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tv   Doc Film - Down with Hitler - Women under National Socialism  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2018 4:15am-5:01am CET

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twenty times or more. we deduced that lets you see on a result cases that go to step on that as you called the vietnam war you don't have the way or the heavy equipment and i say it's a totally wild that the future of five g. was behind much brainstorming at the bus alone expo the number of network gadgets is expected to grow exponentially along with the attendant risks i think five g. represents an opportunity it's going to signal the entrance of mochi old devices that are literally going to revolutionize the way that we live the way that we every component of our lives is going to be impacted but i think what that also represents is potential risk as well because you know things like driverless cars i mean a remote healthcare and so forth security and privacy are going to be literally be number one question that we'll be so it's not just about games it's a serious matter of evaluating and minimizing the potentially disastrous risks of
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a new technology that will be rolled out within the next two years. like u.s. president donald trump has decided to slap import tariffs of twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum beginning next week the tariffs are aimed primarily at china. for years china's steel and aluminum industries have been dumping their excess production on global markets. the e.u. has already threatened retaliate to the tariffs against u.s. products like whiskey and motorbikes should e.u. products be hit by the new u.s. tariffs. cuba's state on tobacco monopoly have banned us says the country exported cigars worth some four hundred million euros last year but twelve percent increase on twenty sixteen about us exports famous cuban brands like cohiba and monte-cristo two hundred fifty countries tobacco is one of cuba's main foreign currency earners alongside tourism and sugar but sanctions mean the u.s. isn't among. the buyers. the same pay for the same job at the same
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location was the goal of an e.u. worker's directive last year it was designed to protect domestic work forces in high wage countries like france and germany from being undercut by migrant workers from low wage e.u. countries but some eastern european countries aren't happy about the directive workers from their argue that having to compete on a level playing field could threaten their livelihoods and remittances the e.u. is looking into the a c. of. china launched its belt and road initiative also known as the new silk road five years ago the nine hundred billion dollar trade infrastructure project involves sixty nine countries together home to two thirds of the world's population. it consists of two major trade routes the land based silk road economic belt which winds its way from china through central asia the middle east and on to europe and the maritime silk road which creates
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a ceiling connecting southern china southeast asia india east africa and also europe. industry representatives say the project off has enormous potential for german companies which can deploy the necessary resources. if it involves developing physical infrastructure especially in central asian countries which aren't as well linked or developed that's clearly something which well known and large german infrastructure developers. are very much at home with. but there could also be plenty of orders for small and medium sized enterprises they can supply specialized machinery and other equipment to foreign partners involved in the mammoth projects though there are some high hurdles to clear. as they get that because many projects are put out to tender or financed by the chinese banks in the same way we used to doing things here and the. plenty of
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challenges when it comes to calculating prices as well. adding to potential difficulties beijing hands over eighty percent of the contracts china is funding straight to chinese companies many of the countries along the two routes are politically unstable and there's also a high risk of payment default to take into consideration as well. this is no simple change of address for marina stephanie the twenty five year old isn't just moving down the road she's heading abroad to austria she's finished her training as a vascular surgeon now she wants to turn her qualification into money. first . first from. i'll see you. so they often come back when they finish. marina's packing her portrait along with her german dictionary it's
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a decision being taken by tens of thousands throughout the region unable to find work at home they go abroad once working there they support their families back home their remittances are astoundingly high an amount equivalent in value to ten percent of serbia's g.d.p. it's similar in neighboring bosnia highly qualified young people are attending german classes they want to head out as well two thirds of under twenty four year olds have no job thousands leave every year to the dismay of bosnian companies. and i've visited many companies that complain because their best people are going abroad. look at the i.t. sector look at the doctors good workers etc people simply feel this is not an environment where they can see themselves with their families in the long term that is something that worries me especially the. students know they're better off abroad. oh you know there are simply no opportunities for me to sell my knowledge
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i finished you know you are a city but i can't find a job in my profession. and then i decided to requalify and live in a society that appreciates my hard rock and performance. that's why in edina reggie complied to the bosnian labor agency for assistance to move abroad germany's desperate for nurses so now the qualified lawyer is trying to do that instead in croatia many commemorate their departure in the bus station. while in serbia the journey into a new life often starts by train. south eastern european countries aren't just losing a few young people they're losing pretty much an entire generation. the ball of a can't get too much these days so venezuelans are coming up with creative uses for
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the ones valuable currency which it's a go via turns the notes into handbags wallets and even headgear he left venezuela a few months ago his monthly wages were the paltry two and a half dollars now he's got his own stall just over the border in colombia he needs about a thousand bank notes to make a bag costing him just fifty cents in return he can sell each one for ten to fifteen dollars. there are some people who buy a bag for their relatives some buy to sell the more expensive elsewhere some wrap them in plastic to keep a souvenir is. there others who want me to make different things for them such as crowns to take with them as a keepsake. artists like jose leone are also looking for creative ways through the crisis. he's using the worthless money as a kind of canvas. he's already sold two thousand works many to ex-pat venezuelans
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who've set themselves up abroad souvenirs of better times long since past. earth the home for saving global mojo's tell stories of creative people and a can of aid of projects around the world by deals to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions to inspire people to take action global ideas on d.w. . happy birthday in good shape return in ten days to you and you can read this amazing fitness backpack and if you want to know what's
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inside it's visit on the web and blog. to turn into the most favorite holmgren's until. coffeemaker may need know of that has to do so call me nuts good luck. what drives the economy. to see it coming true. made in germany always has its finger on the homes. of the markets. and gold coast to. dublin. explain the global moments that. it's all about the stories in so.
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it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and inspired by distinct. instagram or zz that g.w. story to talk to each week on instagram. when the national socialist came to power in one nine hundred thirty three they ruthlessly enforced conformity with their regime in germany the majority of germans willingly followed hitler on the road to war and genocide yet not everyone wanted to bow to the dictators power son tried to resist. she was brave and all and i'm sure she certainly was
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a heroine. god. nothing good ever been deported on bat out i think that my my god hopefully there won't be a war and then so he said no hopefully someone will finally go after hitler so he can't do whatever he pleases everywhere kind of recipe. hitler's opponents used flyers in desperate attempts to make people see the nazis crimes and prevent worse from happening. driven by faith in freedom and confidence in the allies strength resistance groups clung to their hope of toppling the nazi reign of terror. the hope was the soviet union the red army when that war started then that would also be the end of naziism in germany. but setbacks come one after the other either and then they all got arrested. many
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women also paid with their lives in their fight for humanity. so freely for she stated. my entry here might get me. out. more than seventy years after the war cons copy jr the only son of two people who resisted the nazis is in berlin. he's proud of his parents hilda and hans. we risked everything for their convictions and their belief in a better world. for this the nazis punished them harshly. on the sleeve my parents lived and loved their lives when there was the only thing they had. and in their time their behavior was different while outstanding because they swam against the tide the. big names told me forms and. born in one thousand nine. hundred and youth in berlin in the one nine hundred
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twenty s. she went to high school and continued on to study business times were turbulent anyone who could find work in the weimar republic could consider themselves lucky. done as. student. then my mother became a receptionist cyclical i got through that filter her terril work in the doctor's office and for one doctor she assisted during operations and took x. rays. was off she was always interested in doing a thorough job. you know. if i haven't typed it was unclear was also the time of the major economic crisis i think and she found a course in natural sciences and went to night school stuff or and. oh there she met young people her age who were unemployed before she liked them. and. i wasn't politician this illogically they were on the left young communists. or i
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and there was one france comma potus of whom she was particularly fond yesterday at the time he was studying at the university in berlin. and i thought that's what they called to have to wonder communist he was among the first people to be ostracized in one nine hundred thirty three and the lies he. got. on. the boycott started this morning at ten am. it will be continued until midnight. it is being carried out with a prop force and with impressive masculine discipline as well. that a lot of. crowds of nazis chanted germans defend yourselves don't buy from jews. under hitler's regime a scapegoat for all the country's misery was found quickly the jewish population
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suffered discrimination humiliation and ostracisation. those who oppose this isn't politically were brutally silenced. uttering a single complaint about the nazis led to harsh punishment to rock his friend france carman experience the oppression outside boss. for. fundamentalist times you continued to be close friends with france comus young today you would say they had a relationship. with. him and of course she also experienced that under those conditions her friend was barely able to make a living. this was all that's. got some sort of until the tenth of november nine hundred thirty eight his mother ran a small guest house in process. or november tenth was the day that the windows were smashed in the synagogues burned. youth and such.
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involvement in the usa and others came into the apartments. but your hand at her guest house is gone they actually wrecked the whole interior. my mother rushed over there it was awful there was nothing that could be done you just saw them without lights and walking so. two days later her girl ring decreed that all jews would be stripped of their right to run businesses and i think that transcend he didn't see any opportunities here anymore. kind of shuns me i was hooked and everything was only getting worse. and he decided to exploit the last opportunity and demographic. at the disposal of my mother probably would have been happy to do the same. but she couldn't leave her mother
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alone and her mother was alone and had no pension so she was dependent on her daughter. and. you could talk to any reasonable soul that august nine hundred thirty nine they parted or was as is thought she that. man's karma fled to scandinavia just in time world war two began a month later. germany became a hell for the jews who remained at the end of october nine hundred forty one jews were forbidden by law to leave. the dr hilda worked for was drafted into the military at the start of the war. she got a job at the government insurance company and she maintained contact with her communist friends. this side of the moment if you don't look at that time she was meeting often with greater hugo and. i thought oh yes day nine hundred forty and let's you know i went
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for a long walk and critter you go said you come along a few friends are getting together. one of them was my father and father and so obviously and so on that's how they met in nineteen forty was all i knew god and he invited her to come to elaine it's in the spring. i'd been working there since one nine hundred thirty eight and had bought himself a folding boat. together with other friends they set up their folding boats at the boat house. buns and hilda got along well from the start the budding friendship was soon to develop into something more and so they kept getting closer and closer. and then in one thousand forty one they married on the fourteenth of june i ought to do me but if you want me you need. one of the bonds they shared was their firm conviction that something had to be done against
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the nazi regime. other opponents of the nazis were already drawing attention with flyers and other illegal publications. those who were caught or denounced were brutally punished. the nazis didn't tolerate any opposition. sophie schol became one of the best known members from these groups. into sophie one time sophie said so many people are dying for hitler it's time that someone finally died fighting against hitler. this is where it all started and came to an end back then at the university in munich sophie and her brother distributed a new flyer from the resistance group the white rose they were betrayed arrested interrogated for hours and ultimately paid for their actions with their lives their desire for freedom peace and justice outweighed their fears of the consequences.
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they were having so we were so impressed by what my brother and sister did. we were amazed at them from the first moment we discovered what they had done last week and we gladly face the consequences afterward to. the fourth now come over. the five shows siblings had liberal parents they grew up in bought invertebrate and christian values were important to the family plans was the second oldest rank order hands at the mall with my brother hans always sought out special people that he would in gaijin discussions in advance the debate he set the tone even when he was still just in elementary school. he was very attractive. i still remember that school mates often came to pick me up in the hopes that my brother would open the door. of my brother had a nose for people he could rely on people who he could do things with feel safe for
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the last modern reading midwest and for whom cling to. guns was a confident single minded young man he found friends quickly. his younger sister sophie was by contrast shy the soft. didn't biden disconcerting was very reserved. she didn't really take part in discussions much even though she was really bright and articulate. and. could she could write very well too good she wrote the best final essay in her high school class of. get to. sleep and they used to read it aloud as an example right up until her imprisonment shaming and death thing in class and for good listening pulled it. against the express will
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of their father hans and sophie both became enthusiastic members of the hitler youth and the federation of german girls. initially they do. followed the ideals of the national socialist but soon realized that they dedicated themselves to a regime that subjugated people with violence and fear. by nine hundred thirty seven they had turned their backs on nazi ideology. the sheer creamery you know who i remember it was probably one or two days after the start of the second world war i was walking along the danube with sophie and i said my god hopefully there won't be a war my good for you creek and that and so he said no hopefully someone will finally go after hitler so he can't do what ever he pleases everywhere bomb congress repeat . the resistance was taking shape under the name the white rose punch shawl and his
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classmate alexander and a leaflet in one nine hundred forty two and sent it anonymously to intellectuals in munich they appealed to people's conscience and called on them to engage in passive resistance. the first leaflet said do not forget that every people deserves the regime it is willing to endure. the young men's experience on the eastern front played a crucial role between semesters of their medical studies at the university in munich they were sent to poland as medics there they saw the true horrors of war a friend billy graf soon joined the white rose. the friends had to be careful their activities were kept secret even from their families. the media lately i saw how and alexander small came to our house. they told me they were going to the gynaecological women's hospital to explain why
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they were going out at night. and then i was walking with sophie in the english garden and so. she said we should write slogans on the walls i said well i only have a pencil in my pocket and she answered that's not enough we need black tar paint and i said that's dangerous. and she shouted back the night is freedom's friend do not use it try and crying. so he began studying biology and philosophy at the university of munich in the summer of one nine hundred forty two. through close contact with her brother she soon got to meet all the members of the white rose hans confided in sophie he told her everything she had also insisted that she not take part. but sophie wanted to do something. she joined the white rose. the group's second flier said when does a wave of unrest goes through the land then in
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a great final effort this system can be shaken off. after all an end to terror is preferable to terror without end. sophie hunts and their friends knew they were in mortal danger they kept the group small because of it. when sophie's boyfriend officer for talk model was on home leave in germany she asked him to stamp a coupon authorizing her to get a duplicating machine. park novel was also against the war and he suspected his friends were in danger and. see that you could check she told him it was for a good cause he immediately thought that it was something illegal and told her sophie is it clear to you that this can cost you your head and she said yes that's clear to me get. on. pretty hard not go wasn't an initiate but he fulfilled his girlfriend sophie's wish the group was unable to make
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thousands of protest flyers against the hated nazi regime at the end of january one thousand nine hundred three. hitler cannot win the war he can only prolong it. before it is to. the university before. they failed to notice that they had been seen. and sealed. the name of germany is dishonored.


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