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as proof that the war in the east was justified. should support group reacted immediately. and i have not found out the increase the most it was about the home front after the war in the east had stalled at that and they wanted people up in arms again critical and that's when shultz poisoned at the idea of writing a short text and titled permanent exhibition the nazi paradise for hunger lies the gestapo for how much longer the food. and someone found a printer and they made about a thousand of them. in one sunday evening that talked it over again that. someone who had worked on it discussed and weighed up whether it was the right thing to do or if it were too dangerous it's called ms office and even the older one said we're not touching that. but then they decided to go ahead when shultz poison came and said we'll always go in pairs and if we don't do it today and we're not going to do much of anything anymore i think sees it as
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a home. and it will be. so in the end they decided to do it the group posted the flyers all over berlin in mid may nine hundred forty two schulz of boys and had since been promoted to first lieutenant. he was still transmitting radio warnings about secret maneuvers in the east. the gestapo long search for who was behind it but they weren't able to track them down . until july nine hundred forty two when a soviet secret service transmission from the previous august was finally decoded it was a message from moscow to brussels unit where howard schultz a voice and name and address. on august thirty first the gestapo came to his office in the russian air ministry childes of boys and was arrested immediately and interrogated. he could not refute the allegations all the evidence was against him
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. when he didn't come home that evening his wife suspected something was wrong. a few days later the gestapo took her into custody as well. meanwhile hans copy had been drafted but his name and the name of his wife hilda soon came up during the course of the investigation the nazis came to the property in september. and a couple of them you know before mine and one came right into my grandparents' dutcher and my grandfather was standing there. scorpio i'm coping and i gave him a punch in the gut for that and he asked. scrappy no not on scrumpy he lives over there he's my son. on that and my mother was likely already there too and she said because he's not here he was just called up into the army the day before yesterday where somewhere near posen then right away the car
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turned around and drove to pose. he thought everyone everyone who lived on that property my grandparents my father's brother and my mother were all arrested and taken to jail it out xander plots or some other some up lots of pretty sorry for my father and they brought her christoper headquarters and prince are british. because i and they put him in a cell where he remained the whole time you got to know because it's. on the eighteenth of february one thousand nine hundred three hundred and sophie schol were questioned in the gestapo prison in munich. the agents asked again and again about the white roses leaflets sophie vehemently denied even knowing of the resistance group let alone having anything to do with the flyers. documents of her testimony reveal how she maintained that the flyers were already in the halls outside the university classrooms when she and her brother hans arrived. she saw
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them first on the upper part of the stairs on the first floor. each of them picked one up read it cursorily and then put it in a pocket she said hans even laughed about it. she didn't deny that she pushed a few of the leaflets from the banisters down into the atrium. she said she knew she was being watched as she did it. she said i admit only that i did something stupid by behaving the way i did but i can't change that now i admit that a number of. facts speak against my brother and me. at the same time hunt show was being interrogated in another room the agents asked him how he got the leaflets that have been found in his coat pocket if he didn't have anything to do with those responsible. hans answered that he had found an envelope in the mailbox that morning on the way to the university. there was a leaflet in the envelope. he skimmed over briefly and then tore it up and put it
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in his pocket. his testimony would become fateful for the siblings. because sophie said she and her brother left their rooms together that day the interrogators asked her if she had seen the envelope in the mailbox. so he maintains when my brother and i left our rooms at about ten thirty am the mailbox must certainly have been empty because i dented it an hour earlier this inconsistency sealed their doom . on the day of their arrest propaganda minister years of goebbels was giving a speech in berlin and the war in the east was dragging on people needed to be convinced of the coming triumph. i. wish to claim that the german people are tired of the government's total war. we don't want total war but capitulation. they want total war.
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i. do you want war if necessary more total a more radical than we can imagine today. the germans were to fight on any form of resistance was to be brutally suppressed console tangling himself an inconsistency this was being backed into a corner. letters had been found in his rooms the evidence weighed heavily against him. on the morning of the nineteenth of february nine hundred forty three he finally confessed. he admitted sharing responsibility for the flyers and that he also distributed them in the halls of the university. he was also forced to reveal the name of his counterpart. already
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composed a draft of the seventh white rose leaflet. was already on his trail they found and arrested him on the twentieth of february and questioned him for hours on end. resolutely stuck to her story. she continued to deny having anything to do with the leaflets and staunchly protected her friends but she gave up. specialist robert moore told sophie her brother had confessed in her confession she said we were convinced that the war was lost for germany and that every single human life sacrificed for this last war was for nothing. home when they learned of the arrest of their children. and my parents were told by a woman who studied with my brother. she came to and told my parents that they had
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been arrested and why. and it was immediately clear to my parents that it could only mean the death penalty for them so far to laugh us this new and total trial in kind well and fries lawyer had been president of the nazi people's court the folks he reached for half a year he was reputedly the best known and most notorious judge of criminal cases in the third reich hearings in his court were nothing more than show trials on the twenty second of february one nine hundred forty three fry's lawyer himself came from berlin to munich to preside over the trial against sophie and hans sure. the parents and siblings of the defendants were present in the palace of justice at the time. they knew it wouldn't end well then put it up finished tied then the public defender was called to speak on behalf of my sister he he said he hadn't been given access to the files ahead of the trial. if he would have that
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he still would have argued that execution was fully justified. and then my father stood up and said that when the defender wouldn't defend his children and he wanted to do it. tried to kill the only time than boys.


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