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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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the state of leader's life from violence still produces the shop and then rhetoric and donald trump is brewing trying to pull europe in kind of the same after apparent retaliates three measures against mr trump's totters the i.m.f. says the move is about the world economy for the united states west stocks think it will bring you like this for a lot of business to also on the program. today of deadly violence in particular pastor silence talking to the headquarters of the french embassy even security forces and civilians dead. i'm the head of the survey said the actual vote this
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weekend interview has to sicily iman on the front line of the country's immigration debate it's an issue that could tip the election toward silvio berlusconi's center right coalition. m fogel welcome to the program donald trump proposed to tariffs on u.s. steel and alan many a man imports sent shock waves through financial markets budget indexes in europe asia and the us all fell today as on this ward of a looming trade war yesterday president trump announced a twenty five percent levy on steel products and ten percent on our many close u.s. allies including canada brazil and japan have threatened counter measures of european commission the president for younger set the e.u. will not sit idly by. cancian jobs in europe will be lost due to the american
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measures and you cannot simply look on without doing anything we need to take measures from alice signed we will impose tariffs on holly davidson's on golden whiskey and on levi's blue jeans of jeans st louis reese blue jeans does this is all highly regrettable we never set out to stop trade was the vision of hundreds cleats you feel for where is all this going let's get more from having our get us from do to lose that is this desk or welcome have you all we now in a trade war or is this just the run up to is definitely just the run up to it phil nobody wants a trade war it will dollars from says it's a good thing but certainly europe doesn't but we are in trade war rhetoric and that is extremely dangerous you just saw the reaction from their europe on the one hand doesn't want any type of counter measures actually because they know that tariffs are a bad thing and that's not the agenda that they actually are trying to push forward
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but they on the other hand cannot just let this happen without reacting so it will depend on what other countries do and on how the u.s. response to these countermeasures i would like to think that a person who can afford a harley davidson can also afford to pay a little bit more so these tariffs that the e.u. will impose should not be rather that significant for the economy but more symbolic but again this could escalate very quickly and it could lead to a trade war in the end ok so we're still in the land of possibilities because this does not get signed until next week that's what understanding exactly and we also know that trump has already failed in interviews and other types of tariffs the consensus is that he will be able to impose these tariffs but it is still unclear if this will affect all the countries that import or export steel to the united states and aluminum if it's only going to be certain. trees so it's actually very early to see how far reaching this will be however most experts agree that
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even if we see an impact for example on the u.s. economy with higher prices and with less competitiveness for u.s. corporations the true actual impact for the u.s. economy is not going to be that big anyway so it will depend on again what other countries do and how the trade partners of the united states react to what is going on and effectively this is all trump making good on a campaign pledge once again. thank you so much. of the government's in particular fast says it has repelled that deadly attack by islamist militants in the capital baghdad dugu the government says the government says militants and members of security forces were killed when gunmen launched coordinated attacks the army headquarters and the french embassy. security forces rushed to the french embassy to deal with an apparent jihadist
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attack. gunfire was exchanged for around two hours a government official reported casualties on both sides. witnesses said five attackers course out of this car before setting it on fire then they started shooting. french special forces were flown into the area france is fighting jihadism in west africa with four thousand troops. the attacks appear to have been coordinated at the same time as the embassy shooting and explosion occurred at the army headquarters a comet or across town this thick black smoke the result of that witnesses said men with backpacks likely suicide bombs of course out of another car. there was a car with around four to six people fired there was an explosion we saw a lot of shots fired and a lot of smoke and then people started running. the. streets quickly
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emptied as plain clothes security forces hunted further attackers people here are nervous this is the third major attack and why do you go in three years. now to some of the other stories making news around the world britain's prime minister theresa may has confirmed her country's plans to leave the european union single market and customs union after it leaves the bloc in march next year a conference came in a long awaited speech on britain's ties with the e.u. after bret's mrs may ruled out using the currents trade deals as bottles of future trade. just like in well the united kingdom is reeling from some of the worst winter weather for nearly thirty years plus the freezing siberian air they're calling the beast from the east coast widespread snow ice and travel chaos meanwhile in ireland the blizzards of knocked the country's entire public transport network. and western leaders are increasing the pressure on syria's government and
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its ally russia to curb the bloodshed in eastern due to rebel held on klav me the syrian capital has been in the fierce bombardment for more than a week with little relief from the united nations mandated cease fire where this is a promise they report says in fighting are not being on it and civilians don't trust the vehicles being sent to ferry them out. there waiting for the besieged masses. not a single soul comes. it's the fourth day the syrian red crescent and the russian military have waited in vain. for the daily five hour truce is having no effect the thirty day ceasefire brokered by the un last week is not being honored as the death toll mounts so does the outrage. there are no longer words adequate to describe the brutality of the regime's attacks on its own population the horror of this situation has surpassed even the ability of the english language to describe
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it many of these attacks violate the laws of armed conflict and those that commit them must be held accountable syria must be referred to the international criminal court attempts to thwart justice and share these criminals are disgraceful. this rebel held on clay has seen some of the heaviest bombardments since the war began this is the ceasefire look at the destruction ten days of the shelling it's been ten days that we've been in the basement airplanes and follow bombs and we're sitting in the basement what kind of ceasefire is this what kind of regime is this i hope the syrian government ambulances stand ready for civilians evacuating eastern. but they remain and used a mark of the distrust felt by civilians here. we've been waiting for days to
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respond as the billions were ready to deliver all the necessary aid to the patients the wounded and everyone trying to get out of east. west crossing is the only safe one our vehicles are equipped with the necessary medical equipment our clinics are open around the clock. would you say on. at the humanitarian corridor or out of the rebel held areas remain untrodden such as the fear of being caught in the crossfire. fidel has been speaking with the head of the un humanitarian task force for syria yan egeland when i asked him what he knew about the situation in in eastern guta this situation is horrific on the ground there is no no other word for it listen this is a besieged area it's totally military inside and there hasn't been any possibility to get in with humanitarian relief now for months
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only one tiny convoy came in february that's the only thing we've gotten in since november of last year so man your tradition has gone through the roof at the time when hospitals being bombed. civilian housing is being bombed and it's happening in the next door to the masters city in the south suburbs to damascus of course there is also in or fairness we have to describe they're also going rockets out of this eastern ghouta neighborhoods that is hitting the city it's a terrible situation. i talian will elect a new parliament on sunday the climax of a fiercely contested election polls suggest they'll be no outright winner in a campaign marked by tensions over immigration and even occasional while and
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despite being barred from government because of conviction for tax fraud former prime minister silvio berlusconi is making something of a comeback having to play kingmaker in a coalition of right leaning parties a spring in for the poor will in his an author and journalist who's lived in rome for more than thirty years welcome to t.w. one of the big issues in this election. well as you mentioned immigration is a key oh button issue in this campaign a lot of emotion and inflammatory rhetoric around it but they're also out there related topics such as the economy and unemployment tickly youth unemployment in the south and i think as sense of frustration and disaffection among voters and especially govt as in the south could give it a big boost to the five star movement the anti establishment party and that is
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likely to make a big impact in this election yeah we'll talk about five star in just a moment because one of the other big stars of this election fund put it out that way is silvio berlusconi former prime minister who despite scandals two convictions and a number of ongoing investigations seems to remain popular why. we'll see those goalie is a very wily and skilled campaigner and he makes very good use it for television which it is being is said profession before he was a politician for many years and he's very charming and very convincing and effective as a campaigner and he's also softened his image considerably he doesn't seem that the threat that he might have seemed in the past and he said posing now as someone who will at swing over differences with europe and rein in lee yet in states there first some of these more right wing have partners in the coalition so
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as i mentioned he can actually stand for office himself but his pick for prime minister if his sense or right coalition wins is antonio johnny tell us about him and what we might expect from a johnny government. well and i am is the president of the european parliament and so he's reassuring figure for our partners in the european union as someone who will that ensure that italy yet sticks to the rules will have good diplomatic contacts in brussels and will help like mr berlusconi to rein in the anti european in states of the league and the far right brothers of basically party he may have a difficult task there in that holding the coalition together because his announcement that he would be those counties a candidate has not be nagged greeted with enormous enthusiasm by the end of
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parties in the coalition. so about the five star movement that you mentioned a little earlier as you say poll suggests that they could emerge as the single largest party even if as a coalition by bank don't end up forming a government so what is that likely role going to be after sunday if they do well. yes certainly it will be a very strange and awkward situation if the largest party that ends up in opposition and it's possible if they do extremely well and it president matter will invite them to see whether they can form a government whether they can nappy's can do it now there are parties that may have previously refused to highlight where it will run and they say that there are protests there policies and just see who will their support them actually if no one
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does come to their aid and the most likely outcome will be some sort of a grand coalition ok and between the left and the right side it will end and wrote we thank you for that. that's it you're up to date small at the top of the hour out of the. stories that people the world over information. the canyons they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us.


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