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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2018 12:15pm-12:30pm CET

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play. big is g.w. doing life for her let's approachable decision looms for germany and britain chancellor members of the social democrats have voted on whether to approve another grand coalition under the chancellor any moment now the party officials will reveal the results and i guess open the way for a new german government but no one could put chancellor merkel's political future on the line well the likely announcement shortly.
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i'm to be so much going on this kind of welcome to our special coverage of the next step in germany's efforts to form a governor. and now more than five months after elections here the wait for a new government could finally be over the social democratic party is about to reveal the results of the key ballot s.p.d. leaders asked the entire party membership whether or not they should enter a new grand coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservative almost half a million a party members were eligible to vote completed ballots from across germany arrived at s.p.d. head foreigners in berlin and officials have been counting through the night the national party treasurer is due to read out the results in the coming minutes and will be going live to that announcement. while this s.p.d. membership ballot as part of the party's old guard who want stability against its strong youth wing who are calling for
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a change and renewal instead of yet another alliance with anglo-american more on the ins and outs of the s.p.d. in a moment but this is not just about the social democrats all of germany's holding its breath this morning perhaps even all of the european union waiting to see whether almost half a year after elections europe's largest economy will finally have a stable government if it's a yes from the s.p.d. rank and file that is likely to happen if they vote no germany and europe could be in for a rough ride senior political editor michelle a coup for her has more. a tense calm hangs over berlin's government district. germany is waiting to learn whether the social democrat party base will agree to another ground coalition with anglo-american in the chancellor. if b.s.p. dean says yes this weekend could simply pass without any grave consequences to
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germany's political set up but if it says no this has the potential to send the country into political freefall and along with it german chancellor angela merkel. macko has certainly done her bit to avoid that outcome she convinced her c.d.u. party to back the coalition despite the feeling that she gave away too many key ministries to save for a second attempt at forming a government. and you. can be a liberal we all fought hard and we're all disappointed and yes i too feel the pain of losing the finance ministry. that disappointment has dented mackerels authority as party leader mended for now by allowing in a party critics more of a say yet germany's political future right now lies in the hands of machall
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opponents the vote count at the s.p.d. headquarters in berlin is expected to be close after all party members are being asked to vote for the very option ruled out on the night of bitter election defeat another coalition with the s.p. deal as angola macros junior partner that promise now haunts the woman destined to take over at the helm of the speedy and they are now less sums up the hours that lie ahead. yeah you know followed by noon yes we feel the suspense and i would say we're about to reintroduce stability you have you don't noise stability and so. most lawmakers are also struggling to find the why to some of them. and i thought i had to say one word of optimistic if i lived up to the s.p. day and if it fails then we all have to be brave. that
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report there from our senior political editor michelle accused and she is after the s.p.d. party headquarters in berlin this morning following the story michelle i'm sure i'm not the only one who noticed the references there to h.b.o.'s house of cards and as you've just shown us berlin politics aren't really as bad we hope as the fictional washington under president frank under way but when you're trying to say understand us there's a lot at stake isn't there. well the characters don't fit but certainly the suspense that we see in here after all it's now five months after those elections in september and today is the decision day this is the deciding hour really and i'm
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here at the social democrat party headquarters where we expect that announcement at nine o'clock c.e.t. to be slightly delayed simply because there are so many journalists that they have to let in who you keep seeing trickling in here behind me more than half a million s.p.d. grassroots members got to vote on this the counting went on overnight the mobile phones were taken away from those counting many of them spending spent the night here and nothing really seeped through so we're about to learn what the germany will have a government before easter or whether it's a completely new political card game i say keeping in that reference let's stay with your reference michel you said the characters don't fit but who would be berlin's clear under what who's the real powerbroker here is a chance for america. well. i wouldn't really want to put her on a par because she certainly doesn't have any of those moral flaws but she clearly is a power broker she actually proved this over the past week where she pretty much so
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that she can start reforming our own party from the top downwards but all those efforts to sign its own critics within the party would be in vain frankly if the social democrats decided to discontinue what currently still is the so-called grand coalition with the social democrats and the democrats took a very different approach here we saw conservative c.d.u. delegates vote on that coalition agreement that marriage contract that already has been worked out this is the democrats got their entire grassroots to vote on this and this these certainly are people who are still feeling the pain not just of that election defeat of losing so badly in those elections but at the same time those continued promises of really wanting to go back to the cool values of the social democrats they really are in a complete crisis there over what they stand for and they feel that certainly merkel played her part in diminishing the social democrat core value base into simply becoming a junior partner in a coalition that keeps being led by
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a german chancellor angela merkel so this is a question of of heart over head if they voted with their.


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