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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2018 9:00am-9:15am CET

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listen d.w. news live from berlin and it's being called a bomb psych loan the winter storm pummeling the eastern united states at least five people have been killed as rain snow and hurricane force winds batter the country's east coast the fierce weather has knocked out power in almost two million homes also coming up. still producers get ready for a fight in donald trump's brewing trade war the i.m.f. says his proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports are bad for the world economy and for the u.s.
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where stocks are sinking we'll get the latest on the fallout. and then the bundesliga and snowy weekend of action pits two clubs on the rise from the bottom of the league and to clubs trying to cling to spots near the top. thanks for joining us i'm mary in evanston it's good to have you with us a massive storm system has knocked out power for more than a million homes in the eastern united states the storm known as the nor'easter has pounded coastal areas with massive waves and caused widespread flooding well inland residents were buried under heavy snow fall at least five people have been killed by falling trees or branches and federal government offices in washington d.c. were closed for the day. a
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perfect storm battering the beach towns of massachusetts. here waves higher than two story buildings that have flooded the coast. and left entire streets underwater. people that have been doing this longer than i i have been doing cannot recall a time in which we have seen such widespread spread flooding across our entire east coast and into the north side of the cape winds topping eighty kilometers per hour slammed to the east coast from washington d.c. to boston around one point six million homes were left without power. at least five people including children have died by falling branches. while buffalo in upstate new york and several other cities were hit by heavy snowfall.
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airlines had to cancel more than two thousand eight hundred flights bringing major airports in the northeast to a near standstill. the national weather service says rain and snow should slowly come to an end early saturday. the international monetary fund has joined the chorus of criticism aimed at u.s. president donald trump's plan to impose painful new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports the i.m.f. said trump risks not only harming global economies but the u.s. economy itself canada brazil and japan have all threatened economic reprisals but that hasn't stopped the president from ramping up his rhetoric. it's donald against
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the world at a meeting with american steel companies the us president defied global concerns deciding to impose punitive tariffs on imported steel and aluminum treated by the country's trump is confident he could win a trade war he defended the tariffs citing national security european union leaders have been taken aback by the move you can't treat as as. that threat to national security when we have i lies we cooperate in nato and the problem on the steve is related to over production in other countries than in the u. . europe is concerned that cheap chinese steel will no longer be sold to the us and could increasingly flood the european market that's why brussels is thinking about countermeasures. jobs in europe will be lost due to the american measures and you cannot simply look on without doing anything we need to
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take measures from our side this is all highly regrettable we never set out to stacia tried wharves. the e.u. is expected to hit america where it hurts there could possibly be tariffs on harley davidsons from wisconsin whiskey from tennessee and bourbon from kentucky all three states are home to influential republican politicians and trump supporters. all right for more on all this i'm joined now by lars halter from business ag good to see you lars so tell us why has donald trump decided to impose these tariffs now of course is why has he decided to do it at all it has been of course a big topic for him from the first day of his can paint that he feels that the u.s. is treated unfairly by other countries in global trade it's been in a pause line for people who are if you want to say that honestly do not think things through because obviously it is an applause line to say we want to make our
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industry stronger we want to help our steel industry but the matters more complicated the question why is he doing this now well i would say the white house is in crisis as a lot of things going wrong for donald trump right now and i guess this is a good way for him to just throw in a new topic gain some momentum get ahead of the news cycle so that's probably the only thing that is behind the timing right now well tell me you mention it sounds like a good idea and is there is support in the u.s. for these measures not all the only support he has right now is really literally from the steel and the aluminum industry of course they like it those companies of course are being helped with this but they're relatively small companies if you compare them to the size of the entire economy now you're helping the steel companies and the movement of companies that have about maybe eighty thousand and police but you're hurting the automotive sector which is way bigger you're hurting
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the beverage sector the playmakers look at beverages the beer companies alone the breweries alone are facing higher costs for only the aluminum in the cans of about three hundred fifty million dollars throw in the coke companies all these things there's a lot of cost add it to other companies and of course they're not supporting this but aside from the business side. of course he also has no support on the political side a lot of people in the republican party have urged the president to reconsider and not follow through with that and pretty much every economist has said the same we're also hearing of course a lot of condemnation from some of the united states' main trading partners and now in many of these countries have threatened some countermeasures we measure mentioned in our report the e.u. saying it may tariffs on american jeans are harley davidson motorcycles what kind of an economic impact would that have are we going to see
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a global trade war was this two questions really the impact of countersink sions against the let's say harley davidsons and jack daniels whiskey is so we're talking about a considerable amount of money here there's about two hundred thousand harley davidson motorcycles in germany there's maybe a million in the e.u. so yes we are talking about a lot of money i don't know a whole much bourbon is a drunk by europeans i like it personally. we're talking about money here but these countermeasures are actually not about money they are purely political it was said in the report harley davidson is from milwaukee wisconsin which is the home state of paul ryan the house speaker of course and bourbon from kentucky that is the home state of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell so this is targeted specifically politically to the states of two very influential politicians who the e.u. of course hopes will convince president trump to reconsider these measures while trump himself tweeted that he thinks trade wars are good and easy for the u.s.
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to win is he right no that's nonsense of course a trade war is never good and no economist says they are they make things more expensive of course that's the easiest thing to see but of course donald trump is not taking into account how intertwined global supply chains are what the costs are involved there how complicated this matter is. as holder from business thank you so much welcome. well now to some of the other stories making news around the world and the world's biggest investment firm is adding to the pressure on u.s. gun makers following the parkland school shooting black rock once weapons manufacturers to say if they require retailers to do background checks on gun buyers it's the largest shareholder in some of the united states biggest gun makers and has not been active on the issue in the past at least eight people are confirmed dead after a twin attack in burkina faso capital ouagadougou islamic extremist targeted the french embassy and the military headquarters with gunfire and explosives the
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government is calling the attack an act of terrorism. germany's center left social democrats start counting an internal vote today on a grand coalition deal with the americans conservatives more than four hundred sixty thousand s.p.d. members have submitted their votes since last month the result will be announced on sunday party leaders say they're confident the deal will be approved which means germany can finally form a new government nearly six months after elections tens of thousands of people have gathered across lavaca to protest the murder of journalist. he and his girlfriend were shot dead on sunday can chalk was working on an explosive story about the influence of the tally in mafia in slovakia. now british prime minister to resign may has warned the both london and brussels need to start facing some hard
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facts on brags that she made the comments in a highly anticipated speech laying out her vision for the u.k.'s future relationship with the e.u. britain is set to leave the bloc just twelve months from now. it hasn't just been the winter weather casting a cold chill over the u.k. over the last week relations between london and brussels have been particularly frosty who's up the prime minister to try to warm things up was a call for compromise that drove her speech. this is a negotiation and neither of us can have exactly what we want so i want the broadest deepest possible partnership covering more sectors and cooperating more fully than any free trade agreement anywhere in the world today may said she intends to keep the exchange of goods as frictionless as possible the u.k. may choose to stay in step with some european rules but she reiterated that the u.k. will be leaving the single market. the fact is that every free trade
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agreement has varying market access depending on the respective interests of the countries involved if this is cherry picking then every trade arrangement is cherry picking the difficult irish question remains unresolved may offer no answers on how to avoid a hard border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland just another firm rejection of brussels suggestion that northern. european customs union. friendly but there were no surprises the u.k. still headed for a hard break. all right soccer news now and match day twenty five for the bundesliga kicked off on friday night with two clubs on the upswing braman visiting a snowy mention and the post storm to
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a first half lead dennis the korea with the opener on the way to a two nil blood baf lead braman fought all the way back to your hands and equaliser left a two two draw. now the big game in the bonus league of this weekend is today lights a host dortmund both teams are vying for second place behind a runaway league leaders byron munich. i see temperatures in dortmund matching the current mood at the club while they're on peyton in the bundesliga or under coach peter shergold performances have been unconvincing after drawing to alex book last match day they now face their next test in la to see richard spawning there of course i'm cautious but it will be a thrilling task for i have a great respect for the way a lot of secret develops and how they are performing. up to solicit their last few results of not being great but looking at their players and how they're developing they are very dangerous but we got so i think we're prepared for that their
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fans however anticipates fresh from protesting against their monday night game they are planning to boycott this match too this time because of life six ownership by an energy drinks company the hosts have problems of their own they have lost their lust three matches to constance to go he cooks you have to be consistent way can wake out and turn tight games to your advantage when the times are tough and we have to work hard to achieve this over the coming weeks in a nice. against dortmund lots to face a team that plays a similar style today is fast and attacking. and is always a huge challenge we have won twice in three games against them one time even in top meant. that record is exactly what dortmund want to turn around and a victory and let's see what keep their champions league rival at bay.
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you're watching d.w. news coming to you from berlin we'll have another update for you at the top of the hour american i haven't seen from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. they make a commitment. they find. they in stronger.


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