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tv   Interview - Jurgen Resch The state is acting like a criminal.  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2018 5:02am-5:16am CET

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to sister and their friends. at first he denied having anything to do with the leaflets. he fearlessly face the officers. so if he wasn't intimidated by the interrogation either she said the leaflets were already stacked in the halls and on the stairs when she arrived at the university. but what the gestapo found in their rooms was clear evidence against them. for questioning went on endlessly. other resistance groups besides the white rose had long since been formed they had to be careful because their ideas were prohibited. one wrong word in the wrong place could mean immediate betrayal to the gestapo. no consistency as it was. apparently not just people who were known each other from before nineteen thirty three got together. in the arts as a nazi and said they could recognise not nazis or nazi opponents from thais you
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could recognise them from the back by their haircut and posture as of course short trips but in conversation words came up that were different they recognise each other by words and gestures they were codes and courts ones as can. our shields of boys and had been working in the intelligence division of the russian air ministry since one nine hundred thirty four yet he had been opposing the nazis ever since they seized power as the publisher of a left leaning liberal magazine he was detained by s.s. thugs in april one nine hundred thirty three and had to look on as a jewish friend and colleague was murdered. after that he outwardly went along with the dictatorship he believed that capitalism's days were numbered and turning to the east and communism together with his wife libertas he remained loyal to the resistance sought by the gestapo as there was a capella or red orchestra they developed an underground organization.
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the so-called war took up. wasn't the type of organization people long maintained it was and it was neither a group of spies nor part of the illegal communist party. instead they were groups of friends who overlap through the acquaintance of individuals. become self importance of. these days you call it a network as as well. but i didn't go. through communist friends shields a boys and soon met tons copy. would actually suppose my thought on this and we got so harsh words of boys and didn't need to do a lot of convincing with my father wanted to be a force for him it was clear that their hope was the so at union and the red army. vents these likely companies this more would start then that would be the end of naziism in germany. it being a target for mike i got
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a days before my parents got married. boys and approached my father and asked him if he could imagine working as a radio man it's got so albert one time my father asked why and i said in the next days the war with the soviet union would begin and that he had received two radios from the soviet embassy. he said it would be really important to maintain contact with moscow during this war which was all or nothing moscow contact had it. should said boys and used his position in the rice air ministry you can stun military information to the soviet foreign intelligence service the other conspirators and hans could be. here the company was also active in resisting the national socialists. in moscow what for your for and my mother for example was listening to radio moscow
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back then just like quite a year ago might be the best. thoughts creeks are formed in which yet they would write down names and addresses of german prisoners of war who spoke on the radio saying my name is and i lived please tell my parents and my wife alone tell them i'm alive but that's why it's almost like counter-propaganda because i said as a rule that the russians don't take any prisoners and we found. the german there mark. initially advanced rapidly along the eastern front and reported success after success. in the autumn of one nine hundred forty one the army became bogged down. hitler had forecast that russia would be defeated by christmas he hadn't thought about the autumn rains and the approaching frigid winter the german troops were woefully underprepared nothing you could shoot. them up it's a mile after the german army was repulsed for the first time on the outskirts of
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moscow in november and december when opponents of hitler and the whole regime began to think of now they've really conquered themselves to death. at subs is filtered through told you can see the boys and now are sure it's a boy's and other friends published a leaflet in september called fear over germany's future is spreading among the people all across so i knew when that existed all hundred copies of it were sent to people who they'd picked out of the telephone book and sometimes. into the phone book all scooped up and you sick or you could stop also record the operation because two hundred sixty of those copies were handed over to the police or the gestapo. gestapo were also investigations into where the paper came from god. because people would notice if you bought several hundred pieces of paper somewhere . by the future and ultimately you have opened up a. gilded copy was providing the paper for the road to capellas leafleting
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campaigns her job at the rice insurance institute made it quite convenient. does which is. different and then but billions and only later did i read in a file about some other people that my mother took paper from this insurance organization when i thought there. was some of it she kept at her mother s. . and my father also joined in putting these leaflets into mailboxes. and later in may nine hundred forty two there was this anti soviet special exhibition in the last cotton. of the soviet paradise. it took up two thirds of the whole garden and. there they showed the jewish bolsover as a method spread in the soviet union. a million people went to that propaganda exhibit which was meant to further insight war against bolshevism.
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it was a victorious advance about troops war correspondents have reported that the soviet paradise has made a deep impression on them it is showing them the hopeless groene daily grind bit by bit with each break in their advance. propaganda ministry slogans railed that poverty misery and squalor were ever present in soviet union it was proof that the war in the east was justified. so it's a poisonous group reacted immediately. and they have not found. it was about the home front after the war in the east. and they wanted people up in arms again. and that's one shoots poison at the idea of writing a short text entitled permanent exhibition the nazi paradise or hunger
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lies the gestapo for how much longer. and someone found a printer and then.


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