. humanitarian task force for syria mr yon eglin thank you very much thank you british prime minister is a man has laid out a road map to bragg's it in a major speech in london it included her vision of what trade between britain and the european union should look like once britain exits the bloc she stressed though that it would take compromise to get there both need to face the fact that this is a negotiation and neither of us can have exactly what we want. but i am confident that we can reach agreement we both want good access to each other's markets we want competition between us to be fair and open and we want reliable transparent means of verifying we are meeting our commitments and resolving disputes and our correspondent barrett mosse followed that speech she joins us now from london because it's good to see you what do we learn from this speech in terms of may's
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vision for a post brags that u.k. . well mesa vision really is off a new partnership and something that doesn't exist at the moment she really does not want anything that's off the shelf she said the norway model this is something where the u.k. would have to accept too much regulation and doesn't really have a say and doing negotiating or any of this regulation and also canada something that you said is a sort of logical consequence of the reserve mais position she said that wasn't deep enough so she argues that any new trade agreement is always something that's bespoke there's always something that's something that's new so it's not the cherry picking the you've always made that's the u.k. cancerian pick so she's very careful to try to spell out that this is not what they have what they want but they want something that's really unique and very very deep
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however i also stress and in my view it's a bit of a contradiction she also says well while we might maybe want to stay for example aligned to some of the agencies like the european medicines agency we also want to have the power to change the regulation so why would the e.u. accept this for example staying within the agencies when it's up to british parliament to do as they please so to speak i don't really understand why the e.u. would want to agree to that contradicting ideas there you were just seeing live pictures of british prime minister tourism a speech is ongoing the question now is about the irish border as well is there any indication that this will be resolved. the irish border is one of the really crucial points because a border between northern ireland republic of ireland is something that nobody really wants to see on the island of ireland and the reason may has time and again said that this is not going to happen and she's repeated this today under her watch
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however how this is going to work will she argues that it's a matter of political will really she says there is technology in place or a trusted trader scheme she could also imagine that the u.k. would it here to all the regulation if goods come to the come via the border through the use of basically that the u.k. would follow e.u. rules when it comes to any goods that are going on to the you however how it really is going to work there are many experts who are trying to to to square the sakho and it's going to remain one of the really really tricky issues in these negotiations. really quickly bear get trees amaze public image has been on shaky ground for quite some time what's the reaction been where you are to discourage speech and her position lately well people have
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definitely been awaiting this speech because people want to know what is britain's position and i think the reaction has been it depends on which side of the divide you are on many people have turned to twitter and of course those who want to stay within the e.u. think you know she hasn't really offered anything substantial new others pret city is can see that there are you know they have to give ground so do you really pens where you where you stand on breaks it get my ass in london thank you very much. the darker the night the brighter the light that could certainly be the motto for this dazzling art festival in denmark people in the capital copenhagen have had their cold and dark february nights brightened by a kaleidoscope of more than forty artworks spectacular shows took over the harbor and historic buildings across the city a festival finishes up tonight making way for longer days and hopefully some warmer weather. and
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a reminder of the top story we're following for you authorities and say attacks in the capital ouagadougou have killed several civilians and wounded fifty others security forces killed six have seven rather assailants who targeted the french embassy and the military headquarters with guns.


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